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Roger the Scanner Guy
updated: Nov 09, 2012, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Will we made to to FRYday the week went pretty quick I think. I'm still pretty devastated over the accident on the highway Saturday night, and then I was walking past Crown Liquor on Thursday and saw all the flowers and memorial for Colleen. I wasn't sure I knew her but she was whom I thought she was. The last time I spoke to her she told me she wanted my bicycle. If she was here I'd give it to her. I'll miss her yelling up and down the street she was always trying to make other people feel good. That is what I will remember about her not that she was a transient. That word haunts me now transient, transient, transient! Ever since someone was screeching about it on Facebook the other day. It wasn't bothering me the other day but since then it started getting to me. On Saturday Evening when the other woman was killed on highway 101 with her dog and the report came out a female transient was killed crossing highway 101 with her dog, a couple people condemned her that really pissed me off. No one knows what the HELL really happened I wrote what I thought happened because I have seen it many times but I really don't know either. Still I don't think someone should be blamed when no one knows the story. A friend of mine suggested she could have been running from someone there have been rapes in this area not all are reported, or taken seriously.

There are others out there that cause problems, and terrorize residents and others; I could call worse names than transient. I think I'm going to quit using the word. Homeless Types like Gang Types sounds good to me. I saw Cal Trans out there on Monday morning cleaning up that area of 101 where the woman was killed and I guess if there were any personal items left behind to tell some of us who Hannah Stromberg was they're in the dump by now. Whenever a homeless person dies in Santa Barbara their things get picked up and thrown away as if they never existed. Maybe not all of them but it's happened to a few homeless types I have known. Back in 2002 my cousin went to Hawaii for the weekend with his wife and brother in law. My cousin was one of many editors who worked on the Budweiser commercials for an agency out of Chicago. He and his brother in law were killed, actually drowned while swimming, taken away by an under tow not too far off the coast. Both were experienced swimmers having grown up swimming in the great lakes. There were many unanswered questions from the Powers that were in charge at the time over there. My family just wanted to be comforted my Aunt and Uncle just lost their Son and their Son in law also. A Wife had just lost her Husband and Brother well they were basically treated like crap. I swore I'd never go to Hawaii because of that and I never will. But you're stuck with me here.

I wonder if it's like that everywhere when Homeless, and Tourist Types die in another town not their own? I remember most of what I said about the word transient. But sometimes when a suggestion is put in my face it takes me awhile of looking at it to change. I'm a man that doesn't read no stinking directions and a hypocrite at times to boot! I almost lost my Edhat finger today working on the washing machine from HELL. I was wearing leather gloves and ran my hand around the bucket of the washer in the mechanisms my hand got stuck I ripped my hand out of the glove as this part slammed down right where my Edhat finger was. It tore the glove in half. That was close. My Edhat finger is the only finger I type with, and of course it's my middle finger, can't lose that!

