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Scanner Reports 10-8-12
updated: Oct 08, 2012, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Monday-Monday Once Again Hope you're having a Great Holiday Weekend. I sleep almost every night with the scanner on I probably don't get much sleep sometimes calls wake me up and I'll lay there listening to them to hear the whole story. Early Sunday morning I heard a call somewhere in IV Where a man was being terrorized in his vehicle two subjects were trying to get in. I wondered if it was a nightmare I was having because it sounded so unreal. It seemed to go on and on as police was busy and the dispatcher repeated the call a couple of times. I never found out the end of the story as I fell back asleep. I hope Sheriffs deputies got there and scared the Scum Bags off.

A friend of mine I've never met because we're friends on Face Book told me that IV was jumping FRYday night. He told me he heard sirens most of the night, he was surprised that the Goleta shooting did not happen there in IV. While we don't have as much crime as other cities, our World here in Santa Barbara has changed. Many of us that enjoyed Santa Barbara when violent crime was almost nonexistent now have to adjust to this new Santa Barbara. I'm not talking about violent crime as shootings and stabbings every night were not quite there yet, that will be a few more years down the road. I'm talking about robberies, rapes, assaults, mostly committed by intimidation as if we owe the criminal our lives.

I grew up in that environment of walking on eggs whenever my Father had a few too many he'd yell, scream blow his top. I was constantly afraid it was like shell shock. I got beat up in school and at home and it made me very fearful. I was the biggest kid in school and the biggest Sissy in North West Indiana. My Father died when I was young, 12 years of age. I was so angry I started blowing my top too in the 5th grade I beat one of my tormentors with a book and fractured his skull. In 7th grade I used a chair on another tormentor. People were starting to Fear me at the same time I was still a little kid. I went to Military School to be disciplined, re programed into being a good kid but it was too late. I held my sergeant hostage with a .22 rifle, and as he begged for his life I smoked all of his Marlboros. I got tossed out of Military school went to public school joined a gang spent the next few years off and on the streets in wacko wards filled with wonderful drugs like Thorazine, and Mellaril, when I would refuse to take the thorazine I was held down and forced to drink liquid thorazine in grape Kool-Aid, (This was long before Jonestown) When I would periodically escape these places I'd hit the road hitchhiking all over the place. Niagara Falls New York winter of 1977, for those of you that were alive at that time and living in the area it would be hard to forget the Blizzard of 1977, I was in it. I almost lost my right leg from Frost bite and still walk with a limp from it. Out of all the things I went through as a kid nothing is as bad as being a victim of a crime being raped, robbed, stabbed, beaten, being held hostage under some insane maniacs rules.

The rapes were by far the worst things that ever happened to me in my life. The first time it ever happened I was a virgin it was in a military school summer camp in Wheaten Illinois, it happened again in the other military school. It happened as I ran away from home I got in a man's car and he would not let me go until I agreed to have sex with him. I was able to escape that guy as he fell on a brick. It happened again when I was 16 a runaway in Fort Wayne Indiana I got that guy back later. It happened again when I was 19 this time it was brutal as I was tortured some and cut with a knife even though I got raped I fought back and was able to escape I still regret not slicing that guy up in little pieces. When you get raped your world is different. I've told my story here many times before although not all of it. When you're a kid on the streets adults offer you money for sex, you end up with a pimp that takes everything and beats the hell outta you. I was not into that the only other way to make it out there is with a gang or as a thief. I joined a gang of thieves it was like Oliver Twist. There was an older guy who took from us what we took from others giving us a meal of beans and Rice, a couple bucks, cigarettes, booze, drugs. He was a different kind of pimp. I mention the teenaged prostitution because way back when David Wilkerson a Preacher at that time wrote a book about the Minnesota Connection, the Minnesota Connection was about young teenaged hookers mostly runaways who were kidnapped tortured and transported from one city to another and forced into prostitution. The victims were mostly young teenaged girls many of them were tortured with cigarette burns, straight razors, and death. David Wilkerson knew what he was talking about I knew a couple kids that went through that torture. It took me many years to break the cycle of self-destruction, and homicidal thoughts. Will into my 40's I thought about "Pay Back" I think Dog took those thoughts away.

