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--------- [ 1 ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


1031 Tax Advice


--------- [ 3 ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


3D Drawings Professional


--------- [ 4 ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


4-Runner Detail Service


--------- [ 9 ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


99% Rubbing Alcohol


--------- [ A ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Abalone Jeweler

Above Ground Spas

Academy Awards Showing

Accordion Player


Aching Tooth

Acrylic Nails

ACT Tutor


Acupuncture Treatment


Adult Hip-Hop Dance Lessons


Affordable Christmas Tree

Affordable Glasses

Affordable Gyms

Affordable Lodging

Affordable Oil Change

Affordable Plumber

Affordable Print Services

Affordable Spaying

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Horn

Alcohol Counseling

Alcoholism Support Group


Almond Milk Coffee


Aloe Plant Leaves


Alternate Locksmiths

Alternative Care Doctor

Amended 1040 Tax Preparer

American Flag Apparel

American Made

Anesthesia-free Dog Dental Cleaning

Angie Vs Ed

Animal Chiropractor

Animation Appraisal

Anniversary Dinner Seafood Recommendation

Anterior Hip Replacement

Antique Bike Dealer

Antique Coffee Pots

Antique Doll Repair

Antique Restoration

Antique Selling

Antique Stores

Anxiety/Depression Psychologist

Anxiety/Panic Disorder Support Group

Apple Picking

Apple Pie

Apple Referral

Appliance Repair


Archery Supplies

Architect Needed


Armchair Slipcover

ART Therapy

Art Teacher Referral

Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt Seal

Astrologer or Psychic

Astronomy Clubs

Audi Mechanic

Audi Repair


Authentic Italian Food

Auto Body Shop

Auto Dent/Scratch Repair

Auto Interior Detailer

Auto Paint Shop

Auto Salvage Service

Auto Transmission

Autoimmune Illness



--------- [ B ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Baby Back Ribs Referral

Baby Chickens

Baby You Can Drive My Car


Bacon Burger

Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs

Bagel Fix


Bait and Tackle

Baked Alaska

Bakery Photographer

Baking Supplies

Balcony Rail Installation

Ballet For Toddlers

Balloon Pump Rental

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo Stalks Referral

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Plant


Bankruptcy Attorney

Bar T-Shirts


Barber- Head Shaving Art

Baseball Lounge

Basic Cell Plan

Basketball Courts

Bathroom Painter

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Work

Bathtub Refinishing

Battery Rebuild

BBQ for Lunch

BBQ Repair

Beach Bonfire

Beach Clean-Up

Beach Hotels

Bear Spray

Beard Stylist

Beard Trimmer Referrals

Bed and Breakfast

Bed Store

Bedding Sewer

Bee Keeper

Bee Removal

Beef Ribs

Beef Wellington


Beginner Yoga

Belly Dance Classes

Best BLT

Best Burger

Best Date Place

Best Falafel in Town

Best French Fries

Best Hot Chocolate

Best Massage

Best Onion Rings

Best Place to Eat on Milpas

Best Pozole

Best Pulled Pork Sandwich

Best Solvang Bakery

Best Sourdough Bread

Best Taco

Best Tamales in Santa Barbara

Bicycle Donation

Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Repair Shop


Big and Tall

Bike Rack

Bike Shoes


Bird Bath

Bird Feeder

Birthday Cake

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Ideas

Birthday Party Venue

Black Lab Breeder

Blacklight Posters

Blade Sharpener

Blind Repair


Boat Waxing


Bobbing For Kebabs

Body Shop

Book Binder Referral

Book Binding

Book Club

Book Donation

Book Repair

Book Restorer

Book Store


Bootcamp Workout

Botox Injections

Bounce House

Brake Work

Branching Out

Brass Quartet

Brass Repair


Brazilian Blowout



Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Sandwich

Breast Surgeon

Brick Demo & Repurposing

Bright Color Hair Stylist



Browsing on Broken Glass

Brush Hauling


Bug Exterminator

Bulk Postcards

Bulk Seafood

Burdock Root

Business Card Scanner/Reader

Business Cards

Business Clothes Donation

Busy Bee Hive

Butcher Shop

Butcher Shops

Buying a Kayak

Buying Snow


--------- [ C ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Cabinet Installer

Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Re-Dooring

Cable Modem

Caesar Salad

Caesarstone Fabricators

Cake Designer


Calendar Printer

California Roll

Calligrapher Referral

Camper Service

Candy Store Referral

Cane or Walking Stick


Car Detailer

Car Fabric Repair

Car Mechanic

Car Mechanics

Car Paint Fix-It

Car Park Needed

Car Radio

Car Rental

Car Repair

Car Shipper

Car Sound System

Car Stereo Amp Repair

Car Upholstery

Car Upholstery Repair

Car Value Estimator

Car Wash

Car Wax

Caramel Corn

Caramel Dessert



Carpenter/Table Builder


Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Dyeing Specialist

Carpet Installer

Carpet Pieces

Carpet to Rug

Carrot Cake



Cat Groomer

Cataract Treatment

Caterer for Non-Profit

Catering Company

Catering for a Non Profit

CD Audio File Conversion

CD Store

Cedar Chest

Ceiling Fans

Cell Phone Screen Repair

Ceramic Planters for Entry

Ceramic Repair

Ceramic Tile Cutter

Chair and Table Rental

Chair Repair

Champagne Brunch

Champagne Glasses

Channel Island Chariot

Chasing Candy

Cheap Hotel

Cheapest Diesel

Cheapest Gas

Cheese Curds

Cheese Making

Cheese Shop


Chemistry Set

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken Coop Co-op

Chicken Coop Referral

Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken Wings

Child Behavioral Specialist

Child Care

Child Custody Lawyer

Child Psychiatrist

Child Therapist

Children Donations

Child's Birthday Party Rentals

Child's Haircut Referral

Chile Colorado Burrito

Chili Fries

Chill Out, It's Only Global Warming

Chiminea Purchase

Chimney & Fireplace Repair

Chimney Referral

Chimney Sweeper Referral

Chinese Fringe Tree

Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant Happy Hour

Chinese Restaurant/Bar


Chocolate Malt

Christmas Day Volunteers

Christmas Eve Services

Christmas Trees 2009

Christmas Trees 2010


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Doctor

Church Recommendations

Church Referral


Cinco de Mayo

Cinnamon Rolls


Civil Rights Attorney

Cleaning Person

Cleaning Service

Clock Repair

Clubhouse Renting

CO2 Refill

Coctel de Camarones

Coffee Cake

Coffee Filters

Coffee Shop

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Coin Dealer

Coin-Op Laundry Machine

Cold Springs Tavern Taxi

Collection Attorney

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Community Kitchen

Computer Fix

Computer Help

Computer Programming Classes

Computer Tech

Concord Grapes

Concrete Company

Concrete Contractor

Concrete Patio Work

Concrete Pumping Service

Concrete Staining

Confederate Stamps

Conference Room Rentals

Contractor Referral

Contractor to Convert Garage

Contractor Work

Convalescent Homes

Convertible Top Replacement

Cooked Tri Tip

Cooked Turkey

Cooking Class

Copper Pot

Corned Beef Brisket

Corporate Contract Lawyer

Costco Dental Insurance

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Rentals Near Mission Canyon

Couch or Sofa Purchase

Counseling Programs

Couples Therapist

Cox Bundles

Cozy Dinner Spot

CPAP Machine

Cracked iPad Screen

Cracked Laptop Screen

Cracked Rye

Crank Window Repair

Craving Clam Chowder

Credit Repair Specialist

Credit Union


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criss Cut Fries

Cross Country Moving

Cross-Country Shipment


Cruising to Carpinteria

Cuban Sandwich


Currency Exchange

Custom Glass Shower Panel

Custom Metal Engraving

Custom Skateboard

Custom Stickers

Custom T-shirts

Custom Windows

Cycle Shoes


--------- [ D ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Dance Teacher

Danish Breakfast

Darning Service

Date Night

Date Restaurant

Day Of Wedding Coordinator

Day Spa

Decadent Decorations

Deciphering Silver

Decorative Tiles

Delicious Sandwiches To Go

Delivery Service

Dementia Care

Dementia Care Home

Dent Repair

Dental Discounts for Veterans

Dental Implant

Dental Implants




Dermatologists Specializing in Skin Cancer

Design Contractor

Detox Retreat

Diabetic Delicacies

Digital Formatting

Digitize Photos

Dining Near Freeway

Dining with Kids

Dinning Table Refurbishing

Dirty Mouth?

