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UPDATE: A subscriber reports a Santa Barbara Police Officer struck a resident's camera phone last month while he filming an arrest on State Street. (04/24/15) 6981 145
The Public Health Department has released patient test results of Dr. Allen Thomashefsky, who is investigated for possible virus exposure to patients. (04/22/15) 4437 40
Santa Barbara Police are asking for the public's help to identify a suspected commercial burglar. [pics] (04/25/15) 3602 21
Updated With More [Pics]: A unique looking blue jellyfish has been found on local beaches. (04/22/15) 3596 24
A Santa Barbara guitar company and its owner are striking the wrong chord with musicians all over the country, reports KEYT. (04/26/15) 3133 11
Recent research shows the Ventura fault line is extremely dangerous and capable of producing severe tsunamis, reports the LA Times. (04/22/15) 2766 18
UPDATE: Bee stings send two people to the hospital after coming into contact with an agitated bee hive on San Pascual and Valerio. [pics] (04/23/15) 2699 30
Downtown eatery Arlington Tavern has been purchased by Bob Montegomery, owner of the Nugget restaurants. (04/24/15) 2691 50
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is releasing information about a brutal homicide that occurred in Santa Barbara County in September of 2012. [pic] (04/25/15) 2664 10
Do readers know who owns this land, where Shoreline Drive meets Meigs Road? (04/25/15) 2587 25
A vigil was held next to the Santa Barbara Courthouse on Wednesday to remember a former SBHS graduate who was shot and killed by Oxnard police. [pic] (04/25/15) 2380 30
While on a run this morning, a subscriber noticed a dead eel hung from a palm tree. Anyone else see it? (04/21/15) 2372 17
UPDATE: A subscriber reports the Vons Gas Station off Fairview will now be a 76 Station and Haggen signs are up. [pic] (04/22/15) 2340 37
Has anyone living near the railroad tracks noticed an increase in soot, a tingling sensation around their mouths, and gritty teeth? (04/21/15) 2311 36
A subscriber reports a child was hit by a vehicle in front of San Marcos High School on Hollister Ave. (04/23/15) 2310 26
Do edhatters recommend purchasing a house within the City of Goleta or the unincorporated 2nd District (Noleta)? (04/21/15) 2277 32
There are 18 salmonella cases due to consuming raw fish reported in Southern California. (04/22/15) 2174 34
A subscriber shares [pics] of a confrontation between a sea lion and truck. (04/25/15) 2112 11
Bonnie shares highlights from a delicious day spent at Bacara Resort and Spa at the 2nd Annual Santa Barbara Food and Wine Weekend. [pics] (04/22/15) 2087 8
A subscriber reports a fatal accident involving a train and vehicle off Las Posas Road in Camarillo. [pic] (04/24/15) 2083 17
Do any edhatters have an idea what animal may have made these tracks in the sand? [pic] (04/23/15) 1988 19
Edhat subscribers are reporting phone scams claiming to be from the IRS Fraud Division with a 703 area code. (04/21/15) 1878 19
What are the consequences of using hard water to house pipes, laundry, dishes, etc.? (04/21/15) 1798 19
Do you want to see what adorable Mini Nubian Goats look like? Check out these [pics]. (04/25/15) 1743 8
Roger reports a Code 415: Patient raising HELL at Cottage Hospital, now running South on Castillo barefoot, wearing a hospital gown. (04/26/15) 1660 25
I have heard that roadwork is being done on upper Gibraltar Road and it is closed to cars. Is it also closed to cyclists? (04/22/15) 1628 54
Lauren: Who loves carbs? Lauren does! Read her restaurant review of Our Daily Bread. (04/26/15) 1628 27
The Ventura County Superior Court is expected to drop charges against a man who spent 36 years in prison for a 1978 murder. (04/23/15) 1587 26
Roger has the scanner reports.  It's all Fun and Games until they crash their vehicles and then they become the victims. (04/21/15) 1581 9
A subscriber shares their first experience with the newly converted Haggen grocery store in Goleta. (04/27/15) 1573 20
Roger reports a possible sexual battery, the suspect is running east bound on Carrillo from Chapala Street. (04/23/15) 1535 25
An edhatter wonders what is your favorite street in town? (04/26/15) 1445 39
A subscriber says the free RV dump station at Marborg has locked off the water hose to conserve water and wonders where one can dump an RV now? (04/21/15) 1416 18
Another fawn arrived last night to ART, Inc., indicating to the team that this will be another busy rehab season. [pic] (04/21/15) 1389 10
MountainMan is wondering if you can identify these hummingbirds. [pics] (04/21/15) 1383 13
