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updated: Sep 01, 2010, 2:51 PM

My friend's dog might have an intestinal blockage, and she's worried that she doesn't have enough money to take the dog to the vet. Does anyone know of any Santa Barbara vets that allow payment plans or have other options for low income people?

Places People Are Talking About:

ABC Vet HospitalSaint Francis Pet HospitalSally Mobraaten
San Roque Pet HospitalSB Pet Hospital

What People Are Saying:

 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 03:00 PM

Call San Roque vet they were doing low cost work for the homeless awhile back. Some vets won't refuse an animal that needs help.


 COMMENT 102086 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 03:00 PM

I would try ABC vet...or maybe Carp Vet...


 COMMENT 102087 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 03:02 PM

I think that many vets (being the softies that they usually are) will take payment plans. Try White's Pet Hosp. or Sally Mobraaten.


 COMMENT 102090 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 03:25 PM

I doubt you'll find anyone, there is a new credit card that's set up for pet owners and that's what they'll suggest.


 COMMENT 102094 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 03:35 PM

San Roque Pet Hospital.


 COMMENT 102095 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 03:36 PM

I think Dr Mobraaten works at SB Veterinary Hospital on the Mesa now. Sorry I don't know about payment plans but some phone calls around aren't too costly. Best of luck to the doggie.


 COMMENT 102098 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 03:46 PM

There's lots of healthy dogs that need adopting.


 COMMENT 102106P agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 04:23 PM

@102104: And what if you fall on hard times after you've had a pet for many years? Are you just supposed to throw them out? Don't judge when you don't even know someone's situation.


 COMMENT 102107 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 04:24 PM

I partly agree with 102104. It is a responsibility and not one to take lightly. Without knowing specifics though I wont point fingers, we all need help sometimes.


 COMMENT 102108 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 04:27 PM

I did not feel that comment 102104 was very nice. It did not address the question asked by the friend. And having a sick pet is just as upsetting as having a sick child or parent. We feel so helpless, especially when we do not have much money. Hopefully, someone will know where to go for help and post it here.


 COMMENT 102109 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 04:31 PM

I'd try San Roque Vet. They have always been kind


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 04:33 PM

No one could afford to have a pet in this town but they love their companions so please can the negative comments. O.K.? Besides it'sw Happy Hour now so be happy.


 COMMENT 102112 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 04:34 PM

Tried that at Airport Animal and La Conception in Goleta and they turned me away. No oath just money hungry.


 COMMENT 102116 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 04:43 PM

I stopped going to San Roque because their prices got so high, they wanted to do a whole raft of extra procedures of dubious need for "wellness" and tried to put a guilt trip on me when I declined. (4 years later dog is just fine) If they give away all these free or low-cost services, I now know why mine cost so much. When are people going to figure out there are no "free" or low cost or discount services -- someone pays for them. And this time it looks like it was the rest of us who got stuck with the high bills at San Roque and then left. Responsible pet ownership requires responsible diets and care. What would you do with a person with "bowel obstruction" and how do you know this is the diagnosis?


 COMMENT 102117 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 04:46 PM

Dr. Ron Faoro at Saint Francis Pet Hospital is a very compassionate man. Over the years, I've taken my cats to him and been allowed to pay in installments. This vet does a lot of work with non-profit agencies, etc. When one has a dear fur companion, they don't necessarily have control over the ups and downs of the times, with regarding to finances. I have a 16-year-old cat and I only pray that I stay alive long enough to keep my beloved pet healthy and happy. It's a life-long (their life) committment when we take on an animal, but a commitment is a commitment, til death do us part.


 COMMENT 102135 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 05:51 PM

The thoughtless and cruel remarks made me cry. I lost my home , my son, and my husband within 6 months and if I had not had my dog to love and to love me I don't know what I may have done.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 06:07 PM

I feel the same way about my cat. People can be cruel but not all of us. I took my cat to Dr McDonald he did not refuse tweetment and continues to care for my Mister Pooh Head he's a great doctor with very compassionate staff. He costs money though. But you could always ask. Don't call people on the phone take the dog directly into the animal hospitals sometimes people have a hard time turning down a loving dog with doggie eyes.


 COMMENT 102146 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 06:10 PM

Sorry to hear about your pet - try this lady Anja (Crosby) Hunter, DVM at the cat and bird clinic - mostly homeopathic - she's see's all sorts of animals on the side and she's got a huge heart so I'm betting she would help


 COMMENT 102164 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 06:48 PM

We lived in Isla Vista some years ago and when term ended some students would callously abandon their pets. We collected many beautiful stray dogs and took them to Airport Animal Hospital, where the Vets and staff were wonderfully kind and understanding.


 COMMENT 102185 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 07:40 PM

your pals pet hospital just opened in summerland...695 vets (8387),,2420 lillie ave.first exam is no charge the last i heard.good luck


 COMMENT 102194 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 08:18 PM

I have only the highest regard for Dr. Dave Dawson and his staff at San Roque. Also, for those who are making smart aleck remarks about "affording a dog", people's circumstances change and sometimes the animal is the only thing they have. The fact that this poster reached out for help for their dog makes me realize this IS a very responsible person.


