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Cancer Center Walk/Run on 10/11
Cancer Center Walk/Run on 10/11
Refugio Oil Spill Claims
Refugio Oil Spill Claims
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Sunday Edhat reads comments
EDBIT: It's October and time for edhat's 7th annual Halloween Story Writing Contest. Get those creative juices flowing and submit your story!
updated 8:00 am
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Breaking News reads comments
ClawMarks just knew today would be the day that the white-crowned sparrows would arrive for winter. [pic]
updated 8:16 pm
87 add
Roger reports a knife brandishing on North Soledad. The suspect is in his residence with family.
updated 6:39 pm
325 5
A subscriber reports a small fire in the center divider of Highway 101, just before the El Capitan exit, was put out by two motorists.
updated 4:28 pm
298 1
Can anyone suggest a CranioSacral therapist in Santa Barbara?
updated 3:49 pm
520 6
Roger reports a dead body was found at the Faulding Hotel at 15 E. Haley Street on Friday afternoon.
updated 2:20 pm
1270 8
The Independent: A study of the dollars and cents involved in Isla Vista's governing options was unveiled to the small community at a well-attended Wednesday meeting at Santa Barbara Hillel.
updated 2:05 pm
252 add
A subscriber is curious if edhatters can name the location in this [pic].
updated 1:37 pm
1325 13
SBPD is on a search after a foot pursuit looking for a wanted subject in the 500 block of De La Guerra.
updated 12:18 pm
895 3
Lompoc Police Department officers arrested Juan Alejandre for felony vandalism and tire slash of a vehicle. [mug]
updated 11:30 am
1064 13
Roger reports a high speed chase on Highway 101 that lead to Police searching for the suspect in Isla Vista.
updated 10:32 am
4450 88
A new financial aid program at UCSB is designed to prepare select freshmen to become research assistants.
updated 10:30 am
348 4
Why were the swimming buoys at Butterfly Beach removed?
updated 10:00 am
1276 25
TRAVEL: The edhat bag runs into The Runner while in Athens. [pic]
updated 9:15 am
549 1
Early risers share their [pics] of the planetary conjunction this morning.
updated 8:45 am
951 8
Roger has the scanner reports.  Campers in the play structure at Kids World.
updated 7:00 am
1015 5
The Independent: Notorious landlord, Dario Pini, currently faces up to $200,000 in fines for his rental properties.
updated 6:46 am
1747 30
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive?
updated 6:30 am
180 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 10/09/15
updated 6:00 am
211 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 09, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber needs your help identifying these birds. (10/09/15) 1143 5
The Photosmiths snapped a few [pics] of young sailors during sailing practice. (10/09/15) 848 3
There is a rumor that the pipeline from Cachuma to the south coast ran dry last week. Anyone have any info on this, true or false? (10/09/15) 1856 25
Robert shares a [pic] above the visiting cruise ship in Santa Barbra's harbor. (10/09/15) 1583 30
[Update]: The Los Olivos incident with reports of a shooting that caused a lockdown of local schools Thursday morning is now being reported as a murder-suicide. [pic] (10/09/15) 12748 75
A wind advisory has been issued for south Santa Barbara County beginning at 5:00 pm on Thursday through 3:00 am Friday. [pic] (10/09/15) 813 8
Did anyone attend the recent City Council meeting that discussed vacation rentals? (10/09/15) 1410 40
The Independent: The media was invited to tour the debated new Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Santa Maria. (10/09/15) 454 5
A two-day resurfacing project of Highway 1, east of Lompoc, will begin next week. (10/09/15) 377 add
Two bills authored by Sen. Jackson were signed Governor Brown regarding the Refugio Oil Spill and climate change. (10/09/15) 512 10
The Independent: The Office of Emergency Management is currently facing hard questions over leadership and finances. (10/09/15) 677 9
Patti Gutshall noticed that the photo policy at the Santa Barbara Bowl varies from artist to artist. [pics] (10/09/15) 1366 17
Does anyone know what is going on with Your Remnant Store on Victoria Street? They were supposed to open on September 16th but are still closed. (10/09/15) 1781 25
Craig Montell's UCSB lab has made new discoveries at the cellular and molecular levels about how the eye processes light. (10/09/15) 378 5
A subscriber went to grab food at Palazzio and saw a sign stating that the restaurant is temporarily closed. [pic] (10/09/15) 3085 19
