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Buildings in SB That Evoke Memories
updated: Jan 12, 2014, 7:27 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

Is there a building in Santa Barbara you pass every few weeks that almost always evokes the same memory?

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 COMMENT 484772P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-12 07:57 PM

In about 1975 the three little houses where Anapamu meets Milpas were for sale at about $52,000. (For all three, not each.) It was over my budget and the closets were very small. It would have been a very good investment, but now I pass by this location a few times a month and almost always remember an opportunity gone by.


 COMMENT 484773 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-12 07:57 PM

I never pass by the entry to the parking garage on Anacapa, opposite the library and across the street from the Courthouse, without thinking about they day i met the lovely French girl Cheyenne, in the parking office right there. It all started that day, and we exchanged heavy flirtations for months after that, cumulating in a road trip to Arizona (Hari zona) later that year. A lovely relationship began there...


 COMMENT 484778 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-12 08:13 PM

There's a house on Plaza Rubio, across the street from the Mission, that was for sale for the ungodly price of something like $80,000 in the late 1970s. I thought that was way too much money, so we bought our house on the upper Westside instead. To this day I refuse to even drive by that house, which is now easily worth over $1 mil, and probably closer to 2. I just don't want to look at it.


 COMMENT 484779P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-12 08:22 PM

One of my good friends (who now lives in the Bay Area) lived on the second floor of the large Victorian house on Micheltorena and De La Vina. I always think of her when passing that house. And another friend lived in the apartments next door.


 COMMENT 484780P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-12 08:27 PM

Meridian Studios on East De La Guerra street has long been a favorite building and I'm grateful the owners over the years have retained its beautiful paint color.


 COMMENT 484786P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-12 09:52 PM

Rex, The house is probably $3 million.....one of them on Plaza Rubio was for sale about five years ago at about that and there was a "bidding war" the first day it was offered, per a friend of mine who is a realtor.......


 SANDYINSB agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 07:06 AM

One of my favorite buildings is the old Earthling Bookstore. Many happy hours were spent there, listening to lectures, chit-chatting with strangers, thoroughly enjoying the community of Santa Barbara. It seems to have changed since then, only 20 years ago.


 RONNIEB agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 07:11 AM

My grandparent's former home at 1334 Anacapa, catty-corner from Our Lady of Sorrows. Now nicely restored for offices. Granddaddy was Adrian F. Burkard, M.D. His office was an add-on connected to the house that was taken out during the conversion to offices. He was beloved by Tri-County Hispanics, who referred to him as "El Doctor Santo."


 COMMENT 484807 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 07:38 AM

Park East on Garden, my first Santa Barbara abode. I am amazed at how I naively came here on not much more than a whim. No job and very little money and somehow I am still here. Takes me back to when the possibilities seemed unlimited. A very long time ago.


 FLICKA agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 07:57 AM

RONNIEB, I always admire that house (offices) whenever I drive by. I remember when they were restoring/remodeling it. It is absolutely beautiful; bet El Doctor Santo" would be happy to see it in such good condition.


 COMMENT 484817 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 08:07 AM

Park East was my 1st abode "on my own", loved how charming and completely different each unit was...Unfortunately, what I remember is the poor maintenance that led to my studio down pouring on Christmas Eve day in 1979 and the mushrooms that grew out of the carpet were intriguing!


 FLICKA agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 08:09 AM

After commenting on Dr. Burkard's home, I realized my memory is always attracted a block up Anacapa to my old school, the former Santa Barbara Catholic High (now a grammer school). My class graduated in 1959, the new school opened that fall, renamed Bishop Garcia Diego High.


 RONNIEB agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 08:11 AM

Thanks, Flicka. As soon as I posted my previous message I realized I'd forgotten something important: Today is "El Doctor Santo's" birthday. He was born January 13, 1878, in Stetten, Bavaria and came to the United States age 3.


 COMMENT 484822 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 08:17 AM

Park East Apartments were my start in SB, too, in 1978. I bought a one way ticket from NY after graduating from college, and shortly after, asked my parents to send my record albums :-). In those days, Park East was an amazing complex to be a single "20 something" in; lots of us had cats (allowed!) and it was so perfectly located. My first studio apt. was $170 a month, furnished and utilities paid. Always nostalgic when I drive by - I too am so glad / amazed to still be here!