Disaster Prep

Disputed Wages

Dive Operation

Divorce Attorney

Divorce Lawyer


DJ For Birthday Gig

DJ Referral

DMV Paperwork

Doctor Specializing in ADD

Doctor: Internal Medicine

Dodge Truck Mechanic

Dog Aggression Trainer

Dog Agility Training

Dog Behaviorist

Dog Elbow Surgery

Dog Groomer

Dog Sitter

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Dog Trainer

Dog Training

Doggy Day Care

Doggy Dental

Donation Location

Donation Pick-up


Door Hanger

Double Coupons

Down to the Dump

Downtown Gym

Downtown Sunday Lunch

Downtown Wine Tasting

Dr. [Dog] House

Drapery Alteration

Dream Cake

Dress Measurements

Dried Flowers

Drip System Install

Drive Thru Dining

Driver Referrals

Driving School

Drum Lessons

Dry Cleaner

Dry Cleaners

Dry Ice

Dryer Vent Clean Out

Drywall Contractor

DUI Attorney

Dungeness Crab

Dwarf Palm Trees

Dyeing T-Shirts

Dyson Vacuum Repair


--------- [ E ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist

Early Morning Breakfast

Early Zumba

Easier Groceries

Easter Brunch

Easter Bunny Pics

Easter Lamb

Easter Sunday Brunch

eBay Referral

Ecommerce Software

Eggplant Parm

Eggs Benedict

Egyptian Flags

Elder Rights Lawyer/Attorney

Elderly Volunteer Programs



Electronic Lock

Electronics Recycling

Electronics Repair

Elephant Bar Menu

Embroidery Framing

Emergency Kit Prep

Employment Attorney

Endocrinologist for Hashimoto's


Energy Use

Engine Work

Entertainment Center

Epoxy Contractor

Ergonomic Consultant

Estate Planner

Estate Planning Attorney

Event Gift

Eviction Forms

Exercise Classes for Hip Replacements

Exercise Rental Space

Exotic Pet Vet

Exterior House Painter

Exterior Restoration

Extra Wide Walking Shoes

Eye Doctor

Eye Need a Doctor

Eyebrow Wax

Eyebrow Waxing Referral

Eyeglasses Store


--------- [ F ] ---------------------------------------------------------------



Fabricated Stones

Face Lift

Face Painters


Facial Hair Threading

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facial Vein Removal

Factory Tours

Family Doctor

Family Law Attorney Referral

Family Therapy

Family Trust Law

Fan Installation

Farmer's Market Floral Vendors

Father's Day Pancakes

Feather Boas

Female Family Attorney

Fence Builder

Fence Repair Surveyor

Fenced Dog Park

Fences Make Good Neighbors

Fencing Lessons

Fiat Mechanic Referral

Fiddle Teacher

Fiddling Around

Fiesta Dress

Fiesta Food

Film Convertion

Financial Adviser Referral

Financial Planner

Finish Carpenter

Fire Extinguisher Refill

Fire Insurance


First Aid

Fish N' Chips

Fish Store

Fish Tacos


Fishing Lake

Fitness Class for the Injured

Flagstone Cleaning

Flexible Mechanic

Floor and Kitchen Installation


Flooring Contractor


Flu Shot

Foam Finder

Foam Flooring


Food Donations

Food Trucks

Foot Problems

Football Watching Location

Ford Mechanic

Formatting a Presentation

Foundation Help

Fountain Pen Nibs

Fountain Repair

Frame Shop

Free Birthday Dessert

Free Clothes Donations

Free Range Turkey

Freezer Repair

French Drains

French Fries

French Macaroon

Fresh Bacon

Fresh Fish

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Fried Chicken

Fried Shrimp

Friendliest Meals for Wheels?

Fruitcake Referral

Full-time Childcare

Fur Alterations Referral

Furnace Installations

Furnace Repair Referral


Furniture Asembly

Furniture Dealer

Furniture Work

Fuyu Persimmons


--------- [ G ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Game Groups

Game Store

Garage Door Service

Garage Doors

Garage Painting

Garden Box Builder

Garden Soil


Gardening Service

Gas Heater Repair Referral

Gas Powered Pressure Washer



Gazing Ball

GE Repair

General Chiropractor

General Surgeon Recommendation

Generator Service

Gentle Physical Therapist


Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping Service

Gifts for a Grandson

Gingerbread House Kit

Glass Cutting

Glass Scratch Removal

Glider Rocker

Gluten Free Pie

GMC Mechanic


Going Home

Goleta Storage Facility

Golf Trainer

Good Gyro

Good Ol' Fireplaces

Good Salad Bars

Gopher Problem

Got a Hint for a Tint?

