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Scanner Reports 1-20-14
updated: Jan 20, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Monday-Monday. Another Bright Shiny Santa Barbara Day. I hope everyone had a great Weekend. Mine was OK. Passed another milestone in my life - 11 years. CAUTION STOP HERE AND RESUME WHEN THE SCANNER RONI REPORTS BEGIN. Without the Booze the other day some guy asked me if I was drinking again. He wouldn't axe me that if I was really drinking HA! I was a Rootin Tootin HELL Raiser when I was drinking and everyone knew when I was drinking. No one axed, they got the HELL away from me. I had the uncanny ability to do things drunk I'd never do sober. Yea I might go to jail but I always got out and if you did me wrong I'd go looking for ya. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!The last day I drank, I ripped off Shakey's store for all the Coors Light 24 ouncers he had; will about 60 of em anyway, I took an overdose, police came along with the old lady, they got me to Cottage where I told dirty jokes, went thru my interview with flying colors, got released, came home and barfed blood all over myself then passed out. STOP U-TURNS ALLOWED. I was very ill for a few days my ex-girlfriend took care of me; she was a nurse. I came to and found the beer I took from Shakey. I almost started drinking again, but C.J. wouldn't let me. She was taking care of me for a couple days then she'd let me fly on my own. When I was drinking I'd pray all the time to quit but couldn't. I was always afraid I'd do something stupid and hurt a bunch of innocent people as I almost did once but still couldn't quit the drink. It was like being in HELL except there ain't no cold beer in HELL. At least I don't think there's cold beer in HELL. CAUTION DRUNKIN LOG SPEWING. After a couple days went to an AA Meeting but a guy told me I couldn't take my calming medicine and call myself sober so I never went to another AA meeting. DETOUR. Booze made me violent when I drank, I did really stupid things when drinking but I never did those things after taking a lorazepan, or anything else for that matter. I went on with my life one day turned into another and another I couldn't believe I was staying sober without AA, and wasn't drinking. I had stayed off the booze for a period of years before while going to AA but never without, although I still had the tools. I knew how to stay sober. Got a part time job stocking booze and never thought about drinking it. That alone was a damn miracle and there have been many since. The only real bummer is that I feel physical pain and I'm not an ars kicker anymore. Now I'm a damn Teddy Bear and I have compassion for idiots. I can't raise my leg up to kick anyone's ars, but the thought is there and that's what counts. I guess I can talk a lot of SMACK! Now I hear things on the Scanner about others, a lot of it is the same things I went through and did and I find myself feeling for them what I did not feel for myself at the time I went thru it. Sometimes what I hear makes me cry because I can feel people's fear as I hear it over the Scanner. I pray a lot for others. Especially when I hear Code Blues, or children having difficulty breathing, other medical emergencies, or people with terminal illnesses. I feel for the idiots too because I did a lot of stupid stuff too. Damn Compassion WHY ME? I wouldn't be able to stick anyone in a WOODCHIPPER without crying, it sucks!

Anyway here's your Scanner Roni Reports, FRYday:

  • First thing I heard on FRYday was a high speed chase out of Santa Maria someone took a 1997 Honda accord and they was trying to get away from the CHP in it and crashed into a ditch and got caught. I think it was the 4200 Block of 11th street cause code 2 medics responded for a finger injury.
  • A family 415 Domestic in a motorhome parked in front of the police station 215 East Figueroa the son has been acting out lately.
  • First I heard this was an Assault and then a medical 1200 Anacapa but ended up at Starbucks where the older fella threw blood up everywhere some people thought it was funny and made jokes about it. I got kinda angry about that of course it's funny to some people because the guy might have been a homeless drunk and residents don't like homeless drunks in Santa Barbara so of course some residents are going to take delight in the suffering of another. Then I realized that they would not be laughing if it was them or someone they loved but then again there are a lot of punk trolls in Santa Barbara and I can't expect people to be normal or mature, and this includes myself of course not the punk troll part.
  • Suicidal Subject on Cornel.
  • 200 Block of South Voluntario 459 to residence.
  • County elderly male exposed purple shirt back boxers.
  • Subject down behind Peets Coffee on upper State.
  • Subject down under the Cacique Street Underpants both DRUNKS.
  • Medical Emergency leg wound 1700 Block of North Pine.
  • Possible child abuse report at the Charter School on East Yananoli.
  • Booty Sales Quarantina and Cacique.
  • Subject with a gun Carls Jr. 3900 Block of State street turned out to be Off Duty Emergency Responder don't know if it was a police officer or what exactly but it was a good guy with a gun.
  • Vandalism investigation at the Daily car bath on Anacapa.
  • Road Rage "Verbal Assault" on Via Lotto.
  • Walk in medical Fire Station 5 code 2 Medics.
  • 415 Annoying subject refusing to leave Smart and Final 217 East Gutierrez.
  • Medical Emergency fall victim Nopal and Haley.
  • Bradley and Clark Santa Maria vehicle fire.
  • 3 Stooges visiting banks wearing ski masks and filming themselves, males in their 20's.
  • Found property 217 East Gutierrez.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Saturday:

