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The Winehound
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Fork Fest, May 9th
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Breaking News reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: It's day 20 of March Edness! Can you guess where this photo was taken?
updated 12:01 am
570 NA
Santa Barbara District Attorney has announced that a man extradited from Maryland in 2013 has been convicted by jury of aggravated sexual assault of a child. [mug]
updated 5:49 pm
241 1
The Santa Barbara City Fire Department has cancelled any and all burn permits that have been issued.
updated 4:36 pm
302 6
The Gaviota Safety Roadside Rest Area on US Highway 101 is scheduled to re-open Friday, March 27 at approximately 8 pm.
updated 3:53 pm
178 1
UPDATE: A fatal accident involving a vehicle and high school student in Santa Ynez took place on Thursday evening.
updated 3:10 pm
2620 33
Report of a male in his 60's Code 242 assaulting a 4 year old child in the parking lot between Macy's and Sees Candy.
updated 2:30 pm
897 7
It's Spring and Ed wants to see your seasonal themed pics!
updated 2:00 pm
245 add
Roger reports a vegetation fire at 4004 Foxen Canyon, Los Olivos. County Fire responding.
updated 1:23 pm
452 1
The U.S. Navy announced their initial review of San Miguel Island is complete and they will work to partially reopen the space to the public.
updated 11:26 am
571 7
Roger reports SBPD are searching for a female subject who ran from them in the 1900 block of Elise Way.
updated 10:36 am
800 6
Can someone identify this long fuzzy bug?
updated 10:35 am
763 8
Chinese resident Duanying Chen, who allegedly strangled his girlfriend and tortured her puppy, appeared in court on Thursday.
updated 10:28 am
904 19
A subscriber witnessed an arrest on State Street early Friday morning. [pics]
updated 9:35 am
1865 30
A subscriber captured [pics] of the elusive speed racer on State Street.
updated 9:31 am
1477 19
Roger has the scanner reports. Code 40, drunk in the Milpas Underpants; that's where the trolls live.
updated 7:00 am
733 8
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive?
updated 6:30 am
127 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 03/27/15
updated 6:00 am
176 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 27, 2015 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: This blue star is easy to miss in the hustle and bustle of downtown life. Where is it? (03/27/15) 994 1
MARCH EDNESS: It's day 19 of March Edness! Can you guess where this photo was taken? (03/27/15) 943 NA
I'm looking for a recommendation for someone who does vehicle pin striping. (03/27/15) 422 7
Santa Barbara Police have released a recent crime data report and highlights from February 2015. (03/27/15) 1168 add
A subscriber has provided the full list of development projects in the City of Goleta. (03/27/15) 1351 42
Do two armed coastguard boats always track Princess Cruises visiting Santa Barbara? [pic] (03/27/15) 2678 27
It's hot outside. How hot is it you ask? Check out what edhatters had to say. (03/27/15) 1226 20
The UCSB Police Department will conduct a sobriety and driver's license checkpoint on Friday, March 27th 2015. (03/27/15) 447 7
A subscriber is wondering if anybody else having problems with a termite bloom? (03/27/15) 1090 11
Near Hope north of State the planned maintenance outage scheduled for today at 12:30 has been rescheduled for April 20th. (03/27/15) 339 3
Roger reports a Hazardous Situation. Workman are working on live wires at Franklin School and want the children to stay inside the school. (03/27/15) 569 5
Roger reports a vehicle vs bicyclist traffic accident in the 800 block of State Street. (03/27/15) 743 22
With the drought we might expect a bad year for wildflowers on Figueroa Mountain. But the Forest Service says otherwise. (03/27/15) 832 add
A subscriber has a few questions for locals of Santa Barbara and needs your input. (03/27/15) 2362 82
Can anybody recommend someone who can cut down a very tall palm tree or remove its dead fonds? (03/27/15) 898 20
Santa Barbara City College students share their thoughts on the teepee controversy that took over the campus earlier this month. (03/27/15) 1694 55
The scholarly journal, Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, has moved from UCI to UCSB. (03/27/15) 362 1
Drought-weary Nipomo will soon be getting some relief via a water pipeline from Santa Maria that is nearing completion. (03/27/15) 479 9
Raymond Charles Wilcox (September 26, 1945 - March 23, 2015) (03/27/15) 618 add
