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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 24, 2012 reads comments
- SBCC has a proposal on the table to cancel its summer session this year. 1116 12
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 17, 2012 reads comments
- The Santa Barbara City Council will consider a recommendation to increase water, wastewater (sewer), and solid waste collection rates. 857 11
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 22, 2012 reads comments
Should SBC Say Yes to Caruso? - Should Santa Barbara County continue saying "yes" to Rick Caruso? 2552 36
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 14, 2012 reads comments
Meeting Regarding Recent Helicopter Activity - SB Cottage Hospital will host a meeting tonight at 6pm about the helicopters and the recent activity. This link gives info regarding helicopter regulations. 1460 38
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 18, 2011 reads comments
City Council Regulate Oversized Vehicle Parking - Tomorrow at 6 p.m., the Goleta City Council will consider an ordinance that would regulate parking of oversized, recreational, and commercial vehicles. 3300 26
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 04, 2011 reads comments
Gang Task Force Funding - The city of Santa Barbara will renew its funding commitment to the South Coast Task Force on Gangs. Do you think this effort has been successful? 2361 28
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 27, 2011 reads comments
Tree Removal Appeal - A woman who wants to remove two ficus trees that are uplifting the sidewalk on Milpas is taking her appeal to the city council, which will likely deny it. 3140 20
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 13, 2011 reads comments
Business Recycling Rates Going Up - Santa Barbara businesses will see an increase in their recycling rates as of October 1. 1520 2
Homeless Issues to be Reviewed - City Council will discuss progress on homeless issues on Tuesday. A recommendation to suspend the "real change not spare change" campaign is made. 3008 29
Tanker Base Letter - City leaders will consider supporting the restoration of Santa Maria's Federal Air Tanker Base to full service status for firefighting purposes. 2460 add
Low Cost Landmarks - The county is looking into low- and no- cost incentives to encourage landmarking of historic structures. 1429 5
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 07, 2011 reads comments
- The Supervisors will consider the Climate Action Study today. Read the recommended greenhouse gas reductions here. What do you think? [pdf] 1465 25
Cabana and Funicular - The cabana and funicular on the beach between Hope Ranch and Hendry's were considered for historic landmark status at the Supervisors Tuesday. 4848 22
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 23, 2011 reads comments
New Police Station Design - Moving forward with what could be a $48 million new police station, the city council will consider a conceptual design contract for the project on Tuesday. 3777 18
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 21, 2011 reads comments
Kardashian Wedding - There will be many stories about Kim Kardashian's Montecito wedding Saturday. We know you may not care, but here they are if you do. 8049 37
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 19, 2011 reads comments
New Terminal Opens - The new airport terminal is open to the public as of today. Share any thoughts or observations about it on this thread. 2243 28
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 16, 2011 reads comments
- Emergency evacuation routes are on the agenda at City Hall. Two councilmembers want traffic 'obstructions' on these routes prevented. [pdf] 1058 4
De La Guerra Plaza Revamp - Less lawn, more paths and lowering the grass flush with the street could be part of De la Guerra Plaza's future. Council to discuss controversial plaza revamp. 2629 9
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 09, 2011 reads comments
- Councilmembers Self and Rowse are asking the rest of the City Council to consider support of an opt out option for PG and E's smart meter program. [pdf] 1162 15
- The Supervisors will consider approving this response to the Grand Jury report on "complicated and costly" post-employment benefits. [pdf] 879 3
Bike Lane Extension Planned - Extending bike lanes along El Colegio Road to Storke Road will require elimination of street parking in front of Santa Catalina Hall (the former FT). 1727 10
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 05, 2011 reads comments
Cold Spring Arch Bridge Rescue - The woman who saved a life last weekend was headed on a seemingly routine errand when she saw a woman on the Cold Spring Arch Bridge. Here is her story, as told to Edhat. 6770 45
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 02, 2011 reads comments
Mission Canyon Wildfire Plan - View the Mission Canyon Wildfire Protection Plan at this link. Add your comments on the plan, which is before the supervisors on Tuesday. [pdf] 1677 3
- A discussion about hydraulic fracturing - fracking - will continue at the county Tuesday. Should this oil industry practice be allowed here? [pdf] 1716 27
San Ysidro Path Up for Approval - After much controversy, a path on the west side of San Ysidro Road to Montecito Union School is on the Tuesday county supervisors consent agenda. 2310 27
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 12, 2011 reads comments
Bridge Loan for IV Development - A development planned on Trigo Road in Isla Vista would include 3 of 21 units for low income households. The County may provide a bridge loan. 2274 8
Bags Back on Agenda - Ways to reduce the use of plastic bags at local businesses are back on the City Council's agenda for tomorrow. What do you think they should do? 3396 36
Recycled Water - The Santa Barbara School District, Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort, and Cottage Hospital will use recycled water to irrigate their landscaping. 1361 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 28, 2011 reads comments
Cliff Drive Ideas - Mesa Architects has requested that Caltrans adjust the number of lanes on Cliff Drive from four to two and add a center turn lane and two bike lanes. 2432 44
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 21, 2011 reads comments
