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May 7: The Jesusita Fire was moving Thursday night and the evacuation area has been expanded to Patterson. It is windy in Montecito, and the fire is visible in the hills. The shelter at DP is full. There is a new shelter at UCSB (05/08/09) 48107 413
May 5: Constant updates here: Firefighters are battling the Jesusita Fire. Over 400 acres have burned, over 300 firefighters, 2,000 structures threatened. Things appear to have been calm overnight. [pics] (05/06/09) 31328 138
Here are accounts from the SBPD about recent significant incidents. A felony assault, stabbing, and parole violation are among them. [pics] (04/21/10) 16190 33
The Sheriff’s Department will deploy extra deputies in Isla Vista this weekend to close beach access as a result of a planned Floatopia event April 10. (04/06/10) 15120 83
EDBIT: March Edness Wrap Up: Here is a list of all the March Edness pictures shown with links to articles about them. There are also links to a map showing all locations, and the FINAL STANDINGS which show each contestants entries. (03/30/09) 14363 add
Lynda Fairly of Santa Barbara was recently elected to serve as President of the Board of Directors of the Children’s Museum of Santa Barbara. (04/25/09) 13037 11
WHERE IS IT?: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a frog!: At the Frog Shrine on Paterna Road you will find plastic frogs, rubber frogs, stuffed frogs, ceramic frogs, frog thermometers, frog PEZ dispensers, frog piggy banks, and frog potholders. (07/15/04) 12762 1
Santa Barbara Middle School has announced the appointment of its new Head of School, Brian McWilliams. [pic] (02/20/10) 12501 add
Here is a sample of the automatic email responses we received from Edhat subscribers who are out of town. (12/23/09) 12422 12
John has a new TV the size of a thumb, with a 93" HDTV picture. It gets regular old analog TV and FM too, and cost him $124. [pics] (05/02/09) 12174 26
EDBIT: 2009 Santa Barbara Recap: The Edhat community has captured 2009 in pictures. Click the next picture link to scroll through them all. (12/27/09) 11904 3
COUNT: Talkin' 'bout the Car Wash: We called all the car washers in town to see how much it costs. We also remembered the days of the Internet when everything was free. (07/08/04) 10900 add
GARDEN OF ED: Since 2008, Billy has been giving out his own Santa Barbara Not-So-Beautiful Awards. Here are the 2010 winners. (Drum roll please.) (09/12/10) 9182 20
EDBIT: Dog Parade This Sunday: The 2009 Platinum Performance Dog Mile presented by Edhat is on Sunday, May 31st at 10:00AM. Sign up online or register at the door. (05/30/09) 9088 11
WINE: The Lompoc Wine Ghetto is a typical industrial park. Not scenic, but a number of great local producers have been opening up tasting rooms there. (03/20/11) 8460 7
Here is our news and comments thread on Thursday's lockdown at San Marcos High. No arrests were made and the gun reported may have been a drink bottle. (10/02/09) 8411 154
Operation Apehanger mug shots from the Santa Barbara Police Department of the suspects in Saturday's raid. [pics] (09/22/09) 8268 7
Back in 2007, a 17-year-old Westside resident was walking home alone. He was surrounded and stabbed 30 times. Suspects were arrested this week. [mugs] (11/06/09) 8167 27
GARDEN OF ED: Billy had just driven past a new landscape installation by the City of Santa Barbara and even at 24 miles an hour he knew something was wrong. (12/19/10) 8092 21
Saturday night's accident at Las Positas was a double fatal. A driver with a criminal past hit two people and was later apprehended. (01/17/10) 7600 39
WHERE IS IT?: Back Door Facade: The crisscross, green facade shown on last week's Wednesday Where Is It was on the backside of a building that people might not have been able to identify if they had seen a picture of the front side of the building. (02/02/09) 7180 add
URBAN HIKE: The Urban Hikers continue the fascinating trek and history of E. Mountain Drive from Colds Springs Rd. to Park Lane. (03/25/12) 6730 19
WINE: Marc picks up Costco wines for $10 and conducts a blind tasting. Here are his thoughts on the values, just in time for Christmas. (12/12/10) 6503 18
TOURIST ATTRACTION: If you’re interested in horticulture, or are just looking for a nice walk, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a great place to spend an afternoon. (09/19/10) 6421 19
WINE: Marc Liberts assembled a tasting panel consisting of wine novices and wine experts to do a taste testing of $2.00 wines. (12/19/10) 6319 5
GARDEN OF ED: Casa del Herrero: A visit to Casa del Herrero (House of the Blacksmith) truly is a voyage back in time. (12/06/09) 6130 add
EATING OUT: Edhat reviewed the Dutch Gardens in 2005 to spotlight the beer, but Ms. Lemonjelly explores other forms of liquid refreshment worthy of attention. (07/25/10) 5996 28
EATING OUT: Ms. Lemonjelly thinks uptown has been the hotspot for Japanese food for some time, but Kobachi offers a whole new world of Japanese tapas. (07/18/10) 5790 7
Eye-catching 390-foot super yacht just arrived into Santa Barbara Harbor. It's listed as the seventh largest mega-yacht in the world. (08/30/10) 5640 20
GARDEN OF ED: Santa Barbara is an incubator. Billy Goodnick's Crimes Against Horticulture is taking off beyond this sleepy beach town. (06/12/11) 5596 8
MARCH EDNESS: Haunted House: Yesterday, looking for the location of the Where Is It pictures became a lot like looking for a ghost. (03/20/09) 5474 add
Police announce that Jon Peters, who hit Elizabeth Contreras and Alan Garcia with a car Saturday, killing them, will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. (01/19/10) 5452 23
The Pine Canyon Fire at Vandenberg Air Force Base is 50 percent contained and should be fully controlled on Thursday. (10/01/09) 5363 15
Santa Barbara Sheriffs Deputies have arrested a man from Montecito who is suspected of molesting two pre-teen sisters. [mug] (12/04/09) 5330 70
PRICES: The Whole Story: Ever since Whole Foods opened their doors to give foodies and friends a free range to their organic produce and air chilled chicken, a fierce no rBSTs-barred brawl has erupted in Aisle 6 of the upscale grocery market. (11/15/09) 5237 22
La Brea Fire is now 21,029 acres and 10% contained. Here is the evening Forest Service Update. (08/12/09) 5165 51
WINE: Marc Liberts was lucky to get his 2011 wine tasting frenzy off to a good start by trying about 15 different Cabernet Sauvignon wines. (01/16/11) 5139 2
URBAN HIKE: Two dedicated locals have decided to walk each and every street within the City limits of Santa Barbara just for the fun of it. They share their story. (01/09/11) 5076 31
GARDEN OF ED: 2009 Not-So-Beautiful Awards: Billy Goodnick presents his annual awards to members of the parallel alternate universe of hideous and paralyzingly misguided landscapes. (09/27/09) 4973 10
Dr. Lana Le Chabrier of Santa Barbara is among a group of doctors who have been indicted for conspiracy to commit health care fraud. (05/25/10) 4798 14
WINE: Marc Liberts tastes Rose wine for summer at Spiritland. The featured speaker was winemaker Richard Sanford, and the guest chef was Suzanne Landry. (07/03/11) 4631 1
Here are the details from police on Operation Apehanger, a take-down of illegal firearms and drug trafficking operation in SB on Saturday morning. (09/21/09) 4580 21
Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Director Amir Abo-Shaeer is among the 23 recipients of a prestigious 2010 MacArthur Fellowship. [pic] (09/28/10) 4551 25
EDBIT: Halloween Pics: We have a whole week of Halloween pictures for you to see - yard pictures, costumes, and more. There is also a photo gallery from Isla Vista. Check 'em out and send us more! (11/01/09) 4540 2
The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office conducted a back country marijuana eradication. [mug] (08/18/12) 4515 42