Roger reports a rollover traffic accident on State and Hitchcock Streets. (03/27/15) 1464 15
Roger reports a traffic accident involving a utility truck and vehicle on the 3300 block of Foothill. (03/27/15) 660 1
Max Rosenberg shares [pics] of a sailing race that took place Wednesday. (03/27/15) 985 9
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (03/27/15) 191 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 03/26/15 (03/27/15) 316 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 26, 2015 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: The Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria are memorialized all over town, but where is the ship mural in this photo located? (03/26/15) 882 4
MARCH EDNESS: It's day 18 of March Edness! Can you guess where this photo was taken? (03/26/15) 949 NA
A spur-of-the-moment fundraiser by Pascucci restaurant has raised $1000 for the family of a burn victim. [pics] (03/26/15) 1234 12
I have an old craftsman home that does not have enough ventilation and holds the heat in. Can anyone recommend someone? (03/26/15) 1116 19
A subscriber is looking for a hair-stylist who really knows how to cut and style baby-fine, dead-straight hair. (03/26/15) 1097 15
Solvang has been mentioned in a "Kill List" made by ISIS to threaten U.S. servicemen and cities. (03/26/15) 4263 29
A subscriber noticed new installations on the Los Carneros overpass, but what are they? [pics] (03/26/15) 2056 19
Roger reports a possible missing child: a mother saw her daughter enter Granny Flats but has not exited. (03/26/15) 2458 27
A bill by Sen. Jackson that would permit community colleges to discipline students for sexual assault violations passed out of the Senate Education Committee today. (03/26/15) 593 14
A subscriber might have spotted a rare bird in Goleta. [pic] (03/26/15) 2149 14
Montecito rocker Kenny Loggins is heading for the altar for the third time, reports Richard Mineards. (03/26/15) 2466 25
The playground area equipment at La Mesa Park has been closed for almost 3 weeks, is there an update on when it will re-open? (03/26/15) 772 7
A subscriber shares an update to the parking chaos surrounding the El Encanto Hotel. [pic] (03/26/15) 2340 34
The southbound on and off-ramps at Los Carneros will open on April 1st as the Fairview ramps will close. (03/26/15) 631 3
A subscriber shares comments regarding the Casa Dorinda expansion at the Montecito Association Land Use Planning Committee meeting on Monday. (03/26/15) 877 15
Roger reports possible burglary suspects who are reportedly ringing bells and knocking on doors on Stow Canyon. (03/26/15) 1690 33
Residents have recently suggested adding a four-way stop sign to Highway 154, reports KEYT. (03/26/15) 1314 29
UCSB Library's collection of Vernacular Wax Cylinder Recordings will be included in the National Recording Registry. (03/26/15) 360 add
UPDATE: Steve McGovern shares some [pics] of the great blue heron parents before the babies arrived. (03/26/15) 906 10
A subscriber was at some tidepools on Saturday and found a tiny octopus. [pics] (03/26/15) 1622 8
The northbound on-ramp to US Highway 101 at Fairview Avenue will be closed 24/7 beginning late Monday night, March 30. (03/26/15) 705 2
Edhat subscribers share their favorite sunset and lenticular cloud [pics] from Tuesday. (03/26/15) 1819 8
Is anyone else experiencing a slowdown in the delivery of Netflix DVDs since the first of the year? (03/26/15) 1448 54
Roger reports an assault with a weapon on Micheltorena and State Streets near Trinity church. (03/26/15) 705 5
Roger has the scanner reports. Drunk drinking on the back steps of Marshalls 900 Block of State Street. (03/26/15) 890 1
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (03/26/15) 220 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 25, 2015 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: Stained glass windows are all over Santa Barbara, but this one is different. Did you find it? (03/25/15) 1323 add
MARCH EDNESS: It's day 17 of March Edness! Can you guess where this photo was taken? (03/25/15) 938 NA
UPDATE: Roger reports an out of control "controlled burn" in a canyon off North Patterson. A Sheriff states there's a little too much smoke. (03/25/15) 8090 97
A subscriber shares a short [vid] from Bike Night last week held at Moto Loco. (03/25/15) 697 add
Long-awaited traffic improvements to South Glen Annie and Hollister Avenue will begin shortly. (03/25/15) 837 add
The City of Goleta is implementing temporary restrictions for on-street parking for Deltopia in the neighborhoods of University 1 and 2. (03/25/15) 920 23
