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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 20, 2011 reads comments
Killer B - Lemonjelly went to Killer B. No, not the gym, the new bbq place. Same name, polar opposites. 8834 9
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 13, 2011 reads comments
TAP Thai - TAP Thai is herbal awesomeness. Ms. Lemonjelly agrees. 9823 14
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 06, 2011 reads comments
Restaurant Roy - Restaurant Roy has been a provider of late night nosh for years, and Ms. Lemonjelly went there to sample the $10 menu. 7059 14
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 30, 2011 reads comments
Silvergreens - Ms. Lemonjelly had a rocky start to her Silvergreens experience, but once she figured out what bread to order, things got better. 6271 18
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 23, 2011 reads comments
Tepeyac Taquitos - Ms. Lemonjelly likes taquitos. As luck would have it, a new taquito restaurant has opened in town. 7375 16
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 09, 2011 reads comments
Hungry Cat - Ms. Lemonjelly shares one of her secret brunch spots, which serves an admirably good Cobb salad. It's the Hungry Cat. 7182 20
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 02, 2011 reads comments
Arts and Letters - Ms. Lemonjelly finally made it to Arts and Letters for lunch and found it a secluded gem in downtown. 5300 8
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Dec 26, 2010 reads comments
China Pavilion - Ms. Lemonjelly went to yum cha at China Pavilion and was pleasantly surprised. 6747 9
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Dec 19, 2010 reads comments
The Palms - Ms. Lemonjelly goes GIY (grill it yourself) at The Palms in Carpinteria. 5978 15
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Dec 05, 2010 reads comments
Cesar’s Place. - Ms. Lemonjelly continues sampling along Milpas, checking out Cesar’s Place. She came for the tacos, and stayed for the tortas (among other things). 6143 5
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 28, 2010 reads comments
Mama Lu - Ms. Lemonjelly went to Mama Lu and tried a Fish Hot Pot, Taiwanese style, and a dish of eggplant and ground pork. 6759 9
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 21, 2010 reads comments
Cafe Nordstrom - Ms. Lemonjelly rose above the shopping crowds to find a quiet luncheon spot in a downtown department store. 9621 14
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 14, 2010 reads comments
Mac's Fish and Chip Shop - Ms. Lemonjelly has pined for a special British meal. She found it at Mac's Fish and Chip Shop, where it's only offered on one day each month. 7252 10
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 07, 2010 reads comments
Ca'Dario - Ms. Lemonjelly wrapped up Epicure SB at Ca'Dario, sampling their special salad and pasta prix fixe menu. 5798 10
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 31, 2010 reads comments
Billie's - Billies on State Street is like bar food made with brotherly love. And there's pinball, too. Ms. Lemonjelly reports. 4745 4
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 24, 2010 reads comments
Las Palmeras - Ms. Lemonjelly's back on the taqueria tour, sampling tacos at the newly opened las Palmeras on Haley. 5740 6
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 17, 2010 reads comments
Tastes and Tidbits - Ms. Lemonjelly's latest dining photos are stuck on her camera, so here's an opportunity to post items that wouldn't normally get a whole write-up. 5357 8
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 10, 2010 reads comments
Arigato - Dining Out: Ms. Lemonjelly put herself in the able hands of a sushi chef at Arigato. 6373 7
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 26, 2010 reads comments
La Tapatia Bakery - Ms. Lemonjelly ventures into a Milpas spot she hadn't tried before, La Tapatia Bakery, and falls for the chicken mole. 7441 9
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 19, 2010 reads comments
Olio Pizzeria - Olio Pizzeria's been pretty busy since it opened, but Ms. Lemonjelly likes arriving early so she got right in there. 7112 18
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 29, 2010 reads comments
Fresco Cafe North - Ms. Lemonjelly finds something special to snack on at Fresco Cafe North, including an open table. 6543 15
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 22, 2010 reads comments
Taco Time - It's taco time. Ms. Lemonjelly doesn't need to check into a hotel, but did check out the taco special at the Canary downtown. 6466 12
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 15, 2010 reads comments
Spiritland Bistro - Ms. Lemonjelly made her way downtown to check out the new specials at Spiritland Bistro. 7670 31
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 08, 2010 reads comments
Kogilicious - We all like tacos. Ms. Lemonjelly headed over to Isla Vista to try the Korean version. 8306 9