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Animal Rescue Team helps injured, orphaned and displaced animals around the Tri-Counties. (07/18/10) 4440 3
What are some of the best places on the South Coast to get a Christmas tree? (11/28/09) 4418 22
WINE: Marc Liberts shares Episode 2 in his debate of Pinot Noir, California versus Oregon. (10/07/12) 4418 3
WINE: The world's wine community has paid particular attention to a small section of Santa Barbara County known as the Santa Rita Hills. Marc Liberts reports. (09/19/10) 4411 5
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: For the past 18 years, the Santa Barbara Heart Walk has raised funds and awareness to help prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke. (08/15/10) 4381 3
WINE: Marc Liberts attended a winemaker dinner featuring Joe Davis of Arcadian Winery. The theme was California vs French pinot noir. [pics] (10/01/10) 4363 2
EDBIT: 2006 Santa Barbara Recap: Edhat has captured 2006 in pictures. Click the next picture link to scroll through them all. (12/20/06) 4359 9
A joint investigation resulted in the arrest of 51 suspected gang members and their associates with ties to drug trafficking throughout the Central Coast. (07/24/10) 4350 36
Santa Barbara Police have arrested a serial rapist and are investigating additional cases. [mug] (07/12/12) 4343 38
The owner of Montecito Motors Inc. of SB and his father were arrested this morning on 58 felony criminal charges including state tax evasion. [mugs] (12/28/11) 4302 35
WINE: Marc Liberts continues his never-ending quest to learn more about wine, this time comparing Pinot Noir from California and Oregon. (09/30/12) 4283 1
The wrong way driver was arrested for Reckless Driving While Evading Officers, Wrong Way Driving, and Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. (11/19/09) 4242 38
Here is the letter sent to UCSB students from the university administration regarding Floatopia. (04/09/10) 4201 35
CAT OF THE WEEK: This is Miss Mattie, named after San Mateo campground where she adopted us by climbing our tent and mooching hot dogs. (01/30/11) 4199 7
Here are the results of the DUI checkpoints conducted by the city of Santa Barbara Police Department this weekend. (12/15/09) 4154 21
EDBIT: Election For City Council: Edhat subscribers are invited to discuss the candidates for Santa Barbara City Council on the Edhat Comments Board. (09/09/09) 4105 8
Mark McDonald attended "A Night of Writing Dangerously", celebrating writers who finish a 50,000-word novel during the 30 days of November. (11/29/09) 4098 3
Shawn Terris filed a lawsuit against the County for wrongful termination and retaliation for her work as a County Employees Retirement System Trustee. (10/28/09) 4097 11
Grunion runs Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights this week. Does any one know what beach is best in Santa Barbara to see the grunions? (07/23/09) 4092 14
Sheriff's Deputies have arrested four people for a violent attack on a teenage skateboarder in Goleta. [pics] (09/03/09) 4056 32
WINE: At a dinner this week, Marc Liberts tasted 28 different Pinot Noirs from California and France. He shares his thoughts on each. [pics] (09/25/10) 4054 1
WINE: Marc Liberts attended a BYOB Wine and Dine event featuring Bordeaux varietals. (12/09/12) 4034 add
The Centre for Science and Technologies Studies at Leiden University ranked UCSB # 7 on its annual list of the top 500 major universities in the world. (12/14/11) 4025 8
James Lujan was found guilty Friday of beating a 4-year-old Lompoc boy to death in 2009. He was charged with torture and child abuse causing death. (12/18/10) 4023 6
The Sheriff's Department has arrested a woman suspected of embezzling more than $850-thousand dollars from her employer. (03/13/09) 3959 3
One of the Santa Barbara Zoo’s new Masai giraffes, Audrey, gave birth to a male calf on Jan. 9. The birth was a surprise to keepers. [pics] (01/25/11) 3932 23
COUNT: 2009 Santa Hat Count: Once again, Edhat counted the number of Santa hats in the Downtown Holiday Parade. The parade was a long one this year, filled with the regulars. But, only Edhat knows if there were more or less hats than the year before. (12/06/09) 3884 add
Here is the latest summary report from the SBPD. Two cases involved officers initiating contact with men carrying concealed firearms. [pics] (03/26/10) 3879 11
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Real Change, Not Spare Change campaign aims to help the public understand the root causes of homelessness and change the behavior of those who give to the homeless. (06/06/10) 3863 8
Edhat received the following statement from the attorney of one of the men accused of starting the Jesusita Fire. (12/12/09) 3836 37
WHERE IS IT?: Ping Pong Park: While rooftop basketball at the Old Carrillo Gym is totally old school, the outdoor ping-pong table at Pelican Park on Del Playa in Isla Vista is a piece of art in itself. (07/26/09) 3820 add
The University of California, Santa Barbara has offered a place in its fall 2010 entering class to a total of 19,721 high school seniors. (04/15/10) 3806 16
Franklin Elementary School is one of 127 schools state-wide that have been named finalists in the Council’s 2010 Governor’s Challenge Competition. (06/23/10) 3806 1
MARCH EDNESS: Peace certainly don't come easy. And, when Edhat shows a peace sign during the last week of March Edness, you know there must be a catch. (03/24/11) 3785 3
Santa Barbara Police Officers arrested 16 drivers for DUI this past week. Here are the details of each case, including names and BA levels when available. (09/29/09) 3781 38
The Edhat Dog might have over trained for the State Street Mile this year. We will never know. The dedicated staff has decided to retire her number. (06/07/10) 3781 14
SBPD arrested Samarkand employee Norma Fay White, 60, on suspicion of Grand Theft Embezzlement and Financial Elder Abuse. [mug] (04/07/10) 3757 9
Denise D’Sant Angelo was arrested on a $70,000 felony arrest warrant for charges including financial elder abuse and grand theft. (01/01/10) 3747 12
The Public Health Department is expanding the target groups to receive swine flu vaccination at community clinics. (12/03/09) 3718 7
WINE: When Marc Liberts was asked to bring wine to Thanksgiving dinner with 40 guests, he had a little bit of calculating to do. (11/27/11) 3713 8
For the next three days, Victoria Hall is the site of an unprecedented community training in response to a dramatic increase in local suicides. (02/19/10) 3701 6
Local celebrities were out in force for the Dream Foundation's 8th annual Celebration of Dreams at the Bacara. [pic] (11/20/09) 3697 5
A 56-year-old woman was hit by a vehicle turning left at Loma Alta and Shoreline Drive Friday morning. She later passed away. (12/05/09) 3671 29
URBAN HIKE: The Urban Hikers are restless now that they've walked all the streets in the city. So they headed to the Montecito side of Mountain Drive. (03/11/12) 3664 11
EDBIT: Edhat Video: Sonic Boom: This week's Edhat video comes directly from the Comments Board where the Space Shuttle sonic boom was the cause for much discussion. (05/30/09) 3662 2
The county District Attorney's office released a summary of serious gang crime cases recently prosecuted in the northern part of the county. (03/20/10) 3654 16
Audrey "Little Audrey" Hilliard passed away at Cottage Hospital on April 16, 2010 at the age of 82 of health complications from Alzheimer's disease. (04/18/10) 3649 10
Two locals were injured early Saturday when their vehicle went airborne, fell 66 feet, and landed beneath the APS bridge. [pics] (10/19/09) 3647 10
GARDEN OF ED: Be on the alert for specks of shameless self-promotion in a reflective column not about retirement from Billy Goodnick. (05/01/11) 3634 3
POWDRELL: David Powdrell enjoys living next to the Carpinteria State Beach Campground because of the waft of apple smoked bacon on Sunday mornings. [pics] (08/21/11) 3628 5