A subscriber asks for help in identifying this wheat-like plant. (04/25/15) 1368 13
A subscriber reports there are four cop cars, state police, ambulance, and a fire truck on Fourth St. in Carpinteria. Anyone know what's going on? (04/26/15) 1296 17
A subscriber is curious where the best place is to report fraud. (04/24/15) 1244 16
Things that fly, from low to high, fascinated John Wiley on his Arroyo Hondo walk. [pics] (04/21/15) 1244 6
Robert thanks the wonderful group of 10 people on the Playground hike last Saturday. (04/22/15) 1237 5
Roger reports a suspicious subject at Adams School in the 2700 block of Las Positas Road. (04/24/15) 1219 8
I'm wondering if any readers could recommend a service that can come to one's home to check to see if there is any mold in the home? (04/24/15) 1216 26
Roger has the scanner reports. Garden at Haley report of someone dancing in the street. (04/25/15) 1206 12
Don was able to capture [pics] of edhatters favorite things, sunsets and hummingbirds, in one photo! (04/22/15) 1203 20
Roger has the scanner reports.  It turned out to be the odor of a skunk who sprayed the family dog earlier in the day. (04/23/15) 1199 22
Lauren: A little piece of Santa Barbara history said goodbye on Saturday with an "End of an Era Sale" at Craviotto Brothers Ironworks. (04/27/15) 1185 11
A subscriber captures a [pic] of a blooming cactus amidst the drought. (04/23/15) 1183 8
The City of Santa Barbara's biannual free e-waste drop-off event is this Friday and Saturday. (04/21/15) 1149 7
The Santa Barbara Municipal Airport received a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration for $3,026,481. (04/21/15) 1142 18
A subscriber reports a bit of early Saturday morning rain. Has anyone else seen rain today? (04/26/15) 1111 24
A subscriber is new to town and is wondering if there are any public Mahjong games around town. (04/23/15) 1109 11
San Marcos High School students won silver in the Web Design Competition at the 2015 Virtual Enterprise International Trade Fair Competition. [pic] (04/23/15) 1093 5
Can anyone recommend a college consultant in Santa Barbara or Santa Ynez for a high school sophomore boy? (04/26/15) 1080 21
A U.S. soldier who died as a prisoner of war in Korea is finally returning home to Santa Barbara after nearly 65 years. (04/24/15) 1074 9
Roger reports a potential tree fire on the east side near Hayward Lumber. (04/26/15) 1044 8
EDBIT: UC Santa Barbara has been ranked the best surf campus in America! (04/26/15) 1032 20
Roger reports a vehicle rollover on SR-154 at West Camino Cielo. (04/26/15) 1006 2
An Orcutt woman recounts the terrifying event of a pursuit suspect breaking into her home. (04/25/15) 1003 9
William shares [pics] of turkey buzzards lurking near the slough. (04/22/15) 1002 7
Has anyone in the Alameda Padre Serra area had their vehicle broken into? (04/26/15) 992 7
The Dos Pueblos High School's Virtual Enterprise Team won gold in their first trip to the New York Trade Show. [pic] (04/21/15) 976 3
The City of Solvang invites the public to celebrate its 30th Birthday with a free breakfast celebration. (04/24/15) 971 6
A subscriber is asking for help in finding an older cat who's home is on the Mesa but may have hitched a ride to Girsh Park. [pic] (04/27/15) 963 12
Lois Capps introduced a bill that would place a moratorium on offshore fracking in federal waters off the West Coast. (04/23/15) 948 31
HISTORY: Updated With [Pics]: Does anyone have a picture of the old Silver Spur Restaurant that was located at 4221 State Street? (04/27/15) 937 8
William reports the young herons are getting a little bolder. [pics] (04/21/15) 929 4
Carpinteria High School students will experience a 2-day program starting Wednesday to teach the tragic consequences of drinking and driving. (04/22/15) 910 15
A subscriber reports a major gas leak behind the County Jail, per the CHP website. (04/23/15) 895 3
Cindy Stevens shares some surprise sunset [pics] after a very cloudy day. (04/23/15) 892 2
The Montecito Board of Architectural Review has completed the conceptual phase of Westmont College's designs for a new residential facility. [pics] (04/24/15) 861 6
TRAVEL: A subscriber spotted the Edhat Bagflag on the island of Hvar in Croatia. (04/23/15) 859 4
Roger reports an injury traffic accident involving a motorcycle at Carrillo and San Andres. (04/22/15) 855 10
Charles captures a [pic] of Monday's sunset over Santa Barbara. (04/22/15) 853 4
The Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting DUI Checkpoints in the City of Santa Barbara on April 25, 2015. (04/24/15) 845 6