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 01, 2010 reads comments
Eating Out: Sly's - Ms. Lemonjelly went to Carpinteria for a meal, and it was easier on the wallet than flying all the way to France. 6707 12
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 25, 2010 reads comments
Dutch Gardens - Edhat reviewed the Dutch Gardens in 2005 to spotlight the beer, but Ms. Lemonjelly explores other forms of liquid refreshment worthy of attention. 9732 28
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 18, 2010 reads comments
Kobachi Izakaya - Ms. Lemonjelly thinks uptown has been the hotspot for Japanese food for some time, but Kobachi offers a whole new world of Japanese tapas. 9158 7
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 11, 2010 reads comments
Ms. Lemonjelly in the UK - Ms. Lemonjelly has a few more photos to share from her food foray in England. 6494 1
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 29, 2010 reads comments
British Eats - Ms Lemonjelly was in Great Britain for a wedding, where she enjoyed roast pig at the reception as well as currant scones and cream. [pics] 5269 7
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 20, 2010 reads comments
Reds Wine Bar - Ms. Lemonjelly sneaks past the hordes of World Cup and Laker fans to Reds Wine Bar in the Funkzone and finds a happy hour worth cheering about. 7566 2
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 13, 2010 reads comments
Tinker's - After the report of Tinker's serving sweet potato fries, Ms. Lemonjelly made the trek to Summerland and found them. And more! 6267 7
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 06, 2010 reads comments
Elements - Ms. Lemonjelly got a treat when she had lunch at Elements Restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara. 5201 5
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 30, 2010 reads comments
Sweet Potato Fries - Sweet potato fries seem to be gaining popularity. Ms. Lemonjelly takes us through a journey to find the best of the best, keeping her eyes on the fries. 6748 19
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 23, 2010 reads comments
Lunch at Metropulos - There are a handful of lunch spots in town that serve gyros, but one place in the Funk Zone, Metropulos, makes them like no other. 6518 13
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 16, 2010 reads comments
Renaud's - Ms. Lemonjelly has been enjoying the breakfast menu at Renaud's. She has gone through a variety of items, but there are three standouts she enjoys most. 6949 10
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 10, 2010 reads comments
Here's the Scoop - Ms. Lemonjelly attended a special dessert night at Here's the Scoop. Delicious ice cream treats a'plenty! 5489 2
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 09, 2010 reads comments
Nugget in the Good Land - Ms. Lemonjelly doesn't want to suffer taco fatigue, and goes in search of beef stroganoff, sampling the goods at the Nugget in the Good Land. 6707 6
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 02, 2010 reads comments
La Colmena - Ms. Lemonjelly shares another taqueria hot spot: La Colmena is one of her new favorites in the Milpas area. 6498 9
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 25, 2010 reads comments
Taqueria Tour - Ms. Lemonjelly has been on a quest to sample the taquerias around town. Here's one of her favorites. [pics] 5755 11
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 03, 2006 reads comments
Los Arroyo/Sportsman - Los Arroyo/Sportsman: My lunch dates stared silently at me until I stopped talking, then Manta got up and ordered another round. Like shampoo, we rinsed and repeated this process until our old friend The Armadillo got wind of our activities. 5130 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 19, 2006 reads comments
Zodo's - Zodo's: The door of the DeVille slammed and my good friend, The Manta poured himself into the passenger seat. I am gonna need some socks, he said. His sandalclad feet are testament to lifestyle free of the modern mans footwear 5837 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 05, 2006 reads comments
The Nugget - The Nugget: The three of us had gathered to write the obituary of a local legend, The Nugget, tucked on the main drag of Summerland. Rumor has it that this grand old dame of greasy spoons is soon to change ownership after many years, and the locals are nervous. 5979 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 22, 2006 reads comments
Sharkeez - Sharkeez: Ah, yes, the scent is familiar. Vodka and Red Bull, with just a hint of sweat and salsa. The olfactory overload is intense upon entering Sharkeez, but is secondary only to the visual onslaught that is all at once, This Old House and the Circuit City Labor Day Sale. My old pal Dave, known locally as The Armadillo, was reminded of that frat house you went to in the early weeks of your freshman year and said, Dude, I am totally pledging this place ... 5046 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 08, 2006 reads comments
