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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 29, 2016 reads comments
Does anyone know what's causing the large police presence Thursday evening in Old Town Goleta near Orange Ave? (07/29/16) 420 1
Local officials prepare to crack down on code and permit violations during next week's Old Spanish Days Fiesta. (07/29/16) 422 7
Does anyone else see smoke on SR-154? (07/29/16) 1292 10
Los Padres National Forest's Ojai Ranger District announced the reopening of Reyes Peak Road. (07/29/16) 209 add
Roger reports a subject is missing from the Santa Barbara County Jail. (07/29/16) 1786 18
Here's an island flashback from John Wiley's April Anacapa flight, for a relaxing moment in your day. [pics] (07/29/16) 704 3
The Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting the next "Know Your Limit" detail on Friday. (07/29/16) 444 5
Anybody know what's going on with the old Hendry Brothers' blacksmith shop at the corner of Cota and Fig? (07/29/16) 1097 16
HISTORY: Does anyone know the history of the building that houses the CVS on the corner of Bath and Carrillo? (07/29/16) 996 7
UCSB will help African scientists to use remote sensing and climate data to predict poor harvests and prevent severe hunger. (07/29/16) 325 6
A team of biologists has discovered the cellular mechanism through which fruit flies sense food texture. (07/29/16) 303 9
A new campaign has surfaced throughout the Mesa targeting non-local Santa Barbara City College students. (07/29/16) 3034 66
Abbie Stalcup Beauchamp (January 12, 1918 - June 4, 2016) (07/29/16) 336 2
Two male Western Lowland Gorillas have arrived at the Santa Barbara Zoo from Texas. [pics] (07/29/16) 1534 33
[Update]: A piece of space junk from China's newest satellite launcher barreled through Earth's atmosphere over the United States Wednesday evening. (07/29/16) 3884 14
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/29/16) 186 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 07/28/16 (07/29/16) 177 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 28, 2016 reads comments
A subscriber saw this SUV on Victoria Street decked out like the vehicles in Jurassic Park. [pic] (07/28/16) 2381 9
Roger reports a suicidal subject holding a butcher knife at Ballard and Carpinteria Avenue. (07/28/16) 988 2
Steve McGovern visited the harbor over the weekend and saw it bustling with active people enjoying the sun. [pics] (07/28/16) 1166 9
Roger reports a combative subject heading north between the railroad tracks and the beach. (07/28/16) 838 8
The City of Goleta prepared an Addendum to the Westar Village Mixed-Use Final Environmental Impact Report for a 33-unit apartment project. [pic] (07/28/16) 1203 24
A subscriber reports a statewide Flex Alert has been announced, requesting consumers to conserve electricity due to high temperatures. (07/28/16) 717 8
Robert shares photos from hiking the Gaviota State Park Tunnel View Trail. (07/28/16) 1338 4
An edhat subscriber warns community members of a possible pickpocketing scam on State Street. (07/28/16) 2967 46
Does the Goleta Costco now have a poke bar like other Costco's elsewhere in California? (07/28/16) 2969 23
What's happening at Goleta Beach? A professional looking film or still photography crew has an elaborate set up on the western portion of the beach. (07/28/16) 2359 8
The Santa Maria Police Department Traffic Bureau will be conducting a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint on Saturday, July 30. (07/28/16) 310 2
UCSB researchers use the North Atlantic Oscillation as a predictive tool for managing an iconic fishery. (07/28/16) 339 add
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds people that children or animals left inside a vehicle can quickly overheat. (07/28/16) 481 9
Roger reports that the SBPD is responding to Motel 6 on upper State Street for crowd control on a Code Blue man down in the parking lot. (07/28/16) 1872 5
There's some light work going on in these [pics] from John Wiley. (07/28/16) 1047 6
Rory Steven Willett (January 17, 1950 - July 14, 2016) (07/28/16) 838 1
Santa Maria Police Department made two arrests after responding to a fight in the 900 block of West Creston. (07/28/16) 452 2
What is the construction at the McDonald's in the Camino Real Marketplace? (07/28/16) 2635 29
Roger has the scanner reports.  When police arrived he was in the middle of the street yelling "Die Die Die" and other things. He had a warrant, warrant, warrant, and went to jail, jail, jail. (07/28/16) 1156 15
