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Boxtales 20 Year Anniversary Festival
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UPDATED WITH NAME AND [MUG]: The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office released a report detailing the arrest of a man suspected of murder, stemming from an incident of domestic violence. [pics] (10/31/14) 5852 19
EDBIT: How are you voting on November 4th? Take edhat's general election poll! (10/26/14) 4640 122
HISTORY: Does anyone remember the Firehouse Restaurant on Chapala Street? It was an old Fire Station and had the pole still in there. UPDATE with story from owner.[pic] (10/29/14) 4281 30
I just heard what sounded like an explosion in the San Roque area. Anyone else hear it? (10/28/14) 3252 5
Edhat subscribers reported seeing a police escort on State Street earlier today. Anyone know what's up? (10/26/14) 3131 13
A subscriber shares a [pic] of Red Rock in the drought. (10/26/14) 3054 8
The LA Times recently published an article regarding "homeless travelers" being drawn to Santa Barbara. (10/30/14) 2905 60
Plans for the first Santa Barbara-area Target have fallen through. (10/25/14) 2800 79
Did anyone else see Magic Johnson last night? What were your thoughts? (10/26/14) 2760 18
Can any subscribers tell me what this wooden thing is? (10/28/14) 2736 19
MountainMan reports a shark sighting on East Camino Cielo. [pic] (10/26/14) 2730 10
I found this insect in my house today. Any idea what it is? [pics] (10/26/14) 2601 8
Nancy shares [pics] of what she saw at SB Open Streets. (10/27/14) 2529 19
A subscriber snapped a [pic] of SBCC lawn sprinkler usage during the day. (10/28/14) 2507 50
A subscriber needs to drop a passenger at the train station tomorrow at 11:30am in the middle of the parade chaos. Any suggestions on access? (10/30/14) 2338 31
A subscriber noticed this nice touch at SBA. [pics] (10/28/14) 2308 31
A subscriber stumbles over a small fairyville in a local neighborhood. [pics] (10/28/14) 2293 17
The Restaurant Guy says that The Natural Cafe in Old Town Goleta closes permanently today at 3 p.m. then reopens tomorrow at 11 a.m. in Camino Real Marketplace. (10/29/14) 2206 66
Miles of temporary fencing can be seen going up this week in and around public and private properties around Isla Vista, John Palminteri reports. [pics] (10/29/14) 2131 27
SB photographer Fritz Olenberger captured some frightening images of the living dead at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Gardens yesterday afternoon. [pics] (10/27/14) 2114 9
The Open Streets project once again became our longest public park with over 2.5 miles of Cabrillo Blvd transformed into a celebration. (10/27/14) 2101 41
Three Santa Maria residents have been arrested in connection with the murder of a Guadalupe man. [mugs] (10/29/14) 2056 4
A subscriber is thinking about handing out seed packets as well as candy this year for Halloween and wonders if parent like this idea? [pics] (10/26/14) 1954 49
High over the Castle walls, John Wiley saw turquoise drained from the pool. [pic] (10/25/14) 1882 6
A burger giveaway contest got a subscriber wondering what the best new burger joint is. (10/30/14) 1870 42
Julie Anne Jacobs (March 1, 1960 - October 16, 2014) (10/25/14) 1840 1
EDBIT: LAST CHANCE! It's time for the Fifth Annual Edhat Halloween Story Writing Contest! Send in your submission for a chance to win a prize! (10/26/14) 1831 NA
Have any of you had experience with Home Depot and floor installation? (10/27/14) 1786 21
HISTORY: A subscriber found a travel video about Santa Barbara from 1975. (10/26/14) 1785 20
Does anyone know what happened by Carpinteria Middle School? Police, Fire, and Paramedics were there. (10/29/14) 1784 15
Looks like the city is building a huge sand berm at the outlet of Mission Creek. [pics] (10/25/14) 1739 20
Cathie McCammon, a student at the Wake Center, is not happy with what is proposed by the $288 Measure S bond measure. (10/29/14) 1713 50
Roger reports a sexual battery suspect on an MTD Bus from Isla Vista; possibly headed to Santa Barbara. The suspect is an adult hispanic male. (10/30/14) 1679 9
Are there any other Cox Cable customers that have issues with recorded shows (and maybe live shows) freezing up throughout an episode? (10/28/14) 1666 46
A subscriber reports that a vehicle hit the traffic light box in front of 7/11 on Upper State St. [pic] (10/29/14) 1641 21
The Independent: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have donated $10,000 to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department. (10/31/14) 1627 18
Did anyone attend the Jackson Browne benefit concert at the Arlington Theatre on Saturday? How was it? (10/28/14) 1611 18