Sijifredo Sotelo, age 37, of Santa Barbara was arrested for invasion of privacy with a concealed camera for photographing up women's skirts. [mug] (12/15/12) 3625 22
Detectives arrest 17 people for drug trafficking. Search continues for four more suspects and possible homicide victim. (11/13/09) 3609 17
WINE: Instead of asking what he could bring to Thanksgiving dinner this year, Marc informed his wonderful hostess that he'd be bringing wine. (11/28/10) 3588 4
Injury Train vs Pedestrian at Los Positas at the tracks involving Amtrak. Here is the Official release from the SBPD (and Roger's initial report). (12/23/09) 3584 38
CAT OF THE WEEK: Scout adds so much to our lives and we are just crazy about him. He enjoys yoga, napping, and hanging out with friends. (07/10/11) 3575 7
400 marijuana plants were found in sophisticated gardens. Detectives also seized 5 lbs of marijuana, 4 gms of cocaine, psilocybin, and ecstasy pills. [pics] (07/04/09) 3560 4
WINE: In 2011, Marc Liberts had the opportunity to taste over 500 different wines and was able to report his findings on the majority of them. (12/25/11) 3555 5
COUNT: Drum Roll: It seemed rather quiet on State Street. There appeared to be a smaller crowd gathering in the parade's staging area, and there were large gaps of silent reflection in the parade itself. The mayor wore sensible shoes. The dedicated staff of edhat.com counted the drums in the parade. (06/21/09) 3546 3
Two local men have been charged with misdemeanors for doing trail work without a hot work permit, causing the Jesusita Fire, according to the DA. (12/11/09) 3525 79
MARCH EDNESS: Cone Roof: Back in the day, when you saw a cone, you would scream for ice cream. And if you would scream, I would scream. And then, before you knew it, we would all be screaming. (03/25/09) 3508 add
EDBIT: Election For Mayor: Edhat subscribers are invited to discuss the candidates for mayor of the City of Santa Barbara on the Edhat Comments Board. (09/09/09) 3502 10
WINE: Marc Liberts attends a BYOB winemaker dinner with an Alsatian White varietals theme. (07/29/12) 3501 10
The 2009 award winners honored in the areas of philanthropy, volunteerism and professional fundraising have been announced. (11/21/09) 3495 add
WINE: Marc Liberts attended a winemaker dinner yesterday at the Spiritland Bistro and would like share his experience with Edhatters. [pics] (10/28/11) 3493 6
A two-day sale of items donated by UC Santa Barbara students will be held June 19-20, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the parking lot of UCSB's Embarcadero Hall. (06/09/10) 3481 3
COUNT: Yard Sign Count: Even though there were some very strong political biases sitting in the passenger seats of the green car, all candidate yard signs were duly recorded, and all illegal yard signs were photographed and logged. (10/18/09) 3466 10
GARDEN OF ED: Jesusita Fire Final Reflections: Billy Goodnick offers a few thoughts and resources regarding Santa Barbara's relationship with fire. (05/22/09) 3453 9
A Santa Barbara police officer is facing several criminal charges after being arrested while off-duty at Refugio Beach. (08/12/09) 3433 33
MARCH EDNESS: Peacock: This article might have been about the mosaic peacock above the State Street entrance to Macy’s in Paseo Nuevo. (03/23/09) 3431 add
GARDEN OF ED: Strybing: Our visit to the Strybing reminded me of a few plants that will likely reappear in my designs and a few that are still out of reach. The need for good drainage will be the main culprit that might keep some of these out of reach for Santa Barbara landscapes. (01/02/09) 3425 add
New plan for Tranquillion Ridge unveiled. EDC and politicians say it will end existing oil drilling offshore Santa Barbara County. (04/08/10) 3423 17
UPDATED: 'Tis the Season for the Downtown Organization Holiday Décor Contest where businesses are recognized for their holiday decorating. [pic] (12/15/09) 3419 2
On Sunday, May 24, Cate graduated its senior class of 2009. Presenting, the graduating class ... [pic] (06/02/09) 3401 add
A major traffic accident, graffiti and a prowler case kept the SBPD busy last night. A man ended up on a woman's balcony with his pants down. [mugs] (12/18/10) 3399 16
WINE: Seth Kunin of Kunin Wines in Santa Barbara was the featured winemaker at Spiritland Bistro's BYOB Wine and Dine dinner and Zinfandel tasting. (01/30/11) 3379 2
URBAN HIKE: Today the Urban Hikers share with you how they, along with a group of about 47 humans and two dogs made the pilgrimage to the "end of the line". (01/08/12) 3376 21
WINE: Marc Liberts received an email from Julienne Restaurant announcing the fact that they were having a New Year's Eve dinner and ended up going. (01/15/12) 3368 6
COUNT: Higher Ed: The dedicated staff of edhat.com, retired and decorated veterans of college life, were on hand to witness the first day of instruction at our local Nobel Prize winning University. We were looking at fashion and trends, but found little of either. They say that less is more, but yesterday we found more of less. (09/23/05) 3363 add
WINE: Marc Liberts reports the results from a blind tasting of 27 wines selected from Santa Barbara to France to Australia. [pics] (08/01/10) 3320 5
EATING OUT: Ms. Lemonjelly has been on a quest to sample the taquerias around town. Here's one of her favorites. [pics] (04/25/10) 3312 11
Here are more details about the ice rink for Goleta, which is being touted at a press conference Friday. The organizers hope to have it open by 2011. (03/06/10) 3310 18
URBAN HIKE: The Urban Hikers have a fixation with historic adobes. This week they tell about two local 2-story adobes, both built in the early 1800's, and both used as wineries by European settlers. (10/21/12) 3305 12
EDBIT: Slow Week: Starting Thursday and extending through Friday of next week, life will be a little different around Ed Land. The daily news will continue to flow like Mission Creek after a rainstorm, but our band of merry columnists will be out of sight. (06/10/09) 3303 5
Kelly Robert Ireson passed away Nov. 11, 2009. A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, December 12th at Mosher Alumni House, UCSB. (12/12/09) 3301 3
Does anyone know when the trial for ex-Detective Brian Sawicki is finally going to take place? (11/04/11) 3298 14
MARCH EDNESS: The Other Mural: There is a famous mosaic mural facing Victoria Street, on the side of the old Vons Supermarket. It's a six-panel tile piece by Joseph Knowles. (03/19/09) 3288 add
After a detective presented evidence, the Grand Jury returned a criminal indictment against Michael Cardenas and Augustine Cruz for assault. [mugs] (04/07/11) 3283 6
WINE: Marc had the opportunity to try about 30 Syrah wines, mostly from California, at a recent local event. [pics] (04/03/11) 3280 2
The Sheriff’s Rural Crimes Unit and Sheriff’s Detectives have arrested people in connection to a string of burglaries and felony acts of vandalism. [mugs] (02/17/10) 3271 7
WINE: One of Santa Barbara's biggest current superstars and wine artists is Greg Brewer of Melville and Brewer-Clifton and Diatom. (12/05/10) 3262 add
SBIFF: Oprah Winfrey received Santa Barbara Film Festival's Montecito Award on Wednesday evening amid a few protestors and one heckler. (02/07/14) 3251 43
Since the last DUI Round Up was issued on 8/19, Santa Barbara Police have arrested 14 more drivers for alleged DUI. Four incidents involved car crashes. (08/28/10) 3248 17
WINE: Marc Liberts admires Zindandel, a California favorite. (02/10/13) 3216 5
24th Annual Santa Barbara Harbor Parade of Lights at the Harbor is on Sunday, December 13, 2009. (12/04/09) 3208 1
The latest press release about the Goleta shooting reveals the names of the officers involved and the felony charges being pressed. [mug] (01/19/11) 3198 14
MARCH EDNESS: The End: So, say you're headed out to UCSB, and you're in a hurry, and you turn right onto Calle Real from 154, and you think you'll just hop on the freeway and...oh my! (03/09/09) 3198 1
