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2008 Film Festival Reports

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Sunday February 3, 2008

2008 Pedometer Challenge Champion (2008 SBIFF) - Erick Goycochea is the 2008 SBIFF Edhat Pedometer Challenge Champion. Over the 10-day festival he walked a total of 110 miles!

2008 Film Festival Contests (2008 SBIFF) - There were 5 Edhat 2008 SBIFF Tribute Contests. Here are the results.

Review of An Unknown Woman (2008 SBIFF) - The Closing Night film was 'An Unknown Woman', a dark movie that focuses on the anguish of a woman who was a prostitute, and is now trying to salvage something from that terrible time in her life.

Saturday February 2, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Jolie Tribute, Red Carpet, and Condo Party

Angelina Jolie Tribute (2008 SBIFF) - Angelina Jolie wore a full-length dress for her tribute at the Arlington. It was a goose egg for leg skin and also for much of the local press. I don't know if we can blame it on Wendy, but the only respected journalists left in town are students from a local private Junior High School.

Filmmaker Interviews XI (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interview with director Todd Darling of the documentary 'A Snow Mobile for George'.

Filmmaker Interviews X (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interview with director Robyn Bliley of the documentary 'Circus Rosaire', and Kay and Linda Rosaire.

I Want To Be A Director (2008 SBIFF) - The Directors Panel has a reputation in the Film Festival of always being good, so I was looking forward to an informative and interesting ninety minutes of intellectual stimulation and insight into the world of movie making.

Filmmaker Interviews IX (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interview with directors Anne Slick and Danielle Bernstein of the documentary 'When Clouds Clear' and director Jacob Medjuck of the movie 'Summerhood'.

The Jolie Red Carpet (2008 SBIFF) - Ms. Jolie, Mr. Pitt and their considerable entourage can move quite quickly down the red carpet when they want to, which seems to include when confronted with people wanting to interview them.

Review of Pixar Story (2008 SBIFF) - It was a two-fer as SBIFF scored big-time again by scheduling Brad Bird on the Director's Panel, and this year - a Conversation, held immediately after the world premier of The Pixar Story.

Review of Short Program #5 (2008 SBIFF) - Review of shorts: Feathers to the Sky; Bloodlines; Resurgent; Editing; The List; and Midway.

Friday February 1, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Pictures of Tommy Lee Jones and others

Tommy Lee Contest Results (2008 SBIFF) - It's the question we've been asking all week, posed only to women: Whom would you rather go out on a date with, Tommy Lee or Tommy Lee Jones?

Review of Jones Tribute (2008 SBIFF) - In terms of his persona, he reminds me of an uncle of mine in Oklahoma. Both men are somewhat reserved, but enjoy the art of relating an anecdote and do so with attention to timing and detail.

Filmmaker Interviews VIII (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interview with director Tom Miller of the movie 'One Bad Cat'.

Filmmaker Interviews VII (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interview with director Glenn Gers and actresses Staci Lawrence and Deidra Edwards all of the movie 'Disfigured'.

Filmmaker Interviews VI (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interview with director Carolyn Miller, actress Lake Bell and actor Clifton Collins Jr. all of the movie 'Still Waters'.

Thursday January 31, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Still Waters Party, Location, Location, Location

Livin' La Vida Verde (2008 SBIFF) - I strapped my bike helmet on and pedaled down the State Street bike path to interview Debbie Levin and Hart Bochner actor/director/ environmental activist with Environmental Media Associates.

Review of Location Panel (2008 SBIFF) - Noting this was the second gathering of tree-huggers and environmental activists in the Marjorie Luke Theater, Anna Everett, Chair of the Department of Film and Media Studies introduced the panel for SBIFF's Location, Location, Location: The Greening of Hollywood.

Jones Tribute Ticket Giveaway (2008 SBIFF) - Edhat has four pairs of tickets to give away to this Friday night's Tommy Lee Jones Tribute. Just tell us why you want to go and we'll pick the winners Friday morning.

Wednesday January 30, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Red Carpet For The Virtuosos

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Party at Stateside

Pedometer Challenge Update (2008 SBIFF) - With the 2008 Film Festival over half-way done, the dedicated staff of edhat.com checked on the status of contestants in this year's pedometer challenge.