A subscriber reports that the old jail house near the Mission had graffiti painted inside on one of the walls. [pic] (10/09/15) 1626 20
A barn in Los Olivos caught fire on Thursday morning, fire officials are calling it a total loss. (10/09/15) 1477 5
[Update]: Randy Quaid has been arrested again in Canada and wife Evi voices her frustration about Santa Barbara on Twitter. (10/09/15) 3675 49
Subscribers share October sunrise [pics] from Shoreline Park and the Kenwood area on the Mesa. (10/09/15) 902 4
Can edhatters identify these three plants? (10/09/15) 1489 24
Students of La Cumbre Jr. High recently participated in a tug-of-war competition with teachers to win a week without homework. [vid] (10/09/15) 808 8
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (10/09/15) 216 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 10/08/15 (10/09/15) 307 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 08, 2015 reads comments
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has released the 3rd Quarter Sheriff's Roundup. [vid] (10/08/15) 1049 5
The jewel in the crown of our Wednesday waterfront is the Crown Princess in this John Wiley [pic]. (10/08/15) 1779 27
Astronomy: Early risers on Thursday and Friday morning, weather permitting, will see an impressive lineup of planets strewn across the constellation Leo in our morning sky. (10/08/15) 1775 15
The Board of Supervisors will proclaim October as “Energy Awareness Month” at its Oct. 13 board meeting. (10/08/15) 387 7
The Independent: An emaciated baby gray whale washed up on Santa Barbara's East Beach at around 1 p.m. Wednesday. (10/08/15) 2156 10
California Governor Brown has signed the Isla Vista self-governance measure. (10/08/15) 885 8
[UPDATE]: Roger reports a small vegetation fire on the hillside off Paseo del Pinon, near Cathedral Oaks in Goleta. Firefighters confirm the fire is out and kept to 1/4 acre. (10/08/15) 1570 24
The water world of SB from tall ship and lobsters to marsh colors, from John Wiley. [pics] (10/08/15) 1319 3
KEYT: Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez was involved in a serious car accident last Friday morning. (10/08/15) 3497 50
Does anyone know why the Mobil gas station on Storke keeps its prices so high? (10/08/15) 2354 47
Marymount of SB's new Head of the Lower School, Andrea Torchin, joined the Marymount Administration team this fall. [pics] (10/08/15) 879 1
A subscriber would like to know where you can rent animals for petting zoos in the Santa Barbara area. (10/08/15) 1039 26
A subscriber is looking for a referral for rain gutters to add to two sides of a small house. (10/08/15) 911 17
A subscriber is wondering if there is any enforcement on the sound levels at the Santa Barbara Bowl. (10/08/15) 2373 70
A UC Santa Barbara researcher's book on Spanish-language radio earned national awards and a place in the national conversation. (10/08/15) 445 2
Roger reports a possible structure fire at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital. A full fire response has been sent. [pic] (10/08/15) 1816 12
A subscriber drove past the Gaviota rest stop Tuesday and noticed it's closed again after being open last week. What's up? (10/08/15) 1520 22
Roger has the scanner reports. Camper sleeping in a chair in the parking lot of Wells Fargo 101 North Milpas. (10/08/15) 1139 3
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (10/08/15) 210 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 07, 2015 reads comments
Cindy proves that sunsets can bring beauty and peace to all with these stunning [pics]. (10/07/15) 806 3
Robert Bernstein shares his experience at the Chumash tribe's 50th Annual Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow at Live Oak Campground. (10/07/15) 1183 16
For those of us who live in apartments or units w/o composting outlets, can anyone recommend how food scraps can be composted in Santa Barbara? (10/07/15) 880 11
Brown water was seen gushing down the 1700 block of Olive St. and now the street is closed off. Do any edhatters know what's up? (10/07/15) 912 8
A double assault occurred on the Westside with victims suffering serious injuries. [pics] (10/07/15) 2885 4
Why did a helicopter land in Parma Park around 6:30pm and then take off southbound? (10/07/15) 1612 12
Can someone identify this bird that has been feeding at my hummingbird feeder? (10/07/15) 2372 13
Edhat is receiving reports of a possible stabbing in the 1500 block of San Andres near Foodland with an injured subject in the area. (10/07/15) 2297 35
A subscriber is looking for referrals for companies that can seal, clean, and polish tile/grout. (10/07/15) 765 7
Edhat subscriber Laurie took lovely [pics] of last night's sunset. (10/07/15) 804 4
