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Children's Literature to Love and Share
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The Winehound
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All Gaucho Reunion April 24-27
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Breaking News reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: Join the Dedicated Staff and March Edness winners on Friday, April 25th at our Award Ceremony.
updated 5:15 pm
883 7

Breaking News reads comments
The Santa Barbara Police Activities League (PAL) is hosting their 11th annual Putting Kids First Event.
updated 11:25 am
47 add
Traffic Accident involving an MTD Bus at Punta Gorda and Salinas Streets.
updated 10:43 am
251 2
A subscriber noticed a construction sign in Carpinteria wishing everyone a "Happy 420!" [pic]
updated 10:27 am
553 11
The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department successfully assisted over 6,000 community members with their enrollment into Covered California.
updated 10:18 am
153 2
POWDRELL: David shares a photo of his favorite spring flower.
updated 10:10 am
133 1
There is construction traffic on Foothill Rd east of La Cumbre with 5-10 minute wait times.
updated 9:41 am
182 1
A subscriber reports a controlled burn on Ladera Lane off of Hwy 192 in Montecito.
updated 9:34 am
170 add
Laura Elizabeth "Lolo" Clowers (January 15, 1986 - April 10, 2014)
updated 8:59 am
759 3
The City of Goleta's community grant program has gotten a makeover and the results are significant.
updated 8:49 am
194 add
A subscriber shares [pics] of the cruise ship at sunrise.
updated 8:46 am
626 1
Roger has the scanner reports. 20002 Hit and Run on the 101 non-injury between a semi and a Prius. Amazing.
updated 7:00 am
933 5
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive?
updated 6:30 am
96 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 04/23/14
updated 6:00 am
79 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 23, 2014 reads comments
The SB Unified School District has released dates and times for high school graduations and junior high promotions for the 2013-2014 school year. (04/23/14) 661 5
UCSB is doing its part to try to conserve water during the drought and the campus plans to continue the effort long after the rain clouds come back. (04/23/14) 325 16
Edee Schulze, who has served as Bethel College's vice president of student life for six years, is Westmont's new vice president of student life. [pic] (04/23/14) 535 add
The City of Santa Barbara released its Recommended Operating and Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2015 which begins July 1, 2014. (04/23/14) 420 5
Roger reports a group of homeless males beating up another homeless male in a wheelchair near 29 North Milpas. (04/23/14) 1133 8
EDBIT: It's Earth Day and Santa Barbara is ramping up for the festival this coming weekend. (04/23/14) 535 10
The jasmines are blooming! A subscriber noticed a star jasmine plant with tons of flowers after getting a whiff of its sweet smell. [pics] (04/23/14) 845 7
Can any Edhatters recommend a doctor who works with special needs autistic young adults who also takes Medi-Cal? (04/23/14) 707 12
John Palminteri was caught getting trashed on the clock this week. [pics] (04/23/14) 4145 21
Does anyone know if the Sheriff's race debate scheduled for Wednesday will be streaming online? (04/23/14) 540 15
Roger advises drivers to be careful on the roads, so far two deer were hit and a pelican on an off ramp. (04/23/14) 1036 18
Michelle Greene has been appointed Interim City Manager for the City of Goleta effective immediately. [pic] (04/23/14) 933 4
UPDATE:The closure of the Gaviota Safety Roadside Rest Areas on U.S. Highway 101 scheduled to begin on Monday, April 28 has been postponed to a later date. Caltrans will announced a new date as soon as it is available. (04/23/14) 919 30
A subscriber reports the Isla Vista Foot Patrol are going undercover and issuing citations at house parties. [pics] (04/23/14) 3002 81
The U.S. Navy is closing San Miguel Island until further notice due to recent concerns of possible unexploded ordnance. [pic] (04/23/14) 1992 28
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (04/23/14) 188 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 04/22/14 (04/23/14) 256 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 22, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber questions those that approve the heavily debated gang injunction in Santa Barbara. (04/22/14) 1627 19
Update: A homeless couple, in Santa Barbara witnessed the triple fatal accident on Highway 101 this morning right in front of their campsite. [pic] (04/22/14) 6050 35
The Dolphin Family perched in the fountain at Stearns Wharf is stranded high-and-dry for a while. (04/22/14) 1650 25