The Doghouse - The Doghouse: The Doghouse occupies a little corner of Milpas that previously housed a Superfund site that doubled as a walkup burrito stand. The story goes something like this,three guys from the Bronx decide to pack up and leave the city and relocate to Santa Barbara. They look around, see a dozen smoothie shops, forty taco shops and enough coffee houses to power a small city. Smack dab in the middle of nuts and twigs healthy Southern California these chaps decide to go into the hot dog business. 5299 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 30, 2005 reads comments
Red's - Red's: The glue of the joint is owner Dana Walters. A ceramic artist who decided that a coffee shop is a much more orthodox way to earn a buck, she makes the place hum. If the elevation of your coffee dips below a fathom she is there to replenish. 6512 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 16, 2005 reads comments
Dutch Garden Restaurant - Dutch Garden Restaurant: There is something to be said for a restaurant that puts more emphasis on the beer list than the actual food menu. I encounter this on my third attempt to experience the Dutch Garden Restaurant on upper State Street, which apparently uses the Byzentine calendar to set the hours of operation. Mondays and Tuesdays are definitely a no go. Try a Wednesday like I did and you should be OK. The rest of the week is apparently at the discretion of management. 8736 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 03, 2005 reads comments
Shoreline Café - Shoreline Café: The Actress is concerned. Her boyfriend of over a year has recently taken up with a 22 year old Swedish photographer while they were experimenting with a brief trial breakup. She has us enraptured with this tale of infidelity, and movement at the table occurs only when someone needs to apply guacamole to a slightly stale tortilla chip. 5782 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 26, 2005 reads comments
Moby Dick - Moby Dick: Call me Ishmael. Or, just call me lazy. I figured there couldn’t be an easier target in the Santa Barbara restaurant scene for an acerbic lunch critic than Moby Dick. On several levels, the name alone can make a third grader snicker and a grad student ashen. It seemed almost too easy. 6742 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 18, 2005 reads comments
Boca de Rio - Boca de Rio: There is a television suspended above my head on a platform loosely engineered with plywood and drywall screws. The mono speaker screeches at full volume with the delight of a Mexican soap opera. Across the table from me is a man known as “The Coyote.” He has recently been electrocuted, and it shows. He orders a Pacifico and stares silently at the drama, nibbling lightly on a tortilla chip. 5437 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 25, 2005 reads comments
Pascucci Ristorante - Pascucci Ristorante: My grandmother always told me that if you want to know a woman, see if her father drives a soft-top; if you want to know a restaurant, see if the eggplant still has the skin on it. Armed with this morsel of wisdom, we entered the holy grail of The Santa Barbara Business Lunch - Pascucci. A quick scan revealed two members of our city council eating at different tables (councilmen always travel single-file, to hide their numbers), a real estate tycoon, a retail diva, and your requisite tables of young men in blue shirts and khakis either plotting the take-over of the world or on break from the Men’s Warehouse. 5739 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 08, 2005 reads comments
Brown Pelican - Brown Pelican: There’s something discerning in the knowledge that this restaurant sits only a few hundred yards from the county’s second largest source of raw fecal bacteria, Arroyo Burro Creek. The first-place honor goes to East Beach at Mission Creek where, with similar wisdom, there are no less than four restaurants lining the shores of what the non-profit Heal The Bay describes as water steeped in contamination from the intestinal tracts of humans and other animals. 5769 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 24, 2005 reads comments
Lunch With Salmon - Lunch With Salmon: I remember being a waiter. The horror that is any commercial kitchen, be it the Four Seasons or a neighborhood Italian eatery. The later was were I spent most of my days. Starched white shirt working on its third straight night without a laundering. Two crumpled cigarettes in the back pocket for when there was a lull in the crowd. Employing the “Three Second Rule” when a veal cutlet slid off the plate and onto the peeling linoleum. 5010 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 10, 2005 reads comments
