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Solvang Ordinance
updated: Jan 19, 2014, 5:01 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

At about 1 today, the police approached a young boy who was giving out coupons for a Solvang Ice Cream Shop. I don't know why the police approached him, but that ice cream shop has been cited before for handing out coupons on the street, since this is against a Solvang ordinance. Anybody knows the story on this?

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 COMMENT 487181 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 05:46 PM

Solvang Municipal code is easily searchable via the internet.

It is illegal to pass out coupons on the street.

I'd post a link but I'm not going to pay for that privilege.

FTR I find your coloring of the query by emphasizing "a boy" was passing them out to be low.


 COMMENT 487183P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 05:59 PM

Fascinating. I was given a coupon for ice cream in Solvang a few weeks ago. (Since it was still mid-morning, and I was leaving right after lunch, I wasn't able to take advantage of it.) By prohibiting this type of solicitation, my guess is that they are trying to stop tourists/ visitors from being inundated with discount coupons from too many shops as they stroll about. Good for Solvang.


 COMMENT 487184 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 06:01 PM

Hawkers handing out coupons is too much like Vegas or even Times Square in the 70s. Using a child to do so exploits child labour laws to say the very least.


 COMMENT 487194P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 06:59 PM

As a reader, I have no idea why "young boy" is offensive. If it was a "young girl", or a "teenage boy" or "teenage girl" - all of them describe the circumstances. Am I missing something.


 PAMSB agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 07:07 PM

Hey, 194P...you and me both! :::color me so confused:::


 COMMENT 487197 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 07:08 PM

194P, I didn't get it either and I am not offended in anyway. Some people just have to find something to complain about.


 COMMENT 487198 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 07:13 PM

There was a distinct employment of an appeal to pity.


 COMMENT 487203 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 07:28 PM

I wondered why a child would be passing out coupons for a store....but I wasnt offended. Seems like silly legislation...obviously some people who make "rules" have too much time on their hands if this is such a serious problem....I would think that Solvang police have more crucial problems..but maybe in Solvang..this is the biggest crime..LOL Solvang!


 COMMENT 487204 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 07:31 PM

Paging Sir Charles Dickens to the Child Labor Phone.

Young boy being forced to beg tourists from San Gabriel to purchase his Master's phlegmy dairy products.

No concern for Lactose intolerance at the least.

"They" should do something.


Indignant Pomposity


 COMMENT 487208 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 07:40 PM

Wish that there was a kid giving out coupons here for ice cream!!


 COMMENT 487210P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 07:40 PM

I have seen young kids sitting/selling at a lemonade stand at one of the corners I drive by, and I always think - good for them. Maybe the kid earns a few dollars for his piggy bank - it is not unheard of for kids to do that. It really is not complicated to hand out coupons.


 COMMENT 487213 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 07:58 PM

@198 - So true!


 COMMENT 487217P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 08:16 PM

Clearly this kid needs to be jailed and the establishment he's promoting closed forever.

I mean, what the heck, here!


 COMMENT 487220 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 08:36 PM

Good grief, has Solvang got nothing better to do than this??


 FLICKA agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-19 09:58 PM

Don't understand why "boy" is offensive. Maybe his parents own the store and sent him out to keep from being bored, or playing video games.


 COMMENT 487242 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 06:18 AM

The parents probably own the store and asked the boy to help by handing out coupons. If it's true they've been cited before for this and continue to do it, what are they teaching their son? That it's ok to flaunt the law until you get caught?


 COMMENT 487244 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 06:40 AM

That so many people said "I don't understand what's offensive" is really an indication of the discussion and maturity levels of Edhatters. I am just amazed.

In my original post, I said it was "low". I did not say "offensive" and indeed I didn't even mean that. I said and meant the word "low".

The querying post basically said, "I was at this place and saw a mean police man harass a sweet little boy about handing out coupons!"

And like so many other questions on Edhat, answers itself, or nearly so. Can we please make an effort to elevate the material around here?


 COMMENT 487248P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 07:15 AM

Like somebody said, they don't want tourists being harassed by stores promoting their products. Makes sense to me.


 COMMENT 487252 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 07:25 AM

Go to Vegas, you will find enlightenment, and lots of coupons for lap dances and other seemly activities.

Maybe the casino could hire kids to pimp, er, promote their establishments in this manner.


