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Police Action
updated: Dec 15, 2013, 4:35 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

Police with drawn weapons and bulletproof shield north side 2900 block of state street. According to someone listening to scanners there is a suspect barricaded in an apartment. They have not stopped traffic on state and no gunshots so far.

Another Edhat subscriber reports at 3:45 pm:

"Any idea what's going in at the motel in the corner of Alamar and State? There have been 4 police cars there for a couple of hours."

Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

 MISTA agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 04:53 PM

Another one of the six or so transient-voucher-motels on upper State that your City is paying for... This cr@p is getting silly stupid! A lot of these transients are early release inmates from all over California.


 COMMENT 477608 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:01 PM

Looks like the activity is mostly over. Not sure if the suspect was taken into custody or was not there. They did have a K-9 unit and were saying they had a search warrant and to come out or they would send the dog in. Seems to have ended without incident.


 COMMENT 477609P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:06 PM

The complaints about tax money might make sense if SB didn't accept federal grant money specifically intend to house low income people.

Like most of the whining that goes on here, if the whiner actually knew what they were talking about, there'd be nothing to post.


 COMMENT 477610P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:09 PM

477609P - thanks. It is a tiring stream of ignorant, repetitive, boring pablum.


 MISTA agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:17 PM

So you're saying it's acceptable for the city to take federal funds, which IS our tax money, to provide temp housing for transients during the winter months at our local cheap motels...? Call me stupid for being a homeowner in a city that caters to bums and parolees.


 COMMENT 477613 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:28 PM



 COMMENT 477614 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:39 PM

Mista, with all due respect, where, specifically, do you want people less fortunate than yourself to go? Please don't say something like, "somewhere else" or "I don't care, just not here" or "they can move in with you" as those are not viable solutions to the situation. Please tell us exactly where they are supposed to go?


 COMMENT 477616 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:44 PM

In the "spirit of the season" I call for tough love that states and enforces the following:

"Be it known to all, If you do THIS, then THIS will befall you..."

Enumerate the consequences of the various actions and their consequences. Now, if we had the cojones to follow through - everyone would be better off.

The recalcitrant perpetrators would know exactly where they stood when committing an infraction or felony and could make their choice to proceed or not accordingly.

If we only had the will to act!


 COMMENT 477619P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:47 PM

477614: Exactly.

Many of us who are relatively privileged, that is, who have housing and at least some assets, seem to be ignorant about others and ignore that Santa Barbara is not an island which can shut out those whom some consider to be undesirable.

When people are early release, they have to go somewhere and if they are from this area originally or at some point, it's reasonable to assume they'll return here. If we don't like this early release, then we need to build many, many more prisons and jails at many, many millions of dollars.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:48 PM

It's over guy was in possession of a gun not sure what made them respond back there.. There was a domestic there earlier..Couldn't tell if it was a motel or Apartment building.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:49 PM



 COMMENT 477622 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 05:54 PM

Right on, 614!


 MISTA agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 07:05 PM

@614 Perhaps they should go to a town with a lower cost of living so they could afford their cheap liquior and drugs as well as pay RENT with their SSI check. I came up on two dirtbags who had deficated (that means cr@pped) in the ladscaping between the side walk and business yesterday.- Both were from Michigan, both were total meth-heads who could care a less. Sorry, I'm not going to embrace them with a "helping hand", more like a swift kick. If that offends you, so be it. Maybe you could post your address and they could park their beat up RV in front of your house.


 COMMENT 477632 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 07:30 PM

MISTA... give it a rest, please.


 COMMENT 477633 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 07:34 PM

Mista, I think that qualifies as "somewhere else" or "I don't care, just not here" or "they can move in with you" with no viable solution to the situation.

I believe public defecation is a crime. Did you contact the police? Why did you remain long enough to determine their home state and their choice of drugs?

And a Merry Christmas to you. Hope you haven't made the Baby Jesus cry due to your lack of compassion.


 MISTA agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 07:41 PM

Umm, the license plates on their vehicles ,one an RV and one an beat up station wagon had Michigan plates- Ill give it a rest when you enablers move on with the bums.


 COMMENT 477635 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 07:47 PM


The solution to all of our homeless problems. Housing (in the $200's) No tourists to bother with pan handling and no jobs, so not like they even have to pretend they are looking. Shoot, pretty much no law there either (too far from populated areas and not enough residents to station anyone there)

And from what I hear, all the meth you can cook


 COMMENT 477638 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 08:06 PM

Kudos, 614.

Unfortunately, there are a few posters here, who, perhaps for political reasons - or sheer "bloodymindedness" - insist on categorizing all homeless people as "bums".

