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Santa Barbara Soap Opera
updated: Dec 28, 2013, 11:00 AM

By Fired Up Fred

The truth really is better than fiction. I was reading about the Santa Barbara soap opera of the Undersheriff and that gal that worked in Search & Rescue. According to The Independent, there were 17 or so pages detailing a sexual affair. It read like a movie script for the Lifetime for Women Channel.

For what it's worth, here is my opinion on the matter after reading this article. I know you might think this was a situation of a man in power taking advantage of the ambition of a subordinate. That subordinate happened to be a woman. Now, don't jump to the conclusion that because I'm a man, I would take the man's side. Au contraire! I have daughters and I am a fierce defender of women and equal rights. I talked to my daughters about this Peyton Place scandal and wanted to get their opinion. They are very strong, independent women with good common sense, so I value their opinions.

The interesting thing was that before I talked to them I thought this guy took advantage of this young attractive gal and then just tossed her aside, or as kids say these days, kicked her to the curb. I think that opinion was based on the fact that in my generation, oh heck maybe it's just me, but I think a man should be held to the highest of standards. When he crosses the line and is inappropriate, he should take the fall. But my daughters changed my opinion on this specific situation. Yes, he should take responsibility for his part in all this, but they were both consenting adults and were using one another for their own personal agendas. It seemed like she wanted to be promoted and set out on a mission to get what she wanted, and she knew who could make that happen.

When the Undersheriff started making advances, she did not have to respond to his text messages. No one made her do the horizontal hoochie couchie in the backseat of a car in the Costco parking lot. Oh for heaven sake, the Costco parking lot! What happened to the days when you would go park out in the boonies? I guess that is what happens when they did away with all the drive-in movies, people start going to Costco and not just to buy Gigantic packages of toilet paper. If you do that in the Costco parking lot, you are just asking to get caught. Maybe they were caught by another Sheriff and nothing was said?

Either way, the article hinted at the fact that this Sheriff has a reputation for similar behavior in the past and perhaps she does as well, so maybe they are a good match. Whatever they want to do in their private lives is their business, go to Costco all you want. But getting the legal system involved? It sounds like she is just mad, out for revenge and probably money. When you get the legal system involved who foots the bill? The taxpayers of Santa Barbara. I don't want to use my tax dollars for your Costco encounters and to mend your hurt feelings. When two people are using each other and one doesn't get what they want there is trouble in River City, or should I say Santa Barbara. He was obviously getting what he wanted at Costco but she did not get her promotion. She got mad and is now crying foul with filing a law suit. He was forced into early retirement to avoid some of the fallout.

In my opinion, they both knew what they were doing and chose to do it again and again and again. To the Search and Rescue gal, his last name alone should have scared you off, Peterson. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The outcome of this torrid affair could have been much worse. If you didn't want to have sex with this man you shouldn't have returned his messages and certainly shouldn't have jumped into the back seat. As with all things in life, learn from this please.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am going to think twice the next time I pull into a Costco parking lot and probably stop and look around a third time and shake my head.

Another day and another thing to get fired up about.

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Fred is a long-standing member of Santa Barbara living in a retirement community and has a lot to say on just about everything. Do you have a rant? Send it to ed@edhat.com


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