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Scanner report
updated: Jan 20, 2010, 2:43 PM

Good morning it's Wednesday January the 20th, the birds are singing and we have another Sunny Santa Barbara on tap for you, sometime next week. It's been suggested that for those of us that would like to have another county jail in North County, or Santa Maria we raise the funds ourselves to have one built. Since the politicians that promised things for us can never seem to come through. It is my desire to attempt to raise something toward that goal. I'll start I got a nickel and some lint. The storms have seemed to slow the crime down here a little bit so maybe someone who's experienced in seeding the clouds can present this to the silly council and we might be able to score a little cold, hard, cash. its worth a try, what the hell.

Monday: Check the welfare of a transient climbing the fence at Highway 101 and Chapala. Now they have been saying "Check the Welfare" thing a little too much on several calls it sounds almost like they care like the police really care about some homeless persons Welfare. I personally know that some of the police really do care about people’s welfare, the call just sounds a little too much when it goes out. I know they don't care about my opinion and that's why I wrote it. There was a shoplifter in custody at Nordstrom, A fella following a Hispanic guy around the waterfront because he thought the guy stole his shiny red bicycle a couple days earlier.

A 459 audible on McMurray, Breaking News right now !!:10 A.M. In front of the Santa Barbara News Suppressed 700 De La Guerra Plaza there is a man sitting in a black BMW reading dirty magazines. Fraud 100 East Clark Santa Maria, in the 3700 block of San Remo a car driving into a parking lot suddenly went out of control and attacked several other vehicles, smashing them up pretty good too. Must have been the gas additive. Some guy near UCSB Sitting in red jeep threatening passer by "Types" At Waller and Orcutt, Fire and Medic's were responding to an injury traffic accident, a city police officer requested another officer for another non injury accident.

Medical emergency on Carlin drive for heart problems, medical 800 Cacique man bleeding from head after fall, also a female code 40, why not? Two birds with one stoned. 400 W. Guiterrez home invasion armed robbery, 300 West Montecito 415 between customers in parking lot. Parking lot is for parking, not fighting. Code 40 refusing to leave 501 North Milpas (could be because it was raining). 1000 East Ortega 415 Domestic. The dispatch reported there was a young child all alone crying outside this was at 10:40 P.M. over in the 1300 block of Laguna it was lightly raining, cold and here was this little child all alone. Numerous people called this in several police units arrived. When I was a kid the winter of 1966 Chicago we got a lot of snow that year it was very cold outside bitter cold at night.

One night my Father beat one of my Sisters and tossed her out in the cold barefoot, with a nightie on. None of us were allowed to let her in or we would get thrown out there too. I don't know what my Mom did to get him to sleep but she went out and got my Sister back in. I wonder why that child was out there all alone like that in this "day and age." Back then the police never showed up it was considered "family business." What went on in the family stayed in the family, and no one talked about getting beat, tortured, and thrown out in the rain or the snow in the wintertime. I hope that something real innocent happened maybe when the folks were busy doing other things the kid snuck out, I hope they pay more attention to their child than doing other things. I'd hate to think what would have happened had the people on the 1300 block of Laguna Street just decided to mind their own business and not call this in as far as I'm concerned these people are "Heroes" they stepped up to the plate called 911 and saved this kid’s life. If every street in Santa Barbara was like the 1300 block of Laguna we would not have as many problems here.

Tuesday: The first thing I heard on Tuesday morning was the "waterspout" behind a house in the Marymount area of Goleta, they did say "Tornado." But when deputies arrived they said it was minor, at the time. Right now there's an injured Pelican on the roadway, 101 I believe it came over the Sheriff’s channel up there in Goleta missed the exact location I hope someone gets to it.

There was a house fire on Obispo street and a request for police for traffic control, there was live wires down at Calle Palo Colorado and Foothill, there was a medical emergency at Anacapa and Anapamu, a 459 audible in the 200 block of South Salinas, a transient harassing customers at Rite Aide 825 State Street, somebody stole a pair of shoes in someone’s doorway, leaving their own pair which were reported to be very bloody I wonder who they had for lunch. There was an illegal burn on Cooper Road someone burning their trash some mighty strange things go on over on Cooper Road. There was a 415 at Taco Bell at Hollister around Fairview, and a medical emergency in the 300 block of East Carrillo high blood pressure.

In my Milpas underpants a transient was throwing bottles at cars, there was a keep the peace on Mason for a person picking up property, in the 1600 block of San Andreas a wanted juvenile a lucky kid, my parents didn't want me when I was a juvenile. A medical emergency for a female 400 West Anapamu, a suspicious subject playing with sticks on fire and knifes in the 500 block of State Street, At the State Street motel a 5150 was screaming and pounding on the walls of his room, must like sleeping outside in the rain more. 100 Harbor Way a group of 4 males fist fighting associated with a grey 4-runner I think they were just play fighting for attention. 1030 Santa Barbara Bank and Trust 211 Silent alarm but no robbery same for Rabobank in Solvang alarm went off but no Robo Bank.

See you Friday! Roger

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2010-01-21 12:32 PM

The crying child report is particularly disturbing, as is Rogers report of his childhood horors. I hope someone sought out the child while waiting for authorities to arrive...? I hope the kid's okay.


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