The San Marcos High School Marching Band and Color Guard has won the musical equivalent of a state championship. [pics] (12/06/10) 3193 4
MARCH EDNESS: Cigar Store Indian: A little tiny history lesson: A long time ago, more people couldn't read than could. (03/12/09) 3167 add
A young woman with chronic medical problems died from swine flu, pneumonia and sepsis over the weekend. It is the county's first death from the disease. (10/06/09) 3163 12
Christie Stanley in her final days was surrounded by family and friends that were very near and dear to her heart. (04/28/10) 3153 NA
SBC District Attorney Joyce Dudley announced the successful prosecution of Masood Azizi, the owner of Tribal Rugs and Art, located in downtown Santa Barbara. (01/04/12) 3150 10
The Santa Barbara Police Association have submitted a press release to Edhat backing their support of Officer Kasi Beutel. (10/13/12) 3147 72
MARCH EDNESS: Statue Esq: This is the tale of three statues. One of the statues was the one featured on March Edness. (03/13/09) 3147 add
Here is a sampling of the crime handled by Santa Barbara Police during the past week. Officers seek suspect in indecent exposure incident. [pics] (11/26/09) 3143 14
WHERE IS IT?: We Forget: Once upon a time, there were fewer department stores in Santa Barbara. Two of them were at La Cumbre Plaza. One of those was Sears, and the other was Robinsons. (09/06/09) 3135 71
A fugitive wanted for child molestation and rape has been extradited from Maryland to Santa Barbara. [mug] (05/31/13) 3127 10
Santa Barbara County officials today announced they have successfully reached a partial settlement with the Elings Park Fdtn over the Bike Fest event. (06/02/10) 3110 19
WINE: When wine professionals accumulate too much wine they declare a winEmergency, and gather together to thin down the herd. Marc Liberts provides results of a recent blind tasting. [pics] (05/16/10) 3105 1
Twiin Productions has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, citing inconsistent bureaucratic obstacles created by the City of Santa Barbara. (11/06/10) 3101 15
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The International Chiari Association was recently launched in SB to raise awareness for a serious neurological disorder that often impacts children. (11/20/11) 3087 1
It's a scandal replete with sex, drugs, and violence. Oh, and scientists, which is where UCSB professor emeritus Napoleon Chagnon comes into the picture. (01/22/10) 3066 8
Santa Barbara Police will conduct DUI checkpoints Friday and Sunday nights. They will also be checking driver’s licenses. (06/05/09) 3062 15
MARCH EDNESS: The Golden Arch: A long long time ago, Santa Barbara was a kingdom. (03/10/09) 3058 add
WINE: Marc Liberts takes on Syrah in his first episode of California vs. Washington. (10/28/12) 3040 2
WHERE IS IT?: The Golden Artichoke: Taking a bite out of this decorative artichoke would surely crack your teeth … or break your fingernail if you tried to pull off one of its leaves. In fact, it is made of iron. (11/08/09) 3033 8
There was another suicide, the 6th in 2009, from the Cold Spring Arch Bridge early this morning. (10/14/09) 3029 76
David Powdrell sent us a great shot of last night's full moon, along with some facts and fiction about the lunar event. [pic] (06/08/09) 3027 1
UPDATE: two additional suspects were identified in the Home Invasion Robbery that occurred on July 31, 2009 on the 100 block of Oceano Ave. (08/07/09) 3015 23
The new Santa Barbara Airport Airline Terminal is nearing completion and is expected to become fully operational in mid-summer. All the details here. (06/11/11) 3011 16
The Zoo is making a transition from exhibiting Baringo giraffes to showcasing Masai giraffes. Two young giraffes will make a debut at the zoo Thursday. [pic] (04/13/10) 3004 3
City of Santa Barbara Police reports that twenty five drivers were arrested for DUI related charges over the past three weeks. (05/14/10) 3001 8
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: CALM’s mission is to prevent, assess, and treat child abuse by providing comprehensive, culturally competent services for children, families and adults. (06/13/10) 3001 add
WHERE IS IT?: Approach The Bench: If you are looking for a place to sit and think, there can be no better place to do it than a freeway under crossing. (01/08/09) 2997 7
MARCH EDNESS: De Forests For The Trees: Lockwood De Forest was a world-famous landscape architect who designed many of the famous gardens of Santa Barbara. (03/16/09) 2997 add
MARCH EDNESS: Tre Bon: At first glance, Santa Barbara isn't a town full of large and similar apartment buildings. (03/09/09) 2986 add
Hattie Feazelle, who participated in every Fiesta parade from the event's beginnings, has passed away. [pic] (09/14/11) 2981 26
EDBIT: 2007 Santa Barbara Recap: Edhat has captured 2007 in pictures. Click the next picture link to scroll through them all. (12/24/07) 2958 1
Nicole: Best Of Worst Of: It's not going to be similar to the lists that magazines and newspapers usually put out around this time of year, because we're dealing with my personal lists. Which can be random. (12/20/09) 2949 15
WINE: Marc Liberts continues to compares Syrah from California and Washington. (11/11/12) 2946 2
Two UCSB buildings have been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. (07/09/10) 2942 9
MARCH EDNESS: Shimmery Steelhead: This shimmery steelhead statue is swimming in the air in front of the Watershed Resource Center at Arroyo Burro/Hendry's Beach Park. (03/06/09) 2940 1
WHERE IS IT?: Where's Mickey?: It is not very often that you can say Mickey Mouse and City Hall in the same sentence, without upsetting a few people. We just did. And we'll do it again. (06/28/09) 2935 2
COUNT: Space Survey 2009: If space is the final frontier, then Santa Barbara must be the wide open prairie. There is enough empty space here to parallel park a Suburban pulling a backhoe. (07/19/09) 2932 add
WHERE IS IT?: Horseshoe Walk: These particular parallel rows of used shoes are arranged in a random pattern. In the crosswalk, ninety-degrees to the left the shiny shoes spell out the word, WHOA. (09/27/09) 2921 4
The Unified Command Team has developed a plan for the safe, structured return of residents to their homes and businesses. (05/10/09) 2903 2
A Santa Maria man who posed as a landscaper while bilking victims out of thousands of dollars is headed to prison for up to eight years. (09/10/09) 2897 add
Santa Barbara physicians received $345,000 from drug companies since 2009. Is your doctor one of them and do you know? [inquiry] (11/19/10) 2895 42
SBIFF: The 26th SBIFF opened last night with the U.S. premiere of Sarah's Key, at a completely sold-out Arlington and a tumultuous after-party at Paseo Nuevo. [pics] (01/28/11) 2892 2
MARCH EDNESS: White Trees: They stand like the ultimate Rorschach test. The question comes to mind...what do you see? A dog? A reindeer? (03/10/09) 2886 4
COUNT: Toe Count 2009: On Wednesday night the dedicated staff piled into the green car for a trip down to State Street to watch some feet and count the toes of the women walking down the street. (08/02/09) 2884 2
This is a weekly update on the status of swine flu locally, including the availability of H1N1 vaccine, the number of new hospitalizations and deaths. (11/14/09) 2881 4
Santa Barbara Police Officers arrested nine drivers on suspicion of DUI over the weekend. (12/01/09) 2877 4
MARCH EDNESS: Clear As Stained Glass: If a two-paned window has only one pane that is stained glass, is the glass half full or half empty? You might be entertaining deep philosophical questions like this one. (03/27/09) 2877 add
COUNT: Gadget Count 2009: The conflict between art and science can be seen in the Edhat almost annual SBCC electronic gadget count that took place this week. (10/04/09) 2871 1
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans. (08/08/10) 2869 5
