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A Carpinteria woman is recovering after she was attacked by a California Black Bear, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (09/25/14) 5629 52
This beach shack could go for only $100K but the view is worth it! [pics] (09/27/14) 4411 14
A 63-year-old Santa Barbara resident, Joseph Hyde, is charged with allegedly sexually molesting five victims in Santa Barbara County. [mug] (09/25/14) 3911 30
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has arrested a suspect believed responsible for numerous thefts in the Mission Canyon area. [mug] (09/25/14) 3637 24
Montecito Bank and Trust robbed in the 3800 block of State Street. SBPD responding. (09/27/14) 3093 27
The Independent: The 16-year-old son of Abel Maldonado has been charged with manslaughter after a fatal traffic accident in Santa Maria last month. (09/25/14) 2869 19
A reader had two routine vaccinations and is experiencing extreme pain. Does anyone have any advice to offer? (09/26/14) 2836 47
I found these droppings on my dining table but found no signs of mice. [pic] Could it be a lizard? (09/24/14) 2815 35
A subscriber would like help identifying some critters they have found in a new apartment. [pics] (09/24/14) 2778 18
A nearly 100 foot-tall Canary Island pine tree in Santa Barbara is being cut down after 115 years, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (09/24/14) 2628 13
The roots of a City-owned tree have entered the sewer pipes of my house, yet the City is holding me responsible. What are my options? (09/25/14) 2623 37
Updated with [pic]: Injury traffic accident where a vehicle struck a child at Voluntario and Carpinteria Streets. Fire, Medics, and SBPD are responding. (09/26/14) 2386 45
I'm new to the area and wondered if Verizon or ATT provide better cellular service/coverage in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area. (09/24/14) 2221 60
A subscriber sent in a photo of a shrouded ship. (09/25/14) 2142 6
The City of Santa Barbara installed a bike corral on the 100 block of Canon Perdido near Santa Barbara Street. [pic] (09/25/14) 2130 64
Two heavy old prop planes that sound just like borate bombers have lumbered low over our house. Why are they flying so low over western Goleta? (09/26/14) 2115 38
The old Greyhound bus station has been vacant for years. Why isn't the property more productive? (09/25/14) 2062 22
A subscriber reports a mountain lion sighting Friday morning on Glendessary Lane. (09/27/14) 2053 15
Roger reports a quick capture: SBSO Officer caught a man who attempted to Rob a Subway store on Hollister of its cash register. Updated with KEYT [pics]. (09/24/14) 1983 12
A subscriber snapped this [vid] of a truck on fire on Hwy 101 southbound. (09/24/14) 1953 7
Lauren: Trattoria Vittoria is a long-standing restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara serving up all types of Italian food. (09/28/14) 1944 19
Roger reports a Possible Elder Abuse, Sansum Clinic 317 West Pueblo HFA yelling at elderly female.. (09/24/14) 1938 23
A subscriber would like help in identifying a plant growing in their yard. [pic] (09/28/14) 1936 10
Medical Code Blue in the restroom at Marina 4 a lot of personal over there it's a medical call. (09/25/14) 1907 11
A recent accident at the More Mesa caves has heightened neighbor's concerns, reports the LA Times. (09/25/14) 1890 29
Possible Burglary home invasion Robbery? 6700 Block of Del Playa 8-10 subjects forced their way into.. (09/28/14) 1888 13
Did something happen at the Fuel Depot at the corner of Carrillo and Chapala early Saturday morning? I saw crime scene tape. (09/28/14) 1868 6
A reader reports that earlier this afternoon a house in Carpinteria was burglarized and the suspect caught. (09/27/14) 1860 12
Updated With More Pics: An orange Screaming Mimi haunts one of the old SBA hangars in this [pic] from John Wiley. (09/27/14) 1826 13
I'm trying to find a car wash product that was invented in Santa Barbara for the drought during the late 80's-early 90's called "Santa Barbara Car Wash", which was invented to wash/rinse your car using one bucket of water. (09/27/14) 1820 27
415 Fight 245 with a stick subject down unconscious bleeding from the head, suspect detained Ortega.. (09/28/14) 1795 9
Are there a lot of football fans in Santa Barbara? And which team do you root for? (09/29/14) 1789 67
Starting next year, Frontier Airlines will suspend flights from the Santa Barbara Airport to Denver, reports Pacific Coast Business Times. (09/25/14) 1768 47