Will hair is your Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • Fremont at San Pasqual 415 over theft of a wallet which occurred on Tuesday.
  • 415 Fight Milpas and Mason one subject with a knife before police arrived they separated one entered an RV on Alisos the other was found later at the Cacique Street Shelter. So police caught up with both of them I don't know what action was taken or if someone was arrested.
  • 415 Subject yelling in the 1000 Block of Castillo.
  • Stand off San Ysidro at Jameson Lane for several hours as a subject held two knives to his throat. He was disarmed after being shot in the butt by Less Lethal, Seems like there's a Stand Off every otter week around here.
  • 415 Fight over theft of glasses at USA Gas 8 South Milpas.
  • Hazard Investigation in front of CVS Pharmacy 1109 State Street for sewage coming from a drain.
  • Suspicious circumstances for 2 backpacks left near the entrance of the Santa Barbara Pubic Library 40 East Anapamu.
  • Vehicle into a pole 300 Block of Bell Road.
  • 211 Silent Robbery Alarm went off twice at the 7-11 in the 7400 Block of Hollister, but there was no robbery.
  • 100 Block of highway 246 older white male wearing jeans ball cap standing in the middle of the road.
  • Stalker stalking a woman in the Mesa area of Santa Barbara I won't write down location or exact area don't like it stalk me.
  • Unattended warming fire in the 4000 Block of Primavera in the creek bed. Engine 4 got there and reported that no one was there just the fire.
  • 415 Domestic 700 Block of San Magatis verbal not physical.
  • Medical Emergency seizures at the County Jail.- 300 Block of Matilda in Goleta threats investigation.
  • Suspicious circumstances for report of two men entering the area of the reservoir in the 1200 Block of Calle Cita.
  • Suspicious circumstances for 3 subjects prowling around the closed Santa Barbara Cemetery. The caretakers wife saw them pass by the window I would have assumed they were ghosts and gone back to hiding under the bed. The caretakers wife called the police and the caretaker went after them SBPD and SBSO responded the subjects were found somewhere around the middle of the cemetery I never heard why they were there.
  • Since I got cable back I've been watching those Paranormal shows I think are mostly phony but they are kinda entertaining when those guys go into a haunted house and raise their voices talking to the ghosts. Saying things like "C'mon out there's nothing to be afraid of were just two guys". Then there's a little noise and the paranormal investigators jump outta their skin, cracks me up!
  • 6700 Block of Sabo Tarde 21 year old male overdose on Coke.
  • 415 Customer at the bar at the Holiday Inn 5650 Calle Real.

    Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • There was a 459 Burglary to a residence in the 100 Block of West Canon Perdido at 3:30am Thursday. Smoke investigation becomes Food on the Stove in the 2800 Block of State Street. Some like their food well done. 242 Assault at Costco One woman punched another woman in the face. That's the kind of woman I need give me one right in the kisser!
  • Someone had a bad reaction to you know that stuff they give you to knock you out so they can do surgery? Anesthesia? Bad Reaction medics were being requested. SBPD were already on scene because the reporting party or someone thought the patient was going 5150. That is not good I guess it wasn't obvious to the professionals that the medication they just gave to the patient made them Emotionally dysfunctional? Will Thank Dog! Someone figured it out before a patient with a medical problem ended up in PUFF. This happened in a private doctor's office somewhere in Santa Barbara No Thank You Doc I got my own anesthesia.
  • Fall Victim medical emergency at Buena Vista Care Center 160 South Patterson.
  • Fall Victim on the street 180 North Fairview.
  • 594 Graffiti 3 juveniles associated with a black BMW Are spray painting the sidewalk with black paint at Anapamu and San Andres.
  • 273.5 Domestic Violence at Loma Vista and Garden, Manual a Hispanic male adult around 40 years old took his woman's cell phone away from her after the assault and of course is leaving before police arrive. Such brave souls beat on woman and children then runaway when they find out the police is responding.
  • Homeless Type "T is for Terrorist." Disturbing and harassing customers at Albertsons 2010 Cliff Drive.
  • Found Property a bicycle 1500 Block of Castillo.
  • 484 Theft from Vons 1040 Coast Village Road.
  • Fall Victim at the Fall Down Hotel on East Haley on the 2nd floor.
  • Single vehicle 2 minor injury traffic accident 400 Block of Milpas Street.
  • Resident in the 3000 Block of Calle Laureles reported hearing 3 shots then seeing a subject run near the CVS pharmacy. Police responded and found it to be a male subject in a white hoodie setting off Fireworks near the Lemon Tree.
  • There was police activity in the 2000 Block of Bath Street as police were seeking someone they wanted to speak with. They did not find them but they will later after the guy has a few beers then starts crying in it.

    That is Pretty much outta me for now. You have a Wonderful Weekend and Dog Willing me, Poopy Bear, Ballistic Belinda and Joey Canoli will see you on Monday. Roger


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