 COMMENT 102206P agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-01 11:09 PM

102104 sounds like an person with no compassion. Probably has never had a pet to love or have a pet/person to love them. No matter what your dog is always happy to see you, truely unconditional love. I like what 102135 had to say, sometimes it is your pets that make you want to go on. I have a friend who needs ACL surgery done on her dog 3500.00-5000.00 she is a senior with very little $$ and has been looking as far north as Arroyo Grande to find a vet that will take a payment plan or give her a break.


 COMMENT 102210 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 06:06 AM

There is no other job that pays more than a small animal vet. It is so lucrative for these vets. It just amazes me that when I have to take my cat or dog to the vet that it usually costs me twice or three times as much if I went to my doctor for a similar problem. Its called GREED.
I would adopt many more animals from the pound if some smart vet figured out that they could increase their customers base by lowering their fees. Its ridiculous what they charge and get away with. I wish the pound or similar organization offered reasonable fees, not what they can get away with but something that is reasonable.


 COMMENT 102211 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 06:09 AM

I wish I had a good suggestion to offer. We take our pets to White's, and the veterinarians there are great, but their general policy is to expect payment at the time of service. I don't know what the new CARE is like, but the old one also wanted their money on the spot or they wouldn't provide treatment.

I know full well how sometimes our animal companions may be the only reason we have to keep going. We often need them most when times are hardest. My cats were the only constants in my life at a time when I'd lost nearly everything else, back when I had to borrow gasoline money just to get to work. There were many times when knowing that I was the only one who cared for my feline friends was the one and only thing that kept me going.

I hate how any request for help on this board seems to attract nasty, compassionless, hurtful, unhelpful comments. It often makes me think of dropping my Edhat subscription.

I truly hope you find the help you need for your dog, and soon. And I'm sorry about the curmudgeons and trolls. Maybe they just haven't been in your shoes yet.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 06:24 AM

Please let us know how the doggie is, if you found a caring vet. Thanks.


 COMMENT 102271 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 08:55 AM

Pet Insurance?


 COMMENT 102296 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 10:01 AM

102281: You are assuming the person who posted the "lost house/husband/son" comment is the same person who started this thread. Also the person who started the thread said it's a friend's dog who is having these issues. You know what they say about assuming... Pet insurance is WONDERFUL. Unfortunately, you can't get it after the fact (much like trying to get car insurance after an accident). Insurance for the future is a good call. Only advice I have is call around to vets. See who will consider payment plans. Quite honestly, asking a loaded question like that on here is guaranteed to get responses like this. You should have known the remarks about responsible pet ownership would follow.


 COMMENT 102321 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 10:45 AM

My cat had a hairball intestinal blockage and I'm sorry to say that after the surgery I was told that he was doing fine and to come get him. Upon arrival I was handed a dead cat and a bill for more than two THOUSAND dollars. I am seriously hoping that this doesn't happen to you and that you have a positive outcome.


 COMMENT 102322 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 10:46 AM

Whatever you do, get this dog to a vet immediately, even if you have to pay by borrowing money. An intestinal blockage is a serious issue and can cause death very easily if not treated.

If the dog is showing signs of straining (going to poop but nothing comes out) vomiting or hasn't had a normal poop in 24 hours, the only alternative to save the dog's life is usually surgery.

So even if your friend has to surrender the dog to a rescue....do whatever it takes.


 COMMENT 102326 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 10:48 AM

Bring your pet to Santa Barbara Pet Hospital on the Mesa. The doctors and staff are compassionate and will work with you. They are wonderful.


 COMMENT 102327 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 10:50 AM

Yes, please dodge the negative comments. This person is trying to help her dog who may be suffering horribly. And if this dog was adopted, he/she is luckier than most who lose their lives because others don't want to be responsible and either contribute to their community animal shelter and/or breed or buy from breeders. No haters for this woman, please. Be lucky you can talk down about people in financial distress who actually have a heart please.


 COMMENT 102333 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 11:02 AM

The solution is for all those professing piety regarding this request to set up a fund to pay for this person's dog care. Or give her the name of the SB humane society to see what other arrangements can be made to protect this poor animal and get its care in to proper hands.


 COMMENT 102337 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 11:09 AM

Take the dog to CARE.


 COMMENT 102347 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 11:44 AM

re 102210 - vets make a fraction of what your dentist makes - the difference in out of pocket costs is insurance. You should find something else to grind your ax on.


 ABOMB agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 11:49 AM

My adopted dog had an intestinal blockage in the months right after we got him. He chewed up and swallowed half a pillowcase during the night. Thank GOD we had pet insurance otherwise I don't know what we would have done. I highly recommend this to all pet owners (although I realize this doesn't help the original poster right now) - we pay $19 a month through ASPCA and it usually covers at least half of any illness/injury bills. It's a lifesaver.

I take my dog to La Cumbre Animal Hospital and they are amazing. All of the doctors there are fantastic. My neighbor who recommended them to me said that they had let him do a payment plan when his dog was ill, so it's worth asking them about.

