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6th Annual Tequila Harvest Festival
6th Annual Tequila Harvest Festival
MA in Clinical Psychology Info Session!
MA in Clinical Psychology Info Session!
The Winehound
The Winehound
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COUNT: How many horses will be in this year's Historical Fiesta Parade? Enter your guess to win 2 tickets to the Tequila Harvest Festival!
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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 05, 2015 reads comments
Lifeguards reported a large shark off Jalama Beach late Tuesday morning. (08/05/15) 758 2
The Independent: The City of Santa Barbara is providing temporary filters in downtown storm drains to prevent confetti from traveling into the water flow. (08/05/15) 452 2
Roger reports a child was rescued after at the beach off Linden Ave in Carpinteria. (08/05/15) 1116 9
TRAVEL: Max shares a panoramic photo taken by a friend in San Francisco yesterday. [pic] (08/05/15) 726 1
A Wind Advisory is in effect from late this afternoon until 6 am on Wednesday morning. (08/05/15) 269 1
The public is invited to comment on a draft update to the Noise Ordinance at a community meeting on August 12. (08/05/15) 576 9
Robert shares [pics] from a Sierra Club Club hike to the base of Cathedral Peak. (08/05/15) 608 8
Updated: Edhat subscribers share summer sunset photos of Santa Barbara. [pics] (08/05/15) 1144 4
A subscriber reports the power is out in the area around Santa Barbara High School. The Fire Department is on scene. (08/05/15) 739 2
Roger reports a group is detaining a suspect who sexually assaulted their friend on East Beach at the volleyball courts. SBPD is responding. (08/05/15) 2557 37
The Coast Guard responded to a sailboat taking on water near Channel Islands Harbor, south of Ventura. (08/05/15) 650 1
A subscriber is looking to buy Spanish chorizo, does anyone know where to find it? (08/05/15) 1100 18
Patti shares [pics] of the New York Philharmonic at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Monday evening. (08/05/15) 923 13
With a $3.5 million grant UCSB's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis becomes home to the Long Term Ecological Network National Communications Office. (08/05/15) 245 1
The City of Santa Barbara now offers 90 minutes of free parking at Stearns Wharf. [pic] (08/05/15) 1265 18
Has anyone had experience with fleas in mulch? (08/05/15) 995 26
Update: The Chorro Fire is now 70% contained and has reached 282 acres in the Los Padres National Forest. [pics] (08/05/15) 7103 21
The Santa Barbara Police Department made 33 arrests for driving under the influence violations in June. (08/05/15) 1284 19
A man in Montecito drove off with two potted plants outside an office at 1230 Coast Village Circle in broad daylight. [pics] (08/05/15) 2726 41
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/05/15) 241 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 08/04/15 (08/05/15) 262 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 04, 2015 reads comments
A Wind Advisory is in effect tonight for the Santa Barbara South Coast and mountains until 3am Tuesday. (08/04/15) 395 1
Max Rosenberg spotted the Coast Guard in Santa Barbara today. [pic] (08/04/15) 1192 3
Cans, wrappers, and cigarette butts were mostly what John Pierpont cleaned up from Butterfly Beach with Keep It Clean SB. [pics] (08/04/15) 743 9
The Highway 101 southbound off-ramp closure at Castillo Street will begin after Fiesta weekend. (08/04/15) 713 6
The Independent: A class action discrimination lawsuit was filed in Santa Barbara against Haggen asserting that developmentally disabled courtesy clerks were unfairly laid off. (08/04/15) 2644 59
A subscriber reports a motorcycle accident took place on Cabrillo Blvd just after noon on Monday. [pic] (08/04/15) 1945 14
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds people that children or animals left inside a vehicle, can quickly overheat, resulting in devastating injuries, permanent brain damage or death. (08/04/15) 429 2
Roger reports a home burglary in the 2000 block of Santa Barbara Street, the suspect is reportedly still in the area. (08/04/15) 1194 5
With a $6.25 million MURI grant, a UCSB-led research team will examine what makes a group successful at transitioning from one task to another (08/04/15) 900 15
The City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division is partnering with Youth CineMedia and local teens to produce a new social media based anti-litter campaign. (08/04/15) 548 15
Karen Sinsheimer (d. July 28, 2015) (08/04/15) 1031 add
A project to replace concrete slabs along US Highway 101 between Olive Mill and San Ysidro Roads has been completed. [pics] (08/04/15) 879 2
A mysterious gourd has popped up in an edhat subscriber's yard. Can anyone ID it? [pics] (08/04/15) 2181 20