MARCH EDNESS: Drug Stores: Ed has also liked the Rx sign out in front of the drug store on State Street just up from downtown. (03/13/09) 2868 add
Santa Barbara Sheriff's Detectives have tracked down and arrested a Ventura man suspected of an armed robbery on upper State Street. [mug] (01/15/10) 2867 6
WHERE IS IT?: Dolls and Teddy Bears: If you looked at the Sunday Edhat today, you're sure of a big surprise. If you are looking for the Where It Was, you'd better go in disguise. (10/11/09) 2865 add
MARCH EDNESS: Bar-b-que: Shaded by huge sycamore trees, this large group picnic area can host a group of approximately 80 people and has a large stone barbecue. (03/18/09) 2860 add
City staff is recommending that the council deny a storefront medical marijuana dispensary permit for 2915 De la Vina Street. (04/12/11) 2853 33
MARCH EDNESS: Forgotten Pillars: 2009 March Edness ended in the same way it started. The first two pictures of the month were Circuit City and Bee's Wing Art - two businesses that are no longer in business. The picture shown here is cut from the same cloth (03/30/09) 2851 add
MARCH EDNESS: State Building: The sign in the picture clearly states that the building is in the State of California. We all know that California is a state of mind – an altered state, somewhere between paranoia and ecstasy. (03/26/09) 2845 add
The Floatopia event planned for April 2-3, 2011 is not a sanctioned event and there are no approved permits issued. Isla Vista beaches will be closed. (03/30/11) 2836 39
MARCH EDNESS: Dragon on a Drainpipe: This whimsical dragon face adorns a drain pipe that comes from a property in Hope Ranch down to the beach between Hendry’s and Hope Ranch Beach. (03/27/09) 2827 add
There's a city council candidate forum tonight. If you could ask the 10 candidates a question about their platform or goals, what would it be? (08/20/11) 2818 23
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Free Hazardous Waste/Electronics Drop-off Event "There's a dirty side to this 'recycling' greenbiz dot com/blog/2009/05/27/dirty-truth-about-some-e-waste-collections " (03/31/14)
[comment in context]
455 1
UCSB Professor Accused of Assaulting Activists "UC President Janet Napolitano who previously served as Homeland Security Secretary defended a controversial threat assessment report in 2009 which stated: “Rightwing extremism,” goes beyond religious and racial hate groups and extends to “ ... " (03/11/14)
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6033 132
Un-Permitted Granny Units "this from Reality Times June 2009 "One of the things we can count on is that each season brings us court decisions that diminish the appeal of being a landlord. Today’s lesson comes from California’s Fourth District Court of Appeal in t ... " (03/06/14)
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2925 30
American Airlines Restructures Routes From SBA "I have no idea what you are saying. All I was saying was that before everything went to hell in a handbasket, future air travel was predicted on past. The great recession trashed that concept. That is not a conspiracy theory - it is ... " (02/28/14)
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2518 39
Gloria Steinem Visits SB "CREDIT: AP In December, General Motors (GM) made headlines for picking Mary Barra to replace Dan Akerson as its new CEO. That meant she would not only be the first woman at the helm of the carmaker, but any global carmaker. B ... " (02/20/14)
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1263 46
Homeless Male Beating Pit Bull "Here are some homeless statistics for 2013. Chronic homelessness among individuals declined by 7 percent (or 7,301) over the past year, and by 25 percent (or 31,240) between 2007 and 2013. Homelessness among veterans has declined ... " (02/17/14)
[comment in context]
1868 31
Antenna TV "There was Edhat discussion on this topic in January. Several more (02/08/14)
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1702 15
Third Flu-Related Death "Remember the great H1N1 "pandemic" of 2009? We were warned ad nauseam that if we didn't run out and get vaccinated ASAP we'd almost certainly die from the worst flu since 1918. As usual, it was nothing but hype - and there were lots of s ... " (02/05/14)
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1440 15
Gibraltar Mine "I think the holes in the rock were from blasting the opening. The photo with the two hoses snaking down into the abyss was taken while standing on the steel grate covering the vertical shaft (looking straight down) and the grate woul ... " (02/03/14)
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1998 12
Shelter Dog Euthanized "The OP has some skeletons in her closet also. Jesusita fire May 2009, she could not fully evacuate her rescue animals and many of them burned. Los Angeles Examiner has an article in its archives. Rescuing animals is a sad and thank ... " (02/02/14)
[comment in context]
2914 61
Grand Jury Examines Food at Main Jail "in Oct. of 2009 meals were like this: breakfast - cold cereal in a sandwich bag, milk, an orange, and cup of peanut butter lunch - bologna sandwich, carrots, milk, a piece of fruit dinner - i think sat. was same as lunch, sunday was gr ... " (01/27/14)
[comment in context]
911 25
Margie Mason "She came to our home for the euthanasia for our Big Boy, a Golden Retriever. Peter Sklar knew and photographed him.We loved her immediately.Big was 14 1/2. She made him more comfortable for couple of days with IV fluids. She even showed us ... " (01/25/14)
[comment in context]
1574 19
Maldonado Drops Out of Governor's Race ""For the first time in nearly a decade, California is collecting more revenue than it is spending and will finish the fiscal year with an extra $2.4 billion, according to a report released Wednesday by the Legislature's nonpartisan ... " (01/16/14)
[comment in context]
1479 52
First Flu Fatality "It appears that there have been several deaths in the state of California. Some excerpts from link of Bay Area numbers, below. "For the most recent reporting period, there have been seven confirmed influenza deaths in persons under ... " (01/14/14)
[comment in context]
757 15
Lake Cachuma seen from the lake bed "There was a lengthy article yesterday in the News-Press. Quoting water resources manager Bjork, the city won't start thinking about rebooting the desalt plant, which is in "long- term storage mode," for at least another year, Rebooting ... " (01/05/14)
[comment in context]
4059 64
Western Monarch Over-wintering Population Plummets "Echoing 438's comments about the historical numbers and very low populations in 1997 and 2009, with very high populations the following years.... Without a deeper understanding of the cause-and-effects of past variations (than is be ... " (01/04/14)
[comment in context]
2077 39
Western Monarch Over-wintering Population Plummets "I'm not sure there is any problem. Winter hasn't quite hit yet and according to the links provided, there have been several years when the number of butterflies had dropped. 1997 had 2,500 and the following year had 44,760. In more recent t ... " (01/04/14)
[comment in context]
2077 39
Holiday Closures "017: Nope, no bubble, and none burst. Where do you get that statistic re of the "median personal income" of more than $50K? The other, the one I cited, comes from the Census. Here are graphs from (12/17/13)
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735 10
Big Horse On De La Vina "For those interested in the history of Juan A. Lara's leather repair business and his family history Google an excellant article by Barbara Lanz Mateo from the SYVJournal dated March 5, 2009. I am so greatful that the business was relocated ... " (12/04/13)
[comment in context]
1778 30
