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A Little Bit of Good News
updated: Feb 17, 2013, 7:09 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

My sister-in-law parked her car for the day in the Lorretto Plaza parking lot. When she returned seven hours later, she realized she'd left the driver side door completely ajar. There were valuables and other sundries in the car that had not been touched. She felt lucky...to live in Santa Barbara!

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 COMMENT 375533 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-17 07:55 PM

She is lucky no one was sleeping in it.


 COMMENT 375534P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-17 07:55 PM

Nice reading examples of good news in this area.


 COMMENT 375559P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-17 11:06 PM

She must have parked at the far end of the lot. Or maybe people thought it was a trap!

She was very lucky and I hope she stopped and bought a couple lottery tickets.


 COMMENT 375566P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 02:28 AM

Why was she storing her car there all day?


 COMMENT 375568P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 03:42 AM

@566P: Umm...maybe she works there?


 COMMENT 375580P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 06:59 AM

Some years back my Parents came up from LA to visit and we went to the iModonnari Festival. My father dropped us off and parked the car. My mother left her purse on the passenger seat, but the passenger window was down. My Dad left the car, not realizing this Three hours later her purse was still there - intact. I think most people are basically honest.


 COMMENT 375589 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 07:31 AM

Most people with honest parents are honest. Dishonest parents, well..where's a T-Rex when you need one.


 COMMENT 375590P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 07:32 AM

Lovely story. It's too bad all the nice people who don't steal and who do perform "random acts of kindness" remain anonymous, while it's the creeps who make the headlines.


 COMMENT 375601P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 07:54 AM

A few years ago, I was going to SBCC. It was a rainy day, and a friend and I went for a coffee break in the morning at the cafeteria. At lunch time I realized I had left my purse hanging on a chair, and rushed back to the cafeteria. The place was packed, with people sitting on the floor and all the chairs filled--except the one where I had left my purse. Not only was my purse left alone, it saved the chair for me!


 COMMENT 375619P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 08:53 AM

A few days ago, a very honest person found a wallet in a shopping cart and took it to the store supervisor, completely intact. Heartfelt thanks to that person. I hope the favor is one day returned to you.


 COMMENT 375638 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 09:28 AM

Nice to read good news and good comments. There is a LOT of bitter snarkiness on Ed Hat sometimes... we could all benefit from a healthy dose of positive attitude! God Bless you all.


 COMMENT 375644P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 09:32 AM

One day I left my wallet (had carried only that into the hardware store) on my back bumper as I used both hands to open my camper shell window to put my purchase inside. ("Now don't go and forget that!" I said to myself). You see where this is going...

Later that day as I finished my errands, my cell phone rang. It was my brother in AZ, calling me to say he'd gotten a phone message from someone here, saying he'd found my wallet and if I was to go to the BMW dealer, I could retrieve it. I went straight there, and the fellow told me he'd found it in the middle of a busy intersection 1/2 way across town from where I'd been. It actually made it down the freeway and through three hard turns before it slid off the bumper. Was my face red, but I was also sooo appreciative. Yes, there are many many good hearts out there, we just don't "get" to see them very often as we go about our busy self-centered lives.


 COMMENT 375646 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 09:34 AM

thanks for sharing good news. this reminded me of a long ago edhat contest where ed left some cash under a windshield wiper on his parked car & edhatters had to guess how many days it would stay intact. all i remember is being amazed at how long it took (i think it was around a week?) before the cash vanished!


 COMMENT 375667 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 09:58 AM

I love this good news! I love the goodness of people, the kindness of their hearts. Remember this readers when the horrid attitude of tourists or ourselves is printed here. We are also good people.


 COMMENT 375670 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 10:06 AM

Recently I went to an estate sale and put my purse down to look at some items then walked away with my arms full but forgot my purse. When I realized my purse was gone, I looked frantically but couldn't find it. I was sure someone had picked it up and left with it. There was a happy ending though - someone had picked it up and gave it to the cashier. I was mortified and grateful for that honest person.


 COMMENT 375688 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 10:42 AM

The Law of Random Interaction was at work.

Thieves just happened to be working at other locations at the time and your sister-in-law's car wasn't, by lucky chance, "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

This fortunate outcome has now just tipped the odds ever-so-slightly against for a positive future interaction.


 COMMENT 375735 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 12:21 PM

Great story and wonderful positive comments.

Years ago I lost my wallet/checkbook combo the day before I was leaving on a flight to the East Coast for Christmas. I was panic-stricken, but like many other posters' experiences, mine had a happy conclusion.

A man who worked at Frazee found it and contacted me. I retrieved it in time to take it on my trip, and everything was still in the wallet, including the cash I had withdrawn for use during my vacation.

Following that experience I began carrying everything separately - credit cards in one wallet; coin purse; check book, figuring that if I lost only one of these things I'd be a lot better off than losing the whole kit and caboodle. Since then I've managed to keep track of everything...


 ELAZ agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 12:25 PM

I have a doozy of an example of the goodness of people. I remember the afternoon my husband and I, along with our two teen kids, went to Paseo Nuevo to watch Fahrenheit 911 - Gore's film on climate change.

We were rushing, got to the theater just in time for the show. Movie ended, and I cannot find my car keys. Looked all over the theater, no keys. Headed back to car without a real plan. Not only had I left the keys in the car with the doors unlocked, the car was RUNNING the entire time we were in the theater! The irony of it happening during the viewing of that particular film and the wonderment that no one had taken the car... I'll never forget that feeling!


 COMMENT 375767P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 01:30 PM

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a 2004 documentary film by American filmmaker and director and political commentator Michael Moore.


 PAMSB agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-18 02:21 PM

In the mid-70s my hubby and I lived in the Hollywood Hills. One night our dear friend (a doctor at UCLA, and the original "absent-minded professor" type) met us at our house for dinner and we all went to the restaurant in my car. Hours later when we returned to the house, there sat his car...still running! He had gotten out of the car ("parked" across the street from our house), came to the door, got in my car, went to the restaurant, and never thought to turn his car off...LOL


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