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Green Parrot
updated: Feb 14, 2013, 10:05 AM

By Edhat Subscriber

I spotted this parrot squawking in the sycamore tree outside my home.

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 COMMENT 374312 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 10:22 AM

its probably happy to be cage free !


 COMMENT 374322 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 10:41 AM

is that Nemo???


 COMMENT 374340 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 11:14 AM

Wow, I wonder how long that guy will last. I hear there are a few of them around now, that have escaped. Very cold this winter too. I am wondering if they will affect the local natural balance of things? I wonder if they eat Snowy Plover?


 COMMENT 374342 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 11:27 AM

Aw, hope he's part of the flock & not a loose pet.
340: It's a parrot. They eat fruit (& nuts, I think) off trees. And we've got a flock that's been here for decades. We've had worse winters, and I don't think the relatively small flock has threatened our ecosystem (...YET. dun dun DUNNNNN...).


 COMMENT 374350P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 11:47 AM

@ 322! I was thinking it looked like Elmo, another local parrot that has escaped a few times.

I know there is a local flock that travels around SB.


 COMMENT 374366 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 12:16 PM

Grey cheeked. From Argentina. They can survive on the East coast and are a problem because they build large communal nests on utility poles.


 COMMENT 374377 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 12:53 PM

It is not a Gray-cheeked, it is a Lilac-crowned originally from western Mexico. They are established the LA area. The SB flock has been here since the 80's and continue to thrive. Last count a month ago was 13. We live 2blocks from where the photo was taken and they eat the seeds from the Magnolia trees. By itself, probably a juvie separated from the flock.


 COMMENT 374388P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 01:20 PM

I initially read this on my phone a few hours back and zoomed in on the bird. He's looking at the camera and posing with a smile. I'm not lying. Take a look. It's adorable. I could just eat him with a spoon.


 COMMENT 374417P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 02:15 PM

If he's "single," I hope someone tells the stray animal shelter or looks at Craigslist. Lots of birds go "stray" because their wings aren't clipped.
OP? What do you think? You could call the shelter at 681-5285. Or not. TIA.


 COMMENT 374418 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 02:17 PM

Hey there little guy!


 COMMENT 374420P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 02:19 PM

previous poster here: Yes, I've seen SB's flock or flocks! (I live in San Roque.) I realize this bird may be part of it.
We're SO spoiled! Was the low temp about 47 last night? ;-) I think these birds have adapted, but looking for a lost report is a good; the right thing to do.


 COMMENT 374442 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 02:47 PM

Maybe the picture should be posted on Craigslist.org , cuz it might be Nemo. Wouldn't that be a trip if it was that long lost bird.


 COMMENT 374608P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 11:17 PM

Birds are far down the list when it comes to people taking their loss seriously. I did have more than a few kind people who tried to help me reunite with my Eastern rosella, when she flew out of my house Feb 2012. I think by now someone has found my bird and has her caged. (She is one of the prettier parrots.)

I wish people would share their sightings of exotic parrots more often. Who knows? You might help a lost pet find its way home to a broken-hearted owner.

All that said: I urge everyone NEVER to purchase a bird to keep as a pet. (My rosella found me, many years ago, by landing in my pepper tree.) It is cruel and unnatural for birds to be caged. I hope these "wild" parrots continue to make a go of it in Santa Barbara. And I hope that the birds-as-pets trade dies a necessary death.


 COMMENT 374625 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-15 07:08 AM

Part of the San Roque Parrots? For 20 years a large "flock" (?) has been a frequent and noisy inhabitant of the area around Peabody Charter School. Gorgeous, colorful, dramatic - they are a delight!


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