BREAKING NEWS: The Coast Guard confirms the source of the Goleta Oil Sheen to be natural seepage. [pic] (08/04/15) 1684 41
A public meeting of the National Water Resources Institute - City of Santa Barbara's Technical Advisory Panel will be held August 5. (08/04/15) 363 add
An edhatter is curious to see if anyone else's dogs have experienced recent allergic skin reactions after visiting Hendry's Beach? (08/04/15) 1568 30
TRAVEL: While in Kenya, a subscriber snapped a [pic] of a colorful bird and would like to know what kind it is. (08/04/15) 1458 5
Does anyone know the theme for this year's Fiesta Pub Run? (08/04/15) 1592 17
Roger has the scanner reports.  Being on the run from the Coppers isn't a good place for a kitty to be. (08/04/15) 1072 5
Roger reports a vehicle accident on Highway 101 near the Turnpike exit in the northbound lanes. (08/04/15) 753 1
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/04/15) 247 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 03, 2015 reads comments
I am looking for the best place to pick up cold delicious sandwiches for a group hike. (08/03/15) 3377 51
The National Weather Service issues a wind advisory for southern Santa Barbara County, in effect until Monday. (08/03/15) 774 2
Although it is temporarily low on water, Cachuma Lake is still overflowing with beauty! [pic] (08/03/15) 1396 8
I'm seeking recommendations on how to relocate a bunny living in our backyard. (08/03/15) 1678 24
HISTORY: Updated: Does anyone have any information on the Hot Spot, a restaurant that was around in 1947? [pics] (08/03/15) 1746 11
An edhat subscriber is seeking referrals for a metal worker or metal mold maker to replace a 1930 doorknob plate. (08/03/15) 873 12
An edhatter reports that the water has been out near the Montecito Country Club for 12 plus hours with no estimated fix time. Anyone have any news? (08/03/15) 1326 19
Here's the Eastside transformation at Punta Gorda that John Wiley watched from January to August. [pics] (08/03/15) 2227 55
William Allen "Bill" Riley (February 28, 1949 - July 23, 2015) (08/03/15) 1008 add
A subscriber needs a referral for someone who can fix and maintain an existing small drip irrigation system. (08/03/15) 953 14
EMI Photo shares action shots of the Santa Barbara Foresters. [pics] (08/03/15) 901 3
Roger reports police are responding to a disturbing call in the 300 Block of West Canon Perdido. Subject is throwing rocks and yelling. (08/03/15) 1121 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 02, 2015 reads comments
Report of a structure fire in the first block of Depot Road in Montecito. (08/02/15) 1108 8
Roger reports a vehicle vs pedestrian on Micheltorena and San Andres. It is an injury accident. Fire and Medics responding. (08/02/15) 1215 22
A subscriber would like to know who edhatters recommend for solar panel installation. (08/02/15) 1337 37
Updated: Edhat subscribers share their [pics] of the blue moon. Send in yours! (08/02/15) 2383 1
What does your brain say when you're feeling depressed? What do you say back to put self-doubt to rest? (08/02/15) 925 11
BOOK CLUB: In her debut novel, A Foolish Consistency, Andrea Weir explores the emotional damage wrought by unacknowledged fear and grief. (08/02/15) 966 2
KID ACTIVITIES: Local children engineered tops to explore the properties of spinning at the Santa Barbara Central Library. (08/02/15) 478 add
Noel Quiroga (May 30, 1952 - July 25, 2015) (08/02/15) 863 add
MUSIC: Alison Krauss and Willie Nelson told an American Story at the Santa Barbara Bowl. (08/02/15) 1161 8
Where can the public go to swim for fitness? (08/02/15) 1982 30
Jesse Rockwell shares a six-month long project that highlights the beauty of Santa Barbara. [vid] (08/02/15) 1303 20
Roger reports an Injury Traffic Accident: Truck vs. Motorcycle on State at Yanonali. Fire and Medics responding. (08/02/15) 649 6

Updated with more [pics]. Roger reports a sink hole in the middle of the intersection on State at Mission St. SBPD on scene and requesting Public Works. [pic] (08/02/15)

5439 34
Way Back When: Animals are in the headlines this month – on land, on sea, and on the stage. Four inspiring women are in the spotlight as well. And Santa Barbara begins to feel the effects of World War I. (08/02/15) 1236 3
Updated [pics] of two Goleta construction projects and Casitas looking less empty than Cachuma, from John Wiley. (08/02/15) 1303 4
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Rona Barrett Foundation's mission is to provide affordable housing and supportive services for seniors in need. (08/02/15) 842 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Tubbs, a lover of people and walks. (08/02/15) 885 8