Workers Comp Costs - The county will likely hire a new vendor to provide workers' compensation claims administration. Last year medical bills of over $13 million were processed. 2339 add
Casino Liquor License - The county is considering withdrawing its protest of the Chumash Casino's application to transfer their liquor license within the casino-resort premises. 2030 12
City Budget - Many of the City's labor agreements and salary plans call for unpaid furlough in varying amounts in Fiscal Year 2012. A final budget is up for approval Tuesday. 2541 8
Ozone Project - A $13 million project will lower the allowable level of disinfection by-products in drinking water by installing an ozonation facility at the Cater water plant. 2294 4
Victoria Theatre Project - The Ensemble Theatre's grant request for $1 million in Redevelopment funds for equipment at the Victoria Theatre will be considered tomorrow. 1986 20
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 14, 2011 reads comments
Redistricting Maps - The first draft of plans for statewide political redistricting are now available online. See how local districts would be affected. 1521 2
City Salary Plans - Management salary plans are on the city council agenda tomorrow. The propsal would implement concessions for managers in Fiscal Year 2012. 1585 4
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 07, 2011 reads comments
Fresh and Easy Update - City staff is recommending that the council deny an appeal of the Fresh and Easy project on Milpas and let the grocer move forward with their plans. 3250 27
Legislative Platform - The city of Santa Barbara's legislative platform is up for review at tomorrow's council meeting. What do you think of the stands they plan to take? 1589 14
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 03, 2011 reads comments
Should County Spend on Solar? - The County may spend $5 million on a photovoltaic system to reduce dependence on the national electrical grid and reduce its carbon footprint. 3322 12
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 17, 2011 reads comments
Not So Fast, Fresh and Easy - Fresh and Easy market's plan for Milpas Street is being appealed. The city will likely hear the objection to the plan for 336 N Milpas next month. 3759 26
Airport Expenses - Here's a summary of spending on the new airport terminal so far. The city council is being asked to approve an increase in spending due to extra work. 2669 7
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 13, 2011 reads comments
Beach Parking - Here is the agenda item outlining the county beach parking fee discussion. Seven county beaches could be affected. Revenues would be $3 to $7 million. 3627 37
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 10, 2011 reads comments
Homeless Prevention - City Council is likely to approve $1.2 million in homeless prevention assistance to households who would otherwise become homeless at Tuesday's meeting. 2748 24
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 04, 2011 reads comments
Terminal Gala - The summer gala celebration planned for the new airline terminal has a price tag of over over $100,000, according to city documents. 2500 18
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 26, 2011 reads comments
Housing for Formerly Homeless - City staff is recommending that the council approve transitional housing for the formerly homeless at 2904 State Street. The plan was objected to by neighbors. 3131 50
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 20, 2011 reads comments
Bye Bye Plastic Bags? - The Santa Barbara City Council will again take up the issue of eliminating plastic bags from local stores today. Here's what they could do. 3346 53
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 19, 2011 reads comments
Tsunami Hazard Zone Signs - Tsunami hazard zone signs will be placed in strategic locations in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Goleta, as well as public beach access points. 3204 6
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 12, 2011 reads comments
Medical Marijuana Dispensary - City staff is recommending that the council deny a storefront medical marijuana dispensary permit for 2915 De la Vina Street. 3986 33
Proposed Annexation - Currently there are approximately 1,925 parcels in the County that are not paying a portion of their property taxes to support fire services. 2001 add
Ag Worker Vanpool Update - The county has received an extension of a $3 million grant with funds designated for an agricultural worker vanpool. 2097 5
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 05, 2011 reads comments
Reagan Legacy - The Reagan Ranch will celebrate the late President's 100th birthday. Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney will be in town. What do you think Reagan's legacy was? 2412 43
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 21, 2010 reads comments
Debate of the Day - Due to subscriber request, a chance to debate and discuss ballot initiatives. Today's topic: Prop. 19, the Marijuana Legalization Initiative. 2794 91
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 29, 2010 reads comments
Tuesday's Temperatures - What will Tuesday's weather bring us? It sure was hot overnight. Use this thread to share home temperature readings and other weather updates. 4402 49
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 28, 2010 reads comments
Hot Weather Continues - Several subscribers have requested that we start another thread for recording temperatures and sharing weather info and anecdotes. Here it is. 26569 107
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 16, 2010 reads comments
Soccer Talk - This is a thread where you can talk about the ongoing play in the World Cup. Have fun and try not to get a red card. 2043 15
Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 27, 2010 reads comments
Homeless Problem - In response to a Wednesday train v. pedestrian death, many subscribers wanted to discuss the issues of homeless people in Santa Barbara. 2728 36
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 10, 2008 reads comments
- The Gap Fire has brought attention to the fact that there could be improvements with regard to the delivery of news and public information in our community. We would like to hear what Edhat subscribers think about this issue - 50 comments so far, let's keep this discussion going. 3487 72

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