 COMMENT 487256P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 07:43 AM

I'll bet Solvang is glad they don't have to pick up the little scraps of paper coupons that would be promptly discarded on the ground by the tourists too.


 COMMENT 487276P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 08:29 AM

If 244 doesn't like others inferring meaning on his post, why is he inferring meaning on the OP's post? A pet peeve of mine, when someone criticizes someone for doing something which he is doing himself.


 COMMENT 487279 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 08:32 AM

If "low" wasn't meant to imply that you were offended then was the boy short? I don't see where anyone understands your use of the word low. Regardless, I went straight to the Vegas theme and I've only been there once.


 COMMENT 487294 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 09:18 AM

@244 I agree with you and @279 count me as one who completely understands the use of the word low in that sentence!


 COMMENT 487295 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 09:19 AM

More then a nuisance to be inundated with handouts, there is the pollution factor to consider. Fewer Americans take the time to wait & use a trash can now, then ever, never mind tourists. Maybe it's time to bring back that PSA spot from the '70's that showed a Native America shearing a tear, as inconsiderate drivers toss trash from the car as they cross the land we took from the them.


 COMMENT 487299 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 09:26 AM

An ordinance against passing out coupons cannot discriminate between the types of coupons. Ice cream maybe a harmless promotion to draw business into an ice cream parlor but if it was legal one could not discriminate, so if the casino began passing out coupons for whatever shows and "events" are going on there they would complain if they were cited when the ice cream store wasn't. In fact they no doubt would claim discrimination based as their claimed "Indian" status and probably threaten a lawsuit or even claim they were immune from the law because of their faux status as "Indians" just like they always do to evade complying with all the laws that everyone else must abide by.


 COMMENT 487306P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 09:36 AM

Wow, injecting the Chumash into this conversation IS definitely low.


 COMMENT 487309 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 09:49 AM

This business has been doing this for some time, has been cited before and warned multiple and persists on doing this. Clearly they don't care. I'm a Valley resident and I find the hawking annoying and I agree it needs to stop. If every business in Solvang did this, it would start to be like the Las Vegas strip, though far less R-rated. Most cities do have ordinances against this sort of thing on the public right-of-way, Solvang is no different.


 COMMENT 487315P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 10:00 AM

Various meanings of low:
1. of less than average height from top to bottom or to the top from the ground.
short, small, little, situated not far above the ground, the horizon, or sea level.
2. below average in amount, extent, or intensity; small.
cheap, economical, moderate, reasonable, modest, bargain, budget, bargain-basement, rock-bottom, cut-rate, unambitious, unaspiring, modest, cheaper, reduced, cut, slashed
3. ranking below other people or things in importance or class.
humble, lowly, low-ranking, plebeian, proletarian, peasant, poor, subordinate, inferior, lesser, junior, minor, secondary, lower-level, subsidiary, subservient, unfavorable, poor, bad, adverse, negative
4. depressed or lacking in energy.
depressed, dejected, despondent, downhearted, downcast, low-spirited, down, morose, miserable, dismal, heavy-hearted, mournful, forlorn, woebegone, gloomy, glum, crestfallen, dispirited; without energy, enervated, flat, sapped, weary, down in/at the mouth, down in the dumps, blue

Since there are no other qualifiers to indicate which meaning was supposed to be inferred, I am going to choose woebegone. And I think it very "cheap" to ridicule people who, with all of these possible meanings, were unable to mind-read as to what was meant.


 COMMENT 487343 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 10:50 AM

Thank you "Indignant Pomposity"!!


 COMMENT 487347 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 10:52 AM

244, since you are a nonpaying commenter...and you clearly cannot express yourself using words to convey your thoughts..how about losing the negative attitude. Those of us who are contributing members of the edhat community thank you...


 PAMSB agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 11:00 AM

I saw a person describing a scene as he/she saw it...nothing more, nothing less. He/she saw a young boy handing out coupons on the street and observed the interaction with the authorities. It could have been an older woman, an old man, a dressed up dog, or a trained monkey, and the recitation of the event would have indicated such. End of story.


