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Scanner Reports 1-23-13
updated: Jan 23, 2013, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Here we is, anutter Happy Humpster Day, Wednesday. One of my favorite things to do in the evening is get a gallon of purified water, freeze it and drink it. It ain't much but it's something I enjoy. The otter night after listening to all the fires I wanted nothing better than to pound a gallon of ice cold water down the hatch. I was sitting down in my favorite new office chair picked up and delivered by Emy, Thank You Emy. I ripped off the cap and went to pour the water down my throat but missed completely; down my pants it went ice cold water. I don't know how the HELL I missed. Later Monday Evening someone called in a possible Warming Fire in the 900 Block of Carpinteria near Rabo Bank, Engine 2 was on a medical call so Engine 3 was responding SBPD Responded before the Fire Department and were unable to locate a problem, an officer radioed in and the Fire Department was cancelled. As the police officer was leaving the area he witnessed vandalism being committed at the Milpas Roundabout within seconds he had two suspects in custody for graffiti vandalism. Pretty cool huh?

Someone mentioned the 2005 Railroad Arsonist that Sucker was really active I recall SBCC Hill was also torched and an area behind our property was also hit. The closest it came was about 8 feet from our back residence. I never heard whether or not that arsonist was arrested. I remember a warming fire behind Tina's Nails where the idiot was drunk he lit the fire and passed out. There was a lot of debris near by including tree branches I was napping but the heavy smoke woke me up by the time I discovered where the fire actually was the man that lit it was passed out almost in the center of it. I was wondering if he was going to wake up. When the fire department got there the guy's baseball hat bill and his shoes were smoldering. I don't think he would have woke up I think his smoldering remains would have been found there the next morning sitting up against the wall. I recall that the man was arrested for arson and I never saw the guy again. I wonder if he sobered up after that and ended up in a 12- Step group somewhere ya never know.

I don't know if this last fire the one on TV Hill started as a Warming Fire either way it seems the Warming Fires are getting out of control and maybe something more ought to be done about it before an occupied structure is accidently lit and innocent lives are lost. There are too many problems associated with one group of people for our Emergency Responders to deal with. These crimes are actually starting to take over our town while some of us would like to run the criminals out of town kick their ars, throw them in a woodchipper, etc. We must stand and watch the ever so slow wheels of Justice turn slowly in one favor or the otter in hope there will be a positive solution we could all live with Amen.

While a good deal of these crimes is committed by the Homeless not all of the Homeless are guilty of crime many are just trying to get along. I urge people to not take the law into their own hands unless it is totally necessary to defend themselves. Please call 911 first if you can. Besides these calls of warming fires, aggressive panhandling, 415's fighting and harassing calls I have heard other calls over the scanner directed toward getting some homeless people in trouble. If I can tell a call is phony I know the police can. Please do not waste the time of Emergency Responders by calling 911 on people you don't like just because they are being a pain in your ars. If you see something suspicious call 911, but please don't waste Emergency Responders time they have more than enough on their plates right NOW. Thank You,

Hair is your Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • Stalker outside of Cacique street shelter victim in court yard SBPD responding.
  • 20002 Hit and Run 2900 Block of DLV first thought to be caused by a DUI Driver police determined that was not the case.
  • 417 Brandishing a knife in the first block of West Haley two men arguing one pulled a knife on the other.
  • Suspicious Circumstances a subject with gallons of paint on the sand 132 Harbor Way. That was all I heard about that.
  • 1100 Block of East Gutierrez subject taking recyclables off personal property.
  • 2 Hispanic male adults smoking unknown drugs in the 4000 Block of Via Diego.
  • 200 Block of West Valerio Fall Victim head injury.
  • 415 Argument over non-injury traffic accident 4100 Block of State Street.
  • 10851 Found stolen auto 700 Block of Anacapa a green Porsche.
  • Possible Drug Sales going on behind the East Side Library.
  • Check the Welfare of an aggressive Pit Bull tied to the back of a pickup truck in the 300 Block of West Ortega.
  • Skate Boarders in the 900 Block of Chapala in the Parking Garage.
  • Fire at Butterfly Beach Unknown whether it was arson or warming suspect arrested.
  • Fire possibly caused by a cigarette smoker female in 20's light brown hair wearing red clothing, Ellwood Bluffs.
  • Fall Victim parking Lot McDonalds 29 North Milpas head injury.
  • TV Hill Fire started at 600 Block of Mira Monte 2 or so acres burned Unknown cause at this time.
  • 700 Block of Spring Street 459 Burglary to residence.
  • Check the Welfare of a code 40, Drunk female at MTD with blood on her shirt she told reporting party she was 242es Assaulted.
  • CHP Was on a pursuit with a motorcycle on South 101 near the 217 but ended it for safety reasons.
  • Vandalism at Friendship Manor in IV done to reporting party's vehicle.
  • 400 Block of Sterling Way possibly electrocution.
  • Mattress on Fire in the 6600 Block of Del Playa.
  • Vandalism Milpas Roundabout two suspects arrested Graffiti.

    Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • Non-injury traffic accident on the street in front of Trader Joes 29 South Milpas.
  • 200 Block of West Montecito.
  • 200 Block of Palm Ave 415 Homeless types blocking work place doorway.
  • Overdose on Heroin in the Bathroom of Starbucks in the 1200 Block of State Street while responders were responding a male entered the bathroom got the overdose victim and fled toward Chapala Street they got away.
  • Bath and Cota with blood on her face requested help from passerby then disappeared.
  • While on my evening break with the scanner on I heard what sounded like someone getting pulled over for drugs. I heard an officer yell "They threw something out of the window!" I have no idea where they were.
  • A couple drinkers near the Fire station drinking they were gone before police arrived.
  • Stolen Auto recovery 700 North Salsipuedes.
  • Two overdoses in the county.
  • 300 Block of North Soledad 245 with a vehicle man ran into his girlfriend and an infant with his vehicle. Unknown condition, but it sounded minor I really don't know.
  • 20002 Bicycle ran into vehicle then took off. Last seen West on Figueroa from Laguna.
  • 5150 Code 40, Drunk and stopping vehicles 500 Block of San Pasqual.
  • Fall Victim reported from a roof conscious and breathing but when the Fire and Medics got there the victim was gone.
  • Either 200 East or West Ortega the reporting party could not decide and was no longer on scene to assist the Fire department HELL Maybe they all got raptured!
  • Loma Alta South of Canon Perdido an Investigator following a disoriented female around need police assistance.
  • Drunk refusing to leave the county clinic.
  • 415 Domestic 400 Block of Old Coast highway.
  • Dumpster Fire at Amtrak 209 State Street.

    That's it outta me for now except I heard today that a good friend of mine passed away from Cancer the guy never had an ill word to say about anyone he was pure and had a heart made of gold. Rest in Peace Anthony. Dog Willing We will see you on FRYday. Roger

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     COMMENT 366486 agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-01-23 07:22 AM

    Very sorry to hear you lost a friend to cancer. It seems cruel when the best go well before their time, doesn't it? May the love he spread around him continue to warm your heart, always.


     COMMENT 366567P agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-01-23 11:35 AM

    Well said Seedlady!


     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-01-23 11:45 AM

    Thank You Seed Lady..


     COMMENT 366580 agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-01-23 12:15 PM

    Roger, my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your friend. You are amongst friends, here. I'll be thinking of you. Thank you for all the fine work you do on Edhat.


     COMMENT 366668 agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-01-23 02:59 PM

    Sorry about your friend Roger. I've lost count of how many SB people I've known who passed away from cancer. Any one know if this area is particularly high in cancer and why?


     COMMENT 366989 agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-01-24 11:23 AM

    I'm sorry for your loss Roger. I'm glad you have such nice memories of your friend to keep him alive in your heart.

    I'm super glad the chair is working out for you! I noticed there was an electronic plug that comes out of the back of it that I couldn't figure out. My best guess was it inflates the lumbar support area, but I don't know... Had never seen a chair with that before.


     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2013-01-24 03:53 PM

    Maybe it's an electric chair.


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