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Identity Theft Security
updated: Jan 07, 2014, 8:27 AM

By Edhat Subscriber

Has anyone had identity stolen (SS#) - and what did you do to regain security?

It just happened to a friend of mine and the SB County police said there's nothing they can do. Scammer signed up for a credit card on Expedia website, bought a ticket before s/he HAD the card: Expedia claims no responsibility, Citibank covering initial charges.

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 COMMENT 483017 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 08:39 AM

Identity theft unfortunately happens all too often. Personal information is fairly easy to obtain by a multitude of methods. Your friend's thief would've had to have had much more than just his/her SSN. Most banks have ID repair kits on their websites with the steps that should be taken. First step would probably be to call all of the credit reporting agencies and tell them. Then consider opening new credit and bank accounts, and then monitor them closely via online banking. Again, check your banks website, and/or call them. They can direct you to some good info.


 COMMENT 483018 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 08:42 AM

I've had my drivers license stolen they took the information and memorized it down to the DMV and put a new photo of themselves with my information on it. They were then arrested a few times underneath my name For various incidents The DMV cops came looking for me at my work. I had to put a cancellation on that drivers license go down to the DMV and get a brand-new one. I also had a credit card stolen here out of my vehicle by a group of state st vagrant kids. I was able to track down the last purchases where they were made talk to the manager at the CVS on State Street get the video tape and hand-deliver to the police department. They were then able to locate the kids on state and arrest them. The bottom line is you have to do all of the investigation and legwork yourself nobody will help you.


 COMMENT 483019 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 08:44 AM

There is insurance available...Auto Club has it, as do other places. Too late for that now, but I am sure the people who issue it also have a service to help cleanup the mess. Check AAA website for ID theft or phone 1-877-440-6043. What they do is monitor the 3 credit reporting companies and let you know if there is any entry, such as a new credit application. They also "flag" the companies so if someone does try to open a new charge account in your name, they will notify the person making the credit inquiry and the card won't be issued.


 COMMENT 483027 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 08:55 AM

His name is Robert Paulson.


 COMMENT 483034P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 09:25 AM



 COMMENT 483045 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 09:52 AM

great link with great info. Thanks 034P.


 COMMENT 483069 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 11:43 AM

I had a credit card stolen, activated and used by an ex-girlfriend. Went to the SBSO, filed a complaint and had her arrested for grand theft, identify theft, unlawfull use of an access card etc.. Even though the ex was found guility and required to pay the bank back. I was hounded for years by collection agencies. As soon as I would explain or prove the theft had occured, the agency would turn around and sell the debt to another agency and the cycle would start over again. Finally got to the point where I just recited the case report number and forwarded the SB DA'S phone number. Told the agencies to figure it out from there. I ended up putting a "Fraud Alert" on my credit profile.


 COMMENT 483074P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 11:54 AM

Call the three credit reporting agencies (two can be accessed on line) and place a credit freeze. Then, no credit will be issued under your name and SS# without you removing the freeze. I did this after my number was stolen and used multiple places. Many months after placing the freeze, Pier One talked me into an instant sign-up for one of their cards to get a discount on my purchase. It would not go through, no matter how many times they re-tried. Then I remembered I had the freeze. So - it worked in that case, anyway.


 SANDYINSB agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-07 10:41 PM

As someone who does mortgage loans, I have pulled a number of credit reports where the borrower has put a freeze on their credit. You can't get their credit report or score until they go on-line and un-freeze their credit. If you are seriously concerned about your credit I would recommend it. Do this with all three agencies. Even if someone applies for credit with your information, no company will issue credit without seeing your credit.


 COMMENT 483303P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-08 07:20 AM

I keep all credit cards that are sent to me and that I don't use or "open," instead of destroying them. Then if I am scammed (as I have been) on an "unopened" card, I can prove that I never even called it in to open it, or signed it. But that's such a small opporunity to stop an identity scam amongst all the scams out there.


 COMMENT 483386P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-08 10:26 AM

Credit freeze with all 3 agencies is the best beforehand option. (Very inexpensive to do.) Just remember to renew the freezes every 7 years, or they're dropped. Don't know if any notice of the drop is given by the credit agencies, so best to mark your calendar and remember it yourself. I have a file of the freeze PINs I received from each of the credit agencies and check it once a year (usually when I'm preparing my taxes). Had my wallet stolen once in Vegas by a taxi driver. The Vegas Taxi Authority tracked him down in record time. He was fired, lost his taxi license and can never drive a taxi in Vegas again. He didn't have time to use my cards or even steal the cash. Got to love the Vegas Taxi Authority! They treated me like a visiting royal dignitary!


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