Gotta Have My Football!

Gotta Sell My Axe

Graduation Lei

Granite Countertops

Graphic Artist

Grass Fed Beef

Great Sushi

Greek Food

Green Beer

Green Waste Recycler

Group Bike Rides

Group Health Insurance

Grouting Service

Growing a Green Thumb

Guitar Strings

Gum Paste and Fondant Referral

Gun Safety Class

Guys Night Out


Gym Equipment



--------- [ H ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Hair Replacement for Alopecia

Hair Salon

Hair Stylist


Hairdresser For Curly Locks


Hallmark Ornaments

Halloween Costumes for Adults

Ham & Cheese

Hand Surgeon Referral


Handyman Wanted

Happy Hour

Happy Hour Restaurants

Happy Hours

Hard Drive Retrieval

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Hardy Board

Haunted House

Hawaiian Dancer

Headshot Referrals

Health Club

Health Insurance Agents

Healthy Apple Pie

Healthy Vending Machines

Heating Company

Heavy Metal

Helium Gas Referral

Hello Kitty

Help Me Fix My Shed, Ed?

Help Wanted

Hidden Screen Installation

High Speed Internet

High-Quality Mangoes

Holiday Bourbon

Holiday Fruitcake

Holiday Gift Boxes

Holiday Gifts

Holiday Light Tour

Holiday Light Tours

Holiday Lights

Holiday Pie

Holiday Pie Donation

Holiday Restaurant Meals

Home Air Conditioning Service/Repair

Home Carpet Cleaning

Home Chef

Home Computer Repair

Home Construction Companies

Home Cooking

Home Heating Companies

Home Inspector

Home Insurance

Home Internet Only

Home Loan Re-finance

Home Owner Insurance

Home Security Referral

Home Sound System

Home Window Tinting

Homebrew Club

Homeschool Groups

Honda Interior Parts

Honka Hoota

Hook Up

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Horse Boarding

Horse Trailer Service

Horse Vet

Hospice Counselor


Hot Dog

Hot Fudge Sundae

Hotel OK with Pets

Hotel Parking

Hotel Pool Passes

House Cleaner

House Cleaning Recommendation

House Painter

House Wiring



Housing Contractor

HP Touchpad

Huevos Rancheros

Humane Local Farm

Hyperemesis Gravidarum



--------- [ I ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Ice Cream Sodas

I'm Feeling Crabby!

Immigration Attorney

Inexpensive Hemming

Inexpensive Veterinarian

Infant Care

Infiniti Repair Shop

Informed Estimate?

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Inkjet Cartridge Refill

Insoles for Pronating Ankles

Insulation Installer

Insurance Agent

Insurance Plan

Interior Designer

Interior Painter Referral


Intracranial Schwannoma Treatment

iPhone Repair

Irish Coffee

Irish Soda Bread

Is Your Dishwasher Running?

Italian Kale Seeds

Italian Lessons

Italian Tutor


--------- [ J ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Jacket Referral

Jacuzzi Leak Repair

Jeep Service

Jewel Resetting

Jewelry Appraiser

Jewelry Buyer

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Re-sell

Jewelry Resizing

Job Advisor Needed



--------- [ K ] ---------------------------------------------------------------



Karate & Martial Arts Class


Kidney Stone Doctor

Kiln Rental

Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitten Adoption

Knee Replacement

Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpening

Knit One, Purl Two; To Go

Knit Repair

Knock 'Em Down and Haul Away


Korean Restaurant



--------- [ L ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Laminate Flooring Referral

Lamp Repair

Landscape Contractor

Landscape Designer

Landscape Irrigation

Landscaping Project

LaPerm Breeder

Laptop Engraving

Large Animal Figures

Large Birthday Area

Large Dog Veterinarian

Large Photo Printing

Large Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Large Travel Mug Local Purchase

Lasik Surgery Doctors

Last Minute Trees

Late Night Pharmacy

Late Night Restaurants


Lavender Stalks?

