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Scanner Reports 3-31-14
updated: Mar 31, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Monday-Monday once again. Wonder how much water we lost on APS over the Weekend. First a vehicle hit a hydrant we lost some water from that then someone shared there was water pouring down the road all day. Sounded like a water main went. They called it in around 4pm and thought they were not taken seriously but then workers were on an hour or so later glad of that. I hate to think we will all be bathing in the Bird Refuge someday.

Heard a lot of Drunk and DUI Drivers over the Weekend some got popped. One on Canon Perdido at State Street Friday evening hit and ran another vehicle then were South on DLV reporting Party following. Went DLV to Gutierrez over to State under the Underpants to Cabrillo West Where Police joined in the Parade. DUI Driver pulled over on Mason and Bath Streets. When his name was run it was discovered that the driver had 3 Suspensions on his license. I think two were DUI, the other had something to do with not using an interlock device. I think that's what it was. The Police Officer, one of my favorites I won't name sounded kinda surprised this person was driving around with all that on his driving record. Seems to me they should stop suspending the person and take his right to get a driver's license away permanently since he don't care about not having one anyway. He not only don't care about not having a license he doesn't care who gets in his way he just runs into them and continues on his way. People like that are dangerous like the guy Saturday Morning that hit and ran at least three vehicles with his infant son in his brother's truck. One victim said he was aiming at other vehicles with the truck, another one he hit and was following afterward. CHP stated he was going the wrong way on the freeway at Padaro. I don't know if the guy was drunk or just plain crazy but I'm glad the police got him and threw him in Jail. I hope he stays there awhile.

I was talking to a friend of mine about all these Drunk and DUI Drivers; he is the Security Guard at Carl's Jr. on South Milpas. He pointed out 2 vehicles in the parking lot of drunk drivers that had been arrested, one Friday night the other Saturday morning. Be glad I'm not the Sheriff of these parts I'd take em behind the Jail and Shoot em. Or in the words of the great Monte Hale, "Shoot low they might be crawling." Back in the early 80's the CHP had a big campaign to stop people from Drinking and Driving it seems like people cared more back then. A lot of Drunk Drivers sobered up and went to AA, I guess the punishment is not harsh enough or no one cares anymore they will care if only for their own skin when they run someone over and they are in jail trying to figure out how to get out of it. I write about Drunk Drivers a lot probably almost as much as I write about myself, NOT.

Will there goes the old HOOD. My mother informs me that Chicago's South Shore train is moving to Hammond. They are taking over the old Monon Railroad buildings there in South Hammond in our Neighborhood and putting a big Train Station there. She seems to think that the homes in the area will be worth more. They may be for a while but there will be more crime. If there's one thing I know, where there's Progress, there's Crime. Will I'm not sure they have made the decision quite yet to take the Monon property but I'm sure they will. It's the perfect spot to put a big train station not to mention the cost and a lot of equipment is probably already there. I remember playing around the Monon property as a kid. They had everything over there, even a round house where the train was able to be worked on and put on other tracks. What was amazing about living near the Railroad yard that I remember is that the trains really did not go thru the crossings that fast. Of course the South Shore will be a lot different being a passenger train and all.

Amazing that someone got hit by a train in Santa Barbara and lived Sunday morning. That does not happen much here usually they get killed but this one had minor injuries. Will hopefully we will be getting a little more rain here probably not enough to fill the till but maybe enough for a while.

Either way here is your Scanner Roni Reports, FRYday:

  • Dryer Fire at the Double Tree Hotel.
  • Overturned horse trailer with horses in it 2100 Block of North San Marcos 2 horses killed.
  • 5300 Block of Foothill vehicle accident.
  • Suspicious Circumstances male on top of Staples sitting up there probably just waking up 400 Block of State Street.
  • 459 to a vehicle burglary at the Holiday Inn on Carpinteria Ave.
  • A subject was holding a piece of glass to his own throat at PHF ended up with a cut hand, not sure what he expected to accomplish.
  • Someone ripped off the Serve Pro green pickup truck somewhere in the county. They better try and get to their destination quick it's not hard to miss a bright green 2001 Dodge pickup truck. By the way Serve Pro is great at cleaning up fire damage.
  • Someone was using a stolen credit card in the 600 Block of State Street. I didn't think there was any crime in the 600 Block of State Street anymore.
  • Suspicious Circumstances 5150 Emotionally unstable subject in the Police Department Lobby, I'm starting to think the normal people are the ones who are suspicious.
  • Abusive Mother in a dark green van scolding her children in a parking lot across the street from the police department on Figueroa, she got away before they could contact her.
  • 594 Vandalism to a vehicle First Block of North Soledad.
  • Check the Welfare of a UI Subject at the Rescue Mission 500 East Yananoli.
  • Vehicle Accident highway 101 at Alisos Canyon vehicle on its side.
  • 200 Block of Cooper Road 17 year old granddaughter 242ed Assaulted her Grandfather.
  • Medical Emergency 4900 Block of Orcutt Road Man down in a driveway.
  • Panhandler refusing to leave 300 Block of Motor Way.
  • 20002, DUI Driver Canon Perdido at State Street followed by reporting party and police to Mason and Bath Streets before pulling over.
  • 415 Fight 3 guys, 3 gals, Carrillo at San Pasqual.
  • Suicide by Hanging in the City of Santa Barbara.