John Palminteri reports with [pics] four Italian Stone Pine trees with, each more than 100 years old, will be cut down this week in Santa Barbara. (10/28/14) 1603 12
Roger reports a code 417, brandishing scissors. Balloon vender threatening two subjects at Paseo Nuevo with scissors.. (10/25/14) 1583 5
I spy with my little eye three tree men up in the sky...Can you find the three arborists in this [pic]? (10/25/14) 1565 5
Roger reports a gang fight on Sola St. and Chino St. (10/30/14) 1555 17
The Santa Barbara City College transportation group is finally on the right road for campus parking congestion, reports The Channels. (10/25/14) 1552 46
With Measure P being the hottest topic lately and just a week before the polls, I decided to explore Facebook group sites to get answers from both sides. (10/30/14) 1543 70
Coast Village Plaza in Montecito has been sold for more than $13 million. [pic] (10/31/14) 1539 9
Beachbummer took a scenic ride through UCSB yesterday and got some great [pics] of the surf. (10/28/14) 1536 3
Last night, at 10:13 pm, a vehicle-vs-ped accident occurred on the southbound 101 in the vicinity of Winchester crossover. (10/28/14) 1529 14
TRAVEL: Returning home from Seattle, John Wiley increasingly saw water reminders where lakes used to sparkle. [pics] (10/27/14) 1514 12
Numerous subscribers report a jet being escorted by a smaller jet over Santa Barbara around 6:00 PM this evening. Do any subscribers know what's up? (10/31/14) 1503 8
Roger has the scanner reports. A 9-year-old kid is refusing to go to school, that's ok, a little room at juvenile hall. (10/30/14) 1486 17
A friend of mine worked for a contractor and is owed wages that the contractor refuses to pay. Who can we call to find a remedy for this situation? (10/29/14) 1438 21
Lisa Ann Kelly discovered this newly hatched little monarch butterfly struggling to keep earth bound. [pics] (10/27/14) 1429 10
A subscriber warns residents of a peeping tom seen in the 1800 block of Chapala. (10/28/14) 1422 15
Attempted robbery with a knife on Stearns Wharf around 12:55pm. 2 WMAs involved, one 5'4 wearing dark clothing. (10/26/14) 1422 7
The Independent: The San Francisco-based contractor on the Alma del Pueblo project faces their second breach of contract lawsuit. (10/28/14) 1410 17
The curves of a lonely pigeon disrupts the geometry of a downtown building in this [pic]. (10/29/14) 1403 12
A subscriber reports that there have been a lot of sirens on the Mesa and wonders if anyone knows "What's up?" (10/30/14) 1399 8
Morgan of the Wildlands CS shares this [vid] of the current condition of Lake Cachuma during the California Drought. (10/30/14) 1354 8
Susan Annabel Jackson (November 14, 1959 - October 14, 2014) (10/29/14) 1340 add
Roger has the scanner reports. I have never seen anyone work so hard toward saving a life than Belinda did for her mother, she set quite an example. (10/28/14) 1330 8
Roger has the scanner reports. A while back we had these jerks living next door that gave their kids air soft guns to shoot at us. (10/25/14) 1303 9
My dwarf Santa Rosa plum tree is confused and I am wondering if any other Edhatters are experiencing the same thing. (10/26/14) 1297 7
A subscriber take a [pic] of an injured but determined towhee bird. (10/28/14) 1287 5
In September 2014 officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department made 30 arrests for driving under the influence violations. (10/30/14) 1266 19
POWDRELL: So here's the deal… surfers are dancers. When done well, the dance is an art form and it's pretty cool to watch.  (10/26/14) 1265 2
At 2:23pm, SBCFD responded to a vehicle vs. pedestrian at Hollister Ave. and Magnolia Ave. in Old Town Goleta. [pic] (10/31/14) 1261 15
A subscriber saw this beautiful group of poppies in a friend's backyard in the La Cumbre area. [pics] (10/25/14) 1253 5
Assembly member Das Williams hosted a Water Conservation Summit in Ventura on Saturday. [pics] (10/26/14) 1200 24
The unsettled weather expected across southwest California Friday afternoon through Saturday rain will impact travel across the region. (10/31/14) 1186 30
The SBC Office of Emergency Management wants to remind everyone the the first winter storm of the season for Southwest California will start Halloween night. (10/31/14) 1186 6
Structure Fire 1442 Lou Dillion Lane Full Fire Response, also a Tree Fire at 47 Ocean View.. (10/26/14) 1180 1
Traffic accident: vehicle vs bicyclist on Highway 154 at East Camino Cielo. (10/26/14) 1178 5
Has anyone replaced radiant ceiling heat in their home? (10/29/14) 1167 16
Smoke reported in the area of the 3800 block of Paradise Road. Engine 13 responding to investigate. (10/27/14) 1167 7