Lawn Mower Tune-up

Lawn Removal

Lawn Work

Lawyer for Civil Suit

Lawyer for the Elderly

Lazy Boy Lever

Learning Guitar

Leather Repair

Leather Work

Left Over Gargage Sale Items

Left Turn Please

Leg Spider Vein Removal

Legal Help

Liability Insurance Agent

Lighting Designer

Limo Service

Live Entertainment

Live Music Act

Liver and Onions

Living Will

Lobster Tail

Local Activities

Local Art

Local Avocados

Local Band

Local Bank Switch

Local Business Advice

Local Business Insurance Provider

Local Cheese

Local Cleaning Company Referral

Local Communes

Local Dentist Who Specializes in Dentures

Local Food Products

Local Illustrator/Artist

Local Jazz Music

Local Links

Local Non-Profit Donation

Local Radio Stations

Local Realtors

Local Ridgeback Shrimp

Local Venues


Long Distance Moving

Looking for Barber

Looking for Commercial Kitchens for Rent

Looking for Therapist Recommendations

Looking for Wildflowers

Looking to Rent/Borrow an Ice Cream Cart

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Specialist

low-key Christmas dinner

Low-keyed Lawyer

Lumbar Disc Treatment

Lunch Done Cheap

Lyme Disease

Lymph Massage Therapist

Lymphatic Massage Therapy


--------- [ M ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Magazine Retailer


Make Up Artists

Make-up Classes

Male Pedicure



Manuscript Typist



Mariachi Band

Marriage Counselor

Martini Venue

Massage Referral

Massage Therapist

Maternity/Newborn Photographer

Mattress Removal

Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo Ball Soup Referral

Mazda Mechanic

Meal Delivery Service Referrals


Media Blasting

Medicaid Issues

Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical Clinic

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana For Rheumatoid Disease

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medication Program

Meeting Fine Fellows

Meeting People

Meetups for Singles

Memorial Day

Memory Doctor

Memory Foam Mattress

Men's Groups

Men's Hair Cut

Mentoring Groups

Mercedes Mechanic

Mercedes Paint Color Code

Metal Detector

Metal Detector Instructor

Metal Hand Railing

Metal Shed Removal

Metal Table Powder Coating

Metal Worker

Mexican Blankets

Mexican Food

Mexican Market

Mexican Spices

Microwave Repair

Midwife and Natural Birth

Migraines Pain Management Docotor

Migration Expert



Mini Blind Repair

Minor Dent Repair

Miso Soup

Mmm Pancakes

Mobile Auto Painting

Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Cat Groomer

Mobile Coffee Cart

Mobile Detail Car Wash Service

Mobile Home Level

Mobile Home Realtor

Mobile Home Roofer

Mobile Mechanic

Mobile Petting Zoo

Mobile RV Service

Mobile Vet

Mobility Van Repaire


Mold Check

Mold Detection

Mold Remediation


Moon Pies

Moquito Fish

Morel Mushrooms

Morning Hamburgers

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Lawyer Referral

Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorhome Check-Up

Motorhome Mechanic

Movers Referrals

Moving Boxes

Moving Company

Moving Services

Muffler Repair


Music Lessons

Music Summer Camps

Musical Greeting Cards


--------- [ N ] ---------------------------------------------------------------



Nail Salon


NASCAR Watching

Native Plant Gardener

Natural Stone

Needlepoint, Knitting

Networking Group


New Brakes Needed

New Computers

New England Split Top Buns

New Sod

New Years Eve Dining

New Year's Eve Event

New Years Ideas

NFL Radio Stations

Nissan Mechanic

No Snap, Crackle, Pop, Please

Nodular Melanoma

Non-profit Posters

Non-Toxic Hair Coloring

Noodle Soup


Nursing Facility


Nuts and Seeds


--------- [ O ] ---------------------------------------------------------------



Occupational Therapist

Ocean Fishing Trip

Offset Printing Service

Oh We're Going on a Hukilau

Oil Change

Old TV Sets

Older Basketball Team

Olympic Lifting Shoes



On the Out Footers

One Potato, Two Potato

One Way Move

Online Traffic School

Open Trailer Rental

Open-face Turkey Sandwich


Opthamologist Referral

Optometrist Referrals

Oral Surgeon

Organic Masa

Organic Turkey

Organizations Needed

Orthodontist Referrals

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Vet


Osso Bucco


Out of Town Couch

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outside Tile Installation

Ozone Generator


--------- [ P ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


PA System


Painting Cleaning Service?

