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updated: Dec 14, 2013, 12:00 PM

By the Dedicated Staff of Edhat.com

For my birthday this year, my friend got me a gift certificate to Santa Barbara Airobic Fitness, this new exercise place in town. They offer core and cardio classes on trampolines. Trampolines, you say? I'm in! I mean, what kid in us doesn't love to bounce? So off I went to meet a couple of friends for our first class.

There was no one there when I arrived just before six on a week night. But one by one, people started showing up. All told, there were about six people in the class, of varying levels of experience. But the thing is; experience or no, it doesn't matter. The idea is that all levels of fitness can work out together. Owner Steve Lindsey told me it's sort of aimed at the person who isn't so good about sticking with a regular exercise regimen.

The studio is basically a rectangular room, outfitted with a raised floor made up of individual trampolines separated by padding. You just go in and select your pod.

The bouncing started well before the class began. To be honest, there is no way one could walk onto a floor made of trampolines and not bounce. I mean, you would have to be a real fuddy-duddy. I'm just saying. So I was jumping up and down like some sort of giant kangaroo when the music started and the class began. We played follow-the-instructor through the first part of the class. We did jumping jacks. We played catch with weighted balls. We played Pac-man. We did pikes and spread eagles. We jumped up and slapped our knees. We did pushups and crunches on exercise balls. We did curls with bands. We walked and skied and bicycled. All while bouncing.

Before I even got a chance to analyze what kind of workout I was having, the forty five minute class was over. One of my friends commented that it was a real butt-kicker. Another was surprised to be so invigorated at the end. We all agreed that the time had gone quickly, and that it we were able to follow along with no trouble.

I've done five of the classes so far, and the novelty of trampolining hasn't worn off. I think I'm much bouncier now, and my basketball game has improved. That's not true - I can't play basketball. But it is a lot a fun and I'm definitely going back.

Santa Barbara Airobic Fitness is located in La Cumbre Plaza at the Sears end of the mall.

(Photo Source: Airobic Fitness on Facebook)

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Ed has instructed The Dedicated Staff to get out there, try out various activities around Santa Barbara and report back. Up Next: Rock Climbing


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