  • SBPD on a subject 300 South Milpas.
  • Fall Victim hiker on Rattlesnake Trail.
  • Engine 2 Assist Wildlife rescue at Trader Joes 29 South Milpas.
  • Medical emergency for a traumatic injury 400 Block of Sycamore Drive.
  • Elevator Rescue 5 subjects stuck in the elevator 900 Block of Chapala.
  • Possible dope deal involving a tan Honda Civic in the 500 Block of Alisal.
  • Wires down 1800 Block of Gillespie.
  • Smoke check back hills of Summerland, no fire.
  • Child found wandering the streets in the area of Evonshire and Zink last I heard people were going door to door looking for the kid's family.
  • 23152 Drunk driver in white van Albertsons Cliff Drive.
  • Fall Victim 1000 Block of Cliff Drive
  • Female subject found her bicycle stolen from last September chained to a pole at Valero and State Street and the city police gave it back.
  • Medical Emergency for facial numbness 1800 Block of DLV.
  • Wallet ripped off from subject at Albertsons 5800 Block of Calle Real.
  • Code 2 medics for SBPD transport from 200 East Cabrillo.
  • Male in his 50's waving skateboard in a threatening manner toward passersby Ortega and State Street.
  • 242 Assault between roommates, both drunk in the 500 Block of West Pedregosa.
  • Suspicious circumstances male dressed all in white selling roses from a shopping bag near the area of Mission and State Street area.
  • First block of Oceanview 415 Domestic.
  • First block of South Voluntario 415 Domestic.
  • Medical emergency at Casa Esperanza.
  • Possible illegal bon fire on the beach at Look Out Park.
  • Aerostar yelling obscenities at Passersby in IV Pulled over by SBSO requesting CHP Response to IV for DUI Turnover that will teach that Aerostar.
  • Report of 2 juveniles and 2 adults walking on the RR Tracks Northbound at Bates Road.
  • 415 Fight between 2 males at Rite Aid 825 State Street.
  • 415 Guitar Amplified 2nd level City Lot 9, 900 Anacapa.
  • Medical Emergency at the pool area of the Hyatt 1111 East Cabrillo.
  • 484 Beer Victoria Market.
  • Possible Strong Arm? I didn't hear Robbery just Strongarm 300 West Victoria. I was in bed falling asleep.
  • Code 36 subject with warrant Ortega Park 600 East Ortega

    Scanner Roni Reports, Sunday:

  • 415 Argument front of the Police Station 215 East Figueroa.
  • 200 Block of South Voluntario subject seen with a BB Gun.
  • Possible theft of electricity from a building in the 700 Block of Cacique.
  • Medical Emergency first block of West Figueroa seizures.
  • Stolen Auto Toyota Camry 1400 Block of State Street.
  • Stolen Auto 2007 BMW 750 LI Found Bank of America parking lot downtown taken from DLG street not sure of exact location.
  • Medical Emergency Tunnel trail fall victim 3 quarters of the way up.
  • Medical Emergency softball hit to the face Elings Park.
  • I couldn't believe this possible Squatters, Illegal Campers in the 1800 Block of DLV the addresses were two addresses and I used to live at one of them. I have wonderful memories of the place; of course I was in my early 20's I wonder why the places are vacant.
  • SBPD on a group 107 Nopalitos, I'm surprised I didn't think they were allowed there.
  • Wrong way driver 1000 Santa Barbara Street SBPD on it.
  • 2200 Block of DLV 415 Domestic 2 men and a woman. No domestic subjecting yelling at the football game.
  • Report of plastic bags on the side of the road. Reporting party states possibly two human arms sticking out of one bag on Los Positas. It was dead tree branches.
  • Missing 11 year old kid from the bike path near Turnpike found in the 3400 Block of State Street.
  • Someone taking a 314 at 1118 East Cabrillo.
  • Skateboarder down 5900 Block of Carpinteria in Carp.
  • Two females fighting on Centennial Street in the County somewhere. Been here 33 years and I don't know where that is. Hey Jim, Google this, will you?
  • 4600 Block of Carpinteria Ave. Medical Emergency for seizures.

    Will I've been making an issue of these camp/warming fires for as long as I've been doing these Scanner Reports. Some people don't seem to listen I don't know what can be done about them maybe if the residents get together and contact someone about it more will be done. I know there is clean up alongside the freeways and RR Tracks on a regular basis. Maybe we should build a police sub-station alongside the Rail Road Tracks. I'm joking, but I don't know. I've heard of two serious warming fires involving the Homeless. There was one up North a few years ago someone was killed.

    Anyway, that's enough outta me for now have a great Monday and Dog willing we will see you on Wednesday. Later, Roger


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