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Scanner Reports 12-21-12
updated: Dec 21, 2012, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Well if you are reading this, We are all still here. With all the weird little thangs going on the past 24 hours I will be surprised if we are all still here. From the Boom Booms on Thursday morning to a couple otter things I heard on the scanner to a couple of mine own experiences. First thing Thursday morning as I was jamming a pork tamale into my snout some of the red sauce went into my nose. I scarfed that baby quick as I am a pig when I eat. A few moments later after I was done with the tamale a hunk of red sauce dripped out of my nose onto my Independent and for a brief moment of time I thought I was having a hemorrhage. This is it I thought during my hypochondriac moment this is the end of my days. I really felt like a fool when I figured out it was red sauce but I was happy no one was around to see me freaking out.

Then I heard a County dispatcher warn a Sheriffs Officer that at a residence he was responding to was a Scare Crow with a BB Gun, she said it as if the Scare Crow was real. Then there's the mouse I caught last week I don't like killing things so I took the little booger way out in the back and let him go. Well the little Bass Turd came back running across my desk as if he was having a good laugh over the whole thing the little JERK! I set up the Zapper the HELL with him he's really going to get it this time. I put cheese Chex Mix in the Zapper turned it on put in under my desk, he left the pretzels ate everything else the little Bass Turd.

My microwave died today. Belinda bought it for me last Christmas it had a one year warranty, maybe Sears knows something we don't know. Some of you sent me Christmas cards I sent a few back to you. D8VANILLA Didn't leave a return address so Merry Christmas to you D8VANILLA. I guess I should have wished you a Merry Christmas on Thursday I mean we may not be here today. The World would have to end on a FRYday, why SNOT on Sunday? Seriously though if it happens I'm with my best buddy Pooh Bear and I'd rather be with my partner Pooh Head then just about anyone else.

Well just in case someone happens to show up Hair is Thy Blessed Scanner Roni Reports, Wednesday:

  • Man in a tan coat walking on Cold Springs Bridge, parked nearby.
  • 3300 Block of Braemar Lane gas leak.
  • Out of Control Son tearing the place up 3100 Block of Via Real.
  • Ontare at San Remo 415 Subject disturbing.
  • 800 Block of Garden Police and Fire on scene cat stuck between the walls use of thermal imager to locate cat.
  • 300 Block of Ladera medical emergency seizures.
  • Strong Chemical Odor 900 Block of Brookside.
  • 3 Men and a Lady loitering near KFC and Jack in the Box, there are regulars, Drunks.
  • Possible SQUATTERS in the 400 Block of Ruth Ave vacant home that had been foreclosed has broken front window and vehicles in the driveway.
  • On the Frontage Road Reporting Party asked a subject to leave and he started speaking in Tongues, it begins.
  • Wreck somewhere up in Buellton near the S Curve or near Nojoqui woman had to be flown in to Cottage her condition is unknown.
  • SBPD was checking out 2 subjects in the Trader Joes barking lot 29 South Milpas.
  • Chapala at Figueroa Suicide attempt with scissors in the area there.
  • 415 At the Alano Club female refusing to leave the back porch.
  • Assist the George units in the 200 Block of North Milpas.
  • 415 Fight in IV near Keg and Bottle 5 subjects one with a dog last seen headed to the IV Market.
  • Someone refusing to leave Rite Aid 35 South Milpas.
  • Medical Emergency in the 800 Block of State Street in the fitness center fall victim head injury.
  • Code 2 Medics 7-11 331 West Montecito DT's.
  • 400 Block of East DLG CSI for a 459 Burglary to a residence.

    Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • Medical Emergency female with chest pains, difficulty breathing, Rescue Mission.
  • 415 Subject screaming at GVCH Disturbing.
  • 1400 Block of Almond Avenue 594 Vandalism window smash.
  • Suspicious Circumstances in the 600 Block of DLG.
  • Aggressive panhandler 900 Block of State Street.
  • Montecito at Yananoli rolling 415 Domestic male female circling block in big grey van yelling each other.
  • Officer reports no vandalism in the 1400 Block of Almond, no broken window.
  • Some fella called in to report that a guy that he knew was planning a 211 Robbery of his Medical Marijuana provider, and he has weapons.
  • That's kind of scary. I wonder if he was planning on killing the guy too. Hopefully the police had a talk with the man because I did not get the area he lives in, I did not hear that part only that he was planning a robbery.
  • Smoke check 154 at San Antonio Creek Road as Fire was checking they found out there was a legal burn in the 1700 Block of San Marcos Pass Road.
  • Medical Emergency 816 Cacique seizures.
  • 900 Block of San Pasqual code 2 medics CSI Nora units on scene.
  • 211 Strong Arm Robbery Rite Aid 35 South Milpas Perp got cell phone and prescription medication unknown if suspect has been captured.
  • SBSO preformed a Felony Stop at 135 near Highway 1 I don't know why the suspect was pulled over but all went well.
  • 415 Adopted 40 year old Son disturbing in the 500 Block of West Alamar.
  • Code 2 Medics for a subject hit in the face 500 Block of State Street.
  • 1000 Block of Coyote Road Audible alarm.
  • Wanted for 245 Assault with a weapon Black male adult 30-40 years old 6'2 200 pounds wearing dark pants a black beanie and a black and white sweater with a snowflake pattern on it, riding a dark colored bicycle. This happened downtown somewhere probably the 500 Block of State, I did not hear type of weapon used either.