Review of Virtuosos Tribute (2008 SBIFF) - What do you get when you throw five acclaimed screen actors on to a stage with a microphone and a few flower arrangements? I don't really know either, but I did get to see it Wednesday night.

Review of Virtuosos Red Carpet (2008 SBIFF) - For the Virtuoso Tribute, we had two dedicated staffers trawling the great red be-scene. One reporter stood at the carpet start, armed with nothing more than a noise meter. The other reporter, our seasoned red carpet picture taker, was at the other end of the carpet - the very end.

Review of A Room With a View (2008 SBIFF) - A Room With a View is a sweet story, of love denied and recognized, of what it means to really live a life. This production, also sweet, carries the viewer along through the story at a pace that has us watching and waiting and rooting for love.

Tuesday January 29, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin

Gosling Contest Results (2008 SBIFF) - Are you a Ryan Gosling fan? Well, if you are, most likely you're young and female. Strong evidence of that could be seen on Tuesday at the Red Carpet for the Film Festival's tribute to Gosling.

Review of Ryan Gosling Tribute (2008 SBIFF) - No one warned me that this film festival could be so dangerous. Sure, it's all happy endings and popcorn - until someone loses an eardrum. Nothing comes close to the violent mob of professional photographers next to the red carpet. But I have to admit that I underestimated the deafening potential of Ryan Gosling and his screaming fans.

Review of Up the Yangtze (2008 SBIFF) - Up the Yangtze is one of 13 films nominated by the Fund for Santa Barbara for its 2008 Social Justice Award. The documentary focuses on a family of peasant farmers who are forced to move because of the Three Gorges Dam Project.

Review of Short Program #4 (2008 SBIFF) - At 4:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon, the Marjorie Luke Theatre was the site of the Shorts Program 4. This particular shorts program may have drawn a few extra bodies to the most out-of-the-way venue due to the inclusion of a film entry by a celebrity filmmaker in the mix.

Review of Two Short Films (2008 SBIFF) - Three-Fifty is one of the cleverest movies I've seen at the Festival this year. A man trying to get out of a late charge at the video store. Another short named Looking Up Dresses has Film Festival volunteer and personal friend of the dedicated staff as the woman whose dress is being looked up.

Review of Fix (2008 SBIFF) - Tao Ruspoli uses the phrase "happy coincidences" to describe the unplanned people, events, and locations that worked their way into his movie. Those many strokes of good luck that occurred over the 18-day filming period often became the film's most memorable characters, scenes, and camera shots.

Review of Ben X (2008 SBIFF) - Ben X is the story of a teenaged boy afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. The young man escapes the incessant bullying and cruelty of his life by immersing himself in the world of a video game

Monday January 28, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Javier Bardem Tribute

Review of Javier Bardem Tribute (2008 SBIFF) - "I drove three hours to give you this award…Antonio." When Woody Harrelson started laughing after calling the Monday night Montecito Award-winner by the wrong name, it capped an evening that the consensus was very funny and highly entertaining.

Bardem Contest Results (2008 SBIFF) - Here are the results of the second Edhat Film Festival contest. We have been asking this week for you to predict the number of minutes that Javier Bardem will spend on the red carpet.

Middle School Teen Press (2008 SBIFF) - What do Dennis Franz, Cate Blanchett and Julie Christie have in common? They all said that the teens from SB Middle School asked really good questions on the SBIFF Red Carpets.

Sunday January 27, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Social Justice Award Reception

Review of Summerhood (2008 SBIFF) - Cleverly written and executed, this film is a must see! Jacob Medjuck manages to find a funny and slightly different twist on the coming of age summer camp film.

Review of Angels in the Dust (2008 SBIFF) - There are some people in this world who have the purpose and courage to step outside what is comfortable and into what is right. The four members of the Cloete Family are just such people.

Review of Mongol (2008 SBIFF) - Mongol is Kazakhstan’s entry for Best Foreign film. It follows the life of Temujin, the real name of the man known to western civilization as Genghis Khan.