A huge plane went over S. B. at about 6:25 p. m. with what looked like a double jet stream. What was it? (04/22/14) 2448 6
Employees from the SB County Sheriff's Office and the California Highway Patrol will take your orders, serve you lunch, and entertain you if necessary to earn their tips at our Seventeenth Annual Tip-A-Cop Luncheon. (04/22/14) 403 1
Does anyone know another place to donate blood than the one on State Street next to the Dutch Garden? (04/22/14) 963 19
A wind advisory is in effect from 2 pm Tuesday to 8 a.m. Wednesday. (04/22/14) 494 5
Updated Info: The names of three fatalities in an early morning collision have been released and Hwy 101 southbound near Castillo is now open. (04/22/14) 21029 85
All lanes of southbound U.S. Highway 101 at Castillo Street are now open following a multi-vehicle fatal accident early this morning. (04/22/14) 2235 22
A subscriber shares [pics] of Bryan Ferry performing at the Santa Barbara Bowl a couple days ago. (04/22/14) 1162 8
The Santa Barbara County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission has announced their opposition to a gang injunction. [pic] (04/22/14) 1467 29
Larry Nimmer shares his [vid] of Al Gore's daughter's wedding in Carpinteria. (04/22/14) 3160 7
A subscriber saw pretty flora and fauna on this grey morning at Lake Los Carneros. [pics] (04/22/14) 971 4
A subscriber reports a power outage in Mission Canyon. Is anyone else experiencing it? (04/22/14) 650 8
Can anyone recommend a good place to purchase carpet and have them install it? Would also love tips on carpet types to look for. (04/22/14) 1009 23
We have openings for Cat and Dog of the Week! If the extra attention your pet received on National Pet Day wasn't enough, submit them for instant fame. (04/22/14) 287 1
What is the best SB or Montecito employment agency to find a position for a skilled creative person who wants to work as a personal assistant? (04/22/14) 1064 9
Andrew Nichols (June 20, 1914 - April 13, 2014) (04/22/14) 550 2
Has anyone else had problems finding doctors to accept Covered California Blue Shield? (04/22/14) 2039 25
Charles Brewster shares the best [pics] taken on his leisurely hike up Romero Canyon trail on Sunday. (04/22/14) 1066 11
Roger has the scanner reports. Shots heard on Jupiter and that's pretty far away. (04/22/14) 1047 4
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (04/22/14) 1024 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 21, 2014 reads comments
Roger reports a possible jumper who climbed over the barrier at Cold Springs Bridge. SBSO responding with CHP. (04/21/14) 3578 22
A subscriber shares [pics] of the crowd at the Calvary Chapel Easter service at the sunken gardens. (04/21/14) 1753 15
HISTORY: Does anybody know who the artist was of this mural created for the Espana Restaurant when it was built in 1970? (04/21/14) 1447 4
Roger reports a man down with a head injury after being assaulted on Cabrillo and State. Fire and medics responding. (04/21/14) 1682 16
Roger reports an Elderly Hiker Fall Victim on the Cold Springs Trail...County Fire and Copter responding. (04/21/14) 1266 2
Roger reports an Easter Bunny sighting in the middle of the 600 Block of State Street, SBPD is in pursuit. (04/21/14) 1870 10
Roger reports an injured paraglider who is down on Hendrys Beach, 200 yards west of 2981 Cliff Drive. (04/21/14) 1433 3
A subscriber his favorite [pic] to take every spring, Native Coreopsis with a Point Arguello background. (04/21/14) 1179 4
The weeds around my apartment complex have burst into little yellow flowers. It is so nice to see beauty in unexpected places. [pics] (04/21/14) 1221 15
Astronomy: There are some nice visible passes by the International Space Station this week. (04/21/14) 952 1
Peter Anthony Fragala (d. April 2, 2014) (04/21/14) 717 1
An intruder is locked in the storage room of SB Brewing Company. SBPD is on scene at 501 State Street. (04/21/14) 2747 30

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 20, 2014 reads comments
Animal Rescue Team shares a [pic] of orphaned wild rabbits. (04/20/14) 1518 4
Someone left behind an unwanted couch on the sidewalk. How do I dispose of it? Or will Marborg make a pick up? (04/20/14) 1686 25
Roger reports a Code 242: Adult son beating up his elderly mother on De La Vina Street, SBPD Responding. (04/20/14) 1744 11
Last weekend the Lucidity Festival took place at the Live Oak Campground. (04/20/14) 1756 7
A subscriber shares [pics] of mustard fields in Santa Barbara. (04/20/14) 1182 9
Mission & State: Sen. Jackson pulls her prescription drug disposal bill for lack of support, amid fierce opposition from the pharmaceutical industry. (04/20/14) 1260 35
Diane "Diney" Spring (June 23, 1954 - April 7, 2014) (04/20/14) 817 2
