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UPDATE: A possible oil spill has been reported off Goleta Beach. The Coast Guard reports an oil sheen spreads 3 square miles and is investigating the source. (07/30/15) 12429 107
UPDATE:Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Detectives have arrested 21-year old Bryan Rios as a 5th person who is alleged to have played a direct role in the death of Javier Limon. [mug] (07/25/15) 4813 7
The Independent: Haggen laid off fourteen developmentally disabled employees from the five store locations in Santa Barbara and Goleta. (07/29/15) 4791 80
Gwendolyn Strong, a local girl and inspiration to many, passed away Saturday morning. (07/27/15) 4126 13
The Independent: Santa Barbara officials are beginning to crack down on aggressive sales tactics from downtown cosmetic stores. (07/28/15) 3773 60
Roger reports a subject with a shotgun taped to his leg is near Chase bank on Fairview. (07/29/15) 3032 40
A Santa Paula resident is in the Ventura County Jail after he was discovered in a stolen vehicle after a crime spree in the City of Goleta. [mug] (07/30/15) 2954 17
A subscriber is wondering if anyone knows why the flags are at half mast at Adams School. (07/30/15) 2952 23
The CHP reports a vehicle accident in Buellton that killed a 19-year-old female after crashing into a tree. (07/30/15) 2928 5
The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for North Central Santa Barbara County and Northwestern Ventura County. (07/31/15) 2882 11
Two Santa Barbara natives are changing the way surfboards are made with their custom foam design. (07/26/15) 2845 4
A subscriber wonders if Southwest Airlines will be coming to the Santa Barbara Airport. (07/28/15) 2720 23
Musician Jack Johnson presented the Santa Barbara Bowl with a custom water refill station to reduce single-use plastic waste at concerts. [pic] (07/25/15) 2676 19
The California Judges Association has issued a statement regarding public criticism of Santa Barbara County Judge Brian Hill's sentencing in the Duanying Chen case. (07/29/15) 2595 64
Here's a "before" look at Cachuma from John Wiley in anticipation of the Aug. 3 release described in yesterday's Edhat. [pics] (07/30/15) 2356 10
Can edhatters identify this amazing plant? [pic] (07/28/15) 2300 17
A subscriber is wondering if they're allowed to plant a rice paddy on their property and if anyone has experience doing so. (07/25/15) 2279 39
A subscriber wonders why the song "I Feel Pretty" was cut from West Side Story in the Sunken Gardens on Friday night. (07/26/15) 2225 39
Lately on multiple occasions a pair of helicopters have flown low and loud and pretty fast across the city. Anyone know what's up? (07/27/15) 2205 35
Who knows the name of this beautiful flower? [pic] (07/27/15) 2101 13
It's a small ocean fall, but have you seen this one John Wiley found in Big Sur? [pic] (07/25/15) 2100 8
Is it legal to use a jet ski in the swimming area at Miramar Beach? (07/28/15) 2048 22
Roger reports a traffic accident on SR-154 at San Marcos Road involving a horse trailer and 3 other vehicles. (07/28/15) 1984 14
Does anyone know what type of huge hissing bug or beetle this is? [pics] (07/27/15) 1923 12
A subscriber is wondering why gas in Santa Barbara is significantly higher than the average for the rest of the country as crude oil prices drop. [pic] (07/30/15) 1917 44
I just witnessed a traffic accident involving a Post Office truck. Where do I report it? (07/30/15) 1875 19
Max spotted the Apple Maps van in the Mesa area on Friday. [pic] (07/26/15) 1827 15
Updated: A subscriber wonders what is being built off Punta Gorda Street. (07/26/15) 1809 34
Updated: Roger reports a vegetation fire on Highway 101 at Calle Mariposa Reina. (07/27/15) 1796 5
Water will soon be released into the Santa Ynez River from Lake Cachuma's Bradbury Dam. (07/29/15) 1781 20
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares spectacular [pics] from a recent stop in Iceland. (07/27/15) 1775 21
An edhat subscriber shares a beach [pic] taken at Isla Vista Beach. (07/25/15) 1746 6
TRAVEL: Edhat subscriber Pam shares a few [pics] from her recent travels in the Sierras. (07/26/15) 1734 17
TRAVEL: Max captured photos of a fire near the Vegas Strip, seen from the airport. (07/26/15) 1720 2
The City of Santa Barbara has developed a real-time parking web application that provides up to date parking availability for all the Downtown Parking lot locations. (07/28/15) 1719 36
Can edhatters identify this purple plant? (07/25/15) 1714 6
Roger reports a possible fall victim in the 6500 Block of Del Playa. Fire, Medics, SBSO are on scene.. (07/26/15) 1673 4
Mike snapped [pics] of the Rainbow Girls at Thursday's Concert In The Park. (07/25/15) 1659 3
Roger reports the Harbor Patrol is searching for a possible kayaker in distress 2 miles out off Leadbetter point. (07/27/15) 1656 21
A subscriber captured [pics] of a yellow-crowned night-heron in Santa Barbara. (07/26/15) 1630 12
Roger reports a burglary in the 1000 block of Coast Village Road. A subject climbed through a window while the reporting party escaped out the door. (07/25/15) 1626 6
The mosaic lizard living on the banks of Mission Creek next to Rocky Nook Park, named Harry, turns 20 years old next week. [pic] (07/25/15) 1604 9
Does anyone in Edhat land know what is being developed on the corner of Turnpike and Calle Real?
