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Breaking News reads comments
Pat Fish saw a bobcat on top of a chicken coop in Santa Barbara with feathers in her mouth. [pics]
updated 12:27 pm
386 5
A project to replace concrete slabs along US Highway 101 between Olive Mill and San Ysidro Roads will continue on Sunday, May 31.
updated 12:00 pm
154 2
Thirty local businesses have joined the commercial food scraps compost program since the beginning of the year.
updated 11:24 am
178 add
The Goleta Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint on May 29th. [pic]
updated 11:21 am
260 3
Community members are organizing a rally in response to the Refugio Oil Spill this coming Sunday at West Beach.
updated 11:17 am
244 4
The community is invited to attend an open house related to the Refugio Oil Spill response.
updated 10:28 am
232 add
Will Plains All American Pipeline be paying for the clean up effort of the Refugio Oil Spill?
updated 10:13 am
401 12
Oil Spill: One week after the Refugio Oil Spill, Plains All American Pipeline continues to update the community on their efforts.
updated 10:00 am
767 13
Wednesday the pipe fix was going strong when John Wiley flew over the oil spill site. [pics]
updated 9:33 am
593 8
Caltrans will construct a project this summer to improve conditions on the US Highway 101 undercrossing at Castillo Street.
updated 9:18 am
445 19
UCSB earth science researchers receive grant from Nuclear Regulatory Commission to study how earthquakes affect ground movement and soil stability
updated 9:14 am
120 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive?
updated 6:30 am
127 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 05/28/15
updated 6:00 am
95 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 28, 2015 reads comments
The Montecito Fire Protection District will conduct a test of the emergency notification methods utilized by MFPD on June 1, 2015 starting at 10:00 AM.  (05/28/15) 246 add
Roger reports a traffic accident on Highway 101 southbound at the Castillo offramp, possible injury. (05/28/15) 843 12
A missing Solvang senior citizen is found safe and Sheriff's Deputies help to celebrate her 91st birthday. [pic] (05/28/15) 1100 13
Oil Spill: The Refugio Oil response effort includes continued assessment and clean-up of local beaches in Southern Santa Barbara County. (05/28/15) 858 3
Update [pics]: Edhat subscribers reported some loud noises off Shoreline Park Wednesday morning and other subscribers informed the community of a joint exercise training. [pics] (05/28/15) 3045 66
Santa Barbara County is urging water awareness and free water fixture exchanges. (05/28/15) 752 4
At UCSB's Coal Oil Point Reserve, it's all hands on deck to safeguard the western snowy plover, a threatened species on the Pacific coast, against effects from the recent oil spill. (05/28/15) 750 14
A first look at the exposed oil pipeline and a view of the cleared spill path from John Wiley. [pics] (05/28/15) 2394 10
Roger reports a domestic disturbance in the 1800 block of Chino where an intoxicated male who ran his arm through a window. (05/28/15) 1195 21
The AIDS Life Cycle Bicycle Ride will move through Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties next week. (05/28/15) 467 3
Devereux's the 8th annual event provided a venue for individuals served where they can enjoy an Italian dinner and dance to their favorite tunes. [pics] (05/28/15) 679 1
The Department of Energy's award for young scientists acknowledges UC Santa Barbara's standing as a top tier research institution. (05/28/15) 357 2
A subscriber saw Patriot Environmental Services appear to be gearing up at Hendrys. [pic] (05/28/15) 1444 9
Latest Oil Spill Update: Volunteers from the general public will be used to assist with beach clean-up and various tasks over the next several days. (05/28/15) 12334 105
Santa Barbara County Fire Department will be conducting defensible space inspections beginning June 1. (05/28/15) 435 3
Roger reports a possible brush fire one mile west of Highway 101 on Santa Rosa Road, in North County. (05/28/15) 484 2
Rocky Pine Ridge is one of Robert Bernstein's favorite places to bring out of town visitors and one of his favorite hikes overall. (05/28/15) 1361 6
Does anyone know what happened to the Round Up Market in Santa Ynez? Looks like it's closed for good? (05/28/15) 764 2
Max Rosenberg notes that a visible sheen is still visible today on the ocean. [pics] (05/28/15) 1359 20
Roger has the scanner reports. Dope Smokers at the bottom of the Mesa Steps on the sand. (05/28/15) 1482 20
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (05/28/15) 180 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 05/27/15 (05/28/15) 242 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 27, 2015 reads comments
Daniel Adam Jasso was arrested yesterday for assault with a deadly weapon. [mug] (05/27/15) 2922 17
