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Update from SBSO on Search for Missing Man: Edhat subscribers reported a possible drowning at Lake Cachuma on Friday night. (07/18/14) 9174 26
Update - Roger reports a 1144: dead body on the bus bench in the 3900 Block of State Street, called in as a medical emergency. (07/20/14) 5950 47
Updated Statistics by the SBPD - There is a huge police traffic sting on upper State St. Dozens of motorcycle police are giving citations. (07/24/14) 5691 84
Updated with photos and SBC Fire Press Release: Structure Fire at 447 Ellwood Beach Drive. Fire and medics are responding to possible injuries. (07/23/14) 4861 33
There's a private Boeing 757 parked at Atlantic Aviation FBO at Santa Barbara Airport. Does anyone know whose ride it is? (07/19/14) 4466 28
Updated Information - Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office are responding to a body found at Lake Cachuma. (07/22/14) 4106 14
Allergan announced earlier this week they will cut 1,500 jobs, including the closure of their Santa Barbara facility. (07/22/14) 4052 66
Two men have been arrested for the crime of rape and sexual assault of a 62-year old homeless woman. [mugs] (07/18/14) 3881 39
An edhatter is curious what others think about the 2014 Fiesta poster. (07/22/14) 3698 91
Did anyone hear/see the large aircraft above at 4:10 pm? (07/19/14) 3490 36
The Independent: [Updated with video] Well-known DUI attorney Darryl Genis has been accused of photographing and tampering with a prosecutor's papers during a recent DUI trial. (07/23/14) 3463 54
A subscriber reports a large plume of white smoke coming from behind the mountains. Any information on it? (07/21/14) 3375 26
What place in the Santa Barbara have you had a "spooky" feeling about? (07/19/14) 3281 71
Benchmark Eatery has opened at 1201 State Street, the former home of Maggie's and State and A, reports the Restaurant Guy. (07/18/14) 3200 24
Here's what we found when we came to work this morning. [pics] (07/23/14) 3122 24
There are about 10 floating lights that just rose from downtown SB. Does anyone know what they're for? (07/22/14) 3090 24
A subscriber snapped [pics] of mystery construction on State and Mason. Does anyone have any information on the project? (07/23/14) 3017 29
A subscriber reported a shark sighting off the Isla Vista coast on Tuesday. [pics] (07/24/14) 2926 19
A subscriber shares a [pic] of home improvements on a house that was once renowned for its unusual adornment. (07/24/14) 2921 19
What Chinese restaurant in Santa Barbara has the best orange chicken and best Chinese food? (07/19/14) 2863 50
There's an elaborate shelter built on Hendry's beach. Does anyone know who lives there? [pic] (07/24/14) 2859 20
Does anyone know what happened on Cliff Drive near Alan Road across from Arroyo Burro Beach parking lot last weekend? (07/20/14) 2785 11
I found this bird on the hood of my car this morning and am wondering what kind it is. [pic] (07/18/14) 2619 25
A subscriber shares a [pic] of the drought stricken lagoon in Hope Ranch that looks more like Death Valley. (07/23/14) 2583 30
A local resident is upset by the amount of money allocated for tourism in Santa Barbara. (07/18/14) 2544 93
What is the official, legal status of Uber in Santa Barbara? (07/22/14) 2520 34
The Santa Barbara bicycling community suffered a devastating loss on Friday, July 18 with the sudden passing of Ralph Fertig. (07/23/14) 2516 13
A moving truck knocked over a fire hydrant this morning in Goleta, causing a huge geyser. [pic] (07/22/14) 2421 19
A subscriber captured [pics] of a rattlesnake posed to strike. (07/24/14) 2362 14
A subscriber found a unique bird on their patio. Does anyone know what it is? [pics] (07/24/14) 2333 28
We went out sailing Sunday and saw this tall ship leaving Santa Barbara. [pic] (07/22/14) 2316 8
Roger reports a possible arrest by SBPD of a naked man wearing an ankle bracelet on Bath Street. (07/18/14) 2240 12
The Santa Barbara Police Department is advising participants of this year's Fiesta Cruiser Ride to expect enforcement of all bicycle related traffic laws. (07/22/14) 2226 79
Max shares awesome aerial [pics] from a recent helicopter flight over Santa Barbara. (07/24/14) 2212 26
Any ideas on what kind of large ant-looking creature this is? [pic] (07/23/14) 2198 34
WHERE IS IT?: Yes that's right, we're bringing back "Wednesday Where Is It?" and this week is pretty hard. Can you guess where this is? (07/24/14) 2183 NA
The gang injunction petition has been denied by Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Colleen Sterne. (07/23/14) 2124 36
A subscriber reports an owl rescue right outside their office window. [pics] (07/22/14) 2091 16
Roger reports suspicious circumstances of a man cruising around with two young females. (07/24/14) 2068 17
Several edhat subscribers reported hearing gunshots near Turnpike on Saturday night. (07/21/14) 2054 19
CNN is looking for photos of dry lawns in city parks and John Palminteri sent this [pic] in showcasing the dog days of summer. (07/24/14) 2030 16
The one place on our coast that encourages dumping looks surprisingly clean in these John Wiley [pics]. (07/18/14) 1868 13