The "visible bums", to whom the brunt of this irrational bile is directed, represent a tiny minority of the city's homeless. Most people would not recognize a typical homeless person because they make an effort NOT to look like a bum. Some will get lucky and find a job and a place; others, not for lack of trying, won't. And some - a sizable proportion being ex combat veterans (many with PTSD), and former mental patients kicked onto the streets on account of Reagan era reforms - are now beyond help.

So, kick the homeless out of town and they will become another city's issue. What's been achieved? Precisely nothing. Perhaps some prefer a more "terminal solution" to dump those whom society has stomped upon with the proverbial pair of black leather tight-fitting knee-high boots?


 COMMENT 477639P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 08:08 PM

@Mista. You do offend me. Happy Holidays to you, and warm wishes to those who do not have what we have.


 COMMENT 477640P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 08:11 PM

MISTA: For what it's worth, you are totally right.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 08:21 PM

The homeless will never leave where are they going to go they have no home.


 COMMENT 477647 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 08:42 PM

This whole discussion is pointless as it took place at an apartment not a motel afaik.


 MISTA agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 08:58 PM

Took place at the "Town & Country" State & Alamar


 COMMENT 477653P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 09:11 PM

"Imagine that you’re walking on the streets of New York City and you see a man curled up next to the curb. Although the temperature outside is well over eighty degrees, the man is bundled up with layer upon layer. You notice that most people pass him by with just one glance, probably feeling disturbed for a moment or two, and then they continue on with their day. However, some people stop and make an effort to pull out the change in their back pocket and throw it in the paper cup next to him. This makes you think, could you survive a night on the street? To most people, this thought seems inconceivable. Being forced to sleep on the street without a roof or stomach full of food doesn’t seem realistic to those of us who are more fortunate. However, what most people don’t know is that this situation is not that improbable. It only takes the loss of a job, or one eviction to turn a family’s home upside-down. Having no home to turn to is a devastating situation that truly anyone could find himself or herself facing. I had the opportunity of being able to meet people who experienced this exact same circumstance. A national program called Interfaith Hospitality Network enables homeless individuals and families to live at local temples and churches for a certain amount of time (“Interfaith Hospitality Network”). I had the chance to volunteer during the weeks that my temple hosted the program, and I was able to develop a relationship with the families in the network. I gained a new perspective on how serious homelessness is in our country simply by listening to the hardships that the families had gone through. I quickly realized that becoming homeless was a real possibility for many people, especially with our country’s current economic state. The United States has a homeless population of about 2.3 to 3.5 million (“Facts and Figures: The Homeless”). This large number cannot be ignored, thus we must find examples of low homelessness rates in order to put our high statistic into perspective. Is there anywhere in the world that has been able to make an impact on the amount of people that are homeless? One of the lowest rates of homelessness in the world belongs to Denmark, a Scandinavian country. And so, it makes sense to look at their methods of fighting the homeless problem. Because the current methods of the United State are unsuccessful in lowering the homelessness rate significantly, we should adopt Danish’s three main successful models and their concept of “housing first”."



 COMMENT 477655P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 09:36 PM

638 - I agree. ALSO another thing Reagan did was start a steep decline in the amount of federal funding of affordable housing. I can't remember the exact numbers......they will probably come up if you google it.....


 COMMENT 477656P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-15 09:42 PM

Talking about tax dollars - in far larger amounts, your tax dollars have been spent in other countries to not only make a large number of people homeless, but also to build housing for homeless. I would rather that tax money be spent on REALLY helping the homeless in this country, the way the Danes have done in theirs. Possibly their limited war budgets help make that happen.


 COMMENT 477667 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 07:03 AM

The solution is simple. For all of those like the many posters here that are sympathetic to anyone who can claim they are "homeless" or don't have a very apparent excuse for their tansient irresponsible lifestyle, we can create a sympathy fund. Instead of taxing those of us who do not accept the life style of buming and mooching, drinking and drugs and being a parasite on those who are trying to live a productive life, then those sympathetic folks can contribute to a fund. The City or County can then dole out those contributions to anyone and everyone they want to describe as "homeless" (no vetting or questions asked) and also create and pay the salaries of the many "administrators" needed to pay out those funds all taken out of of that strictly voluntary contribution fund including the police officers, health staffers and jailers preoccupied with serving these transients. Then the rest of us "whiners" would not have much to "whine" about!


 COMMENT 477668P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 07:04 AM

Mista: There but for the grace of god goes - you?


 COMMENT 477671 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 07:09 AM

Maybe it can be blamed on George Bush? ... The morons running SB bought the apartments next to the Town and Country Motel for "Transitional Housing"..... Now we have Zombieland, yes there is a public defecater among them, but they aren't homeless! Since the new residents are subsidized they have plenty of time to troll the area which has created blight and a massive increase in Police activity....providing this housing is a slap in the face to our neighborhood. We need our local government to clean up the mess it has made with programs like this....they can start with the feces...no joke. Maybe the Mayor could go interact with some of the San Roque Zombies in person, it is a really weird situation...bring a bodyguard..