There will be a Community Open House concerning the oil spill response on May 30th at the Elks Lodge. (05/27/15) 476 4
At this evening's meeting of the Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education, several administrative appointments were announced. (05/27/15) 1369 9
We are hoping for suggestions re: local non-profits which are directly involved in the clean-up from the Refugio Oil Spill. (05/27/15) 731 13
A tribute to local veterans from the Santa Barbara and Goleta areas was held at the Warkentin Stadium Vietnam Memorial Plaza at San Marcos High School. [pics] (05/27/15) 708 5
A bill by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson to close the wage gap that women face at work passed off the Senate floor on a unanimous, bipartisan vote today. (05/27/15) 850 23
Sheriff's deputies arrested a field worker following a stabbing that occurred at approximately 1:30 p.m. this afternoon near Guadalupe. (05/27/15) 608 1
Robert shares [pics] he just took at Coal Oil Point Reserve of cleanup workers. (05/27/15) 1454 25
The City of Santa Barbara will begin construction of a storm water infiltration project at Plaza de Vera Cruz beginning on Monday, June 1. (05/27/15) 481 9
While I was on a bus I called 911 to check on a man slumped over in his car on Milpas St. Did anyone hear on their radios of an emergency about this? (05/27/15) 1415 4
As summer approaches, a subscriber is on a fruit hunt for boysenberries and sour cherries. Has anyone seen these anywhere in years past? (05/27/15) 660 11
Rep. Capps reintroduced the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act, legislation that would protect 245,665 acres of new and expanded wilderness. (05/27/15) 624 22
Submit your pet for instant fame this summer as the Edhat Pet of the Week! (05/27/15) 352 add
Update: Report of a structure fire in the 600 block of Romero Canyon Road, cross of East Valley. (05/27/15) 805 2
An edhat subscriber reports on the SMHS Vocal Music Groups who spent the weekend in the Bay Area competing at the Heritage Spring Festival. [pics] (05/27/15) 636 3
Mark shares this beautiful aerial [pic] of the historic Santa Barbara Mission. (05/27/15) 1181 5
A pile driving operation as part of the Goleta Drainage Project scheduled to begin Thursday, June 4 has been postponed to a later date. (05/27/15) 426 4
Oil Spill: An edhat subscriber shares [pics] taken this morning at Goleta Beach Pier of an oiled brown pelican. (05/27/15) 1370 15
Two booming questions for the Edhat oil spill water cleanup experts from John Wiley. [pics] (05/27/15) 1339 11
Roger reports a Code 415 Fight at Chapala and Figueroa between a transient and a city worker wearing a yellow shirt. SBPD is responding. (05/27/15) 1095 9
Study by UCSB-led research team shows how record-high temperatures in California are worsening the already historic drought. (05/27/15) 589 9
A subscriber asks edhatters to help identify this strange looking bug. (05/27/15) 1435 8
I heard there are evacuations at UCSB for a broken gas pipe. Does anyone have more information? (05/27/15) 777 2
POWDRELL: David attends the The 29th annual I Madonnari festival at the Santa Barbara Mission this past weekend. (05/27/15) 1016 6
Oil Spill: UCSB students will host a rally this Thursday in response to the Refugio Oil Spill to call attention to UC Investments in Exxon. (05/27/15) 634 11
Patti shares a [pic] of the Dirty Knobs playing at SOhO this past weekend. (05/27/15) 623 3
A butane explosion at the Cachuma Lake campground sent three people to the hospital with first and second-degree burns. (05/27/15) 1244 8
Oil Spill: Plains All American Pipeline has released an update on the recovery effort of their oil spill at Refugio. (05/27/15) 784 5
The SBPD will be hosting "Coffee With A Cop" on Thursday at the Starbucks on State and De La Guerra. (05/27/15) 406 8
UPDATE: Roger reports oil protesters at the Santa Barbara Mission who are posting signs on the Mission building. [pics] (05/27/15) 4994 68
A subscribers snapped a few [pics] of the Black-crowned Night-heron at the Zoo. (05/27/15) 803 6
The Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting DUI Checkpoints in the City of Santa Barbara on May 28th. (05/27/15) 591 12
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (05/27/15) 237 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 26, 2015 reads comments
Oil Spill: Members from the International Bird Rescue clean an oiled brown pelican at the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center. [pics] (05/26/15) 904 6
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a coral ginger blooming in Santa Barbara. (05/26/15) 1468 6
You can see a new type of oil containment booms in these aerials of "bucket beach" from John Wiley. [pics] (05/26/15) 1931 5
Elizabeth Ann (Sizer) Freet (February 10, 1942- May 16, 2015) (05/26/15) 560 add
