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Scanner Reports 01-03-14
updated: Jan 03, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Already our first FRYday of the Beer. I decided to try and stay up later on the Eve to see how rowdy it might get after MIDnight. I expected to hear a lot of fireworks and gunshots over here on the Eastside but the only real fireworks came from my gut after pounding a lot of that healthy junk food.

I heard one series of shots mixed with fireworks. Sounded to me as if they were coming from the beach but they were probably right on the other side of the freeway, that is the area they usually come from. I only heard a couple booms after Midnight. That kinda surprised me because I expected a lot more. However there were a few more calls that did not make the last Scanner Report and Hair thy are:

  • Assault victim at the County Jail near the Bus Gate.
  • Ongoing problem in the 300 Block of East Victoria with a 5150, (Emotionally unstable subject) Looking into the windows of a residence.
  • Stray Shepard type dog in traffic Garden at Victoria.
  • In Santa Maria on Broadway Elderly male in the middle of the street being 242ed Assaulted by younger males.
  • Live or Dead Animal near Washington School 200 Lighthouse.
  • Somewhere in the County, A female is laying in front of a truck and yelling at the male driver to run her over.
  • Suicide attempt on Cedar street, overdose.
  • Vegetarian fire 4900 Block highway 33.
  • Series of shots and fireworks around 9:45pm.
  • 459 Burglary 1000 Block of Cliff Drive Subject running carrying 2 bags of stuff Southbound Oceano.
  • Seizures 1000 North Milpas street.
  • County Something about a woman who was able to get away from a guy driving a black sedan but he still had her children in the car, I did not hear anymore about that.
  • Medics code 2 meet SBPD 100 East Haley
  • I heard a Copper say he was taking a female to Jail and in the background her crying. I couldn't take that I'd probably be crying with her, be kinda funny picturing a woman crying and the cop crying too, "I'm sorry Lady but you were bad and you have to go to jail Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  • Overdose in Lompoc.

    That was pretty much it More of the Same as usual. Every time I heard the police speak over their radio in the downtown area it sounded like one big rowdy party. I always feel sorry for the animals that get caught in our celebrations having no idea whats going on. They runaway in confusion, for some of us they are all we have to Love, for most of them we are all they have keeping them from certain death. When dogs, and cats, get lost that is when I feel like crying.

    New Years Day Hangover Food: Sirloin Cheese Burgers, fries smothered with onions, crackers and Tortilla chips with Hummus, and Spinach Dip, Little Cesar's smothered with hot sauce and lettuce SNOT forget the 2 liter diet Coke...UGH.

    Here is your scanner reports, Wednesday:

  • Couple living in a car 4100 Block of State street.
  • Smoke investigation DLG and APS.
  • Suicidal 52 year old man wants to chain himself to his bicycle and jump off Sterns wharf.
  • Code 2 medics for code 40, 3890 La Cumbre Lane
  • Copter 3 transport from Santa Cruz Island to mainland for medical.
  • 2500 Block of Borton Drive medical emergency.
  • 594 Vandalism investigation 800 Block of Orange.
  • JERK Kicked dog at Waller Park.
  • 415 Fight 300 Block of North Alisos, involving teenagers
  • Injury T.A. Cliff at Los Positas.
  • Overdose on Tyler.
  • Dog bite 100 Block of North Alisos.
  • Audible Alarm and open door 700 Block of State street.
  • High Tension wire snaps in the 1200 Block of North Salsipuedes
  • Stroke 800 Block of Quarantina.
  • Suspicous subject in a vehicle 600 Block of Micheltorena.
  • Code 40, DRUNK in restaurant parking lot 4800 Block of Hollister.
  • Audible alarms going off all over due to power outage.
  • 2 Suspicous subjects 1900 Block of Cliff drive reporting potty thinks they were involved in the burglary of his home.
  • Check the Welfare of a male sitting in the drivers seat of a white Ford Fiesta in front of Regal cleaners 2840 DLV.
  • 1400 Block of Harborview suspicous subject casing area, looks like a non mentally ill white male.
  • Transport Santa Ynez hospital to Vista Del Mar in Ventura.
  • 415 Male subject kicking a sign in the 5400 Block of Carpinteria Ave.

    Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • 20002 Hit and Run Las Positas overcrossing when police caught up with the suspect in front of 26 Leslie Drive he appeared to be under the infulence, of course the victim of the crime was driving without a drivers license.
  • False Fire Alarm went off at Franklin Center.
  • Medical Emergency for a subject passed out in a parking lot 3505 State street.
  • 484 Theft investigation 3800 La Cumbre Plaza.
  • Commercial 459 Burglary of a business on Bettervia in Santa Maria.
  • 23152 Drunk driver in black BMW R.P. Following off the highway Laguna, to Guiterrez, to Olive, East on Canon Perdido, South on Salsipuedes pulled over at DLG.
  • Trash Can Fire 200 Sterns Wharf.
  • Elderly fall victim head injury womans restroom muni golf course on McCall.
  • Medical emergency fall victim bleeding from the head Haley and Bath street.
  • Spot Fire 20x20 feet North of the Bacara possibly started in homeless camp.
  • SBPD on a subject 1500 San Andres.
  • 1600 Copenhagen, 484 Theft of someones pants.
  • Code 40, DRUNK walking along Cliff Drive on his way to Hendrys Beach.
  • Non injury traffic accident vehicles and drivers in parking lot 3950 State street.
  • Ill subject with high blood pressure 3400 Block of highway 246.
  • Code 2 medics for kidney pain 300 Block of East DLG.
  • 23103 Driver bicyclist stated the driver attempted to run him over, driver said the bicyclist rode his bicycle in front of his truck on Elm in Carpinteria.
  • A subject on the East Side of Tuckers Grove had a warrent from the Great State of Indiana but they said "keep the sob he's yours!"
  • Probation check 900 Block of "L" Street.
  • Animal control enroute to the Shelter.
  • 23152 White Honda sedan Drunk Driver last seen in Pepper Tree Parking Lot vehicle registered in LA.
  • Suspicious vehicle that was on the Railroad tracks but moved off Red VW Jetta at Anacapa at Mason.
  • Injury traffic accident 101 Southbound just North of Bates on the offramp.-

    Will thats it outta me for now. Have a Wonderful Weekend and Dog Willing We will see you on MONday.

    Later, Roger


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