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Scanner Reports 3-12-14
updated: Mar 12, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Happy Hump Day. Here we are middle of the week on our way to the Weekend. More than likely Sunny at that, personally I'd rather it rain. I've been slowly cleaning my house in an attempt to spider proof it. I found the spider I believe bit me on the bed on Tuesday; it was still on my bed. I killed it but had a bad case of the Heebie Jeebies afterward. I bagged a lot of my bedding in fear of being bit again and a good kick ars case of anxiety began to take root in me. Earlier in the week, I injured my back and my neck was stiffer than a board, yet I had to clean the place up; I did not want to get bit again. It doesn't help having long hair because I could feel it tickling my back, making me think there's a spider dance going on back there and they are all getting ready to feast on the back of my neck. I lifted something heavy and turned the wrong way and ZAP. I had a feeling like electric current on the back of my neck and spine then it was numb, pins and needles. Stayed that a way for a few moments too. It felt as if I got bit again. I slowly started to lose my mind.

I asked a neighbor to look at my back and see if I'd been bitten again. She checked me out and said No, sending me on my merry way. A couple moments later my neck cracked again as I turned it, and then I snapped it back into place. I became very dizzy and numb and started to convince myself the bastard was in my hair hiding and now I've been bit again. Will the rest of the neighbors must have seen that look in my eye because no one was answering their doors, even though most of their doors were open. I grabbed one neighbor who was trying to get to his car before I could discover his escape, "Yes" he said "you've been bitten again you better call 911!" Will then I was freaking out. My stomach started hurting real bad and I felt dizzy and YES I CALLED OK? I called 911 and here they came screaming down the street. Not one of them could find a second spider bite. Then I saw one of the Engine 2 Firemen whisper something to a medic and you know what that means when they start whispering back and forth. So there I was in the back of the Ambulance in restraints, ANGRY AS HELL BECAUSE THEY WOULD NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. Then came the questions "Have you been drinking today Roger? Do you have Anxiety, Depression, thoughts of Suicide Roger?" I was really hating them right then. OK Maybe I did not get bit but my back and neck hurt like hell so I must have injured myself but they really did not care.

Since I have a History of Alcoholism, Depression, and anxiety, they assumed I was cracking up and wanted to Bag me. Since I quit drinking, when I get mad I don't get violent. When I get really angry I cry and that did not help but I was really pissed. We get to the hospital and the nurse asks me what's wrong I tell her about my neck and how I hurt it twisting it how it felt like a spider bite and the medic whispered something to her. Right then after 11 years I really wanted to drink and go back to being a Human WOODCHIPPER! I couldn't move, was sick as a dog and they wanted to sing Looney Tunes to me. They put me in the waiting room it was empty. Like magic within 5 minutes 40 people showed up. I got up twice and protested my treatment like a nut digging myself in for the spring and summer but I felt like hell and could not leave so I did the only thing left to do. I prayed and though I felt like total scrap, dizzy as HELL I slipped away and got the hell outta there.

I'm still sick to my stomach, dizzy, my back and neck hurt, no thanks to them once you have a History in this town, you're labeled forever and though you do something better like sober up, it don't matter not to some people. But then again I would not want to be them either.

Here is your scanner reports, Monday:

  • 20 Year old female fall victim Los Banos Pool.
  • Group of people smoking weed in the 900 Block of State Street.
  • Compliance check 400 West Islay.
  • 4800 Block of Peyton male standing in a garage with a shotgun I think he was gone by the time police got there.
  • Gas odor 400 Block of Verano Drive.
  • Medical Emergency 400 Block of West Victoria seizures.
  • Subjects smoking something out of a pipe 101 at Garden Street.
  • 415 Domestic 600 Block of San Pasqual.
  • 100 Block of West Padre 415 Male throwing things.
  • 415 Fight between two females at Vera Cruz Park.
  • Fall victim on Foothill.
  • Fall victim head injury Garden Court.
  • Confrontational Road Rage Hope and State Street one vehicle blocking the intersection, sounds like someone's angry. I can relate to that.
  • First Block Betty Drive cross of Calle Real Gas odor.
  • Overdose 600 Block North Third Street.

    Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • Elevator rescue Old Court House
  • Medical Emergency at the Hotel Oceano.
  • Tree down into power lines 1600 East Valley Road.
  • 415 Fight mutual 242 Assault 2300 Block of Santa Barbara Street.
  • 23103 Reckless vehicle almost hit a pedestrian on DLV from Islay.
  • 10851 Stolen auto 2007 GMC Sierra white 822727? taken by a 10-36 Frank wanted subject.
  • 415, 5150 Refusing to leave Motel 6 3505 State Street code 2 Medics picked em up and bagged em.
  • Parental Kidnapping, Father took 3 year old girl away from his ex-wife and son slashed all four of their tires on the car and brandished a hand gun at them 800 Block of East Armstrong.
  • At Colusa and Madera a stolen bicycle was found.
  • SBPD were to the rear of 624 State Street don't know why.
  • Animal Control was in the 2700 Block of East Valley Road did not catch that call either.
  • Mary 3 SBPD on a group of Peds State at Canon Perdido.
  • A mother at Rocky Nook Park said to her 4 year old kid that he needed to find his own way home, mother was reported as usually drinking alcohol in the park associated with a Toyota. I think Mom needs to go to A.A.
  • 602 Trespassing 4200 Block of Pozo Circle.
  • Medical Emergency Bath and Victoria chest pains.
  • 200 Block of West Canon Perdido 594 Vandalism.
  • Group loitering in front of the Habit 628 State Street.
  • Suspicious substance found container with white powder in it.
  • Threats 415 Subject Nopalitos and Carpinteria.

    I used to have a great friend he was so normal it hurt. He was sober 23 years when he got cancer and passed away. He worked and went to school but never made a lot of money; just enough to survive like many others. We used to go to lunch a lot he always came over for dinner. Anyway he liked to go to the Free Lunch for the Homeless and Poor at First Christian Church in the 2000 Block of Chapala. One day I said "C'mon take a break. I'll buy Lunch. You can have a steak sandwich." He says to me "No, I have to be with my people." I did not understand. He was poor and he had lunch with other poor people every day. It was something he felt more comfortable doing, now I understand. I feel more comfortable with crazy people than I do these people out here on the street that consider themselves normal. They are not normal. No one is normal but the people that think they are normal are scary. Anyway Have a Wonderfully Lovely Hump Day and Doggie Willing We will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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