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/28/16) 204 add
Roger reports that the SBPD is investigating a burglary in the 200 Block of Selrose Lane where subjects fled. (07/28/16) 666 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 27, 2016 reads comments
KEYT: The Santa Ynez River has a visible supply of water flowing for the first time in months, as part of a scheduled release from Cachuma Lake. (07/27/16) 1685 26
Hugh shares some nature [pics] of winged creatures from around the area. (07/27/16) 1052 14
Watch out pedestrians! The Goleta Police Department is stepping up safety enforcement operations on Wednesday. (07/27/16) 920 21
The City of Goleta honored two Sheriff's Deputies and a Communications Dispatcher for helping to save a man having a heart attack. [pic] (07/27/16) 1034 6
Does anyone know why the mature avocado trees off Los Carneros/Cathedral Oaks have been cut down? (07/27/16) 2634 32
A subscriber is reporting Sprouts is expected to open on August 24. [pic] (07/27/16) 1890 12
Two suspects believed responsible for a large number of window smash automobile burglaries throughout the Santa Maria and Santa Ynez Valleys were arrested. [mugs] (07/27/16) 1650 14
Three Custody Deputies at the Santa Barbara County Jail were attacked by an inmate Sunday night. (07/27/16) 1461 30
The SBPD will be conducting checkpoints in Santa Barbara on Thursday, July 28. (07/27/16) 818 10
There is a report of a suspicious subject taking pictures of children at Franklin School. (07/27/16) 1256 3
The City of Goleta advises motorists of construction at the Storke Road and Hollister Ave intersection. (07/27/16) 834 2
A bicyclist was reportedly struck by a semi-truck at El Colegio at Storke Road in Goleta. (07/27/16) 1748 20
Roger reports a stabbing in the 5000 Block of San Lorenzo near Walnut Lane. (07/27/16) 1671 8
A subscriber discusses the Bicycle Master Plan and reminds residents a final vote will take place Tuesday evening. (07/27/16) 1272 37
KEYT: More than 50,000 grocery workers in Southern California are asking consumers to boycott Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons. (07/27/16) 3238 84
The STOP Pain Act, introduced by Rep. Capps, was signed into law by President Obama on Friday as part of the larger Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. (07/27/16) 952 5
A subscriber maps out where the new Goleta Beach bridge will be built. [pic] (07/27/16) 1625 15
If you know the story of this grand old Goleta farmhouse, John Wiley asks you to share it with Edhat readers. [pics] (07/27/16) 2835 22
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/27/16) 240 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 26, 2016 reads comments
Santa Maria Police responded to a report of a vehicle crashing into a Jamba Juice store on E. Betteravia Road. (07/26/16) 529 5
Roger reports a suspicious man grabbed a female by the neck near the Butterfly Preserve. (07/26/16) 2504 8
A subscriber shares info about possibly suspicious activity in the Berkeley Rd/Suellen Ct area near Fairview. Does anyone know what's going on? (07/26/16) 2191 18
Does anyone know what time Warren, Sanders, and Obama take the stage at the DNC and if any local bars or restaurants are showing it on TV? (07/26/16) 1604 56
Is anyone in Goleta noticing a slightly odd smell in their home sink and shower water? (07/26/16) 1503 19
Roger reports water flowing inside Railroad Square in the 700 block of Cacique. (07/26/16) 682 2
What is this weed, found on Santa Cruz Island and in the northern Sierra Nevada? It's so fluffy! [pics] (07/26/16) 2048 9
A bucket brigade taking thick black oil off a beach, where John Wiley saw people enjoying a swim Saturday. [pics] (07/26/16) 1994 6
The Independent: Did God-Loving Joel Alcox serve 25 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit? (07/26/16) 1579 17
Anna N. Weiss (November 26, 1921 - July 14, 2016) (07/26/16) 605 add
Robert reports back on the Humanist Society's July talk, featuring author and UCSB scientist Tom Mates. (07/26/16) 1108 18
Roger has the scanner reports.  Leafblower 200 block of Bath Street. (07/26/16) 1601 12
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/26/16) 195 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 25, 2016 reads comments
Roger reports a two year-old child is having CPR performed after almost drowning at Stearns Wharf. (07/25/16) 4147 33
Roger reports a rollover traffic accident on Highway 101 Southbound, just north of State Street. (07/25/16) 1575 4