Edhatters share photos from their Memorial Day celebration. (05/26/15) 865 5
Doris Evangeline "Cathy" Paradise (October 26, 1913 - April 21, 2015) (05/26/15) 437 add
I need help identifying this bird who has been frequenting our hummer feeder regularly for the past couple weeks. [pics] (05/26/15) 2560 12
Oil Spill: Volunteers from the general public will be used to assist with beach clean-up and various tasks over the next several days. (05/26/15) 2000 8
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of volunteer efforts at Refugio Beach right after the oil spill. (05/26/15) 2207 6
Oil Spill: Plains All American Pipeline releases a summary of talking points prepared for a news conference held yesterday. (05/26/15) 1937 32
Thousands of UCSB students and community members turned out to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Isla Vista killings. (05/26/15) 1738 2
An edhat subscriber just heard sirens downtown. Anyone know what's happening? (05/26/15) 1971 1
Does anyone know when/if there will be some old plane flyovers today? (05/26/15) 1808 9
There's something truly noble to John Wiley about these local heroes who took on the oil spill with orange buckets. [pics] (05/26/15) 2244 7
FICTION: Bud Stuart shares a poem about Memorial Day. (05/26/15) 1363 2
Injury Traffic Accident: 1800 Block of East Cabrillo at the Los Patos Railroad crossing involving two vehicles. (05/26/15) 1423 3
Malcolm Gene Morehouse (January 19, 1924 - April 30, 2015) (05/26/15) 1393 add
Updated: Edhatters share [pics] from I Madonnari, Santa Barbara's Italian street painting festival. (05/26/15) 4513 16
Roger has the scanner reports. Didn't do much for my birthday; ate, watched dvds, listened to the scanner, treated Joey Canoli to good grub, too. (05/26/15) 2098 26
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (05/26/15) 1234 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 25, 2015 reads comments
Oil Spill: The general public can volunteer at the Refugio Incident by registering for training over the next several days. (05/25/15) 2125 16
Can any Edhat readers help me identify this beauty in my kitchen sink? [pics] (05/25/15) 2532 6
UPDATE: Roger reports a possible drowning victim in a swimming pool in the 100 Block of North Hope. (05/25/15) 3282 11
Roger reports a Code 415 where a group of females are attempting to fight each other on State and Ortega. (05/25/15) 1792 12
Roger reports that SBPD are responding Code 3 to an unknown type of disturbance on State and Haley Streets. (05/25/15) 1330 8
Oil Spill: The cleanup continues for the Refugio Oil Spill as the number of affected sea life increases.  (05/25/15) 1523 28
Oil Spill: Roger reports a protest against oil drilling on West Beach. SBPD is on scene monitoring march with approx 50-70 protesters. [pic] (05/25/15) 1943 43
Oil Spill: Plains All American Pipeline issued a press release regarding the tools they used to maintain their pipeline systems. (05/25/15) 974 16
A subscriber saw what seemed to be a lunar eclipse driving up the coast from Ventura to Santa Barbara Saturday Night. Did anyone else see it? (05/25/15) 1072 8
Oil Spill: Assemblymember Das Williams surveyed the Refugio oil spill site and met with response officials. [pics] (05/25/15) 1173 16
Oil Spill: Santa Barbara County remains actively involved in the response to the Refugio Oil Spill. (05/25/15) 1143 7
Roger reports a two vehicle accident with injury on Highway 101 at Santa Monica. Fire, Medics, and CHP are responding. (05/25/15) 694 1
Jesse shares breathtaking pictures of the Milky Way over Santa Barbara. [pic] (05/25/15) 1949 12
How do you get the oil/tar off your feet? What is the safest way, the environmentally safest way? (05/25/15) 2190 59
The Restaurant Guy says that the legendary Santa Barbara Esau's at 721 Chapala Street closes their doors on Monday, May 25th. (05/25/15) 3261 31
Does anyone know of a roofing company that may have been in business in Santa Barbara in the 80's that installed Cal Shake products? (05/25/15) 1184 12
Cris shares aerial [pics] of the oil spill at the coast of UCSB. (05/25/15) 1460 4
A subscriber heard multiple sirens heading toward Isla Vista down Stroke Rd. Does anyone know what's up? (05/25/15) 970 3
Oil Spill: The City of Goleta states that at this point, there is no public health reason to close Haskell's and Ellwood Beaches due to the Refugio Oil Spill. (05/25/15) 904 8
Subscriber Chuck Cagara caught a male Hooded Oriole at one of his feeders enjoying a lunch of fresh and juicy meal worms. [pics] (05/25/15) 1533 9
Roger reports a rollover traffic accident with a possible fatality on Highway 166 MM 32 in Santa Maria. (05/25/15) 810 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 24, 2015 reads comments
An edhat subscriber inspected Haskells beach on Friday afternoon after the Refugio oil spill. [pics] (05/24/15) 2863 26

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