    I'd really hate to go to jail my last day on Earth wearing a sweater with a Snow Flake pattern on it. I'd probably be forced to perform The Nutcracker. Will that's it outta me for now. After all we might SNOT be here I would not have to pay my Cox bill anymore. Anyway Thanks for being here even if you're SNOT. DOG Willing maybe we'll be here on Christmas Eve also maybe SNOT! Have a great weekend. Roger

    Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

     LOUWHO? agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 07:09 AM

    Roger you crack me up!! You gave me a good laugh this morning!! I am grateful you are still here (as well as us all). Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice.


     COMMENT 356308 agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 07:39 AM

    A morning's laugh! Many Thanks Roger and a Wonderful Christmas to you.

    GOOD HEALTH, Happiness and Peace in 2013. Without the first one it is a challenge to enjoy the last two.

    My son went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party last week. He and his girl friend toured the thrift stores, found two and added some more "ugly. Hilarious!


     COMMENT 356321 agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 08:31 AM

    Roger, be nice to the little creature, he likes you! (just kidding) don't blame you for zapping him, I would too. I hate things that "skitter" about. Have a wonderful Holiday Season, I believe we will all still be here! Just know you make my day when I read your wonderful comments.


     COMMENT 356330 agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 08:46 AM

    Too funny. I love reading your reports Roger.

    I have a nearly new microwave that I was using temporarily while my kitchen was being redone. It's yours if you can find a way to come get it. I'm in Solvang though :-I'm sure Ed can pass on my email address.


     COMMENT 356342 agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 09:04 AM

    Ahhh maboo, don't you feel like a trip to the wharf?


     COMMENT 356350 agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 09:20 AM

    @342 If Roger wants it, I might be able to arrange a trip to SB this weekend ;-)


     COMMENT 356354P agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 09:26 AM

    Roger - bummer about the microwave! Maybe we can take up a collection and get you a new one in time for Christmas. Do you think all the criminal activity on Milpas this week is because the homeless shelter doubled its population this month? Or is it offenders from the jail release program?


     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 10:11 AM

    I have no idea how the shelter filled up like that maybe the cold, maybe people finding homeless people camped out on their propteries and in vacant homes and calling the police. They sure cleaned up next door the police are over there twice a day at least. I hope that gal is ok that was sleeping over there..Shes probably on the beach I think there are quite a few still sleeping on the beach..I can't imagine that many offenders being released how many are there do you know? I'll take anything free but I don't have transportation, cannot leave my elderly kittie too long, and can no longer ride my bicycles, in fact will probley sell my bicycles in acouple months. Mice are cute Auntie but I can't help to be afraid of seeing him in my crock pot among the lentil..I have things I don't need either some extra christmas cards with stamps, a honeywell tower heater not the greatest but works Free..Anyone needs it Free to take. :)


     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 02:21 PM

    IMABOO is hooking me up with a Microwave on Sunday Thank You IMABOO!


     COMMENT 356471 agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 03:17 PM

    You're welcome Roger. See you Sunday :-)


     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 03:38 PM



     YIN YANG agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 05:05 PM

    yay IMABOO (I'm a Boo?) & Roger!
    Happy Solstice & merry Christmas!


     YIN YANG agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 05:10 PM

    and thanks for the laugh about the xmas sweater.


     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 06:10 PM

    I was gonna say more about wearing that cute little sweater in jail but I didn't want to get into trouble.


     COMMENT 356556 agree helpful negative off topic

    2012-12-21 07:51 PM

    @Yin Yang - yes, I'm a Boo. Daughter of Dave Boo, the drummer for the Cordels. Oh so many years ago that was...


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