Identify These Islands "From left to right looking from our shores… Anacapa (actually 2 islands), Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel….Santa Barbara is a tiny speck much further south. Here is an excellent map….. http://www.newswise.com/images/uploads/2009 ... " (11/23/13)
[comment in context]
2233 31
Open Letter to City Council and Mayor "Don't you find it rather ironic that these anti gang politicians have the gall to interrupt our watching of "breaking bad" or "sons of anarchy" to show us their anti crime commercials! If injunctions were the best approach, shouldn't the ... " (10/28/13)
[comment in context]
2153 36
Who Are You Voting For? "City staff unions (police, fire and SEIU) invite all candidates to participate in their candidate review process. Agreeing to participate is not asking for their approval or endorsements. Only those candidates who the unions feel wi ... " (10/24/13)
[comment in context]
6770 216
Who Are You Voting For? "194P: You realize Hotchkiss, Wiscomb and Jordan sought the union endorsements, but didn't receive them. So much for your non-union candidates. Hotchkiss seems to be stating he is against "special interest" money. The truth is, he a ... " (10/23/13)
[comment in context]
6770 216
Who Are You Voting For? "492P you are misstating history. Self won a 4th seat barely that opened up because Helene won mayor in 2009. Rowse took Williams' newly vacated seat in 2011 when Williams won the Assembly seat. 2011 was the year of the conservative major ... " (10/21/13)
[comment in context]
6770 216
Who Are You Voting For? "David Landecker is the Anthony Weiner of Santa Barbara not because of sexting but because he is irredeemably blinded by arrogance and his own self-importance. Landecker not only stole from a local business but did so when he was serving ... " (10/21/13)
[comment in context]
6770 216
Local Group Blasts New Driver's License Law "According to the report, last year California was home to 2.45 million unauthorized immigrants; there were 2.8 million in 2007. The decline appears to have bottomed out in 2010 and 2011. But there's no evidence that the numbers are ... " (10/13/13)
[comment in context]
1280 21
Salmonella Outbreak "this is non news, here's some chicken facts: Under the new standards (2011), only 7.5% of chicken carcasses at a plant would be allowed to test positive for salmonella, down from 20% allowed since 1996. Salmonella levels in chicken ... " (10/09/13)
[comment in context]
1244 20
Gastroentroenteroligist "Multi-part comment... I have used Dr. Egan for many years and found him to be excellent, both technically and as a person. With regards to all the comments about colonoscopy anesthesia, before I had my procedure done I found a paper publi ... " (10/08/13)
[comment in context]
1862 45
Rainbow Trout Arriving at Cachuma "Well, good luck with that fish "The coal plants at Calaveras Lake pumped roughly 51 percent more mercury into San Antonio skies in 2010 than the previous year, in part because of the addition of a fourth unit, while the other three ... " (10/05/13)
[comment in context]
1266 28
Poverty Study "Middle class would be the median income - and, in 2009, it was per capita in the city of SB, a little less than $35,883/year; household income was $59,016 - I don't know what "household" includes. I hope that those of you who pay ... " (09/24/13)
[comment in context]
967 17
Climate Change Rally "It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.

I wonder how many of such protesters have given up the use of plastics. I'm guessing none considering all they're wearing. I also wonder how many are driving or promoting things like hybrid ... " (09/22/13)
[comment in context]
1805 27
Suspicious Caravan "I don't know... I still call the police. Had a SWAT arrest in my front yard of a neighbor in September 2009, of course I'm not alone. Guns, drugs, little kids & parole violation. Good building, some yelling but no domestic violence calls ... " (09/15/13)
[comment in context]
3096 29
Ant Problem "Thankfully, no. After one small invasion several years ago I took several measures. First, I washed the floor and surrounding walls with undiluted vinegar, and did the front door entrance where they were coming in several times. It ... " (09/14/13)
[comment in context]
2585 40
How Clean Is Clean? "Ct Haley I wondered the same thing: From Google I found a page (sbcapcd dot org) that lists Clean Air Express as the following, "Clean Air Express – Nine MCI-9 buses (Greyhound type) carry more than 325 commuters daily from neighbor ... " (09/10/13)
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1382 18
County Poverty Struggles "So ..... there were some large tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, to give the wealthy more money so that the private sector could create jobs. It was called trickle down. And private jobs are better than government jobs. Or that was the theory. ... " (09/10/13)
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1132 14
Encampment "Despite a continued decline in the numbers of homeless veterans and new funding to house those still on the streets, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said Wednesday the numbers are not yet decreasing fast enough to ... " (09/10/13)
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4518 91
Sansum's Doctor's Weight Management Program "I did this program in 2008-9 and lost 60 lbs fairly quickly on the shakes (500-800 calories a day). In early 2009 I had my first gallbladder "attack" which I thought was heartburn - I had never had either before. Once I started adding in th ... " (09/04/13)
[comment in context]
2331 33
Electronic Cigarettes "@517 I didn't know the FDA said second hand smoke from real cigs was ok "In 2009, the FDA announced the findings from a laboratory analysis that indicated that electronic cigarettes expose users to harmful chemical ingredients, ... " (09/03/13)
[comment in context]
3270 53
Trail Rescue "Time Magazine 2009 article on the topic of search and rescue issues said they can cost between $120 to $50,000. Flight-time of the helicopter is but one of multiple costs. Read the full article. You will learn a lot about this troubli ... " (08/31/13)
[comment in context]
1248 22
Link "I was admitted to Cottage in 2009 for an infection in my right leg - it was below the knee. At the time I was also dealing with lymphedema. It was a matter of only 5 hours before my white cell count shot through the roof and I felt like I ... " (08/28/13)
[comment in context]
2459 13
Link "The infection rates reported for the hospital in 2009 and 2010 are pretty low, but not 0. It is hard for a doctor to diagnose an illness that progresses so rapidly as by the time it is clear it is life-threatening, it is too late to do ... " (08/28/13)
[comment in context]
2459 13
BPA Free Water Delivery "Check out the 2009 Indie Award winning movie Tapped for some interesting specifics on the bottled water industry and its lack of regulation for water quality disclosure. At least with tap water you know what you are getting. After ... " (08/25/13)
[comment in context]
1702 22
Ontare Ranch History "The Library at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History received a donation of photographs in 2009. The collection contains several of Dixie Thompson's "Bean Ranch." To view the photographs contact the Librarian (tsheridan@sbnature2.org) ... " (08/15/13)
[comment in context]
1805 11
Sprint Reception "I had sprint and I remember them saying it'll be here by 2009 then 2010 his it's 2013 nothing but I didnt have virgin mobile and I did have 4G coverage boost has a phone that has 3G/4G dual. " (08/12/13)
[comment in context]
1187 15
Service Problems "I switched from AT&T to Cingular when residing at West Camino Cielo between 2005 and 2009. The signal from Cingular was much better. " (08/11/13)
[comment in context]
803 11
UCSB Study "Current sea level rise From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the current and future rise in sea level associated with global warming. For sea level changes in Earth's history, see Sea level. Sea levels around ... " (08/05/13)
