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Breaking News reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: It's Day 15 of March Edness. Can you guess where this one was taken?
updated 12:01 am
581 NA
Did anyone else see the four low-flying helicopters over Carpinteria?
updated 12:15 pm
277 5
Robert shares photos from last Friday's 10th annual St. Patrick's Day Stroll.
updated 10:58 am
210 add
Do edhatters know what is splitting our local Democratic Party?
updated 10:56 am
419 14
Update: A Marborg trash truck caught fire in the 1200 Block of Coast Village Road.
updated 9:30 am
1057 18
Roger reports that Police are searching for a violent suspect on the Westside.
updated 9:27 am
782 6
Roger has the scanner reports.  But I don't tell all. It wouldn't be right in my opinion. 
updated 7:00 am
506 3
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 03/24/17
updated 6:49 am
111 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 24, 2017 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: Ice cream is good all year round, but where can you find this shop? (03/24/17) 974 add
MARCH EDNESS: It's Day 14 of March Edness. Can you guess where this one was taken? (03/24/17) 843 NA
Roger sports a structure fire in a vacant apartment at 122 West Arrellaga. (03/24/17) 590 6
The Isla Vista Sidewalk Improvement Project is scheduled to start April 3rd, with construction of a continous pedestrian path along the north side of Sabado Tarde to begin.  (03/24/17) 294 1
More [pics] of the quiet riot of colors John Wiley saw on Monday's short Santa Paula flight. (03/24/17) 1341 8
Jalama Road Bridge construction has been completed on Highway 1.  (03/24/17) 574 2
Edhat staff enjoys a beautiful day out at Coal Oil Point; counting whales, seeing the blooming flowers, and saying hello to all the smiling folks. (03/24/17) 1132 11
Roger reports a traffic accident involving a pedestrian in a parking lot at 2904 State. (03/24/17) 783 3
Roger reports an injury traffic accident on Castillo at Montecito Street. (03/24/17) 513 1
Santa Barbara County agencies will implement 79 Grand Jury recommendations. (03/24/17) 758 4
Grocery chain Albertsons is said to be in talks with the organic grocer Sprouts. (03/24/17) 2004 36
Do edhatters have any news on Wednesday's meeting involving Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy? (03/24/17) 339 5
Santa Barbara Family YMCA will plant locally-grown trees at its Hitchcock Way campus to replace 28 trees that must be removed due to root rot fungus. (03/24/17) 494 2
Benioff Ocean Initiative at UC Santa Barbara announces first project, commits $1.5 million to finding solutions to whale deaths caused by vessel collisions. (03/24/17) 321 add
Roger reports Santa Barbara Police are wrapping a subject in the 900 Block of Anacapa. (03/24/17) 1494 14
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 03/23/17 (03/24/17) 212 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 23, 2017 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: This bird sculpture is perched on top of a local building, but which one? (03/23/17) 1303 4
MARCH EDNESS: It's Day 13 of March Edness. Can you guess where this one was taken? (03/23/17) 1012 NA
The City of Goleta has updates on the Community Center, Hollister Avenue, and and "Beautify Goleta" - the city's community clean up project. (03/23/17) 734 4
Can anyone identify the species of this Pincushion protea? (03/23/17) 1183 4
The commerical portions of the Granada Tower have recently been purchased by a local investor. (03/23/17) 2771 7
A suspect wanted for burglarizing a residence while it was being fumigated has been arrested by Sheriff's deputies. [mug] (03/23/17) 3403 23
Robert attends Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science at his sold out show at the Arlington last week. (03/23/17) 1093 3
TRAVEL: Charles wonders if there is a Great Gatsby meeting in Death Valley with all these classic cars. (03/23/17) 1056 4
William captured [pics] of seals in the Carpinteria rookery just showing off. (03/23/17) 1597 22
United Airlines and American Airlines have announced dramatic increases in available seats departing from Santa Barbara Airport this year. (03/23/17) 4905 46
Elizabeth Frances Ruskauff (12/03/25 - 03/08/17) (03/23/17) 442 add
Spring has sprung and the Wet Wednesday races have begun at Santa Barbara Yacht Club. [pic] (03/23/17) 960 3
CHP says fire on SR-154 and I see traffic backed up. Does anyone have any info? (03/23/17) 1901 2
Can edhatters identify this white nice-smelling plant? (03/23/17) 1980 13
An edhatter shares beautiful freesias to brighten your morning [pics] (03/23/17) 1317 6
San Marcos High School students performing "Damn Yankees" were surprised by Tony-Award winner Tab Hunter. [pic] (03/23/17) 1602 12
