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Scanner Reports 12-18-13
updated: Dec 18, 2013, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Wednesday, Happy Hump Day! 7 More Shoplifting Days till Christmas. Saw a commercial the other day. Guess which Day Christmas lands on? It shows a picture of a Camel. What the HELL is it with Drunk and DUI Drivers? Is it an Obsessive Compulsive thing People feel like they HAVE TO drive under the influence? I know of a couple impaired drivers that got caught Monday Evening, for those two I'm sure there are many, many more. When I was a kid it was just like everyone did it. It was like a Drunk in Public charge 125.00 Bucks out of Jail it was no big deal. I had an Uncle who was a Police Officer I heard thru the family Grapevine that the first night he was on duty he responded to an accident that involved a Drunk Driver, and that the Drunk Driver killed a whole family but the Drunk Driver lived. It was on Christmas Eve, the experience forever changed my Uncle. My Uncle was an Old School Cop; he became Chief of Police in Hammond. I remember seeing him with the detectives when I was a little kid they looked like the Untouchables all dressed in black suits and hats this was before Miranda you know "You have the right to remain silent etc. Anyway, the Good old Days. After my Uncle was Chief of Police he became a Politician. He won as a State Representative. One of the Laws he got passed was making it illegal for liquor sales in the State of Indiana on Sundays. You could not drink in a bar or buy it from a Liquor store but you were allowed to drink in restaurants with your dinner. All of us lived in Hammond, Uncle John actually lived on the State Line. If you wanted to purchase Alcohol on Sunday all you had to do was walk across the street and you were in Calumet City, Illinois. I don't know if Uncle John's Law saved any lives. People always found a way to drink on Sunday if that's what they wanted to do. The group Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Started in California, seemed to be the Turning Point in the Non Acceptance of Drinking Drivers around that time the CHP started a campaign against Drunk Drivers. I just happened to land in Santa Barbara in 1980 and Sober Up. It was such a huge Campaign back then that I thought Society would change the Acceptance of Driving under the Influence and it would become a Law that not many people would violate.

I remember back in the 90's most AA Meetings had people that were there with a card from court that had to be signed by the secretary of the group proving that the person with the court card went to that meeting. I was a secretary of several meetings and I signed those things all the time, I remember signing over a dozen once after a meeting. I guess I just got old and ASSUMED things would change but I see that was a couple generations ago and I was WRONG! History has repeated itself as it always seems to do or maybe we're stuck in the Insanity Vortex Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I finally learned my lesson, many others who make the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs need to learn a Lesson too. Getting arrested over and over again never gets any better. Some Police Officers might be easy on you at first but after a while of seeing someone over and over again they realize being easy isn't working and they take you to County Jail, which seems to be a fun place for some people, but not for all.

I read a comment the other day that when visiting hours was over at Cottage Hospital some of the people visiting our latest victim of a Drunk Driver went down the street to a place that serves Alcohol. They got all sauced up drinking alcohol and when they left they drove in their vehicles, watching their friend die taught them NOTHING. If this is really true, the author of the comment also stated that the owner of the place gets sauced up every night and then drives home. Not too long ago a man got pulled over under the influence of alcohol at Loreto Plaza the Police Officer was a little too rough with him and a lot of people raised HELL about it. This is the other side of the coin. The way I learned my lesson to not drive under the influence was by getting my butt stomped. It seems to work quicker than other ways. However there is another way; MONEY. But that all comes with changing laws and how easy is that to do? A first offense Drunk, or driving under the influence of drugs with a ten thousand dollar price tag, no exceptions, might make someone think twice about getting behind the wheel. If we were to add relieving the person of their vehicle permanently and add a mandatory one year in County, Jail or Prison a few more people might consider taking a cab home. If they beat the rap by running and leaving the state they become someone else's problem. At least they would not be killing people here. Eventually someone might get sick of their behavior where ever they went and stick them in a WOODCHIPPER.

On Monday Evening there was a Medical for a Fall Victim at Circle K. 200 S. Milpas the Victim had facial injuries and was DUI per Responders. The second was involved in an auto accident possibly in Goleta and I heard one of the Police Officers says one of the drivers was H.B.D., which is, Has Been Drinking. There's two right there. I'm pretty sure they were both arrested I'm not sure if they went to jail many people get cited and released after the Hospital. I do know that without any changes it's just going to get worse more than likely in the next few months someone else will be the victim or a drunk or DUI driver. More than likely someone many of us know and love like the last two, it ain't going to get any better unless Laws are changed because people think it's ok to do, and We Keep Agreeing With Them.