[comment in context]
757 22
Link "The following has an excellent discussion of false accusations of rape. http://ncfm.org/2009/01/issues/false-accusations/ Some independent studies (including military)report that the rate of false accusations of rape may be as high as 50 ... " (07/30/13)
[comment in context]
2475 17
Play It Again, Sam "Seen in a theater more than once: Pulp Fiction, Charlie's Angels, Under Still Waters (Lake Bell starred) shown at 2008 or 2009 SB film festival). DVD - Pulp Fiction, Charlies Angels, Bruce Campbell = Dead Series, Shirley Valentine ... " (07/21/13)
[comment in context]
2941 100
Courthouse Sign "President Obama has openly stated that he wants to reduce or eliminate the use of coal. In 2009 coal power plants produced 45% of the electrical power in the US. We are starting to shut down nuclear power. Solar and wind energy sources p ... " (07/01/13)
[comment in context]
3151 61
Possession of Marijuana Arrest "LA Times weighs in on the excessive social costs of legal pot: http://articles.latimes.com/2009/jun/07/opinion/oe-sabet7 " (06/27/13)
[comment in context]
3792 63
State Prison Inmate Release "CCPOA, California Correctional Peace Officers Association has become the most powerful union in the state over the past three decades, and its work is directed towards incarcerating more people, building more prisons, and hiring mor ... " (06/21/13)
[comment in context]
1703 36
Dinner for 600 "043P: You have reason to be content. Consider that the United States has the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major industrialized country on earth and that inequality is worse today than at any time since the late 19 ... " (06/10/13)
[comment in context]
3333 40
Sheriff Brown Elected Treasurer of CSSA "045: An interesting choice considering that in the Nov. 2009 election, Bill Brown used the endorsement of COPS in his campaign literature, not an organization of law enforcement officers, but a scam, a defendant in the following li ... " (06/10/13)
[comment in context]
938 16
Dead Body "Killing the Homeless is a bit much you say? Tell that to Ross Stiles murdered in 2009, Or Gregory Ghan beaten to death in IV. Or Gloria burned to death in the junkyard on the East Side her suspicous death wasn't even investigated. Tell them ... " (06/02/13)
[comment in context]
3443 44
The White Fire "This is an excellent time for all who use Edhat for latest breaking news to subscribe! I've been onboard since 2009, although my handle doesn't show up as a subscriber - I support our best source of local news & so should we all. " (05/27/13)
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43047 134
Breed Specific Law Rally "I saw a documentary on Netflix about Miami and Denver having banned the ownership of Pitbulls regardless if they were dangerous or how long they were in your family and actually came door to door, confiscated them from families, and put dow ... " (05/24/13)
[comment in context]
1883 42
Breed Specific Law Rally "Report: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006 to December 2008 A 2009 report issued by DogsBite.org shows that 19 dog breeds contributed to 88 deaths in a recent 3- year period. Pit bulls accounted for 59% followed by rottweilers wit ... " (05/24/13)
[comment in context]
1883 42
County Compensation "A problem with public sector unions is the same union represents BOTH workers and management at the negotiating table - not only does this remove incentive to control costs, it is misguided because it gives unions excessive power to block n ... " (05/15/13)
[comment in context]
2565 30
Link "My small investment accounts have recovered since the financial crisis of 2007-2009. Why haven't CalPers investments? Does anyone know? " (05/15/13)
[comment in context]
1217 33
Santa Barbara's Seven Wonders "The earthquake that destroyed the original Mission La Purísima Concepción occurred on Monday, December 21, 1812 around 10am. "Eruptions of water and black sand from the earth" were reported, but did not affect the mission. Heavy rains and ... " (05/11/13)
[comment in context]
2709 54
Choco Tacos "I'd never heard of these, so I googled it and found a recipe! http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2009/02/how-to-make-a-choco-taco-from-scratch.html Sounds pretty yummy. " (05/06/13)
[comment in context]
2222 32
Moby Dick & Tea Fire "Those kids did not start the Tea Fire. The investigators tried to link their camp fire to it but could not make a definitive connection. http://www.independent.com/news/2009/feb/18/tea-fire-ten- named/ " (04/30/13)
[comment in context]
1971 19
Outriggers and Cruise ship "Does the 09 registration on the dinghy mean he's living in 2009, or just hasn't paid registration fees for the last 4 years? " (04/29/13)
[comment in context]
2156 23
Possible Suicide "389P, there actually is scientific evidence that media coverage of a method of suicide increases its use. 2008 was when the Glendon Association and the Sheriff's office were putting out press releases advertising each suicide. It was ... " (04/27/13)
[comment in context]
1733 17
Possible Suicide "402214 - when was the bridge built? 2012. It was a hot topic on many boards and in the press for at least a couple years before it was built. Did the suicide numbers reflect that media attention and controversy after 2009? Even wher ... " (04/27/13)
[comment in context]
1733 17
Link "RE: California stem cell research in the news "The California stem cell agency has put out a bid for a private lobbyist to watch out for its interests in Sacramento, perhaps severing a longtime relationship with one of the Capitol' ... " (04/27/13)
[comment in context]
2246 19
Possible Suicide "160 incidents requiring calls from 2001 - 2009. Need to know the total numbers of both deaths and incidents not leading to death since the barrier went up to make any real comparisons. 8 deaths in 2009, so only one attempt in 2013 ... " (04/26/13)
[comment in context]
1733 17
Earth Day! "Reto Ruedy, a program manager at the Goddard Institute, told PolitiFact that the institute’s data produces the following ranking of hottest years. Items on the same line are statistically tied. 1-2: 2010, 2005 3-8: 2007, 1998, 200 ... " (04/21/13)
[comment in context]
1624 29
Man With A Gun "593P, According to CDC statistics, you either made it up, or got very flawed, biased information. According to the CDC: "In 2010, five major causes of death (heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, and accid ... " (04/20/13)
[comment in context]
1930 33
If It 'Aint Broke... "It is always good to be concerned about budgetary issues; however, if you continue sluthing, you'll find documents that say the current stairway is unpermitted and damaged and that it is funded by 40% UCSB Coastal Funds and 60% AB1600 Fees. ... " (04/14/13)
[comment in context]
2613 28
Cox Cable Woes "I have Internet-only service from Cox. They have raised the price every year, sometimes multiple times per year. Here is the price I have paid for the preferred (middle tier) Internet plan: $22.95/mo 2009 Feb $31.95/mo 2009 Jun $3 ... " (04/13/13)
[comment in context]
3788 47
Local Bees in Danger "Instead of hysteria on all fronts, a little science and some numbers. "The growth of neonicotinoids such as clothianidin and imidacloprid, some of the most widely-used pesticides in the world, has roughly tracked rising bee deaths ... " (04/12/13)
[comment in context]
2502 57
Deltopia Stats "I'm a student and it was a lot of fun. I've also grown up here my whole life and was here for Floatopia 2009 and the only thing that I get disappointed in is seeing out of towners willingly jump on top of cars and completely smash them in, ... " (04/08/13)
[comment in context]
3078 52