updated 9:00 am
1597 28
The City Council will hold a public meeting on August 11 to discuss Vacation Rental enforcement and a work plan to develop a Home Sharing Rental ordinance. (07/31/15) 1583 27
The SB Police Department is advising participants of this year's Fiesta Cruiser Ride to expect enforcement of all bicycle related traffic laws. (07/30/15) 1577 40
Nora shares a [pic] where the tree looks like it is capturing the moon. (07/28/15) 1573 7
Roger reports a robbery in the 6600 block of Picasso in Isla Vista with a suspect who simulated a handgun. (07/28/15) 1572 14
A low income apartment building in Old Town Goleta will be receiving $18 million in renovations. (07/25/15) 1566 15
Due to public health concerns of illegal food vendors during Fiesta, law enforcement will enforcing food vending ordinances. (07/29/15) 1553 41
An edhat subscriber would like to thank an unsung hero who helped an elderly friend. (07/29/15) 1551 3
TRAVEL: Never been to Beirut? Check out this edhat subscriber's beautiful [pics] from Lebanon. (07/27/15) 1546 7
John S. Clark (1947- July 20, 2015) (07/28/15) 1519 3
Roger reports five or six subjects fighting outside Carl's Jr. on South Milpas. SBPD is on scene. (07/29/15) 1476 6
Roger reports a vehicle fire on SR-154 near Kinevan and the Cold Springs Bridge. (07/27/15) 1465 18
A dehydrated dog was rescued from a Gaviota trail by firefighters this past Sunday. (07/29/15) 1464 28
Does anyone have experience in finding homes for dogs when their owners are unable to care for them anymore? (07/31/15) 1448 18
Has anyone had a toilet installed recently and can refer a handyman? (07/29/15) 1444 27
A tale of two cities played out for John Wiley as he approached Santa Paula to land. [pics] (07/28/15) 1430 7
Roger reports a traffic accident on Patterson over the 101 in Goleta. All lanes blocked temporarily. (07/25/15) 1399 1
Roger reports a domestic disturbance in the 3500 block of Modoc. Allegedly a son, in possession of a knife, was attacking his mother. (07/29/15) 1368 52
Local activist group, PODER, responds to their questions being ignored at a recent Proposition 47 panel. (07/29/15) 1361 15
Updated With [pic]: Any ideas on the foul smell on the eastside? Is it the bird refuge again or a septic tank? (07/31/15) 1339 16
Roger reports a car thief is being pursued near Refugio Beach by Santa Barbara Sheriff Deputies. (07/26/15) 1328 13
Local teens from Girls Inc. of Carpinteria are taking on Washington D.C. next week. (07/26/15) 1292 2
Cindy Stevens shares some Hendry's Beach cloud formations floating over the mountains waiting for the sunset. [pics] (07/31/15) 1284 4
Friday afternoon John Wiley saw people in the courthouse tower and blanket colors arrayed in the garden. [pics] (07/26/15) 1267 7
Roger reports a hit and run at Chapala Market located at 605 North Milpas. The victims are a mother and daughter. (07/29/15) 1263 11
Attempted murder charges have been dropped against the two suspects involved in an Isla Vista shooting this past May. (07/29/15) 1253 12
Probable paddle racers and a sand surfer ceremony greeted John Wiley's flight to Santa Paula Saturday. [pics] (07/27/15) 1252 2
Here is an update on the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project. [pic] (07/31/15) 1225 10
Roger reports a traffic accident where a vehicle struck a child in the 400 block of Old Coast Highway. (07/25/15) 1217 7
Cartoons: Mike shares another funny cartoon about the silly sounds ketchup bottles make. (07/26/15) 1170 10
Updated: with more [pics]. Roger reports a vehicle vs. motorcycle traffic accident in the 1400 block of Chapala. Fire and Medics on scene. (07/31/15) 1144 10
Roger has the scanner reports.  Suspicious object found on Harris Grade Road. (07/25/15) 1107 3
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sawyer, a black and white kitty who specializes in cuteness. (07/26/15) 1105 2
In honor of National Tequila Day, edhatters sent in photos of their beverages. (07/25/15) 1101 6
Oil Spill: Friday was a spill fill day at the Refugio site when John Wiley flew out for a look. [pics] (07/29/15) 1088 5
