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Possible Traffic Accident
updated: Dec 22, 2012, 12:02 AM

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy

I heard a possible traffic accident, vehicle vs a pedestrian near Lake Cachuma or near the golf course.

Two pedestrians were struck and killed while walking on Highway 154 near Buellton on Friday night. (12/23/12)
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 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 12:03 AM

Haven't heard any more since the itinal call..


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 12:08 AM

Sounds like a 2 car wreck near the golf course, haven't heard anymore about a ped. Roger over and out.


 COMMENT 356604P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 07:11 AM

Roger, this one was reported as a possible double fatal on keyt :( http://www.keyt.com/news/local/BREAKING-NEWS-Possible-Double-Fatal-on-San-Marcos-Pass--184527991.html


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 07:33 AM

Wow sad you know it might have been as they were closing lanes. First they said a pedestrian was hit then said it was a 2-vehicle accident. I was really tired I couldn't sleep for nothing I got outta bed and posted it.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 07:37 AM

Hit and Run too friggen Scumbags!


 COMMENT 356614P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 07:39 AM

Yeah I know! So glad that they caught him. Sure wish it wasn't because he was drunk & going to the casino though! I love that place but don't go often and certainly don't drive up there drunk but so many people do that it taints people's opinions of the place. There should be a breathalizer station at the bottom of the pass where you have to breathe into it and pass to be let on!


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 07:42 AM

That is a great idea they would save alot of lives doing that sort of thing.


 COMMENT 356629P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 08:00 AM

I bet if the CHP did a study of all the accidents in a 100 miles radius of the casino, they would find a much higher number caused by those who have been at the casino gambling all day and night, doing meth, drinking on the sly, or just sleep deprived. What a bunch of losers.


 COMMENT 356635 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 08:13 AM

Noozhawk is saying the two killed were pedestrians.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 08:18 AM

Sad very sad..


 COMMENT 356664 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 09:17 AM

I wonder if the pedestrians were crossing the highway coming from the golf course- this may not have been the drivers fault, though hit and run always is in and of itself


 COMMENT 356670P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 09:28 AM

Omg it says on noozhawk that 3 vehicles hit the pedestrians because they were walking in the road! :( What were they thinking walking in the road in the dark? Already hard to see and so many corners up there. Sad!


 COMMENT 356678P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 09:45 AM

Perhaps they were drinking at the Golf Course


 COMMENT 356682 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 09:55 AM

Where on earth would they be walking to/from on that part of 154?


 COMMENT 356685 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 10:06 AM

The other evening, I was driving toward Santa Barbara on Foothill Road. Just after Alamar, where the roadway is quite narrow and cars are often parked along both sides the road, I suddenly noticed two people walking SIDE BY SIDE completely on the roadway (not the shoulder) with their backs to traffic. In addition, both were wearing dark clothing. Thank god, no other traffic was approaching in the other lane and I was able to swing wide and avoid them


 COMMENT 356704P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 12:11 PM

WALKING on the pass is absolutely an awful, awful decision. I wonder if the driver even knew he hit people or just thought it was an animal!

This reminds me far too much of the woman who posted pics of her walking her horse on FOOTHILL. No, it's not illegal, but WOW there are better choices to make. Yes, hit and runs are illegal, yet still wouldn't have happened if people didn't choose to walk on the freakin PASS in the dark...


 COMMENT 356750P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 02:59 PM

Unconfirmed but heard that a car had stopped by the side of the road, passengers got out to do whatever and a dog escaped out of the car. Apparently the two that got hit were trying to retrieve the dog.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-22 07:53 PM

Thats really sad reminds me of the homeless gal down here a few weeks ago..


 COMMENT 357035 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-23 10:11 PM

SLO driver arrested for hit and run. 3 cars involved. no details


 COMMENT 357877 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-28 12:58 PM

Taint peoples opinion??? The place is an unregulated gambling casino taking money from gambling and drug addicts and old people who sadly have nothing else to do and all who likely cannnot afford to lose that money. They cater to addicts and alcohol abusers and are a magnet for virtually every kind of crime imaginable. It is owned and operated by a group of people, some of who may be descendants of actual Indians in minute fractions and many others who have no Indian ancestry at all. They oeprate above all the many laws enacted to protect workers, customers and the general public and pay none of the taxes that are needed to pay for all the public services and infrastructure they use daily at the other taxpayers expense. Even though they are taking in millions they still collect federal welfare and grant money -- and you love the place???


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