Astronomy: Look to the south-southwest from Santa Barbara over the next few weeks, out over the ocean, and you'll see red. (09/28/14) 1749 9
A subscriber noticed lots of monarchs here near Ellwood.  Seems early for a winter to be over! [pic] (09/29/14) 1703 18
Santa Barbara County District Attorney announced that Hugo Alejandro Mendoza, age 26, was sentenced to 31 years in state prison for child molestation. (09/25/14) 1702 3
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Remington, a spirited two-year old Bengal. (09/28/14) 1675 18
Roger reports SBSO is following a vehicle with a possible Code 187: murder suspect. They are getting ready to perform a felony vehicle stop. (09/25/14) 1669 5
Roger reports a downed paraglider near Gibraltar Rock. Fire and medics are responding. (09/29/14) 1642 9
HISTORY: Does anyone remember the pie shop on State Street in the 1970's? (09/27/14) 1633 24
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds you that FAST is an easy way to remember the sudden signs of a stroke. (09/25/14) 1553 3
John Palminteri reports that Isla Vista safety concerns are up, even before UCSB students arrive. [pics] (09/26/14) 1492 15
Can anyone identify this specifically? It is a tunicate/sea squirt, correct? (09/26/14) 1489 7
A subscriber reports a traffic accident on San Andres and Anapamu. [pics] (09/24/14) 1475 7
In August 2014 officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department made 53 arrests for driving under the influence violations. (09/24/14) 1441 18
Two questions for you about this [pic] from John Wiley. (09/28/14) 1396 21
Roger reports a possible Code 415: Fight, allegedly about a small child who was touched by an adult in a bathroom in the 200 block of East Cabrillo Park. (09/25/14) 1394 12
Roger reports an extremely reckless vehicle heading westbound on Foothill Rd. from Casitas Pass in Carpinteria. (09/26/14) 1391 2
Today a subscriber found another mantis in their garden. This one is larger than the one from yesterday. [pic] (09/28/14) 1383 8
By John Palminteri reports that a new bike rack replaces parking on Canon Perdido. (09/27/14) 1351 38
Where is the cheapest water vending machine in Santa Barbara or Goleta? (09/30/14) 1350 31
Air Support SBCO Fire Unknown Type Hoist Rescue from Santa Cruz Island.. (09/28/14) 1339 12
Who is responsible for the maintenance of the historic Amtrak building? It needs some upkeep. (09/26/14) 1329 25
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is requesting public assistance to help locate the suspect responsible for at least three burglaries in Solvang. (09/27/14) 1283 5
Steve shares [pics] of how pigeons are dealing with the drought. (09/25/14) 1281 6
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares an aerial [vid] of the crystal clear waters of Tahiti. (09/26/14) 1274 9
Roger has the scanner reports. Sometimes those dispatchers say the darnedest things! (09/27/14) 1273 24
The Animal Rescue Team discusses how the drought is impacting native wildlife. (09/27/14) 1258 26
Fatal traffic accident in Santa Maria involving a vehicle and a pedestrian on Hwy 101. (09/25/14) 1243 3
Brian Peddicord shares a [vid] of yesterday's cruise ship chasing the sunset. (09/26/14) 1242 7
Where's the best place in town to get a good deal on Mexican beach pebbles? (09/28/14) 1228 10
How much do you know about the world's religions? Do you think lack of knowledge strengthens our divisions? (09/28/14) 1222 100
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a duck coming in for a landing at Alice Keck. (09/25/14) 1208 13
Vehicle accident 101 Southbound at Patterson Fire, Medics, CHP RESPONDING.. (09/24/14) 1192 2
A subscriber wonders where the best places to use a metal detector would be in Santa Barbara. (09/26/14) 1167 31
Updated with [pics]: A subscriber reports a broken water main on the east side of Santa Barbara and the closure of Salinas Street. (09/27/14) 1167 11
Roger reports a SBSO foot pursuit of two shoplifters from K-Mart in the 6800 block of Hollister. (09/30/14) 1165 23
What's up with the signal lights at Hollister and Pine on Olde Towne Goleta? (09/26/14) 1159 14
What are these tiny mushrooms in my outdoor pots? [pic] (09/30/14) 1129 7
A subscriber sent in a photo of the blinding light of morning at East Beach. (09/26/14) 1104 1
The National Weather Service has issued a high surf advisory in effect from 10pm Wednesday evening until 9am Friday morning. [pic] (09/25/14) 1064 2