 COMMENT 477673 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 07:26 AM

668P - Like not being a bum is simply luck? Most people are productive with the goal of self sufficancy. Some chose not to do that. The results are obvious.


 SHAKEY agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 07:49 AM

The man with the gun at the res 2832 State street was possibly armed with a loaded shotgun and had 2 other handguns registered to him. So this guys on welfare and he's got all that firepower what is really going on here?


 COMMENT 477683P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 08:04 AM

The "Reagan era reforms" were the result of lawsuits against the state by the ACLU and mental-health advocacy groups. Reagan signed the bill after it was passed by the Democratic controlled legislature following the lawsuits, and many meetings with mental health experts.


 NELLY5 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 08:09 AM

Right on MISTA I agree with everyting you are saying.. We have a problem and it is only getting worse. I am seeing alot more vagrants in Goleta as well.


 COMMENT 477687 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 08:12 AM

If you think the homeless are subsidized take a look at the corporate numbers for welfare. The amount homeless get is miniscule in comparison. Plus in terms of negative impact on our society, some corporations do way more damage than all the homeless combined.

But people will flock into McDonalds anyway knowing they don't pay workers enough. They'll flock to Walmart too and all the rest. Remember your tax money is directly going to subsidize these behemoths, as well as indirectly in the form of welfare for underpaid workers. Instead of telling a homeless to get a job, tell it to the CEO's of the corporate welfare state.


 COMMENT 477693P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 08:38 AM

My long-time homeless friend who quietly panhandles served in the Army during the Vietnam Era, worked for at least 30 years, is past retirement age (70) and supports a second person when possible, all out on the street. He gets social security and retirement and still is skinny for lack of food and is nowhere near able to, e.g. have a phone to connect to possible employment, or have shelter. Need to be realistic about how much it costs for shelter these days.


 COMMENT 477695 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 08:49 AM

693P - There are other places that are affordable. Save for your future while you are working.


 COMMENT 477706 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 09:19 AM

In a sense I understand a little of both. I understand what Mista is saying about dedicating on our street no one wants to see or smell or clean anyone's sh$?t up. If anyone of you go out at night to the clubs you would see college students pissing on our sidewalks why no mention of them. I have met some people who were homeless due to situations beyond there control this can happen to anyone so those of you who think they are better then some think again. This can go on and on there is no real solution but I do agree that you also can not lay on the curb all day waiting for some miracle to happen I think the people that we see that we call bum are not just homeless but need mental health as well and need meds. Not all homeless people look homeless.


 COMMENT 477709 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 09:25 AM

Mista, do you know exactly how much of your own money is being used to that goal? Perhaps if you had an accurate breakdown, you could make rational decisions.


 COMMENT 477729 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 10:24 AM

Mcdonalds has historically been a phenomenal employer. Where do kids get their first job and start building a resume? Mine was a paper route, then a bunch of odd jobs, one stretch as a Sambo's graveyard dishwasher, a job I had long enough to to stop living in my car. 35 years later I am a huge tax payer.
The point is that we absolutely need that first wrung on the employment ladder, without it our social problems will grow exponentially. Everyone cannot be Elon Musk or Warren Buffett....if we mandate $15/hr minimum wage our fiat currency simply becomes worth less. You cannot print wealth.


 COMMENT 477766P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 11:41 AM

Yes 616, if only we had the will to act!

A famous filmmaker celebrated this notion in Triumph of the Will (1935), a trend-setting film celebrating a nation that had, indeed, found the will to act.


 COMMENT 477800P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 01:02 PM

477671 -

"McDonald's workers struggling to get by on poverty wages should apply for food stamps and Medicaid.

That's the advice one activist McDonald's worker received when she called the company's "McResource Line," a service provided to McDonald's workers who need help with issues like child and health care."

In other words, McDonald's workers have to use tax dollars even though they are employed.


 SHAKEY agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 01:16 PM

2832 Is the Lemon Tree not TOWN and COUNTRY..


 COMMENT 477838 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 02:36 PM

New York City has the best care for people in need....they clean them up,
re-educate them, feed them , house them , place them in jobs and give them free health care . Why can't Santa Barbara do that ? If you think about it you will find the answer~


 COMMENT 477871P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-16 03:49 PM

614-Actually "move in with you" is a solution to the homeless problem. It's in the spirit of the season and actually putting your money where your mouth is. Let us know how it goes for you and if there are any pitfalls you encounter.


 CORKY agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-17 08:50 AM

So all the homeless are bums?


 COMMENT 477971 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-12-17 09:23 AM

2832 State is the east/north side of State, The Lemon Tree is 2819...other side of the street? Even numbers on one side....Odd on the other


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