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Marcie and Butters, two pretty kitties who enjoy naps in bowls, among other things. (08/02/15) 1101 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 01, 2015 reads comments
Roger reports a strong arm robbery on State and Sola. Robbery suspect is on the run somewhere South on Anacapa. (08/01/15) 1203 6
Roger reports the Santa Barbara Police Department is pursuing a suspect with a warrant on foot on the East Side. (08/01/15) 827 1
Sirens were heard around 4:45pm in the Turnpike/Cathedral Oaks area. Any edhatters know what was up? (08/01/15) 1021 4
While Belcampo Meat Co. and Crazy Good Bread close their SB Public Market stalls, a subscriber wonders what will become of the market as more close. (08/01/15) 4077 84
There are large iridescent green beetles flying around my orange tree. Do edhatters know what they are and if they are harmful? [pic] (08/01/15) 1557 10
Robert shares his experience at a Bernie Sanders for President kickoff event at UCSB. [pics] (08/01/15) 2159 47
The City of Goleta invites the public to a workshop on August 12 to provide an overview of the Draft Coastal Hazards and Vulnerability Assessment results. (08/01/15) 451 5
A subscriber reports someone was injured at the Encina Lodge on Bath Street. (08/01/15) 1352 4
Mike shares [pics] from the final Concerts in the Park performance. (08/01/15) 1018 1
Georgette Soria (August 5, 1923 - July 18, 2015) (08/01/15) 554 add
Did anyone else experience brown water in Noleta last night? (08/01/15) 1301 18
Does anyone in Edhat land know what is being developed on the corner of Turnpike and Calle Real? (08/01/15) 3397 48
The City of Goleta provides an update on the Storke/Hollister improvements. [pic] (08/01/15) 1311 12
Astronomy: A subscriber reports on ISS sightings this morning with perfect weather. (08/01/15) 918 9
Roger has the scanner reports. Everyone’s Lives Matter! Don't say it, live it.  (08/01/15) 1017 16
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/01/15) 251 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 31, 2015 reads comments
Cindy Stevens shares some Hendry's Beach cloud formations floating over the mountains waiting for the sunset. [pics] (07/31/15) 1519 4
Here is an update on the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project. [pic] (07/31/15) 1506 10
The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for North Central Santa Barbara County and Northwestern Ventura County. (07/31/15) 3200 12
As the nation commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Caltrans celebrates the progress that has been made. (07/31/15) 715 7
The Montecito Fire Protection District has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Station 3 Site Acquisition and Construction Project. (07/31/15) 596 add
Does anyone have experience in finding homes for dogs when their owners are unable to care for them anymore? (07/31/15) 1742 27
Roger reports a two vehicle accident on State St. at La Cumbre. One vehicle possibly went into a fire hydrant. It's unknown if there are any injuries. (07/31/15) 922 7
Updated: with more [pics]. Roger reports a vehicle vs. motorcycle traffic accident in the 1400 block of Chapala. Fire and Medics on scene. (07/31/15) 1359 10
Vivian Marie Hapeman Obern (May 20, 1921 - June 21, 2015) (07/31/15) 748 4
Updated With [pic]: Any ideas on the foul smell on the eastside? Is it the bird refuge again or a septic tank? (07/31/15) 1708 16
Do edhatters know of any support groups in Santa Barbara for families of suicide victims? (07/31/15) 932 8
Update: with [pic]. Around 10:30 am, a truck caught on fire on Highway 101 Northbound near the Turnpike Rd. offramp. (07/31/15) 1226 4
Mark shares a shot of Butterfly Beach on a serene morning. [pic] (07/31/15) 1247 4
An edhat subscriber wants to know some great places to photograph tomorrow's blue moon. (07/31/15) 1307 23
Does anyone know the plan for the play area at Girsch Park? (07/31/15) 1007 14
The City Council will hold a public meeting on August 11 to discuss Vacation Rental enforcement and a work plan to develop a Home Sharing Rental ordinance. (07/31/15) 1917 33
The Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting DUI Checkpoints Thursday between the hours of 6:00 pm and 2:00 am. (07/31/15) 1154 36
A highlight of the summer for Edhat subscriber Betsy is hearing the throaty calls of the terns that frequent East Beach. [pics] (07/31/15) 1015 12
Roger reports a vegetation fire on Highway 101 northbound at Mariposa Reina. County Fire is responding. (07/31/15) 848 3
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/31/15) 329 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 30, 2015 reads comments
UPDATE: A possible oil spill has been reported off Goleta Beach. The Coast Guard reports an oil sheen spreads 3 square miles and is investigating the source. (07/30/15) 12920 107

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