Blue Collar Bistro - Blue Collar Bistro: I remember the summer that Uncle Carl lost his hand. It was 1985 or so, and propane was really starting to come onto the scene. Carl didn’t couple-up the fitting quite right and, while he fumbled with a box of strike-anywhere matches, a reservoir of highly-flammable liquefied petroleum gas formed under the carriage of the barbeque and made for one hell of an ignition source. Even though his old Pontiac and left flipper took the brunt of the explosion, he never stopped being The Guy Who Works the Grill. In fact, it assured his lock on this highly coveted position, but it was always Kingsford briquettes after that. 5579 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 17, 2005 reads comments
Sushi Teri - Sushi Teri: A bootleg Steely Dan album from Japan seemed like the appropriate soundtrack for my drive over to the Sushi Teri. A “rockstar” parking place opened up right out on Bath Street and I swung the Cadillac into position. I had never been here in the daylight, but the little swinging lanterns brought back the memory of the last time. Her name was Andrea. 1997. She let go of The Salmon that night. My first time being deposited by the opposite sex since high school. Andrea was a singer, on her way to the top. She had yoga, I had beer. She had cash, and I had checks. Like a candle that burns at both ends, it didn’t last the night, but for a while it did cast a brilliant light. 6015 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 13, 2005 reads comments
Cantwell's Market - Cantwell's Market: “We’re not gonna pay for the beer,” said the manager. “Or the fabric softener. Or the firewood. Just the sandwiches.” With that went my hopes of using the twenty dollar Edhat per diem to stock the pantry for the coming week. It did, however, highlight the benefits of dining at this glorified convenience store – one stop shopping during your lunch break. 6394 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 01, 2005 reads comments
Derf's - Derf's: Derf’s has always been a drinking place for me, as I always had the sneaking suspicion that food borne illness was just a bite away, when consumed without the sterilizing properties of alcohol. Sometimes I even worry about the ale, as it is typically served at ambient temperature. 6066 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 14, 2004 reads comments
L'ombretta - L'ombretta: Based on the assortment of clothes hanging at the window, some single dude lives at L'ombretta. 6994 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 06, 2004 reads comments
Via Maestra 42 - Via Maestra 42: Via Maestra 42 is actually the address of the owner’s family home in Italy. What a good boy, what a sensitive boy, and if you meet him you would agree. 7728 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 23, 2004 reads comments
Max's - Max's: Max’s is a coffee shop with some attractive items described on the menu, but still serves coffee shop food in a coffee shop atmosphere. The ambiance for me was strictly, “lunch at the local retirement home”. 6079 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 09, 2004 reads comments
Paradise Café - Paradise Café: The Paradise Café accomplishes, to its fullest, what it intends to do. They present an uncompromisingly good lunch, using fresh and healthful ingredients, at a very reasonable price. 6657 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 12, 2004 reads comments
Barcliff & Bair - Barcliff & Bair: Barcliff and Bair is boring, generic, impersonal and easily forgettable. And besides all of that, it is expensive. A turkey sandwich is 11 dollars, and a bad soup and half a sandwich is 9. 7824 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 05, 2004 reads comments
The Bay Café - The Bay Café: The patio was as beautiful as ever, with climbing vines and beautiful plants and the sun breaking through the wooden trellis - a feast to our senses. Ay, Santa Barbara, como te quiero. 7421 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 21, 2004 reads comments
Los Arroyos - Los Arroyos: When our waitress came by to pick up our empty dishes and ask us how we enjoyed it, I playfully said to her in Spanish that the food was almost as exquisite as our waitress. I wasn’t sure if she blushed, but I am sure that she tilted the plate of fish tacos, and I ended up going home with my cream colored slacks splattered with thousand island pink dressing. 6826 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 15, 2004 reads comments
Joe's - Joe's: By the time we asked for our check the place was packed - mostly locals and some business people from the Old Guard of Santa Barbara. I guess no matter how sophisticated your palate is, you still have to visit Joe’s and make sure it is still there with you, like an old friend or the image of that special lover you just cannot forget. 5848 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 08, 2004 reads comments
Tuttini - Tuttini: A man with gray temples, a light blue buttoned-down shirt and wing tips ran in and consumed a tuna sandwich in exactly 29 seconds. What’s the rush, Brother? We are all going in the same direction - relax and have a bread pudding! Maybe he was starting his own Kobayashi-like tuna fish salad competition. 6172 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 24, 2004 reads comments