Painting Contractor

Paisley Bandanas

Palm Tree Buyer

Palm Tree Removal


Paper Wasp Removal

Parasailing or Hang Gliding Lessons

Parenting Class

Party Band

Party Bus

Party Supplies

Party Venue

Passion Fruit

Passover to Go

Passport Photo


Pastrami Sandwich

Patent Search

Patio Flooring

Paving the Way

Peacock Feathers

Peanut Butter

Pebble Stone Surfaces Repair

Pediatric Physical Therapist



Penny Drives

Permanent Make-Up Artist

Permeable Paving

Persian Rug Repair

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Therapist

Personal Trainer

Pest Control

Pest Control Referral

Pet Allergies

Pet Boarding

Pet Chicken Workshops

Pet Cremation

Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Lymphoma Treatment

Pet Psychiatrist Referral

Pet Psychic

Pet Sitter Referral

Peter Parnall Lithographs

Pharmacies, Eh?

Philly Cheesesteak

Phone Service

Phone Wiring Technician

Photo Booth

Photo Restoration

Photo Storage Facility

Photograph Restoration

Physical Rehab and Medicine

Physical Therapist

Physician Referral

Piano Chip Repair

Piano Teacher

Piano Tuner

Pickling Pickles

Picture Perfect Class


Pipe Bending

Piriformis Syndrome


Plantar Fasciitis

Plasma Globe



Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Tablecloths

Playoff Hockey Spot


Plumber - SYV


Pomegranate Molasses

Pond Maintenance

Pool Builder

Pool Equipment

Pool Fill In

Pool Service

Pool Work


Popcorn Ceiling Removal


Portrait Photographer

Post Card Creation

Power Point

Power Tool Repair

Power Washing

PowerPoint/Video Presentation Help

Precious Metals

Preschool in Goleta

Preschool Location

Prescription Eye Glasses

Pressure Wash

Prime Rib

Pring Pong Play

Prius Key Fob Duplication

Private Dining

Private Engagement Party Venue

Private Grade School

Private Investigator


Produce Delivery

Professional Wedding Dress Cleaner

Prom Corsage

Prom Dress Donation

Propane Refills

Property Management

Property Management Company for Vacation Home



PTSD Support Groups

Public Schools in the Mission Area

Publishing Dates

Pulmonologist Please

Pumpkin Patch/Maze

Pumpkin Pie

Punk-Rock Halls

Puppy Bowl IX Showing

Puppy Socialization Class

Purchasing Carpet


--------- [ Q ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Quality Contractor

Queremos Ropa Tradicional

Quest for Hydrangea

Quick Tailor

Quiet Restaurant

Quiet Resturant

Quilt Appraiser

Quit Smoking Classes


--------- [ R ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Radiant Heat Electrician


Rain Gutter Installation

Rain Gutter Repair

Rain Gutters

Range Rover Service

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs

Reading Glasses

Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Lawyer

Realtor Buyer's Agent

Rear Window Repair

Reasonably Priced Area Rugs

Reclaimed Water Car Wash

Recliner Rooms

Recovery Meetings

Recycle Location

Recycled Appliance

Recycling Center

Red Worms

Referral Regarding Rats

Referrals for Detaching a Lawn

Refrigerator Repair Referral

Registered Dietician

Reliable Taxi Service

Rent a Car

Rental Finder

Rental Space

Rental/Lease Realtor

Renting a Tuxedo

Residential Seismic Retrofitting in Santa Barbara

Resolution Help

Restaurant Referral for Large Party

Restaurant Venue

Restaurant With A View

Resume Preparation Service

Resume Referral

Reupholstered Chair

Reusable Bags

Re-wiring Service

Rheumatologist Referral

Rhubarb Pie

Ripped Rug Repair Referral

RLR Laundry Treatment

RO Question

Roasted Vegetable Salad

Rocker Repair

Rodent Exterminator

Romantic Restuarant

Romantic Spots


Rose Extract/Essence

Rowan Yarn

Rug Repair

RV Camping


RV Storage


--------- [ S ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Safe Deposit Box

