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Westside Water Mishap
updated: Feb 26, 2014, 7:56 AM

By Edhat Subscribers

Edhat subscribers are reporting that sections of the Westside are out of water.

  • 1300 block San Andres has NO water. Looks like there are workers on San Andres & Sola

  • I know we are low on our water supply, but I didn't know we already ran out.! Water is out on West Side. Gunky water flowing in gutter on San Andres....city has blocked the road. What happened?

    (Photos submitted by an edhat subscriber)

    San Andres blocked at Sola for water problems

    Water off and street blocked at San Andres & Sola

    Brown water running down gutter on San Andres. Water shut off to residents

    San Andres & Micheltorena blocked off while repairs to water lines/p>

    Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

     COMMENT 497863 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 08:12 AM

    There was some sort of major water main break on San Andreas near Micheltornea last night. The road is actually closed between Micheltornea and Sola.


     COMMENT 497866P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 08:22 AM

    Seems like there has been a lot of water main breaks in recent weeks. They've been repairing one in our area for days now and I live in Noleta.


     COMMENT 497867 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 08:34 AM

    Aging infrastructure, demand your elected representatives start spending money on projects to sustain our residents rather than mosaic medallions to welcome cruise ships to our harbor!


     COMMENT 497869 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 08:36 AM

    867, totally agree. I dont think the citizens of SB realize how old majority of the infrastructure is in SB. Water & sewer especially.


     COMMENT 497889 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 08:59 AM

    Oh no....!!! The water is GONE!! Never to come BACK?? That is terrible... I hope everyone is okay.


     COMMENT 497901 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 09:39 AM

    Maybe someone stabbed the water main!


     COMMENT 497912 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 09:55 AM

    There are about 65 water mains broken each year. Tempature plays a factor. Noleta is in the Goleta Water District. SB City water has to repair their breaks in the same day.


     COMMENT 497919 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 10:08 AM

    I discovered and reported this break last night- by the time PW workers showed up, thousands of gallons had spilled into the street, and created a sinkhole in San Andres. This was very late last night, and the wasted water was obscene. The worker who did show up confirmed that this will continue to happen, as there is money for reaction alone.
    That said, the unsexy issue of infrastructure was an key topic throughout the entire campaign season last year- well, for one candidate anyway.


     COMMENT 497945 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 10:59 AM

    And did the one candidate says where we would get the money for the infrastructure repair?

    I guess water breaks cost less than water line replacement. As long as you have the water to waste, and I guess we do.


     COMMENT 497946 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 10:59 AM

    Apparently no one has noticed that the City has hired a local firm to repair/upgrade sewer and water pipes all over town. The downtown area has been torn up for months on this…and improvements are being made. Pipes are being replaced or repaired or even coated when necessary.

    Folks…most of these crews working are not working on "BREAKS" they are upgrading the infrastructure just the way you say they should. Perhaps you should THANK your representatives instead of just assuming they aren't doing anything and then bitching about it.

    They aren't doing everything that needs doing (do YOU want to pay for that?) but they are working on the problem.


     COMMENT 497957 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 11:17 AM

    @497919 - We all thank you for the call at 12:56 this morning about this break. The PW employee showed up within 30 minutes to make the shutdow. It took him until 2:30 to get all the water shut off. This is a typical response time for the PW employees. Sorry the water was wasted, but we can't plan them. The City does rely on the public to notify the City staff to all the problems after hours (water, wastewater, vandelism, accidents, PD. FD. electrical street lights, traffic lights etc..).

    Thanks, Marg


     COMMENT 497959 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 11:25 AM

    This is a notorious problem on the Westside. We live at an intersection with West Sola & have had the crews out numerous times to repair the lines & the street. I guess it's a situation where the only solution affordable is a bandage (?). Anyways, sorry for those without water this morning. That's always a drag, especially when you need to get to work.


     COMMENT 497965 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 11:44 AM

    I sent the pictures. Thanks 919 for calling it in.


     COMMENT 498020 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 01:50 PM

    Rolling blackouts for water - a new compliance tactic.


     COMMENT 498042 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 02:40 PM

    My hot tub is now my emergency water supply and bathtub when the water is off to my house. Heaven forbid if the power and water are out at the same time. If the gas is still on I can fire up my 21 kw steam generator, though.

    Who needs to travel when SB is starting to feel more and more like a 2nd world city?


     COMMENT 498074 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-02-26 03:52 PM

    Thanks, 919, for reporting this late last night. Does anyone know when water will be restored? Not taking a shower this morning made me smelly. I first thought that not having water this morning was my little contribution to save water in this water crisis, but then I stepped outside and saw tons of water flowing down San Andres and I knew that more water was wasted by this leak than any shower could have done alone.

    On another note, why is the city & state not stepping up its communication about the water crisis? There should be banners hanging from overpasses and tickers on TV about this. The electronic freeway sign does not even mention the drought anymore (that was short-lived). Is everyone's head in the sand just watching Honey BooBoo?


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