Aquaholic shares stunning [pics] of Grosbeaks she photographed while bird watching. (04/27/15) 839 18
EDBIT: Dodgers or Giants? The rivalry is real and one filmmaker explores the possibility of dating across enemy baseball lines. (04/26/15) 835 12
A subscriber wants to know what setback is required to build an outdoor fireplace in a backyard? (04/27/15) 826 19
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office will kick off the 2015 Tip-A-Cop season on Wednesday at Outback Steakhouse. [pic] (04/22/15) 810 13
Santa Barbara County Fire reports a rollover traffic accident involving a car fire that took place Sunday afternoon on Highway 101 at Refugio Road. [pic] (04/27/15) 796 1
District 5 Maintenance crews targeted litter and debris removal today for Caltrans Annual Anti-Litter Day from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara counties. (04/22/15) 794 10
EDBIT: Were you at the Brews at the Beach event on Saturday? Look through our photos to spot yourself or a friend! (04/27/15) 792 8
Roger reports a traffic incident on Highway 101 in the northbound lanes at the Arrellaga offramp. (04/25/15) 779 3
The Breast Cancer Resource Center of SB announces its relocation to 55 Hitchcock Way, Suite 101, in Santa Barbara, California. (04/23/15) 773 4
Roger reports a broken gas pipe outside the Natural History Museum on Puesta Del Sol. (04/24/15) 755 3
A Coast Live Oak, donated by Santa Barbara Beautiful, was planted by students at Cold Spring School in celebration of Arbor Day. [pic] (04/21/15) 750 3
A team of volunteer divers will plunge into harbor waters off Marina 1 as part of Santa Barbara Harbor's Operation Clean Sweep. (04/23/15) 746 3
Injury Traffic Accident: First reported as an elderly fall victim in a driveway, now an injury accident. (04/27/15) 745 11
Alumni Jack and Kim Johnson team with UCSB's Associated Students Food Bank and Department of Public Worms on Edible Campus project to grow food on campus. (04/25/15) 739 15
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Buffy, an easy-to-love cat with a big personality looking for a wonderful new home. (04/26/15) 727 4
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about those pesky early birds. (04/26/15) 726 7
Traffic Accident: 101 Southbound at Gaviota, vehicle on its roof. Fire, Medics, CHP Responding. (04/26/15) 723 3
Roger reports an injury traffic accident on W. Mission at Castillo Street. A bicyclist is down in an alley. (04/23/15) 715 3
Structure Fire in Montecito Picacho Lane at East Valley..City Fire Montecito Fire responding. (04/27/15) 713 9
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Dobby, who, on a recent Monday afternoon, alerted her owner to a nearby fire. (04/26/15) 708 8
Roger reports an injury traffic accident on Highway 101 northbound lanes near the Carrillo offramp. (04/24/15) 697 1
Catherine Lucking Starbuck "Pat" Wygant (August 13, 1923 - April 1, 2015) (04/24/15) 694 3
TRAVEL: A subscriber displays the Edhat bag in Croatia. (04/22/15) 690 6
UCSB's Uta Passow studies the intricacies of marine snow formation in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. (04/21/15) 685 6
The selection of a UCSB mathematics professor brings the number of UCSB faculty that belong to the academy to 34. (04/23/15) 680 8
In celebration of "Chihuahuas de Mayo" Santa Barbara County owners of Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes will be able to get their dogs spayed or neutered for free. (04/22/15) 675 9
Edhatters share [pics] of storm clouds moving over Goleta and Santa Barbara (04/26/15) 663 3
Children's musician Laurie Berkner played to a full house at UCSB Campbell Hall on Sunday. (04/21/15) 662 3
The City of Santa Barbara reports $1,360,235 received in Transient Occupancy Tax for the month of March 2015, a 10% increase over March 2014. (04/25/15) 661 14
Edhat subscribers report power outages in the Hollister area this afternoon. (04/26/15) 659 3
EDBIT: Happy Earth Day edhatters! How are you celebrating? (04/23/15) 637 14
TRAVEL: The edhat bagflag takes a yachting tour around Croatia. (04/24/15) 622 3
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Spark Rescue is a charity rescue organization whose focus is finding permanent homes for disadvantaged animals at high-kill shelters in CA. (04/26/15) 620 3
Dunn School hosted the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Los Olivos today. [pic] (04/26/15) 613 1
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Search and Rescue (SBCSAR) team has eight new members.[pic] (04/27/15) 604 3
Isobel Smith (Deans) Cutty (March 16, 1944 - March 29, 2015) (04/21/15) 602 add

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