Astronomy: Just in time for the predicted monsoonal cloudiness, the International Space Station may be visible for the next few days. (07/29/15) 1087 6
An edhat subscriber wants to know some great places to photograph tomorrow's blue moon. (07/31/15) 1081 22
The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is initiating a comprehensive health assessment of our community and is asking for the public to complete a survey. (07/28/15) 1077 15
A subscriber would like help identifying a blooming yellow flower at the park. (07/29/15) 1075 5
Mark shares a shot of Butterfly Beach on a serene morning. [pic] (07/31/15) 1052 4
Update: with [pic]. Around 10:30 am, a truck caught on fire on Highway 101 Northbound near the Turnpike Rd. offramp. (07/31/15) 1051 4
Roger has the scanner reports. I have great memories of my Grandfather and Uncle taking me to games back in the '60's. (07/28/15) 1032 7
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber shares a [pic] of some lovely white hydrangeas in Chicago. (07/27/15) 1025 5
A subscriber reports several fire trucks heading east from Solvang while hearing of a possible fire in Los Olivos. (07/28/15) 1018 11
The California Fish and Game Commission recognized Deputy District Attorney Kevin Weichbrod for his dedication to the prosecution of wildlife crimes. [pic] (07/25/15) 1010 14
The Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting DUI Checkpoints Thursday between the hours of 6:00 pm and 2:00 am. (07/31/15) 986 34
Robert W. Killen (August 15, 1954 - June 4, 2015) (07/25/15) 977 add
The "Hills Bandit" was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison Tuesday for a string of bank robberies from Laguna Niguel to Santa Barbara. (07/25/15) 930 3
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Chula and Savannah, super sweet sisters. (07/26/15) 921 5
Venoco is requesting an emergency permit to truck oil out of the Goleta facility. (07/29/15) 920 13
Roger has the scanner reports. It just seems like pedestrians can't get any Love today. (07/30/15) 885 9
The Santa Barbara Courthouse clock tower has reopened after making improvements for those with mobility challenges. (07/25/15) 878 4
Does anyone know the plan for the play area at Girsch Park? (07/31/15) 864 14
A highlight of the summer for Edhat subscriber Betsy is hearing the throaty calls of the terns that frequent East Beach. [pics] (07/31/15) 845 11
Santa Barbara County officials are seeking the public's input to help make the county safer. (07/30/15) 802 21
The Goleta Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint on July 31st. [pic] (07/30/15) 802 13
On Tuesday, July 28 at approximately 9:30 a.m., the SB County Office of Emergency Management will conduct an annual full siren test. (07/29/15) 797 5
A subscriber reports Santa Barbara County is planning a cleanup of local creeks and drainages. [pic] (07/26/15) 791 9
Roger reports a two vehicle accident on State St. at La Cumbre. One vehicle possibly went into a fire hydrant. It's unknown if there are any injuries. (07/31/15) 786 7
UPDATED: Roger reports a full City Fire response to a water flow alarm problem in the 100 block of East Haley. (07/29/15) 784 5
Do edhatters know of any support groups in Santa Barbara for families of suicide victims? (07/31/15) 776 8
Santa Barbara Police will suspend parking enforcement of the 75 and 90 minute curb parking during the Fiesta parade on Friday, August 7. (07/29/15) 774 12
A robust integrated photonics manufacturing industry would boost the economy and result in energy-efficient, higher-performance computing and telecommunications. (07/28/15) 762 3
Roger reports a vegetation fire on Highway 101 northbound at Mariposa Reina. County Fire is responding. (07/31/15) 757 3
Eugene Custer Baum (August 8, 1941 - June 17, 2015) (07/27/15) 742 1
The project to improve roadway conditions on the 101 undercrossing at Castillo Street continues with overnight roadwork on Tuesday. (07/28/15) 717 7
The City of Goleta provides an update on the Storke/Hollister improvements. [pic]
updated 8:30 am
713 10
LeAnne shows kids how to balloon joust at the Central Library in Santa Barbara. (07/26/15) 698 1

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