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Isis, a beach-loving, bone-eating lady. (10/26/14) 1119 19
Jonathan E. Jordan ( March 14, 1962 - October 16, 2014) (10/28/14) 1113 add
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Ewe and Scuba, jet black kitties also known as Poke and Meatloaf but usually just referred to as Boy and Girl. (10/26/14) 1102 11
The Parks and Recreation Department would like to notify the public of its efforts to preserve the Historic Anapamu Stone Pines during the drought and the need to remove four trees that recently died. (10/25/14) 1099 15
Santa Barbara has seen scene changes for centuries, and John Wiley likes to watch. [pics] (10/30/14) 1098 10
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a large pumpkin patch with palm trees in the background. (10/30/14) 1088 5
A UCSB staff member received an alert from UCSB Police regarding affirmative consent. (10/31/14) 1086 21
A subscriber heard what sounded like police loudspeakers in the area of El Camino School around 2 am. Anyone know what was going on? (10/25/14) 1072 2
It was hard to tell who was having more fun, the children or the adults, at Marymount of Santa Barbara's recent Maker Fair event. [pic] (10/25/14) 1043 1
An edhatter is looking for a roofer. Any recommendations? (10/25/14) 1033 16
Can someone identify this caterpillar? (10/30/14) 1032 8
Events and happenings around town brought extra cheer to John Wiley's flight Sunday. [pics] (10/28/14) 1013 6
A subscriber is thinking of doing a fall-themed photo shoot. Does anyone know of any places in Santa Barbara County with leaves that have turned color? (10/29/14) 1009 21
TRAVEL: Charles Croninger says if your are behind time you must be at the Musee d'Orsay, Paris. [pic] (10/27/14) 1001 6
Roger reports a structure fire at 1476 Lou Dillon. Full City Fire Response. (10/25/14) 998 11
Possible injury traffic accident motorcycle vs vehicle fire and medics on scene.. (10/26/14) 984 2
What spectacularly spooky Halloween decorations have you seen around town? Send in photos! (10/25/14) 971 3
98 youngsters competed in the Goblin Opti Regatta over the weekend which was hosted by Santa Barbara Yacht Club. [pics] (10/28/14) 948 4
I'm looking for craft fairs to display my crafts in the area. Any suggestions? (10/28/14) 942 12
Mitchell Summer (April 2, 1950 - September 9, 2014) (10/27/14) 939 add
Structure fire at 204 Olive Mill Road. Full Fire Dept response from Montecito and city mutual aide. (10/28/14) 896 5
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a cartoon about the impending Halloween candy weight gain. (10/26/14) 885 3
A subscriber reports a police training session on the UCSB campus. [pic] (10/30/14) 877 1
Anyone one else notice the very strong odor in the area of Mirano Drive (near the Montessori school)? (10/25/14) 864 12
This pelican seems to be thoroughly enjoying Friday's sunrise. [pic] (10/25/14) 863 10
Roger reports vandalism, burglary, and domestic violence at the Rescue Mission. (10/30/14) 863 3
The Independent: Two men are accused of conspiring to file a false lien against the Solvang home of a Santa Barbara County judge. (10/31/14) 851 1
A grant from the Office of Traffic Safety to the SB County Probation Department will ensure that high-risk DUI offenders are complying with all court orders. (10/28/14) 830 9
Bill's Bus is a transportation service that provides safe methods of transportation from Isla Vista to Downtown. With Halloween approaching, Bill's Bus wants to remind students that there are safe, affordable, and reliable transportation methods. (10/25/14) 804 10
Any idea what's up with the sand build up on East Beach by the Wharf? (10/31/14) 798 10
NWS has issued a Wind Advisory through 6am Monday with strong gusts up to 50 mph for Santa Barbara County. (10/27/14) 765 4
Injury accident on Highway 101 Northbound at the Cabrillo off ramp. Engines one and 6 responding, Medics.. (10/25/14) 764 2
Does anyone know of a suitable place (and surface!) to play petanque in the greater Santa Barbara area? (10/31/14) 761 11
Lynne Dana Petersen Merenbach (November 7, 1945 - October 18, 2014) (10/28/14) 752 add
Roger reports a structure fire with two elderly people possibly inside at 426 Rosero Dr. The SBPD, fire department, and medics are responding. (10/30/14) 751 6
A subscriber reports Cox service has been down for about two hours in the Milpas area. Is anyone else experiencing problems? (10/30/14) 747 14
The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District has a new General Manager after Jerry Estrada was unanimously appointed. [pic] (10/30/14) 743 3

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