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updated: Feb 12, 2013, 3:17 PM

Santa Barbara police now have their first female motorcycle officer on patrol.

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 COMMENT 373782 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 03:20 PM

FTA: Officer Keller had never driven a motorcycle before taking the course....Yikes!


 COMMENT 373785P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 03:26 PM

782 - ditto that! You'd think riding a motorcycle as a police officer would require more experience than a 2 week course!


 COMMENT 373787 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 03:26 PM

I agree 782, officers should have at least a year of experience on a bike before being allowed to go on duty as a MOPO.


 COMMENT 373788 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 03:41 PM

It takes months to acclimate one's self and master a motorcycle. With only two weeks' experience I wouldn't even want to ride a bike on the freeway. I echo the sentiment--yikes!


 COMMENT 373793 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 03:47 PM

Gotta start somewhere, although I agree more experience on a bike prior to being a MOPO would probably be better. But she's only part time MOPO, for special events & such. So she'll get experience (and probably bike in her spare time, getting better & better).


 COMMENT 373796 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 03:59 PM

There is no stinkin' way... SBPD instructors may be good but not THAT good. I bet she rode dirt bikes, as a kid or since, and they are just parsing that she hadn't ridden road bikes before. Be that as it may, I'm glad to see a female Mary Unit.


 COMMENT 373797 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:01 PM

If she went into any motorcycle dealer to buy a bike that big and powerful, with no real riding experience, they would turn her away, or suggest a beginner bike or scooter. If this were a private business, it would seem like a massive liability to me.


 COMMENT 373798P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:05 PM

I hate to be the one to say it, but how many of you think this is more about getting the first female officer on a motorcycle?


 COMMENT 373803 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:15 PM

She'll lay that bike down before you know it. I also think that she should be able to pick up once it's on the ground... she'll probably need to call for help.


 COMMENT 373808 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:23 PM

Congrats to her!! Way to go!


 COMMENT 373811 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:30 PM

Let's wait a year and see what happens. If she lane-splits or line-hogs, it may not be a year before the experiment is over. Let's hope all goes well and experience becomes her friend. And ours.

Besides, if I'm gonna get a ticket it's better from her than from some overweight fart sack guy with a tude, stuffed into his bike jersey and gear like a Rose Parade balloon character.


 COMMENT 373812 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:31 PM

I'm impressed that she can lift a 750 pound motorcycle.... I wouldn't mess with her. Two weeks is about the right amount of time to prepare for crashing a bike.


 COMMENT 373814 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:32 PM

798p, NOT AT ALL. Ask anyone who rides a motorcycle of this size if two weeks is enough to be capable of focusing on ANYTHING but driving - NO. I sincerely hope the idea that she has a past with dirt bikes or something of the like is true...


 COMMENT 373819 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:40 PM

Yeah, if she hasn't ridden before this, this is just asking for it. I don't think anyone is a natural on a bike (two weeks training) when someone pulls out in front of you or cuts you off especially on a bike that big. I hope all goes well for her.


 COMMENT 373821 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:42 PM

797 You really have no idea what you're talking about. Dealerships are about sales. Your experience is of no consequence to them. All they care about is the state of your credit history and the pile of cash you plunk down as a down payment.
Been there, done that.


 COMMENT 373827P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:50 PM

The article didn't mention if she has a motorcycle licence.

From an almost life long rider, congratulations. But, be careful and take it slow, two weeks is not a lot of experience. Get the experience and keep the skill level up. Be safe.


 COMMENT 373829 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 04:52 PM

As a 15 year M/C rider of 1200cc bikes, I can tell you that the ONLY way to become a proficient rider is by miles ridden on the road AFTER a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class. The class situation is great, but nothing can subsititute riding time. I hope she decides to buy a bike on her off-duty days . Additionally, there is absolutely NO REASON for a municipal Police like SB should need these monster highway bikes. 400cc enduros, 650cc or 800cc "city bikes" are more useful in the City... Unfortunately, EGOS prevail when purchasing Police Bikes. The Hondas they use are great HIWAY bikes though.


 COMMENT 373843 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 05:32 PM

3812... most anyone can right a 750lb bike. It takes brains, not brawn, to leverage a bike onto its feet.


 COMMENT 373872 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 07:22 PM

811 - you just made me laugh out loud with that comment!


 COMMENT 373876 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 07:53 PM

About time!


 COMMENT 373880 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 08:13 PM

Get some training wheels girl!


 COMMENT 373883 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 08:34 PM

829- you're right, a ktm 450exc or similar would be perfect for SBPD. go anywhere, light and fast. Chase homies and bums through parks and dirt lots all day long on one of those. ST1300 will do 140mph, and is a tank. Great highway patrol bike, but sucks around town.


 SBANDTO agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-13 07:20 AM

Congratulations to her!


 COMMENT 373948 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-13 08:41 AM

Yea! She has safety in mind and can handle anything that comes her way. Male bikers, what is your agenda? I noticed (again) that is was Santa Maria who reported on this and not Santa Barbara NoNews is all the news KEYT.


 COMMENT 373983 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-13 10:28 AM

I don't really see an agenda. This is a recipe for disaster if this gal has only been on a bike two weeks. Wait let me rephrase: If anyone of any sex thinks they will jump on a 1200 CC bike a zig zag it thru the streets of SB as an effective cop without trouble, the are dipping into the dispensary stash. The comments about the 400 to 800CC bikes are on the money. These smaller bikes weigh half as much and are much more nimble and in some casese accelerate quicker. Oh they and get twice the mileage. I fear that instead of on patrol, with two weeks training this officer is going to be on the ground. I think this is a bad idea. Hopefully it is more a case of crappy reporting not mentioning her previous experience.


 COMMENT 373988P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-13 10:45 AM

If you show me your agenda, I will show you mine.


 COMMENT 374037 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-13 12:38 PM

Commenters are funny. The article contains just 119 words, but apparently you don't have time to read it to get all the info, and post here with all your suppositions and wild ideas.

From the article, "The tests included being able to pick up a 750-pound bike."

Also, no zig-zagging or lane-splitting here, Ms Keller will be part-time in the motorcycle unit only, "where she will be used for special events and directed patrols."

Bravo, Ms Keller!


 COMMENT 374053 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-13 01:15 PM

True equality will finally be here when stuff like this is not news. Congratulations to Officer Keller nontheless.


 COMMENT 374506 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 04:11 PM

Certain people get that motorcycle bug when they are still in school, and spend every chance they get on a bike. If she had no prior experience then I would think she did not have the desire. The police force is not a bucket list, or is it.


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