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Scanner Reports 12-30-13
updated: Dec 30, 2013, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Monday, Monday. Only 359 More Shoplifting Days till Christmas. And Wednesday is not only New Year's it's… Anyway I needed some moola the other day to eat so I went through my recycling, worked it, separated it, and bagged it. I took it over to Marborg the whole time keeping my eyes peeled for some gal I read about on Edhat who Fights with some guy over recycling in Goleta. Since I've heard about this couple twice now, I'm wondering if maybe it's not a couple at all maybe it's a woman working the men for their recycling and or bounty from his recycling score. You can NEVER be too careful around here. I've been conned for a lot compared to what I have, and I fully expected to get jacked for my recycling on Saturday. If the gal didn't get me, the Recycler would. But neither did which was Lucky. I got almost 12 bucks and I only paid 24.00 CRV. Wow I only got jacked by the state. Will that's good I guess I didn't see many girls around anyway. Early Sunday Morning heard this rape reported I waited to post it on Edhat a couple hours later to protect the victim. From what I've heard on the scanner there are two crime scenes being worked as the police are posted at the two locations one being in the 200 Block of Anacapa. I think about a week or two ago there was another rape in that general area in the first block of Anacapa. I don't know if they are two separate cases or what.

Still hearing a lot of Drunk and DUI Drivers. I thought there might be a small decrease in the amounts of impaired drivers since the fatal alcohol related accident we had earlier this month but no decrease. It seems that people are maybe as addicted to driving impaired as they are to their Drug of choice. They should up the fines on driving impaired as long as people are not going to care either way, the justice business might as well benefit from it. That is probably what will happen sooner or later anyway. I wonder what New Year's Eve will bring. How many accidents we will have? If anyone will be hurt or killed? The drivers don't give a damn until they are the ones suffering in jail; at least they are still alive. I've known a couple people that were selfish drunks. They choose to drive drunk and they killed someone or more than someone, and they are really screwed up in the head now. It's as if they have a desire to self-destruct and can't do it unless they get drunk; guess it is easier that way. At least you don't feel it as much.

I was watching this show the other day where this man was beaten to death and the D.A. called it a painful death and I thought out loud "It's not that painful." Because I was beaten pretty bad once on the head the first strike hurt but then I saw stars passed out and heard crunching I didn't feel anything till I came to, Then I remembered I was really drunk when that happened. I don't have a desire to go through that anymore. I may not be ALL THERE upstairs but at least I don't want to take anyone with me. I love my boring life. If you're going to Drink, Please don't Drive.

Here is your Scanner Reports, FRYday:

  • Someone checked for Wants and Warrants in the 2200 Block of Los Positas turned out to be a registered 290, Sex Offender.
  • Check the Welfare of the gas station attendant at Turnpike and Hollister has locked the doors to the station and is 415 and fighting with customers.
  • One subject was detained by the CHP at Carpinteria and Milpas streets don't know why.
  • One of several fires on FRYday in the same area 3 miles East of HWY 1 in the Santa Ynez Riverbed.
  • Wells Fargo utility trailer ripped off from the 100 Block of Powers.
  • 23152 Driver up at Skofield Park black convertible 40 year old male in the 1800 Block of Las Canoas, a few minutes later the drunk driver was arguing with the reporting party.
  • Homeless couple harassing passersby in the 400 Block of State Street.
  • Medical Emergency in the 400 Block of State Street for a broken leg.
  • Smoke investigation no fire up at Gibraltar.
  • Medical Emergency for a fall victim at Samarkand head laceration.
  • Heard some SBPD Units out there making arrests also possibly probation.
  • Code 40 in Traffic 500 West Carrillo, Drunk.
  • Subject off their medication on West Micheltorena. One of my ex's lives over there and if they haven't had said it was a male I woulda thought it was her.
  • Medical Emergency for a diabetic reaction at a restaurant at Paseo Nuevo.
  • Don't know where but SBPD responded to a vehicle search for drugs.
  • Fall victim back injury 500 North Hope. I hate falling down I've done it most of my life but I could catch myself when I was younger and I would not get hurt that bad, it was almost fun. Not anymore something always gets broken or hurt I never call when I fall down either I had a friend that kept calling and they stuck her in a nursing home.
  • Report of a possibly code 40 female laying in the middle of the street at 535 East Yananoli refusing to get up. She was disturbing earlier in the Rescue Mission itself not sure if she was drunk or just 5150 like myself, although I would not lie down in the middle of Milpas, I've crawled across a couple of times but not lately.
  • Report of two code 40, DRUNKS in the 200 Block of North Milpas.
  • 23152 Drunk Driver Northbound on Bath Street.
  • Code 40, DRUNK in the 400 Block of State Street.
  • 1144 Death in the Goleta Valley Hospital Emergency Room, room 2.
  • Fight brewing in the breezeway of DLG Plaza.