    Scanner Reports, Saturday:

  • Something about a fight downtown somewhere possibly Ortega at State Street 6-8 Subjects.
  • Subject passed out in a car on South Milpas around 4:30 in the morning he did not quite get to his destination.
  • Vegetation fire in the front yard of a home where there had been a BBQ the night before in the 4700 Block of Morelos.
  • Structure Fire listed SBCO Fire Twitter heard part of it over the scanner but wasn't sure what it was so checked twitter.
  • Possible Assault near the Garden Underpass possibly in a nearby camp, subject with a broken hand.
  • 245 Attempt with a vehicle and several 20002 Hit and Runs with possible 5150 or DUI Adult driving vehicle with an infant in the vehicle.
  • Drove around Santa Barbara endangering lives then down to Padaro and Lookout Park back up to 217 North Milpas where his Cell Phone was traced. There was a short foot chase to the 200 Block of Nopal where the man was captured.
  • 242 Assault investigation Cottage Hospital Assault occurred night before at 1 North Calle Cesar Chavez, must have been a bad beating.
  • Report of a subject at Elings Park with a gun white van with a blue kayak on top guy by the name of Bill with a black and silver handgun. I heard no more about it.
  • 415 at the Lemon Tree possibly UI Refusing to leave.
  • 415 Between 2 females one was crying 300 Block of East Carrillo.
  • 700 Block of West Anapamu 60 year old seizure victim male yelling in the background.
  • Possible attempt bicycle theft and 415, Subject wanted to take a picture of a bicycle owner said the subject wanted to steal it 2500 Block of Modoc.
  • Report of possible drunk driver female South on State Street in minivan with Utah plates yelling profanities. Sounds like she got stuck on State Street on a Saturday afternoon. A tourist who does not know on Saturdays State Street is more for cruising.
  • Stolen vehicle located 700 Block of Olvera in Guadalupe.
  • Possible drug activity in the bathrooms at Pershing Park.
  • Tenant disturbing in the 1100 Block of East Gutierrez.
  • Report of a drunk suicidal subject walking Northbound along traffic on highway 101 from Hot Springs.
  • Loud party 800 Block of Cliff Drive.
  • Drunk driver hit center divider and left scene vehicle registered to address in Hope Ranch they were not home when CHP Arrived.
  • Report of a woman yelling and disturbing near the Double Tree Hotel.
  • A few moments later I went outside to the end of my driveway for air a woman totally ignoring the South Milpas Street Speedway walked in front of traffic approached me and axed me to buy her alcohol. I said "Sorry I won't do that." She was way over 21 but I don't do that she yelled at me "What's wrong with you people?!" I was about to tell her I was crazy but she walked right back out into traffic approaching the Habit 216 South Milpas. I went back into my pad where I heard "415 Woman yelling and throwing things on the patio Hamburger Habit 216 South Milpas Street." 30 seconds later SBPD pulled into their driveway. Wow! That was quick. Anyway turns out she had a 5,000.00 Dollar Warrant in Ventura and went to jail. The End.
  • Drinkers 800 Block of Spring Street behind the Laundromat.
  • Fire Hazard on Del Playa subjects lighting Chinese Lanterns.
  • 211 Robbery investigation at the police station occurred at Macys.
  • Traffic Hazard dog in and out of traffic in the 1300 Block of San Andres.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Sunday:

  • Ill Patient being transported from Celebrity Cruise ship in the harbor to Cottage hospital, sounds critical unknown medical emergency.
  • Train vs pedestrian Garden near the RR Tracks minor injuries. This one lived.
  • 242 Assault investigation at Cottage Hospital.
  • 6500 Block of Segovia in IV SBSO and UC Police on a code 36 Frank subject Felony Warrant.
  • SBPD County Fire on a Water Rescue at Guadalupe Dunes 2 people swept out to sea one found the other missing.
  • Fall victim on Celebrity Cruise Ship possible hip injury.
  • Fire reported out First block of West Figueroa in a garage, unknown circumstances.
  • Pedestrian hit by a train near Palermo and Modoc this one did not make it, 1144 Dead.
  • Gas Odor inside structure in the 4000 Block of Via Lucero.
  • Linden Overpass in Carpinteria possible 242 Assault.
  • Suspicious Subjects 3 of them in reporting party's backyard unknown to them.
  • Female fall victim elderly head laceration outside Ralphs 2840 DLV.
  • A female who was parked in her vehicle near Bonnet Park reported that a male approached her and offered to sell his booty to her for money.
  • Medical emergency seizures 11 South Milpas.
  • 415 Domestic 400 Block of Old Coast Highway.
  • Vehicle alarm going off in the 3700 Block of McKenzie Park.
  • 415 Homeless disturbing 1300 Block of State Street.
  • 415 Alcohol Drinkers near Santa Cruz Market 324 West Montecito.
  • Medical Emergency breezeway of the .99 Cent Store 400 Block of State Street.

    Will that's enough outta me for now. Have a Great Monday and Dog Willing We Will see you on Wednesday. Later, Roger

    UPDATE: SBC FD is responding to numerous reports of a body in the surf line, approximately two to four miles north of the Guadalupe Dunes Park. [pic] (04/01/14)
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