The Santa Barbara City Fire Department came together Friday to support one of their own who's battling cancer. (04/20/14) 598 add
A subscriber reports that a sixth yarnbomb will soon be detonated in the mountains of Santa Barbara. [pics] (04/20/14) 2644 66
Updated with photo: Traffic Accident at Marina Drive and Roble in Hope Ranch. The vehicle went into a tree. (04/20/14) 1690 6
Some scientists believe that they have found the key to understanding which musical sounds are most likely to make us dance around. (04/20/14) 494 1
IN THE KITCHEN: Try chocolate chip lava cookies for a yummy mid-week treat! (04/20/14) 999 10
Lauren: The Lark is a farm to table restaurant that opened up in the Funk Zone last year. (04/20/14) 1748 25
POWDRELL: It's been about four decades since the general public has taken a peek at the wildflowers of Carpinteria's Franklin Trail. (04/20/14) 1098 12
Charles shares a few [pics] of an on screen lizard he found. (04/20/14) 921 13
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Women's Literary Festival presents the work of contemporary female authors from a variety of backgrounds. (04/20/14) 553 2
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sparrow, an orange tabby looking for a special home. (04/20/14) 737 10
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Sage, a handsome and well-trained boy looking for his new human. (04/20/14) 1056 7
Code 245: Investigation of a stabbing that occurred in the area of Bath and Carrillo Streets around 8:15am. (04/20/14) 1529 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 19, 2014 reads comments
An edhatter is looking for an honest, time conscious and reasonably priced contractor to do a bathroom remodel in the Santa Ynez Valley area. (04/19/14) 1231 17
The City received $1,233,255 in Transient Occupancy Tax for the month of March 2014, a 16.5% increase over the previous year. (04/19/14) 697 18
I'm very sick of Cox's service, or lack of, the rates they charge, and the lack of real options. Any opinions about this monopoly? (04/19/14) 2918 59
Does anyone know if any local churches are having sunrise services for Easter? (04/19/14) 962 16
Vehicle Rollover: 101 Southbound near Refugio near the RR Tracks. Train will be stopped. (04/19/14) 962 7
Ann Frances Winters (February 6, 1953 - March 9, 2014) (04/19/14) 1289 add
State Route 192 (East Valley Road) will be closed next week to allow Southern California Edison to perform utility work. (04/19/14) 338 add
Lillian Grace Ulrich (November 24, 1923 - April 13, 2014) (04/19/14) 474 add
It's Easter weekend and Ed wants to see your easter themed photos. Send them in! (04/19/14) 788 18
UPDATE: I would like to find out information about the Tarragona Open Space located on San Marcos Road in "Noleta." (04/19/14) 1904 6
Updated with more photos: A subscriber reports that Al Gore is present at a wedding in Carpinteria Friday morning. [pics] (04/19/14) 6576 68
Christine Ann Hembree (October 10, 1952 - April 12, 2014) (04/19/14) 1115 5
I'm looking for two vintage cars, 1922 Essex and a 1953 El Dorado. Are there any in Santa Barbara? (04/19/14) 1159 12
Structure fire on Paradise Road, flames were seen coming from the roof of a home across from the Paradise Store. (04/19/14) 1114 4
Can a 100ft mexican fan palm be uprooted, moved and replanted? (04/19/14) 1414 24
Roger has the scanner reports. Bicyclist down 6700 Block of Hollister. (04/19/14) 1167 6
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (04/19/14) 208 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 18, 2014 reads comments
In March the SBPD made 49 arrests for driving under the influence violations. Here is information on a few of the cases. (04/18/14) 2425 24
Robert Joseph Perez pled no contest to 7 felony charges stemming from his embezzlement of funds from the SBC Fire Fighters Union.[mug] (04/18/14) 1879 7
Vipers over SB added to the helicopter count with this flight of two John Wiley saw last Sunday. [pics] (04/18/14) 2007 13
Aquaholic wandered down to the Harbor and found these birds ready for their close-ups. [pics] (04/18/14) 1390 16
UPDATE: Hundreds of Solvang residents and businesses were evacuated Wednesday following the discovery of a potentially explosive military ordnance. The device was identified and destroyed. [pics] (04/18/14) 6098 30
Does anyone know if a local bakery makes pie pops? (04/18/14) 1451 11
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office and Santa Barbara Police Department are joining forces for the first ever "Coffee with a Cop" in Montecito. (04/18/14) 784 9
A disease is killing off sea stars, commonly known as starfish on our west coast beaches. (04/18/14) 1355 22
Stigand shares more local [pics], this time from the Santa Barbara Harbor. (04/18/14) 1408 7
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