IN THE KITCHEN: I recently tried a new variation of stuffed bell peppers - Southwestern Turkey and Quinoa. (09/28/14) 1060 2
Has anyone else noticed an unusual number of earthquakes for the California/Nevada area? (09/30/14) 1052 14
Unknown if injury accident sports car vs Fed Ex Truck 101 Northbound between Turnpike and Patterson in the center divider. (09/24/14) 1050 2
A subscriber writes about Measure S and its comparison to Measure V. (09/26/14) 1042 49
Cartoons: Mike shares a cartoon about excerising, or lack thereof.  (09/28/14) 1038 5
Roger has the scanner reports. Subject in street doing cartwheels Meigs and Cliff. It was probably the Bank Robber. (09/30/14) 1026 6
Roger reports SB Sheriffs have tased a combative subject in the 4500 block of Calle Real. (09/30/14) 1020 6
The Environmental Defense Center announced the release of a report profiling some of the few remaining productive urban farms in the Goleta Valley. (09/24/14) 1013 9
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a praying mantis hanging out on some milkweed. (09/27/14) 1011 5
Mark Mitchell Noble (d. August 29th, 2014) (09/29/14) 1009 1
A subscriber captured [pics] of birds hanging out in Santa Barbara. (09/27/14) 1002 3
The Goleta Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint Friday night. (09/26/14) 991 5
We love beaches, birds, and bugs so flash photographers, send in your "B" themed pics! (09/27/14) 970 14
On an evening walk, a subscriber caught local band Afishnsea The Moon rocking out at a Funk Zone art studio. [pic] (09/24/14) 948 4
The Independent: Santa Barbara County Jail has recently ended their postcard only policy for writing to inmates. (09/26/14) 938 14
417 Brandishing a knife at 424 State street, suspect brandished knife on subject in store.. (09/29/14) 933 1
TRAVEL: Max shares photos from a recent visit to San Francisco. (09/25/14) 912 9
Edhat subscribers report gun shot sounds on the east side around 10:45 Thursday evening. (09/27/14) 905 14
Roger reports a man who was waving a fake gun on a balcony on the 6700 Block of Sarbo Tarde. (09/26/14) 893 3
SLO Police warn residents of a phone scam that targets the elderly, commonly referred to as the "Grandparent Scam." (09/26/14) 889 8
Roger has the scanner reports. Medical Emergency in the trailer courts in the 300 Block of Old Mill Road. (09/25/14) 884 8
I'm seeking a referral for a dance/drum instructor with access to studio and drums. (09/28/14) 872 5
EDBIT: Happy National Coffee Day edhatters! What's your favorite cup of java? (09/30/14) 850 18
TRAVEL: A subscriber is spending time in Cape Cod and got a [pic] of the sunset. (09/25/14) 850 5
Injury traffic accident at Carrillo and Chapala involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. (09/26/14) 837 10
A subscriber shares a [pic] from Saturday's beach cleanup in Goleta. (09/27/14) 827 1
Setback by the recession a few years ago, plans are underway to develop a new $5.6 million children's area at the Santa Barbara Public Library. [pics] (09/24/14) 824 10
An industrial mosaic of colors over urban Long Beach, from John Wiley. [pics] (09/30/14) 813 7
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Daisy, a Santa Barbara native and great companion. (09/28/14) 812 7
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a snail navigating around an agave plant. (09/27/14) 786 8
The Santa Barbara County Public Works Department is holding hazardous waste collection events. (09/27/14) 778 2
Does anyone have recommendations for a mobile dog groomer? (09/26/14) 773 9
TRAVEL: An edhatter abroad shares a photo of the edhat bag in Venice, Italy! (09/25/14) 755 1
Critical fire weather conditions are possible Thursday through the end of the week. (09/30/14) 754 5
A wind advisory is in effect from 5pm Friday to 3am Saturday morning. [pic] (09/27/14) 753 1
The Santa Barbara Beautiful Public Open Space Award goes to Betsy Gallery, a local mosaic artist. [pic] (09/30/14) 746 9
Santa Barbara Unified School District has announced that the concrete pour is underway at Adams Elementary School. [pics] (09/25/14) 744 add
The UCSB Police Department will conduct a sobriety and driver's license checkpoint on Saturday, 09-27-14, at an undisclosed area on UCSB campus. (09/25/14) 739 22
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: TV Santa Barbara (TVSB) is Santa Barbara's non-profit media arts center, helping everyday people to create, connect and communicate through media featuring their local community. (09/28/14) 732 1

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