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Scanner Reports 2-26-14
updated: Feb 26, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Wednesday Mid-Week, Closer to Rain. So what's up with caffeine and violence? Does caffeine make people more impatient snappy, angry, maybe even violent? There was a 415 Fight Monday Morning in the first block of State Street; a couple guys fighting one of em pulled out a baseball bat. I don't think the injuries were really bad but then again I wasn't there and did not get hit. The person with the bat was caught after trying to get away before police got there. Over the weekend a couple customers chased a guy away after he was disturbing at the same place. That was probably a good thing he was being a pain in the ars in the coffee shop the caffeine was the needed boost to help the good Samaritans chase the Domestic Terrorist away. There are police calls at other Coffee Shops in Town mostly for people refusing to leave, panhandler calls, but some of the calls are for aggressive panhandling and threatening. In Kentucky, a man said caffeine made him kill his wife. I guess in our world excuses are the rule.

Do you feel hostile or nervous after drinking products that have caffeine in it? According to Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia Caffeine is a bitter white crystalline xanthine alkaloid and a stimulant drug. A quick google of products that carry caffeine there's the obvious coffee, tea, soda pop, I didn't know that some gum, pain killers, and ice cream had caffeine, and then there's chocolate. I love a couple cups of coffee first thing in the morning. I do have anxiety so it's not good when I have too much but a cup or two don't bother me that much. I have had extreme anxiety from drinking too much before and in the past had a bad temper but as far as feeling violent after consuming caffeine I don't think it made me feel violent. I used to have a coffee cup years ago with a Far Side comic on it, a picture of a guy with a shotgun standing over the body of a co-worker, it said something like "Herb needs to cut down on his coffee." It used to be funny, and then a lot of people started shooting others at work, that's not funny at all. So do some of you get testy drinking coffee? Angry? Do you visit local coffee houses and have negative experiences from others who drink too much coffee? Feel free to comment, or if you've had too much coffee and you don't care to, feel free to tell me to go to HELL.

When I was younger I used to sponsor a group of crazy guys in the 12-Step group I belonged to they were the type of guys most likely to spend their lives in prison much like myself. Now and again I like to search the internet for some of them see if they are doing ok in their lives. I found one of them yesterday and it looks like he really did good. I'm totally shocked. He's married with children and has a good life, pretty much looks like he's involved in the church which is cool. I feel really good that I found him I haven't contacted him but am thinking that I might. The guy's over 7 feet tall he used to carry me around. I'm 6'6 320 I hope he got that out of his system, of course then I was only 260. The guys I sponsored went back to drinking several went to prison one is still there and I actually hope that one stays there. One was an East Side gang member who moved outta town never found him, he was doing well last time I saw him. I also had a foster daughter but never heard from her again after she moved to Colorado.

When I was in my early 20's before the internet, I found my foster father thru the phone books at the Library downtown. He was a basketball coach at a college in Ohio. I'll never forget the surprise in his voice when he answered the phone and I told him who I was. It just happened to be his 40th Birthday and he had been wondering for years what happened to all of us. I lost touch with my foster dad after that but I think he was happy finding out that I wasn't in prison nor had I ever been in prison. I think I must feel the same way about finding this kid 44 year old kid that my Foster Dad felt then; what a wonderful feeling. Now of course he might tell me to go to HELL, but I don't care. I'm really proud that he did good with his life. We will see.

Anyway hair is Thy Blessed Scanner Roni Reports, Monday:

  • 23103 Reckless driver got off at Garden driving a pickup truck with a construction companies name advertised on the side. He was speeding and making unsafe lane changes.
  • 200 Block of North Milpas 596 or Vandalism.
  • Parking lot 10 sure going to make a nice shelter for those campers and drinkers on Monday they were practicing in there before the rain.
  • Harbor Patrol requesting help with a 5150 at 132 Harbor Way.
  • 245 At Hot Spots it was a 415 Fight but then one guy pulled out a baseball bat and nailed the other fella police were called and caught up with the beater at Calle Cesar Chavez and Cabrillo and that was that.
  • Attempt 459 Burglary at the Habit 628 State Street.
  • Parking Enforcement officer crashes between Ninos and Los Patos on Cabrillo minor injuries.
  • Medical Emergency for seizures 100 West Carrillo.
  • 415 Landlord tenant over an aggressive dog in the 1100 Block of Cacique.
  • Drunk driver in city lot 6 grey Ford Escape reporting potty reports 40 pounders on the seat of the vehicle.
  • Lewd conduct 300 Block Avenue of the Flags in Buellton.
  • Drinkers at Azure and Quinientos.
  • Report of Marijuana smokers on Helena smoking that devil weed.
  • Possible overdose in the 1800 Block of DLV Fire and Medics responded to a vacant apartment perhaps it was a mistake of sorts or perhaps it was a ghost calling for help I'm starting to wonder about the 1800 Block of DLV. I recall, a call I heard once coming from the 400 Block of DLV Police got there and the apartment was also vacant but for some reason a call kept coming in on 911 from the vacant apartment no one was there, or were they?
  • 415 Homeless gall disturbing at Dwight Murphy Park.
  • 459 Burglary to a residence in the 800 Block of East Yananoli.
  • Report of Group of people harassing tourists in the 100 Block of State Street.
  • Female in Mitsubishi driving thru red light at Micheltorena and Anacapa while jawing the Fat on a cell phone.
  • A resident of upper San Andreas called in to report that subjects were chasing him and running around on his roof.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Tuesday:

  • Female 415 Homeless yelling in front of the Shell station in the 3000 Block of State Street.
  • 20002 Hit and Run into mailboxes in the 500 Block of Tallant Road.
  • Overdose 1000 Block of East Walnut.
  • Vehicle accident 1400 Block of South Broadway.
  • 415 Domestic male coward beating a woman and dragging her across the ground 6500 Block of Sabado Tarde. Amazingly he disappeared before police arrived.
  • Illegal Campers in the Castillo UNDERPANTS.
  • 20002 Hit and Run investigation occurred in the 1000 Block of Chapala.
  • Dog Bite to the stomach first block of Stanwood Drive.
  • 415 Homeless subject doing drugs in the 200 Block of Helena that sounds like the spot.
  • In the 1200 Block of Gillespie a BB gun was found in a trash can. "Better watch out you can shoot your eye out with one of those things!"
  • Animal Control Call for a Dog Bite at Look Out Park.
  • Engine 2 was talking about a homeless camp 101 Northbound at Garden not sure why maybe there was a warming fire there or something they wanted it reported to the CHP.
  • 242 Ex roommates were fighting at Islay and Bath Streets, one of them called in an assault.
  • 20002 Hit and Run on East Valley at San Ysidro at a Coffee joint.
  • Suicidal depressed panic attacks female called in from a residence in the downtown area SBPD and Code 2 Medics responded.
  • 5150 Ex-employee threatening in the 4200 Block of Carpinteria Ave in Carp.
  • Medical Emergency for a one year old child choking in a residence in the downtown area.

    Will that's enough outta this old fool for now. I wrote a note to my old friend we will see if he writes back and I'll let ya all know either way. Have a Wonderful Hump Day and Dog willing we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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