Train vs Bicyclist "i was working in the er at down town cottage when they brought the 2009 kid in [28 stilla kid to me], he was missing a good size chunk of his back side amazing save tier 2 trama is awsom. " (04/08/13)
[comment in context]
2207 20
Collapsed Balcony "How does this "event" lead to bashing all UCSB students? I graduated in 2009 and continue to be shocked and dismayed by this type of behavior in isla vista. But keep in mind, please, that these people do not represent the University. ... " (04/07/13)
[comment in context]
6692 92
Isla Vista County Beaches Closed April 6-7, 2012 "@370 - I'd like to see those actual numbers, or are you just pulling them out of your.... The more visible problem after the 2009 disaster - evidenced by pictures - showed piles of garbage left on the beach. Pollution from that event also t ... " (04/05/13)
[comment in context]
1543 20
Isla Vista County Beaches Closed April 6-7, 2012 "One day of leakage from the Santa Barbara sewer system vastly exceeds any human waste from the 2009 Floatopia. 2009 Floatopia didn't cause any blip on any fecal coliform or other measurements made between Goleta Beach and Sands Bea ... " (04/04/13)
[comment in context]
1543 20
Residents Beware "Yep,lived in San Roque for a couple of years. Scammers at the door. This was in 2009. Looked out the window and told them I have called police on them. " (04/03/13)
[comment in context]
2089 18
Gopher Bite "Search on Edhat for "Animal Bites Should be Taken Seriously" Sep 15, 2011 Source: SB Public Health Santa Barbara County does have rabid animals, thus consultation with a physician following a bite from an animal is strongly recomme ... " (04/01/13)
[comment in context]
5109 49
Famous Writers in SB "This got me nostalgic. I don't remember them much aside from Brave New World and Doors of Perception, but I was surprised how much of Huxley's work I've read. http://www.independent.com/news/2009/mar/24/50th-anniversary-aldous-huxleys-ucs ... " (03/23/13)
[comment in context]
2461 69
Link "sounds like she's on the right track, good for her. i also paid my way through city college, 5 years of full time work and evening classes. interestingly enough my job became an early casualty of the recession in february of 2008, all ... " (03/23/13)
[comment in context]
1426 14
Hot Dog "Hey Rex....Costco stopped using Hebrew National in 2009. Something is about to happen at Costco that is much worse than a switch to Kirkland hot dogs..... All Costco's will start selling Pepsi instead of Coke next month. Yucccchhh. " (03/22/13)
[comment in context]
2555 61
Link "It seems that in the realm of financial crime, this particular fraudster is not "too big to jail". Of all the super-privileged, well connected, mega-wealthy banksters and robbers who decimated the US economy in 2008-2009, not a single ... " (03/11/13)
[comment in context]
1868 22
Urban Hike: Lower Westside "Have you found out anything more on the artist Jose Roldan? I live in Florida and recently purchased 10 hand painted plates in the same style as the tile you saw. They were also signed by both Jose and Enimia but she signed her last name ... " (03/10/13)
[comment in context]
4791 12
Good Luck Flash Friday "Those $2 dollar bills are good luck in Asian countries. And, that www.wheresgeorge.com is a fun and informational site. Did you know that no new paper money has been printed since 2009?? " (03/01/13)
[comment in context]
1812 6
Vegan & Gluten Free Nutritionist "http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22850429 I was just curious. "The prevalence of CD in the United States was 0.71% (1 in 141). ... Most persons who were following a GFD did not have a diagnosis of CD." Not criticizing Hermes. Aga ... " (03/01/13)
[comment in context]
2473 58
Is DownUnder on the Up & Up? "735P: CPCA membership info I posted was based on titles provided by CPCA members on surveys they completed at a CPCA conference. Sheriff Brown used COPS's endorsement in campaign literature during the 2010 election, representing them ... " (02/25/13)
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Assault "http://www.independent.com/news/2009/mar/07/aclu-sues- city-behalf-homeless/ Helps to have context with the ACLU talk. " (02/21/13)
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Fire Brick "When we bought our house in the San Roque foothills in 2001 we discovered two small handprints embedded in cement under the bushes, "Holly and Judy, July 4, '52." The house was built in 1951 and they were the first residents. After the Jes ... " (02/19/13)
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Mushie-Roomi-Rooms "Here is the article from the Los Angeles Times about the Santa Barbara man dying after eating the mushrooms he picked near Arroyo Burro beach: http://articles.latimes.com/2009/mar/12/local/me-poison12 It was actually 2009 (not 2010). " (02/18/13)
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Goleta Beach Eucalyptus "The Eucalyptus immediately west of the Beachside Cafe supported nesting Great Blue Herons until 1991. At that time some trees were severely trimmed and the herons moved to the Eucs on the Southern California Gas property on the north side o ... " (02/06/13)
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Tangerine Dreams of Yummy Things (To Eat) "noblepig dot com/2009/11/the-best-cranberrytangerine- chutney/ Cranberry-Tangerine Chutney Adapted from Wives with Knives 3 cups fresh cranberries 1 large tart apple, cored, peeled and chopped (I used Granny Smith) 1/2 cup ora ... " (01/31/13)
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Suicidal Subject "843P, are you talking about the construction of the bridge or the suicide barrier? I assume you mean the barrier. It's well established in the suicide prevention literature that media coverage of a particular method of suicide leads mor ... " (01/26/13)
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Suicidal Subject "367783 - here's another bit of logic. If publicity caused 7 people to jump in 2009, why has not the publicity and the huge controversy of the bridge being built (every mention on EdHat or the Independent resulted in thousands of wor ... " (01/26/13)
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Suicidal Subject "778P, here's another fact: 2009 was the year of the big media blitz from Sheriff Brown and the Glendon Association advertising the Cold Spring Bridge as a "suicide hotspot." Research as show that the more a method of suicide is discusse ... " (01/26/13)
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Suicidal Subject "Do people believe in facts or fiction? here are some facts: Seven people committed suicide at the bridge in 2009. The list up until 2009 is at this link: http://www.edhat.com/site/tidbit.cfm?id=2780 " (01/26/13)
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Who's the New Guy? "Wonder if it's the same Morgan Hoover who was a reporter with the News-Press for about three years, maybe 2009-2012. " (01/09/13)
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Cox Bundles "I have Verizon internet and DirectTV. No phone. My Cox bill started approaching $200 in 2009, so I switched out. I do a lot of video upload work, and Verizon handles it fine. I don't know anything about gaming capacity. I got on Verizon at ... " (01/05/13)
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Santa Barbara Sales Tax "733...Sales tax increased to 8.75% for 2 years, from 2009 to 2011, and it has been 7.75% since July 2011. Where have YOU been? I actually prefer 8% as it is easier than 7.75% to calculate in my head. I'd prefer 5% though. " (01/03/13)
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National Guard Sign "It doesn't need much of a sign, name or designation, as it's been closed for several years. The local battalion deployed Oct. 2008, and the unit was relocated to the San Fernando valley. It's surprisingly hard to find news about the closur ... " (12/23/12)
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