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Winter DUI Update
updated: Dec 19, 2012, 5:01 PM

Source: Avoid the 12

The Winter Holiday Anti-DUI crackdown has resulted in a significant number of DUI arrests from local routine traffic enforcement and special AVOID the 12 DUI deployments since the winter enforcement period started on Friday December 14th.

From 12:01 AM Friday December 14th through 12:00 PM Wednesday December 19th , officers representing 12 county law enforcement agencies have arrested 45 individuals for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In 2011, 56 DUI arrests occurred during the same time period. (NOTE: These numbers are only provisional with some agencies yet to report)

All regularly scheduled traffic and patrol officers will focus efforts at stopping and arresting DUI drivers during their normal shifts. Multiple DUI/Driver's License Checkpoints, Multi Agency DUI Task Force operations and local Roving DUI patrols are all part of this region- wide crackdown during the 19 day Winter Holiday Campaign.

Police, Sheriff and the CHP encourage all motorists to help make your community safer: Report Drunk Drivers - Call 911! Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. DUI arrest data collection will continue through New Year's Weekend, midnight Sunday, January 1, 2013.

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 BECKY agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-19 06:04 PM

45 people _caught_ under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving in 5 days in one county. Unbelievable. When will people figure out that is is not OK to operate a 3000 pound projectile while impaired?


 COMMENT 355782P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-19 06:26 PM

I want these press releases to include mugshots. People ought to be exposed to scrutiny of their friends and neighbors when they risk their and everyone elses' life.


 COMMENT 355793 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-19 07:05 PM

Becky - yet we need to worry about gun control for isolated incidents that amount for a fraction of death comparatively amiright? too bad when can't Feinstein worked up about something actually relevant. I suppose that would mean should would have to do actual work though....


 COMMENT 355817P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-19 08:45 PM

I guess there's no law against writing under the influence.


 COMMENT 355825P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 06:16 AM

I got stopped at one of these checkpoints on Friday and the officer laughed because I, being quite sober and with my teenaged daughter, said "I've never been stopped at a DUI checkpoint before, this is cool" and he laughed and told me it's easy when you're sober and sent me on my way. They were in a great and sneaky spot, you couldn't avoid it without being obvious, once you saw what it was. Good spot for busting college students and out of towners trying to leave downtown impaired. Good job SBPD! :)


 COMMENT 355838 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 07:06 AM

Zippity doo dah 825 to the erosion of our civil liberties! Yay! Were it a proven fact that checkpoints reduced DUI related accidents more efficiently per law enforcement dollar spent, then I can imagine grudging acceptance of the "your papers please" approach that causes a law abiding and freedom loving people to give up what they should, nay must, hold dear. But glee in the face of such arrogant governance?! Give me a break! Barf!


 COMMENT 355856 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 08:02 AM

Why do they claim to "crack down" hard during the holidays? Shouldn't they be hard on DUIs every day of the year?

I have to agree, 9 DUIs a night is pretty unacceptable.


 COMMENT 355857 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 08:03 AM

45 to Me seems like we're are catching more drivers but not stifling the act. Also, stifling businesses as I fear to be nabbed with one glass of wine. I don't remember the last time I headed to town for dinner and a glass.


 COMMENT 355864 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 08:23 AM

857 is onto something. I really wish there was a concerted effort to make late night mass transit a safe, respectable option. We have only a handful of main streets in this town - whats so hard about this?


 COMMENT 355879 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 09:03 AM

I bet that if we put half the money into public transportation that we put into DUI law enforcement we'd see fewer traffic fatalities.


 COMMENT 355881 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 09:08 AM

For the smart driver it's easy to avoid these checkpoints. You must park your car away from the downtown area. For instance, on sidestreets past Bath or Santa Barbara Street. The checkpoints are almost always on streets such as Chapala or Anacapa.


 COMMENT 355891P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 09:34 AM

For the cost of these checkpoints, we could give a per-ride stipend to taxi drivers. Give them each a breathalyzer, and if the customer is past the limit - free ride courtesy of SBPD/SBSO/law enforcement. Would be a much better program than this expensive, expensive method.


 COMMENT 355896 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 09:45 AM

There is far too much money involved in DUI's for any logical evolution of the current environment. Whether its the overtime, the fines, the ancillary businesses (bondsmen, tow trucks, mandatory 12step programs, , education, treatments, paperwork etc) the avg DUI nets the city 10k+ in revenues and assures the positions of dozens of beaurocrats.

Cabs in SB are more expensive than NYC. It runs $30-50 from downtown to Goleta or south to Summerland for instance... 8miles???

Buses dont run late. Walking works if you're in walking distance... But dont ride a bike, you'll get the same treatment as a car...

Its a business, a bureaucracy, and a racket... just like the war on drugs.

Dont drink and drive.


 COMMENT 356017 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 11:15 AM

Our foreign student's friend was stopped, jailed for DUI. It cost $400 to get the car back from Love's. She still has to pay the lawyers fees and appear in court. Believe me folks, it's not worth it! Thank God no one was hurt.


 COMMENT 356033 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 11:46 AM

857, I totally agree. I refuse to go out for a drink or two anymore. With crazy cops like Beutel out there lying and manipulating evidence just so they can win some stupid award.


 COMMENT 356052 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 01:07 PM

I stay home and drink all I want


 COMMENT 356055 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-12-20 01:12 PM

New laws kick in 1-1-13 - the fees are going up - when all is said and done you are looking at about 10K not to mention getting dropped by your insurance and possibly losing your job (many companies now have morals clauses). It is not worth it. The number of DUI's this year in SB has skyrocketed and these are not people getting arrested for being a hair over the legal limit but being literally piss drunk. I hope the funding for checkpoints continues across our area - enough with all this DUI nonsense.


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