Chase - Chase: If you believe in the separation of church and food, this place is not for you. There is no way you can avoid seeing the cross that hangs on the front wall; it is huge and a little intimidating. 5863 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 17, 2004 reads comments
Harry's - Harry's: I took a large fry and stuck it the middle of the dead chicken pot pie. It stood there firmly at attention, so I proceeded to put another smaller French fry across the center of the larger one. A little squeeze and, voila! My dear oatmeal, or shall I say chicken pot pie, R.I.P. 6564 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 09, 2004 reads comments
Bogart's - Bogart's: Our waitress, an Irish firecracker full of charm, good nature and humor, guided us through the menu with conviction and after the usual recommendations we proceeded to order just the opposite. 5906 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 02, 2004 reads comments
The Brewhouse - The Brewhouse: The smell of Pine Sol before lunch. It tantalizes your smelling senses and stimulates your salivary glands, and as a consequence your appetite becomes ravenous. 5916 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 26, 2004 reads comments
Tupelo Junction - Tupelo Junction: The collard greens were an absolute triumph all by their lonesome, but the macaronis were dry and tasteless. One wonders how they can be so tasteless with the Gouda and cheddar cheeses all over them, but tasteless they were - to the point of seeking help from a touch of salt. 6084 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 19, 2004 reads comments
La Super-Rica - La Super-Rica: This week Louie and Ed went to La Super-Rica. Everyone was happy to be eating there. Louie was so happy he threw his dirty fork on Ed’s plate. 8868 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 12, 2004 reads comments
Louie’s (at the Upham) - Louie’s (at the Upham): As for the penne dish, it had very little penne and very little spinach, but the olives, feta and tomatoes were plentiful - especially the tomatoes, which by shear abundance, took over the entire plate. 5971 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 05, 2004 reads comments
Pharmacy Coffee Shop - Pharmacy Coffee Shop: It was a wonderful day, but you would miss out on the feeling the dining room has to offer; the lovely Formica tables, the linoleum floors, the wall heater, the color of which matches the acoustic ceiling. Absolute perfect harmony reigns in the place. 8994 2
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 28, 2004 reads comments
Daily Grind - Daily Grind: Louie had to cancel lunch this week. He had some personal business that held a higher priority than sharing yet another meal with his friend Ed. This week there will be no waitress encounters, no overheard cell phone conversations, and no pasta with the life drained out of it. Instead, I went next door to the Daily Grind to get a turkey sandwich and a smoothie. 6816 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 21, 2004 reads comments
the Abdis - the Abdis: The place when we arrived was empty, 12 midday, but it got a little busy after that; still with one waitress and a cook; their expectations were clearly not very optimistic. 6200 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 14, 2004 reads comments
the Cava - the Cava: We ordered like we had just won the lottery, or at least a Pick Six at the racetrack. We ordered Halibut with a potato crust and two soft chicken tacos with rice and beans. That’s right, you’d better win something at the track, because the tacos are 13.00 bucks, and the halibut is 17.50. That’s for lunch, buddy! At dinner, prices go up. 6739 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 06, 2004 reads comments
the Ca'  Dario - the Ca'  Dario: As I ordered our check, I discovered to my amazement that my neighbor had indeed cleaned his salmon plate in its totality. It was also at this time that ‘Annette’ got up to go to the restroom. Standing, she revealed a mini skirt no wider than my pappardelle. As she walked away, the entire restaurant lost all mobility and sound. 6488 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 30, 2004 reads comments
Bitterman's Deli - Bitterman's Deli: The chicken broth wasn’t bad, but the matzo ball was more like a bocce ball, perfectly round and a little hard. The turkey was of the super market variety, but the sandwich with avocado, tomatoes, sprouts and onions was okay. The coleslaw was forgettable. Best of the whole thing was the pickle jar and the uninterrupted Seinfeld shows on the TV. 7801 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 23, 2004 reads comments