Here is your Scanner Roni Reports, Monday:

  • Suspicious Subject 4000 Block of Calle Real wearing all black, standing next to a Black car with Duct Tape on the window. What is so suspicious about that?
  • Landlord Ex renter 415 not a stabbing but there were other charges discussed I'm not sure who did what but it all happened in the 100 Block of Barranca.
  • Homeless guy stealing soda pop from Subway at 1021 State Street.
  • At Eastside Park on the 200 Block of Soledad a Naked man in the back of a truck with camper shell, (Hey You, put curtains on those windows we don't want to see your ugly old booty!)
  • 700 Block of Chapala 10851 Investigation stolen auto.
  • There was a 459 Burglary at a street I couldn't make out.
  • On Berwyn Drive in Santa Maria a fully engulfed in flames mobile home no injuries.
  • Someone got their white bicycle ripped off behind Presto Pasta 2800 Block of DLV.
  • Traffic accident vehicle vs bicyclist Mission at DLV.
  • Suspicious circumstances someone followed into an alley 500 Block of State street reporting party reported the person that followed them was homeless.
  • Medical Emergency seizures 423 West Victoria.
  • Homeless subject disturbing 800 Block of State Street.
  • 242 Assault investigation Cottage ER Victim female Dementia patient.
  • 4 Vehicles parked in a Bicycle Lane El Sueno at Calle Real.
  • 415 Fight between 2 males 900 Block of State near the bathrooms, turned out one was a victim code 2 medics responded for an Assault.
  • Medical Emergency left arm numbness and chest pain for a female at the Rescue Mission 535 East Yananoli.
  • Intentional overdose on Taylor Street in Santa Maria.
  • 50 Year old female 5150 yelling in the 200 Block of West Quinto.
  • Medical Emergency Unconscious code blue at the Kidney Center 1704 State Street.
  • I Phone stolen from Radio Shack 609 State Street by what sounded like a middle aged couple probably professional shoplifters doing their Christmas shoplifting.
  • 100 Block of North Salinas 415 Domestic.
  • Fall Victim at the Circle K 200 South Milpas turned out to be a DUI.
  • Animal Control responded somewhere I missed the location.
  • 00 Block of Oceano 415 Domestic 57 Year old male locked out of the home SNOT very nice.
  • A suicidal female left GVCH wearing nothing but a hospital robe.
  • Injury at Casa Dorinda 300 Hot Springs don't know if it was a resident injured or staff member.
  • Medical Emergency at the Biltmore in the restaurant unknown type medical.
  • Medical Emergency at the Med Center 2900 Block of State Street for a female who fainted.
  • Smoke Check in the area of Cathedral Oaks and Via Chaparral.
  • Vehicle Accident Old San Marcos Road at Hollister.
  • I heard a police officer say one of the drivers H.B.D. Has Been Drinking I don't know if they was talking about this accident or another one.

    Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • Illegal Camper on the front porch of 209 South Milpas Street.
  • 459 Burglary in the 800 Block of West Pedregosa.
  • 400 Block of West Gutierrez 242 Assault.
  • 300 Block of North San Antonio Road 415 Domestic in the street verbal only.
  • Medical Emergency for a female down across the street from the police station 215 East Figueroa.
  • Suspicious circumstances involving a Fall Victim in Santa Maria, since it's an investigation I will not identify location at this time.
  • Fall Victim Mission at Castillo head injuries, this one walked away but the Medics found him and transported him to the hospital.
  • 5200 Block of Kurt Drive overdose.
  • Back up requested for a loud mouthed homeless drunk in front of the Habit 628 State Street.
  • Medical Emergency at Central Coast Nursing 3880 Via Lucero severe abdominal pains in the Transitional Care Unit.
  • Hazardous Investigation smoking TV next to a mattress in the 1500 Block of Garden near Micheltorena. I could see where that could be a real problem if the TV was smoking Meth or something like that.
  • Check on a group of Homeless men near a pond at 111 East DLG.
  • Medical Emergency for seizures at the Social Security office in Paseo Nuevo.
  • Check the Welfare of an apparent homeless male on a bus bench at Storke and Hollister who "Don't look so good."
  • 20002 Hit and Run male in GMC Truck Nopal at DLG went South on Milpas then lost reporting party the victim.
  • Couple of Code 60's blocking vehicles in the 100 Block of Green Lane.
  • SBPD Officer requesting Cares in front of the Police Station on Figueroa.
  • Traffic Accident Patterson and Hollister.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject down in the bushes for several hours Vernon at DLV.
  • 2 Females in their 50's or 60's maybe even 70's Dine and Dashed from a restaurant in the 400 Block of State Street.
  • Medical Emergency Canon Perdido at Chapala possibly a diabetic problem.
  • Illegal Camper 301 South Hope.

    Will that is all outta me for now Have a Wonderful Hump Day and Dog Willing We Will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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