Sage Sticks

Salad Bars

Salvaged Stuff

Sandblast Patio Furniture

Sandstone Floor

Sansum Physical Therapist

Santa Barbara Bank or Credit Union

Santa Barbara Flags

Santa Barbara Hotels

Santa Barbara Scenic Drives

Santa Photo Location

Santa Rental

Santa Ynez Cleaning Service

Santa Ynez Valley Contractor Referral

Santa Ynez Valley Plumber


Savings Account Interest

SB & SYV Running Trails

SB to SY Transportation

SB Tourist Gifts


Scanning Service

Sciatic Pain

Scooter Rental

Scrap Metal Pick-Up

Scrap Wood


SCUBA Certified


Searching For Schools

Security System Referrals


Seeking Local Caterers

Selling Gold Jewelry

Selling Lab Materials

Selling Music

Selling Silver Coins

Senior Discounts

Senior Fitness Classes

Senior Help

Senior Transporation

Senior Transport to LA

Septic Tank Specialist

Service Providers

Set of Chopsticks

Sewer Backwater Validation

Shade Plants

Shady Business

Sheet Metal Custom Cut Referral

Shepard's Pie

Shoe Dyeing

Shoe Maker

Shoe Repair

Shoe/Slide Duplicate

Short Term Gym

Shower Contractor

Shredding Service

Sign Painter

Silk Screen Printer

Silk-screened T-shirts

Silversmith or Jeweler

Singles Meeting Places

Sink Refinishing

Skilled Handyman Needed

Skylight Replacement

Sleep Apnea Specialist

Sleep Doctor

Sliding Glass Doors

Slipcover Dry Cleaning

Small Business Attorney

Small Move

Smog Place in Goleta

Smog Test

Smoke Service

Smoked Turkey

Snake Vet


Soccer Bar

Social Media Help

Social Security Attorney

Sofa Repair

Solar Company

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Power

Solar System Installers

Solar Tubes

Solarium Leak

Solo Gardener

Solstice Stuff

Solvang Pretzels

Sorority Badge Repair

Spanish Conversation Group

Spanish Food

Speaker Repair

Spear Fishing Equipment

Special Challenge Photographer

Special Needs Churches

Specialized Oral Surgeon

Specialty Citrus and Fruit Grafting

Specialty Dog Food

Specific Dermatologist

Sports Bar

Sports Medicine

Spousal Military Benefits

Spray Tan

Sprinkler Repair

Stackable Washer/Gas Dryer

Stacking Slate

Staghorn Fern

Stained Glass

Stair Builder

Stair Railing Replacement

Stamp Dealer


Steak and Potatoes

Steel Fabricator

Sticky Buns & Monkey Bread

Stir Fry

Stop the Clock

Storage Garage

Stove Repair

Strobe Light Purchase

Structural Calculations and Drawings

Stucco Work

Subaru Mechanic

Succulent Purchase

Suds for Duds

Sufganiyot- Jelly Donuts

Suitcase Repair

Summer Camp

Summer Job Search

Summer Kids Camp

Sun Hat


Sunday Brunch

Sunday Smog Shop


Sunroof Repair

Supervised Withdrawal

Support Groups in SB

Support Websites

Surfing Referral

Surgical Veterinarian

Surveyor Recommendation

Sweater Mending

Swedish Meatballs

Swim Team


SYV Appliance Repair

SYV Hotels

SYV Mass Transit

SYV Plumber

SYV Window Cleaner

SYV/Lompoc Flu Shot


--------- [ T ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Table Refinishing