A subscriber can't name this bug but is sure fellow edhatters will be able to. [pic] (10/07/15) 1825 16
[Updated:] A man with a gun was spotted at Skofield Park. Police are currently setting up a perimeter and Las Canoas Road is blocked off. (10/07/15) 4532 55
The City of Santa Barbara General Municipal Election Candidate Video Program allows Council candidates free television time to communicate their views. (10/07/15) 326 add
UCSB kicks off "Cool Campus Challenge," a UC-wide competition to reduce carbon footprint. (10/07/15) 426 2
Governor Brown signed Senator Jackson's bill to close the wage gap women face at work. (10/07/15) 868 34
UCSB's Craig Montell receives the $2.5 million NIH Pioneer Award for a highly innovative project with the potential to produce paradigm-shifting results. (10/07/15) 527 5
The Santa Barbara County Public Works Department is holding two free hazardous waste collection events this weekend. (10/07/15) 1131 3
Caltrans has completed the Castillo Street Pavers Project near US Highway 101. These interlocking pavers will allow the groundwater to drain. (10/07/15) 1726 29
A subscriber needs help identifying a mushroom growing behind a planter box. [pics] (10/07/15) 1474 9
HISTORY: Charles wants to know if edhatters can name this historical location in Santa Barbara. (10/07/15) 2012 13
TRAVEL: The edhat bagflag was spotted among the ancient ruins of Delphi in Greece. (10/07/15) 792 9
A subscriber witnessed 3 police cars race into the Santa Barbara Harbor late last night. Does anyone know why? (10/07/15) 2549 17
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (10/07/15) 287 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 06, 2015 reads comments
Roger reports a broken water main on East Valerio Street. (10/06/15) 900 4
Cindy Stevens shares [pics] of tonight's sunset as seen from Ballard. (10/06/15) 791 1
Does anyone know of a good sewing place around town that I can have a few patches sewed onto a jacket? (10/06/15) 1256 13
Alberta Rae Pearcy (March 10, 1919 - October 4, 2015) (10/06/15) 703 1
Roger reports a residential burglary attempt in the 4200 block of Encore. The suspect is driving a white SUV. (10/06/15) 1394 10
October 4th through 10th has been declared "National Fire Prevention Week." [pic] (10/06/15) 545 9
[Update]:Roger reports a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle in the 1100 block of Estrella in Hope Ranch. The bicyclist is code blue. [pic] (10/06/15) 6791 111
Patti Gutshall stopped by Cachuma Lake recently and shares her [pics]. (10/06/15) 1596 17
Harbor Patrol made a quick rescue of a yacht at East Beach yesterday evening. [pics] (10/06/15) 2295 15
Jose "Chepo" Morales Gutierrez (October 16, 1953 - September 29, 2015) (10/06/15) 1150 3
An innovative neuroscience research program at UCSB crosses disciplinary lines. (10/06/15) 695 2
Patti snapped [pics] of the construction happening at the Chumash Casino. (10/06/15) 1906 39
Roger reports a deceased body was found on Mission Creek, under the bridge at Alamar and State St. (10/06/15) 2803 20
SBIFF: Jane Fonda was honored by the SBIFF with the Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film this weekend at the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara. [pics] (10/06/15) 1494 43
Pending bankruptcy court approval, Gelson's Markets and Smart and Final will buy multiple Haggen Food and Pharmacy stores. (10/06/15) 3707 56
The court has denied convicted child molester, Genise Gomez (Schu), spousal support from her ex-husband. (10/06/15) 2626 18
Jim Eby (November 30, 1946 - September 28, 2015) (10/06/15) 1153 3
An edhat subscriber stopped at the Santa Barbara Harbor this past Saturday and shares [pics] of boats and ukuleles. (10/06/15) 1248 add
A subscriber reports that a car drove onto the island on Calle Real just off Highway 101 last night. [pics] (10/06/15) 1781 6
Roger has the scanner reports.  Theft of a wallet on Atterdag. (10/06/15) 1198 16
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (10/06/15) 320 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 05, 2015 reads comments
Can edhat subscribers suggest a local company that installs bird barriers? (10/05/15) 807 7
The Coast Guard medevaced a 46-year-old male from a container ship near Santa Rosa Island Sunday morning. (10/05/15) 1408 4
An edhatter is curious what the local laws are surrounding non-service dogs. (10/05/15) 2791 72
A subscriber shares a bird feeder he built to keep cats away but one neighborhood kitty figured it out. [pic] (10/05/15) 2648 25
Updated with [Pics]: Edhat subscribers report that their rain dances finally worked! What's happening in your area of Santa Barbara? (10/05/15) 2118 25

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