Roger has the scanner reports.  Maybe I'll just eat the seeds and turn into a giant okra. (03/23/17) 963 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 22, 2017 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: This historic stone sculpture isn't something one would associate with laundry, but you'd be surprised. (03/22/17) 793 6
MARCH EDNESS: It's Day 12 of March Edness. Can you guess where this one was taken? (03/22/17) 1343 NA
The power lines are down on Loma Alta, including widespread power outage at SBCC that has the campus closed for the remainder of the day. (03/22/17) 376 add
Is there a restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara near the railroad/bus station and would be open at 4:30 a.m.? (03/22/17) 571 3
In honor of World Poetry Day, edhatters share poems. (03/22/17) 600 14
Can anyone identify this flying bug? (03/22/17) 1411 16
The lawn watering ban has been changed from mandatory to voluntary, with a reduced Citywide conservation target to 30 percent.  (03/22/17) 1414 29
A fatal traffic collision has occurred on SR 154, just east of Painted Cave. (03/22/17) 5190 23
A California Highway Patrol officer was involved in a solo traffic accident on Highway 101 Tuesday morning. (03/22/17) 1935 22
[Update]: Enzo, the small dog attacked at the Santa Barbara Mission, is reportedly out of surgery and recovering. (03/22/17) 8691 129
The Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse will be putting on two Town Hall meetings to address underage drinking and drug use. (03/22/17) 620 10
UC Santa Barbara joins a national coalition of universities and companies focused on driving down the cost and energy used in recycling and remanufacturing materials. (03/22/17) 391 2
Roger reports an injury traffic accident on Highway 101 southbound near the Mission off ramp. (03/22/17) 855 2
The California Transportation Commission approves an Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation grant to the City of Carpinteria to acquire the Carpinteria Bluffs III property. (03/22/17) 638 4
Roger reports a structure fire in the 500 block of El Sueno. (03/22/17) 799 12
Power is out in the Hope Ranch Annex area, is anyone else experiencing this? (03/22/17) 561 1
Dos anyone know if there are any new cat boarding facilities that have opened recently in Santa Barbara? (03/22/17) 1296 24
Is this leapin' lupine and poppin' poppies on Highway 101 hillside near Ventura in John Wiley's Monday [pics]? (03/22/17) 1472 3
Does the new RV and large vehicle ban apply to large vans and SUV's? (03/22/17) 1743 38
The Housing Task Force will be meeting from 2 to 4pm on Thursday to discuss affordable housing. (03/22/17) 860 34
Betty Vaughn Sanchez (d. March 7, 2017) (03/22/17) 529 add
Did anyone hear a car crash around Cliff Drive near Marina approx 11:30 p.m. Monday? (03/22/17) 780 3
Max shares breathtaking [pics] from his flight over Reagan's Ranch and Portland yesterday. (03/22/17) 1587 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 21, 2017 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: Spring is here and the location in this photo might be changing soon as summer is coming. Find out where the location is! (03/21/17) 1008 add
MARCH EDNESS: It's Day 11 of March Edness. Can you guess where this one was taken? (03/21/17) 1119 NA
Spring has sprung, and edhatters share [pics] of nature all around us. (03/21/17) 1236 3
Roger reports a possible structure fire at the 6600 block of Picasso in IV. (03/21/17) 666 4
Roger reports battery assault on the beach, with the fire department and medics on the scene. (03/21/17) 1564 5
An edhat subscriber reports a single vehicle crash on Highway 101 southbound near Carpinteria. (03/21/17) 773 add
An edhatter wants to know what needs to be done when a cop car has its lights flashing for a funeral procession. (03/21/17) 2234 22
Roger reports stray poodle at the 400 block of West De La Guerra Street, with animal control responding. (03/21/17) 535 2
Can someone identify this critter... and this song?? (03/21/17) 1988 19
Santa Maria Police arrested two brothers in connection to an early morning crime spree that occurred at the 900 block of W. Mariposa. (03/21/17) 1018 2
World TB Day is a time to recognize achievements in tuberculosis prevention and control, and renew the commitment to ending this devastating disease in our community. (03/21/17) 443 6
Roger reports an apartment complex maintenance man was caught naked in a woman's shower. (03/21/17) 3463 46
Do construction crews need a special permit to pour concrete between 3-5 a.m.? (03/21/17) 1874 21
Before golden haze settled on Hope Ranch, shadows lengthened at More Mesa, the harbor, and Boney Peak in John Wiley's flight. [pics] (03/21/17) 1277 4