Review of Priceless (2008 SBIFF) - Audrey Tautou is trolling for Euros, hitting on sugar daddies and hoping to land on easy street in this French comedy of Eros.

Saturday January 26, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Cate Blanchett, Fix, Writers, Lines

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Party on Lower State

Cate Contest Results (2008 SBIFF) - Here are the results of the first Edhat Film Festival contest. We have been asking this week for you to predict the number of photographers lined up on the Red Carpet for the Cate Blanchett Tribute.

Review of Cate Blanchett Tribute (2008 SBIFF) - Honestly, I left the Cate Blanchett award ceremony wanting more. Although she was expertly interviewed by Leonard Maltin, enough so that we had a very good sense of how she approaches her craft, I longed for a less formal interview process.

Review of In Plain Sight (2008 SBIFF) - Edhat has been pointing out Santa Barbara things in plain sight for over four years now. We even coined the phrase 'Wednesday Where Is It?'. This movie shows many of the same spots we have detailed on our site, and it provides more in-depth coverage.

Review of Armin (2008 SBIFF) - Armin is the story of a father and son who travel from a small town in Bosnia to Zagreb, Croatia so the boy can audition for a part in a German film about the Balkan conflict.

Producer's Panel (2008 SBIFF) - This year's Movers & Shakers Producer's Panel included producers from Juno, There Will Be Blood, Hairspray, The Bucket List and The Simpsons Movie. The producer who was approached with the first question deftly replied, 'I'll pay you money to start with someone else.'

Review of Beautiful Bitch (2008 SBIFF) - This film is based on the real life situations of homeless and orphaned children who are conscripted into a life of street crime. The grit, poignancy and touch of hope the title implies is most apt.

Friday January 25, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Julie Christie Red Carpet & Ed Carpet

Review of Julie Christie Tribute (2008 SBIFF) - Leonard Maltin said it best. What we love about Julie Christie is her intelligence, awareness and curiosity. In the intimate setting of the Lobero Theater, Julie Christie gave thoughtful answers about her career, Hollywood and Warren Beatty.

Filmmaker Interviews V (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interviews with: Jose Salgot of 'My Way', Christy Zwicke and Tony Ruggieri of 'In Plain Sight: Public Art in Santa Barbara', Norbert Caoili and Kellee Bradley of 'Frayed', and Dennis Fallon of 'All Roads Lead Home'.

Filmmaker Interviews IV (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interview with Frank McGinity of 'Riven Rock'.

Filmmaker Interviews III (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interviews with: Robin Bisio and Catherine Bennett of an installation called 'Blue Meadow', Jenny Reinish and Louise Palanker of 'We Played Marbles: Remembering a Stolen Childhood', and Caroline Zelder of 'A Plumm Summer'.

Filmmaker Interviews II (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interviews with: Jared Ingram of 'Looking Up Dresses', Colin Cunningham of 'Centigrade' and Paul Abramson of 'Regret is my Demon'.

Filmmaker Interviews I (2008 SBIFF) - Ed Carpet interviews with: Diane Stevens and Santa Barbara High student filmmakers of 'Don Riders', and Tiffany Foster of 'The Wheels on the Bus: Mango's Big Dog Parade'.

Review of Crude (2008 SBIFF) - Crude puts the academy-nominated film There Will Be Blood into perspective. The breathtaking speed between the discovery of oil in the late 19th century and our gluttonous addiction to it ever since is but a blink of a geologist's eye.

Thursday January 24, 2008

Photo Gallery
2008 SBIFF - Opening Night

Red Carpet Speak (2008 SBIFF) - On Opening Night Edhat conducted Ed Carpet interviews with local fashionistas. We asked people to describe what they were wearing in the their best Red Carpet Speak.

2008 Film Festival Opening Night (2008 SBIFF) - Day One of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the rain is coming down in buckets. I check in at the press table, take note of the truncated red carpet, and make my way around the barricades to claim my six inch section of the red carpet.

Festival Swag Bag (2008 SBIFF) - Edhat discloses the contents of this year's Festival swag bag that is given to Platinum Pass holders.

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