After numerous tips from community members, the SBPD arrested Matthew Robert Torres for two counts of sexual assault and burglary. [mug] (07/25/16) 3474 23
Roger reports a possible structure fire inside the Vons on Turnpike. (07/25/16) 1839 3
Peter C. Tagles Jr. (June 13, 1952 - July 15, 2016) (07/25/16) 1151 2
A transformer fire on State Street at Hope caused a power outage in the area. [pic] (07/25/16) 2044 17
Elaine Bowers (1927 - July 8, 2016) (07/25/16) 702 1
A subscriber reports American Fuel on De la Vina is now closed. (07/25/16) 1693 12
Dennis Spangler (September 1, 1953 - March 15, 2016) (07/25/16) 1409 2
Sand, Water, and Smoke were on display for John Wiley's flight to the dry end of the Santa Ynez River and back. [pics] (07/25/16) 1448 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 24, 2016 reads comments
Police have identified a suspect involved in sexual assault. The investigation is ongoing. (07/24/16) 1524 7
Roger reports police presence at Vera Cruz Park. SBPD K-9 unit 2 is on scene. (07/24/16) 1478 15
Roger reports a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist down on SR-154 and SR-246 roundabout. (07/24/16) 1072 1
Roger reports a vehicle fire on Highway 101 Northbound near Tajiguas. (07/24/16) 533 1
Santa Maria Police conducted a high-risk traffic stop on the suspected shooter from Thursday's shooting incident. (07/24/16) 1071 4
Santa Barbara City College announced Ellen O'Connor will serve as Interim Athletic Director when current Director Ryan Byrne departs on August 1. (07/24/16) 615 3
Ensemble Theatre Company has acquired full ownership of the New Vic Theater on Victoria and Chapala Streets. [pics] (07/24/16) 1029 5
Well, it's happened: the first record of Pokémon GO disrupting science. [pics] (07/24/16) 6582 20
A heart pounding 2012 rescue on Highway 101 near Buellton was featured on the ABC show 20/20: In an Instant this week. (07/24/16) 1837 14
EDBIT: A spoiler-free guide to a few local hotspots that will inspire your very own Game of Thrones staycation. (07/24/16) 1399 4
Roger reports an armed robbery in the 3800 Block of State Street. (07/24/16) 1931 7
Farris John Tanory (February 1, 1955 - July 15, 2016) (07/24/16) 738 add
HISTORY: The Ellwood Special: It sounds like a lunch platter, but it was a big piece of our history and it put Goleta on the railroad map. (07/24/16) 1614 12
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center focuses on the conservation of the dunes' ecosystem through education, research and the support of cooperative stewardship. (07/24/16) 856 3
An edhat subscriber reports a heavy smoke smell in the North County. Does anyone know the source? (07/24/16) 1330 13
What's the cure for this heat? A perfect beach day, of course! (07/24/16) 845 4
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Annie, a gentle soul looking for a quiet home. (07/24/16) 913 4
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Kitko, a Chow Chow mix in need of a loving forever home. (07/24/16) 1079 2
A subscriber reviews performances of Showstoppers Teen Ensemble in "Anything Goes" at La Colina Junior High. [pic] (07/24/16) 680 add
Astronomy: The International Space Station is returning to Santa Barbara's evening skies for a week of visible passes. (07/24/16) 1424 4
The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara recently donated two used vans to United Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara County. [pic] (07/24/16) 542 add
A subscriber shares a summer photo giving the illusion of balance at Campus Point. (07/24/16) 1257 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 23, 2016 reads comments
What high temperatures did people see around town today? (07/23/16) 1509 16
Roger reports a fight near Smart and Final at the Five Points Shopping Center. (07/23/16) 2080 19
An edhat subscriber received a scam-like email concerning something called the "campus dismissal act." (07/23/16) 1101 11
There is an injury traffic accident in the 1100 block of Coast Village Road. (07/23/16) 721 1
Jean-Michel Cousteau was the prime speaker promoting the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. (07/23/16) 1945 23
Is anyone else in the San Roque area experiencing plumbing issues? (07/23/16) 1260 9
The Scaly-breasted munias are back! Check your feeders and happy birding. [pic] (07/23/16) 1853 18
Roger reports a non-injury accident at the Highway 101 Southbound on-ramp at Indio Muerto and Milpas. (07/23/16) 497 3

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