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Strong Arm Tactics of the Porn Professor
updated: Apr 05, 2014, 11:00 AM

By Fired Up Fred

Strong Arm Tactics of the "Porn Professor"- Literally or should I say Liberally?

Oh for Pete's sake! What is next UCSB? Where did Human Resources find this professor? My tax dollars and my contributions to your annual campaign are paying this professor... to teach porn? Holy Moses, what are you teaching kids these days? No wonder they graduate and can't get a job. This recent development brings some issues to light.

I have been watching and reading about the professor at UCSB, Mireille Miller-Young assaulting a young girl. Yes that basically sums it up. She stole her property and then assaulted Thirin Short because she disagreed with her opinion. I couldn't sit back, I had to put pen to paper, literally. Thanks Edhat for transcribing my scribblings. To disagree with Johhny Cash, I don't walk on the line. A little humor there because this is going to get serious.

I am waiting to see how UCSB will proceed in this matter. We know the DA has filed charges as well they should. But what about UCSB? What they will or won't do is going to send a telling message. We all know UCSB is a liberal University, yes it is! But it was started when Liberal meant tolerance and equality for everyone and their beliefs. The liberalism that this professor is displaying is quite the opposite. I was dissappointed and to some degree outraged at the response of Michael D. Young, UCSB Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

In his response he stated that people are allowed free speech and they sometimes use that to spread their extreme beliefs and start discord. He used words and examples like "self proclaimed prophets, provacateurs of intolerance, fear and hate to provoke you and turn you against each other." Mr. Young you should remain somewhat neutral instead of condemming someone's opinion in this matter. You should be telling these students bad behavior is not tolerated here at UCSB especially by our professors and she will be held accountable.

[Ed Note: The referenced letter by Michael D. Young can be read here.]

Then Mr. Young quoted something his dear mother told him. He tells this to students every year and is something I believe he wanted them to put into practice just as his dear mother wanted him to do as well. He said, "Just because you can say or do something doesn't mean that you should." Great message and one that Mr. Young should have given to Mireille Miller- Young!

He seemed to say that these young girls were provoking fear, hate and intolerance. It seems clear the only one that was provoking anything was a professor UCSB hired to teach a porn class. That should have been your first clue Mr. Young. I am not going to comment on why she said she assaulted this young girl because there is no excuse for an adult professor at one of the best Universities in the country to conduct herself in such a manner. What is this professor teaching our students? She should have been an example and used this as a teaching moment on what to do when you disagree. Hold a civil discussion or just walk away. This example of bad behavior should be dealt with swiftly and harshly in my opinion. I also think that the classes that are being taught at UCSB should be looked at closely. Does UCSB really NEED a porn class?

I love this city and I love UCSB and that is why this is very disturbing. I will be watching to see what action is taken by UCSB and my check book will remained closed to the UCSB annual fund until I see how this plays out. Sorry kids at the giving campaign, I know that's how you make extra money. I have a feeling that in this case the Vice Chancellor's mother would do something and speak out against bad behavior, that is what that quote is all about. Civil and proper behavior in all circumstances, right Chancellor? I suggest that you do something in this case. Yes, I said it folks!

Another day and another thing to get fired up about!

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