Taco Caterer

Taco Catering

Taco Salad

Tai Chi Class



Take Out Food

Take Out Pizza

Taken to the Cleaners

Take-out Soup

Talented Karaoke


Tankless Water Heater Plumber

Tap Class

Tape Deck Repair

Tapes to Disc

Tax Advisor Referral

Tax Preparer Referral

Tax Returns Accountant

Taxi Driver Referrals



Teacher Discounts

Teacloths for Tourists

Teak Furniture Maintenance

Teen Jobs

Teen Night Clubs

Teeth Cleaning

Temporary Waterer

Temporary Workers

Tennis Coach

Termite Exterminator

Terrier Torn ACL

Textbook Donation

Thai Curry

Thai Dance & Music Performers

Thai Papaya Salad

Thanksgiving Restaurant

Thanksgiving To-Go Meals

Thanksgiving Turkey Preparation

Thanksgiving Volunteer Work

The Tour Returns

Therapist Referral

Thick Delicious Pork Chops

Thrift Store Pick up Service

Tile Guy

Tile Work

Tiled Floor Leak

Tire Alignment

Tire Chains

Tire Repair

Tire Service

Tire Stores

TMJ Doctor

To Go, Please

Toddler Swim Lessons

Toilet Installation

Tommy Bahama Chairs

Tongue Sandwich

Torn ACL

Tortilla Chips

Tortillas Fresh

Touch-Up Car Paint

Tour on TV

Toy Store

Toyota Mechanic

Toys and Clothes Donations

Trading Card Collector Dealers

Traffic School

Trailer Hitch Install

Trailer Remodel

Training Workshop

Transcriber Machine Repair

Transom Window

Travel Agent

Travel to Carmel

Travel Vaccinations

Traveling North

Treadmill Repair

Tree Chipper

Tree Grafting

Tree Pruner

Tree Removal

Tree Stump Remover

Tree Trimmer


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigonometry Tutor

Tri-Tip for BBQ

Truck Lifts & Bumper Add-On's

T-shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Screen Printing

Tuckered Out Boots

Tummy Tuck

Tuna Melt

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Tune Up


Turkey and Prime Rib for Christmas

Turkey Parts

Turquoise Bracelet Repair

Tutor Referral

TV Accessories

TV and Internet Wiring Replacement

TV Home Repair

TV Installation

TV Purchase

TV Repair

TV Service Provider

TV Wall Mount and Wiring

Typewriter Reconditioning

Typing Certificate

Typing Class


--------- [ U ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Udon Noodle Soup

Ukulele Repair

Uncommonly Good Veggies?

Underwater Tile Installer

Unfinished Wood Furniture

Unique Birthday Cards

Unique Greeting Cards

Unscented Pine Cones

Unvigorous Activities



Upholstery Cleaning Company

Upside Down Cake


Urologist/Prolapsed Bladder

Used Bikes

Used Cellphone Donation

Used, But Not All Washed Up


--------- [ V ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's To-Go Dessert

Valet Parking Service

Vase Repair

Veal Oscar

Vegan & Gluten Free Nutritionist

Vegan Dining

Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable Garden Seeds

Vegetarian Cheese Tamales

Vegetarian Dinner

Vegetarian Food

Veggie Burger

Vehicle Pin Striping

Verizon Screen Repair

Vespa Service

Vet for a Basset

Vet in Santa Ynez

Vet Who can Euthanize


VHS Conversion

Video Surveillance System

Video to DVD

Videography Company

Vintage Car Mechanic

Vintage Car Restorer

Vintage-looking Tile Sources

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Siding Expert Needed

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Options for Kids

VW Mechanic


--------- [ W ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Walk In Bathtub

Walk 'n Talk

Walking with Poles

Walkway Work

Wall Insulation Intaller


Warped Walkway

Washer Repair

Washer/Dryer For Rent

Watch Band Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Strap

Water Damage Repair?

Water Delivery Service

Water Heater

Water Heater Installer

Water Softener

Web Designer

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Website Builder

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Dinner

Wedding Band

Wedding Band Referral

Wedding Cake

Wedding Caterer

Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding Ride

Weekday Brunch Restaurants

Weekend Destination

Weekly Chef

Weight Loss Camp

Weight Loss Program


Welding Class

Where to Buy a Bow Tie

Where to Watch

Which Watch Where?

Who Does Makeovers?

Wholesale Roses

Wind Chimes

Window Cleaner

Window Installation Referral

Window Pane Glass

Window Repair

Window Replacement

Window Store

Window Tinting

Window Tinting Referral

Window Washer

Windshield Repair

Wine Barrel Planters

Wine Clubs

Wine Cork Recyle

Wine Making Kit

Wine Tasting

Wine Tour


Wiring Professional

Wood Chips

Wood Engravings

Wood Flooring Company

Wood Stove Fuel Pellets

Wood Stove Pipe

Wood Trellis Cover

Wool Carpet Cleaner

Wool Dyer

Wool Knitter

Workers Comp

Workers Comp Lawyer

Workers Compensation Advice

World Cup Final Venue

World Cup Qualifier

Wrapped Presents

Wrongful Termination

Wrought Iron Railings


--------- [ X ] ---------------------------------------------------------------


Xeriscaping Landscaper

Xmas Decoration Donation


--------- [ Y ] ---------------------------------------------------------------



Yoga in Goleta

Yoga Studios


--------- [ Z ] ---------------------------------------------------------------



Zipper Alteration

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