 COMMENT 487365 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 11:40 AM

The so called "Chumash" have injected their gambling casino into this community and the "tribal government" has thumbed their noses at everyone else. That casino affects everything that goes on here including the crime wave that eminates from it, the the traffic and the poor folks who are wandering the streets of Solvang and Buellton who have lost their money. It is difficult to refrain from considering the impacts of this outfit in every conversation. As a few posters have pointed out, the casino mentality of Las Vegas has resulted in people passing out all manner of trash on the streets of Las Vegas. The the purpose of the Solvang ordinance is aimed at preventing that kind of junk handouts being done on the streets here and is not aimed at discounted ice cream cones.


 COMMENT 487405 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 12:50 PM

Wow. How was that difficult to interpret? Is it truly necessary to quote meanings from a dictionary? The commenter just meant that the initial post was coloring the story against the police by implying a child was being harassed, instead of focusing on the fact that the store was breaking local law. Not too difficult. Meanings of "low"? Seriously? And then someone's playing the "I subscribe and you don't" card... come on, people...

I suppose Edhat must operate like any TV show or news medium... what earns better ratings? After all, I myself only participated because I'm annoyed at anonymous people; a simple story about an ice cream store in Solvang being cited wouldn't have held my interest for a moment. Interesting.


 COMMENT 487431 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 01:37 PM

If you look deeply enough, you will find something that irritates you - not sure why you would want to - maybe it was a slow news day or the panda videos weren't doing it for you. Next...


 COMMENT 487440 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 01:54 PM

Thank you, 405. I'm glad someone understands me. :)


 COMMENT 487445P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 02:13 PM

What a pathetic argument - the Chumash have absolutely nothing to do with some kid handing out ice cream coupons.

I would suggest that you seek professional help, but I don't think therapy or even medication could overcome your obvious hatred and jealousy.


 PAMSB agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 02:14 PM

Just curious here, 440...how would YOU have described this episode? A "person" handing out coupons, an "employee" handing out coupons? I just want to know what is politically correct in case I ever want to ask a simple question on this forum. Thanks.


 COMMENT 487460 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 02:51 PM

445 There is no hatred or jealousy involved. Most everyone around here understands the numerous problems created by the casino, run by persons calling themselves fractional Indian descendants and the in your face attitude of the current "tribal" government. The point here is the purpose of ordinances to prevent handing out junk mailers on the streets is aimed at outfits like the casino. You are likely connected to that bunch and would deny the dope trafficking or the amount of criminal activity going on there or that they once offered coupons that you could pick up and scratch off while home in a car or at your job, to win a gambling game. The "winners" were announced over a local radio station. Their efforts to expand there power and influence over the community using the massive gambling losses they rake in daily are ubiquitous as are their efforts to evade the taxes they should be paying.


 COMMENT 487478P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 03:26 PM

I just love debating people who are so delusional that they need a history lesson just to get back into throwing distance of reality.

The Chumash were the original inhabitants of what we now call SB county - they didn't ask or even invite ANYONE to come take over their country and impose a bunch of unjust laws on them.

After more than 200 years of oppression, poverty and being decimated nearly to the point of extinction, they finally caught a break when the casino was built. NOBODY ever complained about the Chumash when they were dirt poor and lived in shacks that didn't even have running water or glass in the windows, but now that they have money, they are somehow responsible for all the ills of modern society.

As for thumbing their noses at the "rules", the Chumash are a sovereign nation, and as such, have no obligation to get your or any other local's approval to live their life - they have a treaty with the federal government that was most likely imposed on them against their will, so it is extremely hypocritical to whine and complain now that it is to their advantage.

Like I said, this is nothing but hatred and jealousy. As for my supposed connection to the Chumash, I briefly was acquainted with the tribal chairman in high school about 35 years ago - haven't seen him since and doubt that he even remembers me.

You and a few other posters obviously have personal problems, and although I hope you can somehow resolve them, blaming the Chumash will only make things worse for you in the long run - good luck!


 FLICKA agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 03:39 PM

Follow-up to the mention of the ad with a Native American shedding a tear over pollution; The "Indian" was Iron Eyes Cody who got away with pretending to be an Indian for decades, worked in the movies. He was an Italian, his parents, immigrants from Italy, raised him in New York. When confronted with this he answered, "I'm as Indian as the rest of them."


 COMMENT 487487P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-20 03:45 PM

Nice little factoid, but totally irrelevant to the Chumash - like I said, I knew the tribal chairman, also his brother and cousin - they all spoke proudly of being Chumash back then and there is nothing "fake" about them.


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