    Scanner Reports, Saturday:

  • Seizures at the Bus Stop Mason and Milpas.
  • Fall victim back injury 300 Block of Elizabeth Street.
  • 415 Homeless female raising HELL at the Coffee Cat.
  • 415 Homeless subject at McKenzie Park.
  • Illegal campers in the 600 Block of Wentworth.
  • Ill elderly at Central Coast Nursing 3880 Via Lucero.
  • Code 40, DRUNK DOWN in the 200 Block of West Carrillo.
  • Moto Cross rider down Zaca Station Road at highway 101 Neck Pain.
  • Premise check Sunflower Park 700 Block of East Mason.
  • Carrillo at Bath Vehicle Accident center median need tow truck.
  • Medical Emergency at Santa Barbara convalescent for difficulty breathing 2200 DLV.
  • SBPD on a group in the first Block of Castillo.
  • Fall victim in the street 3011 DLV.
  • 484 Shoplifter at Sears 3845 State Street.
  • 5 Subjects drinking in the breezeway in the 500 Block of State Street.
  • Unknown if injury accident Pedregosa at DLV.
  • 2100 Block of Red Rose 415 Domestic woman heard yelling ""OUCH!"
  • Rowdy group of Homeless subjects Haley at State Street.
  • 100 Block of West Anapamu 20002 Hit and Run investigation.
  • Traffic Stop 200 Block of Castillo.

    Scanner Reports, Sunday:

  • 2900 Block of Ventura Drive report of a code 40, DRUNK in the middle of the street yelling.
  • Rolling 415 Domestic a male and a female in a silver Honda Southbound 101 from La Cumbre.
  • 911 Hang Up 1500 Block of Portosuello, yelling heard in the background.
  • Illegal Dumping in the 700 Block of Flora Vista.
  • Rape Reported in the 200 Block of Anacapa.
  • First Block of East Victoria for several overturned planters dumped all over the sidewalk.
  • 10851 Auto Theft 5900 Block of Birch.
  • DUI Driver 5700 Block of Carpinteria Ave in Brown Chevy Silverado.
  • 415 Room Maters on Parker Way two holding another one down possibly under the influence of something.
  • 23103 Reckless driver on East Cabrillo yelling at people. She was driving a white compact car registered to the 3900 Block of Refugio Del I forgot the rest.
  • Vandalism to a couple vehicles near East Side Park 200 North Soledad.
  • Man Down in a Planter at the Library 40 East Anapamu Fire and Medics responding.
  • Haley and Garden 2 Vehicle accident 5 people injured.
  • Rescue one assist the Medics with manpower 500 Block of State Street.
  • Marian ER Self Inflicted Cross Bowed to the foot by accident SBSO needed to respond to take a report. That would really hurt I stepped on a foot long nail once and it went all the way through my foot, I used to step on nails all the time.
  • Illegal Camper in the bamboo at Garden and Yananoli.
  • Illegal Camper alongside AM/PM Mini market in the 1900 Block of State. I slept there before; no one bothered me.
  • Search Warrant served in the 200 Block of Anacapa.
  • Somewhere in Lompoc overdose on Clonidine subject downed the entire bottle when the medics asked if the police were responding they were told that the Lompoc police no longer respond on overdoses.
  • Keep the Peace at the Fiesta Inn while a subject picks up their property in the 1800 Block of State Street.
  • Medical emergency for Broken Ribs on Carpinteria State Beach.
  • Someone reporting they found 2 Rifles at Winchester Gun Club and they want to turn them in.
  • 415 Disagreement over Parking Montecito at Anacapa.
  • There was a report of a subject with a gun in the 1100 Block of East Gutierrez Police responded and said it was Code 4. Maybe it wasn't a gun.

    Anyway that's enough Outta me for Now have a great Monday and Dog willing we will see you Next Year on Hump Day! Later, Roger


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