However I still believe in the Death Penalty. I'm without a shadow of a doubt 110 Percent for it. I think it would be great therapy to run a few Child Molesters through a Wood Chipper their screams music to my ears, begging for their lives as I begged for mine. I wouldn't go out of my way or ruin what little of my life is left to do that sort of thing but I do have my thoughts, they are not illegal yet. I saw something about the 3-Strikes Law being a replacement for the Death Penalty. I think the 3-Strikes Law was flawed it was supposed to be for 3 violent felonies, not one and two nonviolent felonies. I think the 3-Strikes Law is one of the abuses of our Justice Business, it's one of the reasons our prisons are packed like sardines. The Death Penalty is one punishment that guarantees the offender will never offend again. Having been a victim of violent crime tortured held against my will and forced to do horrible things, I am for the Death Penalty and not for the three Strikes Law. So I'll be voting NO on number 34. That is SNOT a political advertisement just my opinion.

Here is your Scanner Reports, FRYday:

  • I heard a city police officer say "I'm going to exit Hope do a little research on our subject who claims he has never been to Santa Barbara before."
  • State at Gutierrez 415 Hispanic male yelling at passersby there is an 8 inch knife lying next to him.
  • 100 Block of North O Street an Overdose.
  • 415 Domestic in the 200 Block of Chapala coming from the creek area.
  • 20002 Hit and Run in Denny's parking lot on Calle Real.
  • 1000 Block of San Andreas report of five females fighting.
  • Guest refusing to leave the Orange Tree Inn.
  • Suicidal subject on the patio 617 Garden Street.
  • Not sure if I heard this right Dog stolen from Pershing Park possibly taken by someone in silver SUV Ca licence6LDG???
  • Fall victim from Power Pole industrial accident 900 Block of Park Lane.
  • Traffic Accident bicycle vs pedestrian in front of Storke Tower UCSB.
  • 1800 Block of Lewis washing machine on fire.
  • Traffic Accident highway 101 Northbound one mile North of Refugio.
  • Heard This: 23152 Trolley, Trolley on the Sidewalk driver in the middle of the street.
  • 484 Theft of a red bicycle in front of Roy's on Carrillo. Followed by reporting party North on Chapala where he threw the bicycle then headed West on Figueroa. Reporting party stopped following at that point Police were searching area for the white male adult 35-40 with lots of tats wearing black clothing. He got away after stealing another bicycle a black cruiser.
  • Check the Welfare of a Hispanic woman in the bushes near the Canary Hotel with a bloody nose.
  • 400 Block of East Anapamu 415 Domestic loud numerous reporting parties. Police responded code 3, but it quieted down soon after they arrived.

    Scanner Reports, Saturday:

  • Around 2:45am on Saturday Morning there was an officer Involved shooting in the area of Turnpike and Hollister the area was closed off for hours.
  • Brush-Warming Fire along the Southbound Side of highway 101 near Olive Mill Road.
  • 459 Burglary to a residence in the 700 Block of Camino Del Sur.
  • 3 Subjects fighting one in possession of a baseball bat up near Painted Cave.
  • Vehicle vs Bicycle in front of Albertsons on Calle Real in Goleta.
  • 2700 Block of DLV Possible hazard investigation two trailers may be fire hazards.
  • 10851 Stolen Auto 2009 VW Jetta Ca. partial plate 6FGW?22. Taken from IV both sets of keys taken in burglary.
  • On another street in IV I cannot spell there was a suspicious subject looking at bikes in a bike rack. A woman asked what he was doing he told her that he was looking for a stolen bike and then he yelled at her. She called the police.
  • Hazard Condition residence in 200 Block of West Ortega water overflowing from upper deck downstairs flooding, no one home upstairs.
  • Medical Emergency Diabetic reaction Live Oak Camp Ground.
  • State and Haley report of Code 40, Drunk Hispanic Male beating up vehicles. Soon after that it was reported that the drunken man was involved in a fight. When police got there within a few moments they were unable to locate a fight or the subject.
  • Medical Emergency out in the Winchester area near a gas station woman possibly having a Nervous Breakdown.
  • Medical Emergency female with a broken wrist Pershing Park, those hurt.
  • 222 North Milpas on the Scolari's property or out front unknown if it was strong arm, or there was a weapon.
  • 415 Domestic 2800 Block of Clinton Terrace woman on scene possibly vandalizing a vehicle.
  • Medical Emergency for chest pains 800 Block of Bath Street.
  • SBPD was searching for a subject who was reported to be looking in mailboxes, they caught up with him near Peabody School I don't think he got anything.
  • 4500 Block of Hollister at the Youth Center there was a drunk man hanging out. Shoplifter at Vons Turnpike.
  • At Castillo and Carrillo a suicidal subject that wants to jump from a bridge.
  • Chapala at Los Olivos first reported to be a female that fainted. Changed to a single bicycle accident.
  • 1500 Block of Acorn Way white male adult wearing white shirt, with a beard looking into reporting parties window.
  • Another 459 Burglary to a residence in IV.
  • North County someone reporting that they were being chased by a vehicle that was trying to run them off the road on Betteravia heading to Sisquoc reporting party in a GMC with black rims, offending party in a green Subaru. Weird how they reported the color of the offenders vehicle and not their own huh? A couple moments later a silver GMC was being reported in an Egging Incident being chased by another vehicle. Well some people don't like their vehicles getting egged.
  • Check the Welfare of an elderly woman in her bath robe walking around Cliff and Montecito Streets.
  • Chapala at Cota male down on the sidewalk, possible bicycle accident. 200 Block of Oceano 594 to vehicle window smashed on Honda Civic 4 white males are suspect.
  • Homeless person refusing to leave the Homeless shelter on Cacique.

