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Lop Rabbit
updated: Jan 01, 2014, 12:20 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

I have been looking at pet stores around town for a Lop rabbit. Does anyone know where I can buy bunnies that are about a month old?

I have considered breeders, as I want a Holland Lop, but am unsure if our area has any. Thanks

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 COMMENT 481689 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 12:33 PM

Instead of buying bunnies from a store or a breeder, try this local organization and give one of the many homeless bunnies, including Holland Lops, a new life - Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (B.U.N.S.) is a volunteer organization which cares for abandoned rabbits.

B.U.N.S is located at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter, 5473 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara California.


 COMMENT 481692 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 01:02 PM

I second the recommendation that the poster check out B.U.N.S. first.


 COMMENT 481694 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 01:13 PM

BUNS! Please dont boost pet store sales or breeders!
Good luck.

ART, Inc.


 COMMENT 481697P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 01:30 PM

OP, do you have experience with rabbits as pets? If not, you should know that they need training. Baby bunnies who aren't handled daily will not be friendly. If kept outdoors, they are susceptible to myxomatosis, a terrible and fatal mosquitoes-borne disease. If kept indoors, they need to be trained to use a litter box and not to chew things like furniture and power cords. I agree with the others, please try BUNS first -- they work with the bunnies to tame and train them as much as possible.


 COMMENT 481699 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 01:55 PM

Great advice. Also bunnies need to be spayed and neutered. They need loads of space to run and play. BUNS is really good place, and that is where our pair came from.


 COMMENT 481708P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 02:13 PM

Please either adopt a bunny that needs a good home or else abandon the idea altogether. Bunnies can and do potty train themselves, which makes them great indoor pets.

However, bun-buns are also prey species. You must keep them protected from predators. This means always keeping an eye on them, outdoors, and/or keeping them well-caged when you're not around.

B.U.N.S. is a great, great suggestion. But keep in mind that bunnies can and do CHEW.


 COMMENT 481710 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 02:26 PM

B.U.N.S. it is!!! They give classes and demonstrations as to the Care and the Proper feeding of Bunnies. Bunny care is something not to be taken lightly! And, never buy a puppy, kitten or any other type of animal from a pet store. That only encourages animal production mills to continue to exist.


 COMMENT 481714 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 02:33 PM

I'm glad to see so many of you suggesting BUNS. They're an awesome group. They would be my only choice.


 YIN YANG agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 08:04 PM

If you are patient, you'll get what you want, just as you can get purebred dogs at the shelter, and be referred to breed rescue groups.


 COMMENT 481786P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 08:07 PM

And your BUNS rabbit will be spayed or neutered, saving you hundreds of dollars. Thank you Dr. Haskell!!


 COMMENT 481792 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 08:24 PM

The reason NOT to go to BUNS is if you rent, and dont want to go through a hassle with your landlord and most likely have your rent increased or have to turn over a hefty deposit. Adopting a pet isnt easy if you rent. I am a fantastic pet owner, but I also have to pay and extra 50 per month because when I adopted my landlord raised my rent. I also wanted to foster some guinnea pigs which needed fostering, and I was told NO because I rent...so I went to Arroyo Grande and bought 2 instead (and they had been in the same group of pigs who needed fostering). Sure, I get it...trying to keep transient people from picking up pets is important, but there needs to be more of a criteria for adoption....something that doesnt penalize renters. The fact that any homeowner, even one in foreclosure, can simply adopt a pet anytime, makes no sense. Look at employment stability, look at length of time renting...anyway,there are reasons to avoid adoption.


 COMMENT 481795P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 08:43 PM

Please do some reading and take the BUNS rabbit care class. Read books and sites with good reputations, BUNS can recommend resources. Start with their page!

Different breeders have different beliefs about weaning time and even if a kit is weaned at one month, it may be very beneficial for the kit to live with its mom (doe) and other kits for a little longer. Good luck!

If BUNS has kits, they are accidents/rescues. They do large-scale rescue in conjunction with county animal control when people who haven't educated themselves about rabbits get in bad situations. Please give an unwanted rabbit a home.


Basic Bunny & Guinea Pig Classes
Jan 11, Feb 8, March 8, April 12, May 10, and June 7, 2014
More information: fuzzfarm1@cox.net or 805 708-1418

Care page: http://www.bunssb.org/bunnies/rabbit-care/

Adoptables: http://www.bunssb.org/bunnies/adoptable-bunnies/

Please both call and email. They are volunteers, they're busy, and they're wonderful people.


 COMMENT 481796P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-01 08:44 PM

@MILLY, part of the reason for notifying the landlord is that a lot of renters try to adopt an animal when their leases don't allow it, so the shelters are trying to keep pets from being adopted and then returned (or abandoned) when the landlords find out. We used to suggest that students who wanted to adopt become volunteers instead.


 COMMENT 481821 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-02 07:52 AM

My daughter, now 28, and from age nine a devoted animal lover and vegetarian, raised and trained a Holland Lop (a small, very trainable breed of Lop bunny) as a 4-H project when she was in junior high. Her lop was a wonderful house pet and lived to a ripe old age. Members also responsibly breed and sell bunnies. Here is the web address link to a list of the current Santa Barbara 4-H branches: (you'll need to copy and paste onto your browser, adding the www part first): .sb4h.org/Club_Websites/


 *ME* agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-02 08:04 AM

Yes, BUNS or humane society etc... It always amazes me that people still buy animals from breeders...


 COMMENT 481834 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-02 08:32 AM

I saw a very cute bunny at the pet store on the mesa!


 COMMENT 481840 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-02 08:52 AM

OP, sorry no one has answered your question, but at least EdHatters are consistent in their self-righteous opinions. I do agree for the most part and support adoption/rescue and overall education, but having zero personal knowledge of your situation, experience, and/or reason(s) for desiring a kit, it would be presumptuous and myopic of me (or anyone else) to repeat the B.U.N.S. suggestion yet again (and again, and again, and again....) I wish you luck with your search and would encourage other commenters to at least attempt to answer the actual question that was asked. Get off the soapbox, people.


 COMMENT 481855 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-02 10:03 AM

I like ya' BUNS!


 COMMENT 481867 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-02 10:33 AM

I have had 3 rabbits. One from a lady a breeder in Ojai, 1 from Pet Barn and 1 from Buns. All Mini Lops. The best one was from Ojai. He had the sweetest disposition and would following me around the house. The one from Pet Barn we still have and while very sweet and very welled trained, she does not like to be picked up. The one from Buns died literally the day after we finished the adoption process. I think the transition into a home with so much activity was dramatizing. Go to all 3 hold go with you gut. Rabbits are very fun pets but they are more work and clean up than any dog we have owned. Or and watch those cables, flips flops, power cords, shoelaces, rugs etc.... but they will and do chew on anything.


 COMMENT 481936P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-02 01:01 PM

So sorry, 867, to hear about the BUNS rabbit passing. I've never owned rabbits, but I always cringe when I hear rescues and columnists use the holidays as a way to promote adoptions. I can't think of a worse time to introduce a shelter animal into a household.


 COMMENT 482226 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-03 02:48 PM

936P, we don't target holidays for adoptions but we're desperate and will try anything to get our shelter animals adopted. Until you've worked with a nice shelter animal for 2 yrs that hasn't gone home, even though it is friendly with other animals and loves people, then you don't know how discouraging it can be.

If you have any time or knowledge that you can share with us to get these animals adopted, we would be grateful for what you have to offer.


 COMMENT 482290 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-01-03 06:50 PM

sensational pets always has a great selection of rabbits and their customer service is top notch, im sure they could help you


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