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Scanner Reports 12-13-13
updated: Dec 13, 2013, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Thank Dog it's FRYday, and Saturday, Sunday, Monday...I didn't sleep much Wednesday night into Thursday morning and everytime I woke up I thought about the young woman that lost her life to a Drunk Driver. Whenever I did sleep I had nightmares everytime I woke up Pooh Bear was right next to me. He's not only a great cat, he's a great teddy bear too.

Sometimes things happen in this life that I hate. Being here as long as I have on planet earth I have seen many people die involving the use of alcohol or drugs. When it happens most times other people and circumstances are blamed. Booze is like a gun, dangerous in the wrong hands. Booze can make people do all kinds of things they would not normally do without it. Some dangerous drugs are this way too. Not all drugs are as quick and destructive as alcohol is. If I drink alcohol I break the law, no question. Every time I have taken a drink in my life I break the law: whether it's fighting, committing vandlism, disturbing the peace, or something worse. It's always something for me, I cannot drink alcohol and I haven't for some time.

To me my alcoholism and actions I took while under the infulence are no ones fault but my own. I chose to pour that poison into my body and get behind the wheel go for a drive. I chose to get into a fight. I chose to jack up liquor store owner's for liquor. I chose to fight the law, all very stupid decisions. It's a miracle I'm still here with all the stupid things I did under the infulence of alcohol.

When I was young I drank and drove all the time. Everyone did it, was pretty much a great American Past Time. I got in acouple high speed chases with the police. One time I had a passenger who went through my windshield. I pulled him out of the wreckage, flipped him over my back and tried to make a run for it but didn't get far. I went to jail and he went to Intensive Care. Every time the guards went past my cell they told me I was going to be charged with murder when the kid died. The kid did not die but he spent 3 days in intensive care while the doctors worked on stopping a slow bleed.

People call me a ticking time bomb, I'm ok as long as I don't drink. Once I take a drink the fuse is lit and there ain't no stopping it. It's that way for a lot of people when they take that drink, a good deal of violence committed is done under the infulence of alcohol. The alcohol doesn't actually commit the crime it's the person that chooses to drink it and for those who have broken the law before under the infulence of alcohol. They know it's going to happen again, it's only a matter of time. Of course no one ever thinks something this terrible can possibly happen that they might take someones life. It's always someone else that bad things like that happen to.

It seems unrealistic someone so young and full of life, beautiful in every way, with their whole life ahead of them could become the victim of a Drunk Driver. But they do and when they do everyone is shocked. The last time this happened was when a drunk young man was either booted out of a vehicle or left on his own on Highway 101 then tried to cross the highway. He too was young and full of life and dead too soon. There will be more there, always is. We will all be sad and shocked momentarly then we will forget till the next time. Like doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Investigate the incident then lay blame where blame is due then do something to change it so it won't keep happening over and over again.

I think everytime a drunk or druggie gets behind the wheel and takes a life while under the influence, the charge should be murder. Some people would like to see mug shots accompany stories of arrest on impaired drivers, maybe their address or at least the block they live in and where they work should be posted too. I think there should be major changes of the bar scene on State Street. All those bars with all those parking lots behind them does not advocate taking a cab home after pouring a few drinks down one's throat. If others are responsbile for what this person did it will all come out in the wash it usually does. Not much is ever done but it does come out. People that drink to extreme they don't want any changes they want to keep drinking, or druging and driving most of them think they are good at it. So it's up to those of us who are watching this happen over and over again to do something call in Drunk, and DUI Drivers, or give them a ride home, take their keys. I got beat up taking the keys once but it was worth it. We have to let people know that it's not their right to drive impaired. There needs to be stricter laws because people are not getting the message that it's not ok to Drink, and Drug, and Drive, My Opinion.

Here are your Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • Don't know wheres but it sounds like the SBPD woke someone up early and took em to Jail.
  • 23103 Reckless vehicle heading Westbound on Guiterrez from Nopal a Kia.
  • Illegal campers in sleeping bags Highway 101 Northbound just South of the unramp, Sorry but I forgot to write the rest.
  • Chemical odor in the 1000 Block of Quiniertos.
  • 5700 Block of Hollister at Albertsons attemptted beer run on a skateboard.
  • Nakked subject behind the Fig Tree butt closest to the Ball firld at Pershing Park.
  • 12500pc in the 200 Block of West Haley.
  • 242 Assault by the gazebo 100 East Sola Alemeda Park.
  • Medical Emergency male down 500 Block of Anacapa diffculty breathing.
  • Trash Can Fire 921 State street.- Lite odor of natural gas Guiterrez and Chapala.
  • Wrong Way driver highway 101 at 246 Southbound Northbound lanes with SBSO in pursuit then he crashed and injured others.
  • Foothill School suicidal subject.
  • Ellwood School Suspicous circumstances all I heard on both.
  • 415 Nakked homeless man dancing in the street in front of Casa Esperanza Weds Evening.
  • Illegal campers Northbound offramp at Milpas on Cal Trans proptery heard that twice.
  • Illegal camper to the left of Fire Station One in the bushes.
  • Drunk Driving female in a red Ford truck driving in circles at Five points then parked in front of Albertsons.
  • Possible shots fired in the area of Oliver road numerous reporting parties, never heard what happened there.

    Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • SBPD checking on a camp highway 101 Southbound at Castillo.
  • 1800 Block of Bath 19 year old male unresponsive, overdose.
  • Counterfit investigation at the Home Improvment.
  • 459 Res. Burglary 200 Block of Oceano.
  • 1600 Block of Aromus Road overdose.
  • Seizures in the 300 block of West Micheltorena.
  • Smoke investigation inside of Union Bank at 220 Nogalas.
  • 459 Res. Burglary in the 1000 Block of Chelingham Road.
  • Medical for a subject detoxing off alcohol near the Tennis courts at Oak Park.
  • Report of an Elderly pedestrian down Catherial Oaks just East of Highway 154.
  • Seizures State at Cota in front of Rockin Yogurt.
  • Suspicous vehicle a black Honda with the doors wide open in front of 422 East Cota for several hours
  • Four subjects smoking marijuana in the 1200 Block of State in front of a store, this particular store seems to get harrassed alot. I don't know why?
  • Overdose 1000 Block of Olive unresponsive.
  • 2 vehicle crash 101 Southbound at the Mission onramp close to Carrillo.
  • Bicyclist down in the State street underpass injury accident.
  • 415 Argurment over a non injury accident possible 5150 involved 1036 Anacapa at Wells Fargo.
  • First block of Garden street trash fire.
  • 415 Family domestic in the 200 Block of West Cota.
  • 1400 Block of East Mountain Drive medical emergency for an ill subject.

    A lot of overdoses going on lately, some are accident and some are not, I guess maybe it's the Holidays getting some people down or maybe theres some bad dope going around. Tis the Season I guess. 12 More SHOPlifting Days till Christmas. Have a Great Weekend and Dog Willing We Will See You on Monday.

    Later, Roger


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