Fire reported outside of Moby Dick restaurant on Stearns Wharf. Engine one and Harbor Patrol boat 3 responding. (03/25/15) 1699 9
The jury in the brutal torture and murder case of Anthony Ibarra began deliberations at 10:45 Tuesday morning, reports KEYT. [pics] (03/25/15) 856 2
Division Chief Rob Heckman has been selected as the new Deputy Fire Chief for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. [pic] (03/25/15) 819 3
Roger reports kayakers in trouble and a possible water rescue at Goleta Beach, units on scene. (03/25/15) 1813 18
For the first time, the Santa Barbara Bowl is proud to be joining Downtown Santa Barbara's State Street Flag Program. [pics] (03/25/15) 1270 8
Update: These heron babies are up and about now and really squawking. [pics] (03/25/15) 2321 21
Pablo Sela, former Iron Cross Tattoo owner, has been sentenced to five years in prison for charges of receiving stolen property and elder abuse. (03/25/15) 2092 15
UCSB scientists explore a new parameter of bone quality that measures strength instead of density (03/25/15) 592 1
A subscriber wonders if any local bars will be showing the NAIA College Championship game this evening? (03/25/15) 505 2
The National Weather Service has extended the wind advisory until 3:00am on Wednesday. (03/25/15) 390 add
The many enchantments of our Channel Islands are sometimes hard for John Wiley to believe. [pics] (03/25/15) 1673 9
Lucy shares [pics] of some beautiful birds she spotted at Rocky Nook Park. (03/25/15) 1335 5
Greeta Mary Louise (Gates) Hardy (March 27, 1927 - March 9, 2015) (03/25/15) 368 add
Roger reports a Code 459: a burglary occurred within the last ten minutes. One suspect is running and the other fled in a car on the 5900 block of University. (03/25/15) 1725 20
Roger reports Montecito Fire is evacuating residents of the 5500 block of Calle Ocho in Carpinteria due to a gas leak. (03/25/15) 1085 9
Cindy shares [pics] of Stearn's Wharf at night. (03/25/15) 987 3
A subscriber seeks help identifying a black snake found while doing yard work. (03/25/15) 2657 35
Henry Yang, the Chancellor of UCSB, published an open letter regarding the progress in Isla Vista. (03/25/15) 850 4
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (03/25/15) 259 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 24, 2015 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: We posted a photo of a unique looking waterspout, but did you guess its correct location? (03/24/15) 1460 4
MARCH EDNESS: It's day 16 of March Edness! Can you guess where this photo was taken? (03/24/15) 962 NA
A subscriber wonders if any readers know if there are local or other outlets offering See's gift certificates at a discount? (03/24/15) 1247 15
EDBIT: It's National Puppy Day so give your pooch a treat and some love on their special day! (03/24/15) 599 2
TRAVEL: Patti thought she spotted the Getty Villa but it turned out to be something else. (03/24/15) 1354 6
Howard Andrew Cunningham (June 21, 1919 - March 10, 2015) (03/24/15) 625 3
The "Roscoe Bandit," a bank robber responsible for two Santa Barbara robberies, was arrested in Oregon late last year. [mug] (03/24/15) 1991 8
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department wants you and your family to be safe in the event of an earthquake and provides helpful tips. (03/24/15) 966 4
A subscriber shares [pics] of the cement pouring at the soon to be MOXI children's museum. (03/24/15) 1206 6
The Santa Barbara County Grand Jury has reviewed truancy reduction programs in elementary schools. (03/24/15) 641 6
I'm looking for recommendations for someone who can help with structural calculations and drawings for a city permit. (03/24/15) 811 17
The Coast Guard arrested three suspected marijuana smugglers on Sunday as their panga boat was captured on San Miguel Island. [pic] (03/24/15) 2807 22
UPDATE: A UCSB student that disappeared on a day hike with friends in Yosemite was found alive with a head injury. (03/24/15) 2247 14
Singer-songwriter David Crosby struck a jogger with his vehicle on Sunday in Santa Ynez, causing major injuries. [pic] (03/24/15) 6536 44
UCSB scientists discover a mechanism of self-mutation in mysterious viruses and microbes from within the Earth. (03/24/15) 474 add
A subscriber took this [pic] of the last house to be rebuilt on Las Alturas after the tea fire. (03/24/15) 1702 3
Nelson Lawrence "Larry" Sizer (July 17, 1933 - March 16,2015) (03/24/15) 534 add
A Wind Advisory is in effect from 6 pm this evening until noon on Tuesday. (03/24/15) 387 2

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