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Scanner Reports 7-3-13
updated: Jul 03, 2013, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Well it's Wednesday Happy Hump Day. Heard an Interesting call on Tuesday morning about a possible squatter in a Shed on the West Side. Police arrived to check it out. I heard the officer request the phone number for Zoning, adding that the yard is a Mess. A few moments later he stated that this was possibly a Dario Pini property and the woman was quite possibly renting the shed to live in. I knew a guy a dozen years back that bought a property in Goleta with a huge backyard he bought a bunch of metal sheds and had his own little community living in them. He also had other properties where he rented to several families for a pretty good sum of money. It's interesting the things people do to squeeze a buck. One second they are helping you out, the next they are screwing you.

Dogs. Been hearing a lot of Dogs left in cars on HOT DAYS with rolled up Windows. You know what that feels like how intense the heat can become in a metal vehicle. I do. Folks used to do that to me all the time. And No, that's not what screwed up my brain but I know you're thinking that. It's HOT, real Hot in those vehicles especially left alone for hours with no water or air. It's a horrible way to die. Don't be surprised if you find your vehicle busted into your Dog or other Animal Gone. Don't be surprised if you find yourself under arrest for being cruel to animals. DON'T LEAVE DOGS, OR OTHER ANIMALS LOCKED IN HOT VEHICLES EVEN FOR A MINUTE IT WILL KILL THEM!!!

I was watching the Snooze the otter day the Weather Gal said it was going to be 80 out there, stay inside. I thought stay inside when it's only 80? I went for a walk it was one of the most uncomfortable 80's I ever felt. She was right. Staying inside though on a bright and Sunny hot day I think NOT.

Those threads people put up "What's going on" are annoying when I open them up and it says "Roger?, there was an Ambulance, a police car and a fire truck. What's going on Roger?" If I knew you would know because it would already be up if it was really something other than a Medical Emergency. I think thieves case the Edhat articles for victims, you put down Medical emergencies while people are in the hospital their homes will be getting cleaned out. Sometimes I'm Out and About also buying groceries, paying rent monitoring the scanner isn't a 24/7 job for me. Occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night hear something and post it. I don't listen all night. I personally think some of the bigger professional snooze agencies should have someone up all night monitoring for news but they usually pass out earlier than I do. Of course they could always suck an intern into doing it.

Anyway hairs your Scanner Roni Reports, Monday:

  • Lompoc Police were looking for a stolen auto a 94 Honda Civic taken from the 100 Block of South K Street.
  • Cooking Fire at Homeless camp in the 4200 Block of Carp Ave. in Carpinteria.
  • Medical Emergency for stabbing chest pains on the tennis courts in a 62 Year Old Man on Samarkand.
  • Non-injury traffic accident 900 Block of Carpinteria Ave. in Santa Barbara.
  • Medical Emergency at the Santa Barbara Airport.
  • 14 Year old disoriented male at Olive Hill and Clark in Santa Maria Welfare Check.
  • 20002 Hit and Run vehicle into a Traffic Light Hope and State Street.
  • Medical Emergency unconscious subject 6200 Block of New Castle.
  • 415 Homeless Man attempting to beat vehicles with wood boards in the 100 Block of Grey Ave, he's on a Bicycle.
  • Graffiti Taggers on the Overcrossing painting the bridge 500 West Micheltorena.
  • First Block of South Alisos Raccoon vs a Cat. Pooh Bear got into it with a Coon before; slit his head open took a lot of stitches. If it wasn't for Belinda he would have died. She lifted the skin on his head and treated it 3 times a day with that brown liquid stuff that prevents infections. Belinda still wants to know what happened to the crow we turned over to Wildlife Rescue a month ago. For some reason she thought someone was going to eat the bird. I don't know where she got an idea like that.
  • Code 40, Drunk yelling near Figueroa and Bath Streets.
  • 100 Block of West Victoria 459 Burglary to a residence.
  • Premises check Municipal tennis courts.
  • Dog Locked in Hot Car with the Windows rolled up at Lookout Park.
  • Drinker on Ortega Street.
  • I was checking out something online called Paranormal News and read a story about someone who was looking up at Cottage Hospital's Helipad and saw something that looked like two black helicopters and a UFO. I know Cal Star charges a lot but it must cost an Arm and a Leg to be transported by UFO.
  • Man not taking his medication threatening to hurt his ex-employer, telling people he has a gun. A loved one reports not seeing a gun. Cares was called it was code 4 last I heard.
  • Santa Maria Police were searching for an At Risk teenager thought to be heading to Isla Vista.
  • There was a report, or two of a 5150 wearing a wife beater tee shirt yelling near the Library.
  • 242 Assault near Something's Fishy 500 Block of State Street.
  • Premise check 30 South Olive.
  • 415 Over eviction in the 700 Block of Spring Street.
  • Someone called in on a white van in the 1400 Block of Almond with people inside police responded there were no people inside.
  • Report of Broken water main 300 East Carrillo.
  • Suspicious Honda a silver Civic, and Blue Accord in the 1400 Block of Portosuello male and female inside the Civic for several hours. Probably homeless.
  • Medical Emergency Alcohol Withdrawals Victoria at Anacapa.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Tuesday:

  • Skaters Point Take Over by Skate Boarders several calls during the day around 5:30PM There was a report of 40 Skaters in Skaters point some took off as police responded some stayed. Not sure where the situation is going from here.
  • Report of a Man Holding a Lewd Sign in Front of Banana Republic. I wonder what it says.
  • 242 Assault man hits woman with cane at CVS Pharmacy 2900 Block of State Street. He tells the police she kicked him in the back after she called the police on him first.
  • Code 40's Drunks in the Parking lot at Santa Cruz Market.
  • 415 Homeless man yelling in the 300 Block of West Carrillo after someone caught him trying to go POOPY and stopped him.
  • Wanted subject was running from police in the 700 Block of Laguna, he got to the 500 Block and the police officer caught him too bad he missed dinner.
  • Someone ripped off an Electric Bike from Whiskey Richards on State Street.
  • A couple reports of Skateboarders earlier in the day headed South on State in packs of 10-15.
  • Report of Hispanic male yelling at Old FART with a cane Cacique at Milpas I personally went out to look. Nothing going on at the corner of Cacique and Milpas. But there was an OLD FART with a cane sitting on the porch next door. He threw his half eaten food in my driveway then got up holding the cane in a defensive manner. I tossed his half eaten food back, but not close to him, Idiot.
  • Man fell off a ladder landed on glass cut his hand in the 900 Block of West Mission.
  • Code 40, Drunk sleeping it off in the Bushes at the News Press probably a professional journalist.
  • A 14 year old kid ripped off his mother's Expedition in Santa Maria and Drove away from Home.
  • Transport requested by the "Nora Units" from SBCC Campus West Campus.
  • Hazard Investigation 400 Block of East Cota concerned about paint fumes in that block. It's a good thing that person is not my neighbor, I got some fumes for them.
  • 101 Southbound report of occupied Suspicious Vehicle near the RR Tracks near Patterson. It sounds like the person drove off road with their car and was next to the tracks. Not sure why.

    Will that's it outta me for now Have a Great Wednesday, Happy Humpster Day! Dog Willing I will see you on FRYday. Roger


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