If the owner set up a donation fund, I would contribute what I could. I love my pet like a member of my family and I would be devastated if something happened to him, so I would be happy to help someone else to save their companion.


 COMMENT 102349 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 11:49 AM

COMMENT 102210 - dream on.

Small animal vets in town barely make enough to live here. Most tech/office workers make about the same as a small animal vet. Plus most vets are burden with $50K - $150K of school loans. DVM's aren't in it for the money --- trust me.


 COMMENT 102361 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 12:27 PM

The irony always to recognize is those hurling the accusation of greed are in fact greedy themselves, because they want something for nothing. Since when do only they get to determine the fair market value for goods and service and you who are providing them, do not.

They want something for nothing and in my mind that is greedy. Or as the new buzz word is, they feel entitled to get something for nothing. But they don't see themselves as greedy. Nope, it is easier to play to their version of the sympathy card, which can still sucker in too many people who should know better to complain along with them.

Watch out how this word will get twisted this election cycle when public employees will get accused for being greedy, and they will hurl back it was Wall street or corporate fat cats who got greedy, not them. You will just have to sort through all of this to see who really is greedy, and vote accordingly.


 COMMENT 102406 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 02:59 PM

Dr. Dawson at San Roque Pet is AWESOME


 COMMENT 102476 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 07:08 PM

Feeling it too, donnanoel. Glenn Beck has everyone's ugly side riled up.

Where's that fuzzy wuzzy Santa Barbara love?


 ANIMALLISTNER agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 09:35 PM

NATIVE 1 is correct. YOU Must get your dog help,
PLEASE call Animal Resue Team, 896-1859 We can help!


 COMMENT 102492 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-02 11:01 PM

Wow some of these comments are outragous people should read this from the beginning. Some cruel people commenting also.


 COMMENT 102522 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-03 08:13 AM

102296. You are quite right. 102281 is completely off base with his or her assumptions. I am astounded at the mendacity that has appeared on here. The person who assumes the woman who lost her home and family but survives with her pet is the original poster is seriously wrong. The woman who suffered those losses within six months is myself. I am certainly not the original poster. I was not without means to keep my pet. I had a full time job and rented a place that would take a pet. The landlord was kind. Many other landlords refused to take pets. My dog lived to age 16 and I paid for all his health bills on my vet's health plan. Not a lot of savings left after he finally succumbed to old age but well worth it. Please have compassion for this person who needs help now and try not to make judgements until you know all the facts. To even suggest the poor woman should not keep her dog is cruel and callous.


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-04 09:48 AM

I sure would like to know how the dog is doing, any update on the dog? @102522 I knew it wasn't you.


 COMMENT 102813 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-04 03:05 PM

Regarding the ACL surgery, my dog tore hers and it healed completely better than new in a year. No expensive surgery. Stay away from Noahs Ark. After going to them for over 4 years and spending at least couple of grand when I asked them to wait three days for a complete payment they almost turned me down. I had to beg. And the total bill was less than $300. Forget them.


 COMMENT 151539 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-03-07 09:34 AM

Wow, I am glad these are old posts. Where is the compassion and empathy for our beloved fur companions. CARE is good, but very expensive. CARE is good when there is an emergency, and you can't take your pet to your vet. We took our Aussie there and it was over $1200, but we also found out she had pancreatitis because the fatty foods my husband was feeding her, namely rib bones. So that stopped. It seems my last 2 vets have retired, Bud Stewart, and then Bud took over my old vets clients. I am told that McDonald's on Milpas has sold, probably his client base, so I am in the process of looking for a new vet.

Going to a Dr or taking our pets to the vet is expensive, and with the economy the way it is going, I am seriously going to look into PET INSURANCE. I have a dog and 4 cats. I take my cats to Cat Dr on De La Vina, Dr. Garrett, very sweet lady. Any suggestions for Pet Insurance?


 COMMENT 151571 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-03-07 10:36 AM

I used to have a yellow Lab, and I guess she had cancer on her outer ear, the vet wanted me to drive her to LA for chemo $3,000, I said to him "She has cancer on the outer ear not internally, right?" he said yes. "So it makes more sense to me to lop off her ear, and not give her chemo." He said he would not amputate her ear, so I found a new vet. She lived to be 17 years old.

Our pets are like our kids. And we try to give them the best medical attention that is available at the time.


 COMMENT 185313P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-06-21 08:34 PM

I'm looking for a mobile veterinarian referral. We have a cat that will not travel well and needs medical attention. Thank you.


 COMMENT 201176 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 08:21 AM

Thanks for all of you who rose to the occasion to help someone in need rather than criticize. I am looking for a new vet, the best in SB hopefully (!). Thanks for some names. If anyone else feels strongly about their vet being the best, please post the name.


 COMMENT 217160 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-09-25 12:38 PM

Dr. Ron Faoro, compassionate, interested and supportive, of St. Francis Pet Hospital in Santa Barbara. I love this man -- only he already has a wife. Excellent vet, and my kitties love him, too!



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