    Scanner Reports, Sunday:

  • Gas Leak outside of a home on Rose Street sounded North County.
  • Fall Victim with a broken ankle at Skaters Point.
  • One in Custody after a short struggle with SBPD Officer at Anapamu and Milpas.
  • 415 Fight between the Habit and the Parking Lot 3 to 4 Subjects one possibly with a knife although he got away so we will never know.
  • Possible 242 Assault, ELDER ABUSE at the nursing home in the 3800 Block of Via Lucero by the employees.
  • 602pc Trespassing a 60ish Year Old male who attempted like some type of water conditioner was being followed by police as he ran around the 100
  • Block of West Montecito, near the Fig Tree, around the parking lot of the Fish Enterprise, I don't know if the police ever caught up to him maybe they just watched him it didn't sound like they thought he did anything wrong. But it is kinda funny a 60 year old man running from the police thinking that they could not catch him, it sounded like he was running in slow motion.
  • Attempt 459 Burglary in the 200 Block of West Los Olivos.
  • Illegal burn warming fire at the Fig Tree 100 West Montecito.
  • 8- 10 Subjects at Skaters Point on Bicycles refusing to leave.
  • 500 Block of West Arrellaga 415 Domestic.
  • 1100 Block of Cacique 594 to numerous vehicles.
  • Suicidal Subject Upper Shoreline jumped out of vehicle in the Shoreline parking lot waiting for police.
  • Debris on Roadway Leather Sofa Bed on Right Shoulder of highway 101 at Milpas.
  • On Trigo, In Little Acorn Park Gordon was following Martin around and harassing him.
  • Theft of some ones bicycle and tools from Home Depot suspect rode bicycle to Girsh Park where he got into a white Honda Civic - the license plate frame said UCSB - and drove off heading for IV. It sounded like there were others involved the call was a little confusing.
  • 600 Block of Olive Tipsy Father in Law challenging everyone to fight. Aren't family get togethers great? I remember this one time I was having Thanks Giving Dinner with my girlfriends' folks up in Santa Maria. We went to Claudia's sisters house everyone was there Mom, Dad, all the Sisters all their successful Husbands, me. Bob was teasing me because I was sort of a Beach Bum back then. Bob had a few too many and forgot to put on his UNDERPANTS with those cute little white shorts. He lifted his leg up placing his right ankle on his left knee and things just sort of dropped. Oh my Dog I thought her Sisters, Husbands Mom was going to have a heart attack she was a good Christian woman. Family Get Togethers are great.
  • 415 Domestic over on Shoreline Drive, where a boyfriend head-butted his girlfriend. Poor thing I hope she gets away from him.
  • 11 South Milpas transient refusing to leave the tobacco store.

    Will that's it outta me Have a Great Columbus Day Dog Willing We will see you on Wednesday. Roger


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