Roger reports an overturned construction box-truck on SR-192 at Toro Canyon. (03/21/17) 741 2
It was a loyal and appreciative audience who turned out to see Rickie Lee Jones and Madeleine Peyroux perform at The Arlington Theater on Friday night. [pic] (03/21/17) 2151 2
Philip S. Gadon (October 22, 1954 - March 11, 2017) (03/21/17) 1272 2
Roger has the scanner reports.  Three dine and dashing young men who ran from 502 State Street came back later and paid for their meals. (03/21/17) 2407 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 20, 2017 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: This might seem like an easy one, but it's not a school where these handprints are located. (03/20/17) 1445 6
An edhat subscriber reports an accident on Cathedral Oaks, where a single car reportedly hit a tree. (03/20/17) 155 add
A single vehicle rollover near Buellton led to one person being airlifted to Cottage Hospital and another two occupants transported via ground ambulance. (03/20/17) 1110 2
An edhatter reports there will be a tenant's rally prior to the Santa Barbara City Council meeting on Tuesday that will discuss tenant right ordinances. (03/20/17) 1946 60
The First 5 Commission of Santa Barbara County welcomes two commissioners to support children prenatal through age 5 prepare for kindergarten. (03/20/17) 716 3
Digital technology executive Pamela Johnston has been elected to the Santa Barbara Symphony Board of Directors. [pic] (03/20/17) 658 2
Santa Barbara Foundation will continue its partnership with the Santa Ynez Valley Foundation for organizational capacity building. [pic] (03/20/17) 395 add
Local restaurants featured Girl Scout cookies to celebrate the 100th cookie sale anniversary. (03/20/17) 902 7
Robert ("Bob") A. Eldridge (June 6, 1945 - January 10, 2017) (03/20/17) 1245 2
Juli shares the blooming beauty around Carpinteria [pics] (03/20/17) 1277 2
Roger reports a vehicle rollover with brush fire on Highway 101 NB at Las Positas (03/20/17) 1523 2
The Coast Guard assisted a sailing vessel in distress near Santa Barbara, bringing a man and his dog safely into the Santa Barbara Harbor. [pics] (03/20/17) 3866 17

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 19, 2017 reads comments
Santa Maria Police officers sustained minor injuries when a parolee resisted arrest and assaulted them after a bicycle enforcement stop. [mug] (03/19/17) 1730 7
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a suspect wanted for siphoning fuel from a Goleta business delivery truck. [mug] (03/19/17) 2879 16
It's the last weekend of winter, and edhatters share [pics] of nature showing proof that spring is coming. (03/19/17) 1102 6
A suspect is wanted for entering a residence in Isla Vista and sexually assaulting a female victim. (03/19/17) 1414 2
UCSB climate scientist Qinghua Ding and colleagues quantify the contribution natural variability in atmospheric circulation to sea ice loss. (03/19/17) 544 10
Helen Tarbet of Los Padres Ranger Station in Santa Maria shares the first Figueroa Mountain area wildflower report. (03/19/17) 2095 4
The ornamental Purple-Leaf Plum Tree is a lovely focal point in any garden. (03/19/17) 952 4
The surfers and skaters at the Surf Museum would have been excited had they known the unassuming man with the telephoto lens was Craig Stecyk, whose life is portrayed in the film 'Dogtown.' (03/19/17) 1500 12
Paradise Road was closed, but Tom still took the opportunity to take a ride and enjoy a special place. [pics] (03/19/17) 3655 15
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: A Different Point of View announces the launch of its first Aviation 101 and Leadership Program at La Cuesta Continuation High School. (03/19/17) 971 1
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Copper, a chow mix who's perfect for hikes and has the luck o' the Irish. (03/19/17) 717 3
CAT OF THE WEEK: Gigi is a content kitty that has travelled all around the world, and is now soaking up the Santa Barbarian sun (03/19/17) 1000 6
William shares a [pic] of the hills of Ballard Canyon covered in mustard flowers. (03/19/17) 1418 3
HISTORY: A subscriber shares a historical photo of what is currently Kmart. (03/19/17) 2573 39
SBCC Aerospace Engineering student Jeffrey Sorenson was one of ten college students in SB and Ventura counties to win The E-Week Scholarship for Engineering. (03/19/17) 840 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 18, 2017 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: It's Day 10 of March Edness. Can you guess where this one was taken? (03/18/17) 1206 NA

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