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Scanner Reports 1-17-14
updated: Jan 17, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Another FRYday. Time flies when you're having Fun and I'm sure many are enjoying the warm weather here while others across the Country battle the cold. Kinda makes one wonder what's going on here? I wish we'd have some weather. I'd rather have all the rain and more. Although the warm weather is nice and I don't hurt as much. I hope we don't run outta water either. I remember the last time we went through the drought the city actually hired water police to go around and make sure people were not over watering their lawns or washing their vehicles they didn't last long as soon as it started raining those jobs were over. I don't know what happened to the water police maybe they still work for the city in another job they would be pretty close to retirement now that was a long time ago.

I knew a jerk that got hit by one the water police vehicles. He got a 25,000 Dollar settlement from the city claiming that his back was injured. I bet Public Accidents cost the city a pretty penny and then some. I hear them all the time; someone falling down tripping over a broken curb or hole in the street or sidewalk. I tripped over a hole in a sidewalk in the 700 Block of East Haley many years ago, I landed on my back and hit my head I was really hurting there for a while before I was able to get up. I was in that area the other day and noticed that the hole was still there in the sidewalk it amazes me that these things hardly ever get fixed. Yet the city puts in other things to make the better parts of town look pretty.

415 Domestics all over the place heard one earlier woman got choked, beat up, got her hair pulled, she was outside of the home waiting for the Deputies to arrive, they told her not to go back in the house with the guy; he owns a gun. She wasn't going to go back in but last I heard she did, and there was yelling and screaming coming outta the place. A few minutes before that one there was another 415 domestic there was Yelling and Screaming and the male punched his girlfriend's sister in the face then left after all he has a parole violation unrelated to this. He just added another charge to the violation. There was the one last night on the West Side where another guy broke the windows he got cut, I think they said the charges included 2 felony vandalisms, and a Domestic Violence. That's 3 Strikes you're out, probably in a couple days. Who knows what the HELL is going on with our World and this Business of Justice? It all just continues to go Round and Round. It's all Bread and Butter.

Hair is Thy Scanner Roni Reports, Wednesday:

  • Medical Emergency 900 Block of Ward Drive.
  • Illegal Campers on Primavera ongoing problem.
  • Assist the SBSO on a subject with a warrant.
  • Code 2 Medical at the County Jail.
  • Another code 2 medical at the County Jail for Kidney Stones.
  • Medical Emergency subject down on the onramp 500 West Mission.
  • 1300 Block of Church fall victim from a wheelchair head injury.
  • Non-injury traffic accident 2400 Block of DLV, Another non-injury accident 1100 Coast Village Road.
  • Medical Emergency at Figueroa and Chapala female down.
  • Arrellaga and State Street DUI Driver.
  • Unknown injury in a back yard 1200 Block of Del Mar.
  • Disabled vehicle in the roadway Cathedral Oaks and Glen Annie.
  • Nursery Fire off South Patterson, Cal Orchard.
  • Someone evicted with No Notice on Pelican Drive in the County add another to the Homeless population.
  • 3 Homeless guys smoking weed in DLG Plaza.
  • 7 Year old Fall Victim Cleveland School 100 Block of APS.
  • 484 Shoplifting at Solstice 700 Paseo Nuevo.
  • Illegal Camper at the gas station 200 South Milpas.
  • Overdose 100 Block of East Micheltorena.
  • Vandalism 400 Block of North Milpas.
  • Drunk Driver Southbound on San Andreas in a Silverado being followed by a Ford Escape last I heard they were on West Islay East from San Andreas.
  • Suicidal Subject possibly near the Amtrak station texted his girlfriend a picture of himself next to the RR Tracks after they broke up. Good for her calling 911!
  • 415 Domestic 300 Block of West Carrillo.
  • Suspicious Circumstances at Dwight Murphy parking lot reporting party thought he heard a dog yelp as if he was being kicked.
  • 1800 Block of Cliff Drive in the Taco Bell parking lot subject associated with a van with a boat is throwing rocks at his dog.
  • One shot heard in the area of 300 Old Mill several shots heard earlier.
  • 415 Domestic 300 Block of APS.
  • State and Anapamu and State 594 Window smashed.
  • 415 Domestic in the 3400 Block of State.
  • 20002 Hit and Run on Loma Alta not sure but I think it was the 300 Block.
  • Suicide Attempt on East Sola deep lacerations with a box cutter.
  • Theft of Beer from the CVS on 246.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Thursday:

  • 415 Domestic in a motorhome across from USA Gas on West Carrillo.
  • 101 Northbound at Casitas Pass a couple vehicle accidents unknown if injury.
  • Vehicle accident Patterson Overpass.
  • Malibu Street, County 415 Domestic suspect punched reporting party's sister in the face. He is also wanted on a parole violation.
  • 415 Domestic couldn't tell where but I think Montecito somewhere woman choked, hit, hair pulled, and even after the police told her to stay outside she went back into the house for more I guess.
  • Structure Fire 600 Block of Glencairn in Santa Maria.
  • Vehicle vs bicyclist 100 Block of East Foster in Santa Maria.
  • A couple of cars got ripped off in Santa Maria one was a dark green Honda Accord.
  • A couple of scooters got ripped off in Goleta Thursday.
  • Glen Annie and Calle Cesar a kid slammed into a car on his bicycle.
  • 415 Domestic 3600 Block of State Street a guy kicked his gal then kicked a hole in her door.
  • Auto burglaries on Los Canoas 2000 Block.
  • Stove Fire on Seaview in Montecito.
  • Check the Welfare of a dog locked in a car at Albertsons on 246.
  • A couple of Santa Barbarans got into an argument at Hendry's Beach and one threw an apple at the other.
  • Trespassing in the 4800 Block of Hernandez.
  • 3700 Block of Monterrey Pines 594 Vandalism.
  • Subject walking to the Faulding Hotel while having delusions.
  • 242 Assault at Patterson School victim at the hospital in Santa Maria.
  • Highway 1 at 101 Vehicle fire.
  • SBSO was on a foot pursuit of a suspect in IV and they captured him. Not sure what he was wanted for but he's in custody now and our streets are a little safer for 20 minutes or so.

    Have a Lovely Weekend and Dog Willing We will see you on Monday. Later, Roger


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