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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Dec 19, 2008 reads comments
Killer Combos - Killer Combos: I give you Billy's Killer Combos. Each of the plants on this list can be used on its own, but these are pairings I've used in local gardens that truly brings out the best of both plants. 8257 2
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Dec 05, 2008 reads comments
Not Even With a Ten-Foot Pole - Not Even With a Ten-Foot Pole: Five Plants I Wouldn't Put in a Client's Garden Even if They Threatened to Do Something Terrible to a Cute Little Kitty Cat. 6842 15
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 21, 2008 reads comments
Firescape for Edhat - Firescape for Edhat: Billy Goodnick had another article in the works for this week, but he thought it would be a waste of space not to give you some needed information about fire safety. 6130 1
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 07, 2008 reads comments
Overlooked Beauty - Overlooked Beauty : Silver Nikon CoolPix S10 and Biff the Wonder Spaniel's leash in hand, we headed downtown one recent fall-feeling morn, hoping to find some restorative images. 5054 2
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 23, 2008 reads comments
Ugly Canadian Artist? - Ugly Canadian Artist?: Billy checked out what search keywords and phrases web surfer are using to get to his blog. His shares with us some of the more unusual ones. 4589 1
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 10, 2008 reads comments
Not-So-Beautiful Awards - Not-So-Beautiful Awards : Santa Barbara Beautiful does not have an evil twin who rants and spews about the aesthetic blight perpetrated upon the community. If they did, I would certainly lobby to be the prez- make that benevolent dictator. 5744 4
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 26, 2008 reads comments
Writing About Writing - Writing About Writing: I refuse to have another business card made. I keep four types of cards in two old cassette tape holders. That's the technology that kicked the crap out of eight-tracks. 4144 2
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 12, 2008 reads comments
Ciggy Butts - Ciggy Butts: There is nothing about a used cigarette butt tossed on the ground that exempts it from being classified as trash. I don't want to smell them, see them, step on them, or have neighborhood kids playing with them. 4241 16
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 29, 2008 reads comments
Readin', Writin' and Rynchospora - Readin', Writin' and Rynchospora: If you're eager to improve the landscaping around your home, or bone up on something horticultural, take a class! Between the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and Adult Ed, there's a lot to choose from. 4399 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 15, 2008 reads comments
Gray About Green - Gray About Green: Billy Goodnick had a disturbing dream. It was one of those moral dilemma dreams, where you can't figure out which road to take. He was dreaming about artificial grass. 4824 5
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 18, 2008 reads comments
Grow Your Own Cocktails - Grow Your Own Cocktails: Billy Goodnick got to thinking. How many ingredients for popular cocktails can we grow in Santa Barbara? Immediately, he ran into one minor problem - He doesn't drink cocktails. 4557 2
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 04, 2008 reads comments
State Street Nature Walk - State Street Nature Walk: What really makes State Street such a thrill is the amazing diversity of plants that tenaciously survive parades, absent-minded pedestrians veering off course, and the late-night desecrations bestowed by alcohol-soaked crowds in the lower reaches of downtown. 4232 3
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 20, 2008 reads comments
Basic Instincts - Basic Instincts: Though records show that garden gnomes didn't appear until the advent of agriculture, there is anthropological evidence supporting the connection between attracting a mate and the placement of a birdbath near the opening of a bachelor's cave. 4269 add
Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 06, 2008 reads comments
Garden of Ed(en) - Garden of Ed(en): Donning my Jimmy Olsen cub-reporter hat, I'm off into the wild fringes of this horticultural paradise, seeking meaningful things to count, shedding light on horticultural happenings in the community, imparting gems of landscape design observations. 4605 1

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