 ARCHIE agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 08:34 AM

Yes. The handsome, multi-storied, East coast style building off Carrillo on maybe Bath or de la Vina. Sooo East coast and not Santa Barbara.


 ARCHIE agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 08:38 AM

Thanks for the info, RONNIEB. Today is my birthday. I didn't know someone else had it too.


 COMMENT 484856P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 09:41 AM

Whenever I walk through El Paseo it reminds me how really special it was for me in the 1970s when I worked there for several years. The courtyard was always active with people sitting around tables enjoying coffee or lunch. It was such a happy atmosphere all the time. Now it's dead, with no people, just another SB office complex. Sad, sad.


 COMMENT 484863 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 09:59 AM

When I walk by the office building at 301 E. Carrillo St., I remember that Lois Capps said she'd bow out after two terms! Oh, or did I just dream that?

I also (to paraphrase) remember Ben Franklin saying something at the Constitutional Convention like, "Shouldn't we put something in the Constitution in case the people elect an idiot?"


 COMMENT 484867 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 10:10 AM

Every time I pass by the Sportsman I can almost taste my first shot of Don Julio tequila.


 COMMENT 484877 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 10:21 AM

Happy birthday, Archie!! Indeed, you and "El Doctor Santo" share your birthday with good company, some of whom have really hilarious names: Swedish football manager Tord Grip (1938); Cornelius Bumpus, keyboardist (1952); and Takis Lemonis, Greek footballer and coach (1960).

There are also some acting Jan. 13 heavyweights, among them Patrick Dempsey (1966); unsuccessful (at least this year) Golden Globe contender Julia Louis-Dreyfus (1961); and Orlando Bloom (1977).

Enjoy the day!


 COMMENT 484884 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 10:32 AM

La Arcada - my first job: Josie's El Cielito.....what a fun time that was and what a way to enter the job market!!!


 COMMENT 484885 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 10:34 AM

Speaking of Meridian Studios, does anyone else remember fondly Rolf's little jewelry shop that was there for many years? He sold unusual antique jewelry and objets d'art and he made earrings too. My husband bought me many things from him.


 COMMENT 484900 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 11:18 AM

No. 863. Not nice.


 COMMENT 484908 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 11:40 AM

900 - Oops, didn't mean to single out Lois on the Ben Franklin comment. Should have read, "... elect idiots?" - plural.

Plenty of them in both houses and on both sides of the aisle. Local and state, too! Think about it in June and November 2014 and in November 2016.


 COMMENT 484935 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 01:34 PM

Santa Barbara St - divorce attorney.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 02:09 PM

The first room I rented 265.00 per Month back of the Upham Hotel..1980.


 COMMENT 484962 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 03:05 PM

I also miss the El Paseo, it was such a lively place with many small independent unique shops. A must at Christmas time,
or if you were showing your friends around Santa Barbara.
A huge loss when it became an office complex. I always look away when I'm downtown shopping. It makes me sad too.


 COMMENT 485000P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 04:55 PM

Having worked at the same place almost 40 years, very much enjoying most of it, it surprises me that when I pass the building I feel little emotion.


 AUNTIE S. agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 05:58 PM

Those of you remembering first apartments reminded me of our first one after we married - second floor of a Spanish style building on the corner of Mission and State. We rented the (only) upstairs apartment over a doctor's and dentist's offices - Living room, full dining room, nice bedroom and bath AND a beautiful enclosed sunporch across the front. Rent was $70. a month and we wondered if we could afford it! I drive by that intersection almost every month and always remember those good times.


 COMMENT 485017 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 05:59 PM

The Courthouse, Mission, Meridian Studios and La Arcada Plaza always make me feel nostalgic and lucky to live here.


 SPRINGFIELD agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 06:49 PM

ESL, I remember Rolf at Meridian Studios, he was a lovely man.I think he was Norwegian? I first met him at his shop at El Paseo, he then moved to the Meridian studios. I was a young teenager and I would save my babysitting money and buy trinkets from him which are now on my charm bracelet. In fact, he sold me a gold kangaroo with Joey (baby) very cheaply because he knew I loved it. As destiny would have it, many years later I have an Australian husband, live in Australia,and have mobs OG kangaroos in our paddocks! I owe it all to Rolf and remember him fondly!


 COMMENT 485053 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-13 09:38 PM

When I am in downtown goleta, and I pass the building that used to be Alex's cantina...I miss happy hour, the tub o rita, and all the fun I had there...best happy hour food ever!


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