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Scanner Reports 2-27-13
updated: Feb 27, 2013, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Humpster Day Wednesday Da Middle of the week for Bankers and otters that work those hours. Anyone ever get ripped off by Siesta Print they got me the other day. It wasn't a whole lot of money either which makes it kinda weird. It was the intro special 250 Business cards; I had to write them a check because I don't do credit cards. 15.99, 10.00 Bones for 250 business cards then postage, they axed that I write the order number of the cards on my check but I could not find the order number. I left it blank but told them I could not find the order number figured they would have it. They sent me a photo copy of my check and a photo copy of my note stating that I could not find the order number, they told me they didn't know it either and cashed my check. At first I got a couple e-mails requesting the order number so they could put the order through. One person that I told said if they had my phone number they could find it that way. Another person said if I sent them a photocopy of the canceled check, they would help me out. Now the only e-mails I get from them are requests for another check so I can receive my order. I'm one of those people that when I get really angry I don't do anything, I have to walk away because if I don't I turn into a Human Wood Chipper. I'm going to eat that money and never deal with them again because I'm very angry I fully expect one of their thieving employees will be stealing my identity also what else should I expect? I can't afford to go through that again for a while I nude business cards were too good to be true, Oh Well.

A Good Samaritan stopped by today my land lord was on his hands and knees, his face looking into the water meter on Milpas street I was standing next to him. A young man in a silver Honda pulled over got out of his car and asked us if we was OK. Not only that he was dressed as if he might be in a gang, which cracks me up with all the judgmental comments on Edhat I've been reading lately. Nice young man. There are some nice people out there that look like Gang Members.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • Medical Emergency for a man feeling Dizzy behind USA Gas 8 South Milpas.
  • Odor of Gas in home 200 Block of South Milpas.
  • Medical Emergency Bath House parking lot seizures.
  • Report of a truck trailer with heavy white smoke coming from the trailer 101 Northbound passing Fairview, unknown if it was ever pulled over.
  • Mini Van Fire, Child burned serious transported to West Hills Burn center, mother also burned still don't know the whole story on this.
  • SBPD with code 40, Drunk subject Dwight Murphy requesting code 2 medics.
  • Trash Can Fire SBCC 700 Block of Cliff Drive.
  • On Country Club Drive occupied 10851 Stolen Auto recovered.
  • 500 Block of Cornel near Rancheria minor injury traffic accident resulting in a vehicle fire.
  • Suspicious Circumstances, resident came home and discovered her dogs missing Sandyland Cove.
  • Medical Emergency Subject going thru heroin withdrawals at the Rescue Mission 500 East Yananoli. I used to know a man years ago he would have someone chain him to his truck and park it at the Alano club when he went thru heroin withdrawals.
  • Medical emergency for an ill subject at PHF.
  • McMurray at 246 Semi with double trailers hit and runs traffic light.
  • 415 Woman in wheel chair refusing to leave the library 40 East Anapamu.
  • 3 Long Hairs in their 20's white males jumped on someone's truck in the 4600 Block of Hollister then continued on their merry way.
  • Some type of 415 at DLG and Garden one person threatening the otter.
  • Black sedan blocking traffic in the Mission UNDERPANTS.
  • Blacked out motorcycle West on 154 at High Speed, dare devil.
  • Green Chevy Malibu stolen from the area of Cota and Santa Barbara.
  • Attempt to locate a subject on GPS 900 Block of West Mission.
  • 415 Fight at 7-11 331 West Montecito 2 subjects fighting one possibly in possession of a Taser.
  • Attempt 459 Burglary to a vehicle in the 4100 Block of Via Real.

    Scanner Reports Tuesday:

  • Small structure fire in unoccupied studio 100 Block of East Yananoli.
  • Medical Emergency at the Faulding Hotel 15 East Haley a TV Fell on the victim he was transported to the hospital.
  • Highway 1 near Clark a small grass fire.
  • 459 Burglary on Del Playa 6700 Block in an apartment.
  • 300 West Valerio 2 Hispanic male adults tampering with gas meters suspicious because they are not wearing Southern California Gas Uniforms or associated with a truck.
  • Drug activity at Maple High School.
  • 415 Domestic Male Female in front of the Alano Club 235 East Cota.
  • Check the Welfare of two juveniles playing on the RR Tracks Mission at highway 101.
  • 1300 Block of Clifton 459 Burglary to a residence.
  • Medical Emergency at the Faulding Actually it's code 2 for shoulder pain.
  • Audible alarm 200 Block of West Carrillo.
  • 5000 Block of Walnut Park Drive possible structure fire.
  • 200 East Grant seizures.
  • Suspicious Subject Morton Bay Lane entering apartment in the 300 Block, former resident that lived there recently passed away.
  • Medical Emergency U8C Field one possible broken finger.
  • SBPD Units said they are clear from Olive street I don't know why they were there may be investigating the recent shooting.
  • Marian Hospital transport to PHF that's a long ride I hope it's uneventful.

  • When I was a kid after my father died my Mom had enough. She was still young and Hot after the Ball and Chain kicked she wanted to party. I was a real problem in the way of that. I was kinda emotionally whacked she sent me to Military School where I did some bad things after that it was on to the expensive wacko wards where many parents dumped their kids in the partying 70's. I would have much rather been dumped in the pool. My way of showing mommy dearest how grateful I was for abandoning me in the Luxury Psyche Wards was to cause as much damage as humanly possible. I got kicked out of one and had to be transported via ambulance to another. I'm not sure how far the ride was, but the attendants were really cool. I was in one of those red and white Cadillac ambulances the kind with windows all around and drapes. I asked the attendants if I could lay on the gurney and scare the HELL out of motorists they said "Yea that would be cool." All the way there must have done it 20 times totally covered up in the back of the ambulance, white sheet over my head we would get alongside another car passengers unsuspecting drivers and passengers looking over at me, looking sad. Some doing the sign of "Our Father" would instantly Freak Out when I'd rip the sheet off screaming acting as if I was going to attack them. Some people pulled over real quick. No one crashed Thank the Good Dog probably would have haunted me the rest of my life.

  • 314 Indecent Exposure investigation in the 300 Block of West Pedregosa.
  • Suspicious circumstances in the 800 Block of Garden.
  • 417 Investigation brandishing a weapon and threatening occurred at Rainbow Park victim and suspect now at the shelter, didn't say which one.
  • 484 Theft of Skateboard 300 Block of West Pedregosa suspect Hispanic male juvenile 16 wearing red and white striped hoodie and jeans.
  • SBPD Premise Check 200 South Milpas, so cool of them to do that.

    Anyway Ha! A piece of kale just rolled off my beard down my shirt and I thought it was a spider, Got Me. Have a Great Humpster Day, Dog Willing We will see you on FRYday. Roger

    Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-02-27 08:54 AM

    Thats all right now that shes old she doesn't remember much..I was propably one of the worse kids to do that to.


     COMMENT 379402P agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-02-27 01:09 PM

    Am curious Roger - which military school? Culver?


     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-02-27 01:14 PM

    Howe Military School Howe Indiana..David Petreaus went there too as well as some of the Byah family. I was only there acouple months they made the mistake of giving me a..22 rifle.


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