Brigitte's - Brigitte's: We got to meet a whole bunch of people at Brigitte's, all of them staff. A lady first greeted us and gave us our menus. Then another lady brought the water and bread. Somebody else asked us if we were ready to order, smiled and left. A couple of minutes later somebody totally different took our order. You want diversification in your service, go to Brigitte’s, it’s a little confusing but has a certain ballet quality to it. 5808 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 16, 2004 reads comments
Sojourner Café - Sojourner Café: As soon as we sat down we knew something out of the ordinary was going on. For no reason we could possibly think of, a waitress and the hostess immediately ran behind a partition and began staring at us like we were members of Al Qaeda. There was hate and suspicion in those looks, and there were bad vibes that were definitely directed at us. To tell you the truth, it was freaky. 6185 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 09, 2004 reads comments
Brophy Brothers - Brophy Brothers: I would have been happy even if my lunch consisted of just a Snickers bar. The place in itself is charming, with old black and white pictures of fishing past, a bar in the center of the eating area was the meeting place of several fisherman, having a brew and a good time as well. There are two outside eating areas; we were very lucky to get a table with a great view of the ocean and the hills as well. 7356 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 02, 2004 reads comments
Palazzio - Palazzio: Two of the dishes tasted exactly the same, even though they were completely different on the menu. When you put a gallon of cream and a half-gallon of oil on some ingredients, you drain the life out of them; you can call them anything you want. At the end, it’s just gook. 5973 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 24, 2004 reads comments
Fresco - Fresco: The salads are wonderful, and the house dressing is probably one of the best in town. Prices are very reasonable and if you are not too gastronomically pretentious you can have a slice of pizza or a calzone with a giant salad for $6.50. Their dishes are very generous and most of the time a half a salad should be more than enough. One curious tidbit, the ratio was approximately 5 women to every one man, including Ed and me in the male category. Where are the guys? 5904 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 17, 2004 reads comments
The Good Earth - The Good Earth: The Good Earth is a good place to go when you just don’t care – when you’ve got to eat something, but don’t care what it is. You know exactly what you’re going to get, and that eliminates the trouble of choosing from the menu. 6004 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 10, 2004 reads comments
La Playa Azul - La Playa Azul: The tostada was generic and with a total lack of imagination in its presentation. Just pile everything up and good luck. The enchiladas were plain and simply bad. The filling almost all dark chicken meat and when we opened it up, it was staring at us. It was alive. That’s no good. The tortilla that surrounded this concoction had seen its better days, it was soggy and falling apart. 6195 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 04, 2004 reads comments
Figaro - Figaro: It was a great lunch with impeccable service and great views. Prices are moderate, $7.95 for either dish. The coffee could have had used a little more punch, but hey, another good find. We will be back. Hate to admit, but we will. 5753 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 28, 2004 reads comments
Pascucci's - Pascucci's: The most striking feature on the plate is a pinkish leaf of kale; I'm guessing it's for decoration. It is enormous and takes up a third of the plate. But that's okay, because the halibut is about the size of an anchovy; the penne is cold and the sauce covering it is inedible. Ed doesn't do that much better with his selection; the pasta is totally overcooked and cold; as for Alfredo, well, he must be on break because he isn't on the pasta. 7311 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 21, 2004 reads comments
Santa Barbara Brewing - Santa Barbara Brewing: Well, it didn't take long for Emilee, our waitress, to make her angelical entrance into our lives. Emilee is a blond blue-eyed American with a nonexistent waist, long wonderful legs, an exceptional figure, and the widest smile on the west coast - an absolute geschmack! 6027 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 13, 2004 reads comments
D'Angelo Bakery - D'Angelo Bakery: It is with some disappointment and a certain degree of irritation that I must conclude that my lunch this afternoon was not only satisfactory but almost bordering on perfection. Very upsetting. 7643 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 06, 2004 reads comments
Our Daily Bread - Our Daily Bread: When we were leaving the sandwich lady was talking to her just arrived boyfriend. All was well and you could hear the chirping of hormones in the place. He ordered quiche. Good idea. Don't get the soup buddy. 7000 add

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