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Scanner Reports 2-5-14
updated: Feb 05, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Will hair we are already; Hump Day! I hope things are going good for you. I'm utterly wonderful besides the Depression which is usually there anyway; like a fact of life I ignore it most of the time. Will since the sudden Death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman occurred, everyone's getting down on the Heroin. Seems like it takes a tragedy before anything is done then it's usually forgotten about when the next tragedy comes along. I liked Phillip Hoffman a lot and loved his work but I hear Heroin overdoses a couple times a week. I was listening to a code blue Heroin overdose when I heard of Phillip's death. It's not just Heroin either. There are other drugs besides Heroin to overdose on; one can also overdose on Alcohol.

It's hard for me to nail down the exact number of deaths due to alcohol or drug overdoses in our city, but they are pretty steady. It is something that occurs on a regular basis. If one was to count all the Code 40, DRUNKS picked up by the Medics each week and they were included which they should be because the main reason they are picked up by the Medics is because they are so drunk they cannot walk, some are unresponsive there would be many people considered to be in the Overdose Range here in Santa Barbara. If we were to add the number of Suicidal people on top of potential Code 40 Alcohol overdoses, with the out and out Drug overdoses there would be much more. We could just keep going here.

I don't think Phillip Hoffman wanted to kill himself, he just wanted to escape from Life for a while and maybe relax otherwise he would have loaded himself up with more Heroin. It sounds like he had more than enough to do the job. Not everyone who uses drugs or drinks alcohol wants to die. Many just use both to relax and combat the pressures of life. Just like those who get on the internet and troll anonymously, cutting other people down to get their Fix. They know who they are. Everyone has a vice.

Every week it's something else it seems this week it's Heroin, last week for a couple of weeks it was the "Stand your Ground Law" Concerning the Ex-police officer who shot a father to death in a Florida Theatre for using a cell phone. It's usually something to do with guns since every other week someone decides to go to work or school and take out a few co-workers, or peers. There's Pit Bulls, Meth, Neck and Facial tats. There is always some topic in America we all focus on; something that we usually consider negative, something people vow to do something about or change, but before that can happen something else comes along while the other thing, be it Drugs, Road Rage, Domestic violence, gets Lost under the current tragedy and it seems nothing gets done. Well that's my opinion anyway. One of my healthy Vices is books. I'm reading two books about some amazing people. I love reading Biographies, Gordon Ramsey the Chef Roasting in Hell's Kitchen. I love it! Dorothea Lange, A Life Beyond Limits. Both Great Books. I love them. Getting out of my head for a while with a book is a great thing. I Love books!

Anyway here's your Mid-Week Scanner Roni Reports, Monday:

  • 415 Homeless female in Wheelchair refusing to leave the bathroom in parking lot 10. I'm wondering if she was really refusing to leave or was she just doing her business and taking longer because she is in a wheelchair and someone got inpatient and called the police on her?
  • 459 Burglary to a garage 100 Block of Ontare Hills Lane, that's what it sounded like anyway.
  • SBPD on a group of pedestrians in the 600 Block of State Street.
  • Fall Victim head injury 1000 Block of State Street.
  • Subject refusing to leave the Rail Road Track area of Amtrak, preventing the train from pulling in until the subject is removed.
  • Report of a naked man running Northbound on Garden from the 1500 Block he was caught at Garden and Canon Perdido having some type of episode due to drugs.
  • 3700 Block of Lincolnwood Drive 415 Male in a white GMC, Causing some type of problem
  • Unknown type medical emergency at the 76 Station in the 5000 Block of Carpinteria Ave.
  • 415 Domestic Terrorist first causing a problem at South Coast Deli and then at Union Bank on Carrillo, harassing people.
  • Possible gang fight stabbing First Block West Carrillo.
  • SBSO Channel Dispatch to Officer "Name the 4th planet in the solar system."
  • Check the welfare female in the 900 Block of Santa Barbara Street.
  • Suspicious Circumstances Valero Gas Calle Real subject runs thru lot dropping drug materials after undercover police unit cruises by. He was captured hiding near Motel 6 also on Calle Real, I don't know if they were looking for him before he ran or what.
  • Female subject refusing to leave Motel 6 on Corona Del Mar.
  • Toro Canyon Park report of Shots heard.
  • Santa Catalina Area UCSB; Female chasing 2 subjects involved in stealing her Laptop. Caught one shook him up a bit and got her Laptop back.
  • 415 Subject challenging people to fight at Ralphs grocery store 2840 DLV.
  • Burglary to a vehicle at the post office 107 Nopalitos Way.
  • Gas spill 3 gallons down the storm drain USA Gas 340 West Carrillo.
  • Full Fire Response for an ""Exit" sign smoking in a building at UCSB. I did not hear them say which building it was or I would have said which one it was.
  • 5150 Homeless man refusing to leave a business in the 400 Block of State Street poor guy probably ain't got nowhere to go and its cold outside.
  • Check the Welfare subject passed out in a car 200 Block of West Carrillo in front of CVS.
  • Possible fight involving a knife in an apartment in the 500 Block of West Anapamu, no stabbing involved police responded but I think the guy got away not a hundred percent sure I was letting the Snooze come First at that point.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Tuesday:

  • 242 Possible Assault at the Nopalitos Post Office 107 Nopalitos involving a male subject in a black hoodie, and a blond female.
  • Suspicious Subject hanging out at Penny Wise Market 1100 East Montecito he drove away in a Nissan registered out of Ventura.
  • SBSO on several subjects to the rear of OSH, Several more in a creek bed in the same area.
  • Structure Fire in the walls 1200 Block of Rebecca Lane.
  • Unresponsive subject in a motel room Motel 6 on ""H" Street possibly an overdose.
  • 1000 Block of West College a mattress and other things on fire.
  • A subject called in that they had been pulled over on Rucker Road by a man in a vehicle with lights on top of his vehicle resembling a police car with a Marine sticker on it. The subject thought this guy was a phony cop but he was an Animal Control Unit, when pulled over the
  • Animal control officer asked the subject if they had seen a dog
  • Check the Welfare subject walking in traffic on DLV South from Alamar.
  • Code 40,DRUNK at Cottage possibly ready for the sober center.
  • 20002 Hit and Run investigation occurred on 1/31 200 Block of Ladera.
  • Medical Emergency the Polo Fields 3300 Block of Foothill.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject walking in traffic on State Street South from Carrillo.
  • Subject down in the bushes 424 State Street check the welfare.
  • Possible subjects with a gun Mission at Gillespie associated with a small black compact vehicle.
  • Subjects smoking the WEED in front of Blush 630 State Street.
  • Somewhere in the county an employee was found unresponsive on the job.
  • Reckless driver red Camaro highway 246 at Riverview headed East. Anyone from the Chicago Area remember Riverview?
  • SBPD Checking the Welfare of a woman in a house has not been seen for a while; found her dead. She was 62 Years Old. Rest in Peace.

    And that's it outta me for now Have a Great Wednesday and Dog Willing We will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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