Due to public health concerns, state and local ordinances pertaining to roving food vending will be strictly enforced. (07/24/14) 1830 35
Are these Japanese tea trees at one corner of Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden? [pics] (07/21/14) 1813 14
A subscriber shares [pics] showing proof of rain landing around 6 am on Sunday. (07/21/14) 1795 4
Hearts in the sky and Q on a plane puzzled John Wiley today. [pics] (07/19/14) 1788 4
Are you a fan of the plan to split California in six? Will it just separate our problems or provide an actual fix? (07/20/14) 1745 32
HISTORY: While we're worried about the drought, 47 years ago locals were worried about the flooded airport. (07/20/14) 1734 17
What is one of the most memorable County Bowl concerts you've attended? (07/22/14) 1710 68
Police agencies will be conducting a crosswalk directed patrol in the Santa Barbara and Goleta area. (07/22/14) 1687 33
A married couple has been arrested for possession of methamphetamine for sale and child endangerment. [mugs]
updated 4:54 pm
1683 15
The Independent: Tenants have been chosen for a new artist village in the Funk Zone by developer Neil Dipaola. (07/19/14) 1666 28
Vegetation Fire off Hwy 101, northbound between Patterson and Turnpike. I also heard it was by the railroad tracks. (07/21/14) 1648 14
A subscriber reports that some cars on San Pascual were keyed and had slashed tires. (07/20/14) 1602 3
ART noticed this gorgeous osprey perched on power lines with a fish in its talons. [pics] (07/24/14) 1599 8
What was once the second largest natural oil and gas seep in the world, has shown signs of slowing down, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (07/19/14) 1598 7
The Independent: The Life Legal Defense Foundation, an anti-abortion group, will likely sue the city unless the "bubble ordinance" is amended. (07/19/14) 1592 63
Report of a motorcyclist going off a cliff in the 9500 block of Jalama Road. (07/21/14) 1588 5
Roger reports a subject down in an alley near the 3600 block of State Street stating he had been robbed and assaulted. (07/23/14) 1580 19
I'm looking for early morning fitness / boot camp / training sessions. (07/20/14) 1553 16
An edhat subscriber reports a flipped car on Highway 101 Saturday night near Fairview. (07/21/14) 1545 7
Edhat readers report seeing a green light fall from the sky last night. Anyone else see it? (07/23/14) 1542 12
Roger reports a possibly drunk bicyclist coming down the pass, last seen on the 154 near East Camino Cielo without a shirt and a ball cap. (07/19/14) 1529 12
What agency's in town offer an intensive or semi-intensive out-patient alcohol rehab or drink moderation program? (07/19/14) 1523 33
A subscriber reports a medical emergency at Stearn's Wharf on Wednesday morning. [pics] (07/24/14) 1486 23
Roger has the scanner reports. Then she disappeared into the Sportsman never to be seen or heard from again. (07/24/14) 1482 15
We just had our sewer pumped and the truck left oil stains on our brick driveway. How have other edhatters handled this problem? (07/22/14) 1459 18
The Farr 40 2014 West Coast Champioinship is underway off the coast of Santa Barbara. [pics] (07/18/14) 1447 4
The nonprofit investigative journalism website Mission and State has been shut down, according to the Santa Barbara Foundation.
updated 8:30 am
1442 32
Edhat subscribers share photos of their unique keychains before driving off into a beautiful weekend! (07/19/14) 1439 13
Tom Modugno shares information from Old Town Goleta's free summer event series. [pics] (07/21/14) 1439 3
Beachbummer was walking around Montecito and took these [pics] that show the current housing market situation.
updated 5:36 pm
1413 9
Sixteen local residents have graduated from the Santa Barbara Sheriff Citizen's Academy. [pic] (07/23/14) 1401 2
I have ground squirrels under my shed. How can I get rid of them without killing them? (07/19/14) 1387 29
Any suggestions or tips for a fun, eventful first trip to the islands? (07/23/14) 1380 18
Report of a lewd subject by the kiddy pool at Los Banos. Male adult exposing himself between the pool and a picnic table. (07/23/14) 1378 14
Updated with photos - There is a sheared fire hydrant with a 70 foot geyser on Milpas at Indio Muerto. Send in photos!
updated 11:17 am
1364 25
Several subscribers are reporting rain in the Santa Barbara area. Where else is it raining? (07/20/14) 1343 22
Roger reports a death in a public housing unit. Fire on scene with SBPD responding to the 300 block of West Carrillo. (07/19/14) 1323 2
An edhat subscriber was at Goleta Beach and noticed an unusual amount of tar. (07/24/14) 1305 27
Roger has the scanner reports. Medical Emergency on the beach for a subject with cramps. (07/19/14) 1276 35
I am looking for giclee printers in Santa Barbara. (07/22/14) 1267 9
Roger reports a dog stuck on a cliff at Hendry's Beach. SBPD is responding to check the dog's welfare. (07/20/14) 1263 21
Roger reports suspicious circumstances regarding two subjects who allegedly beat up another subject and dragged him into a vehicle. (07/23/14) 1255 6
The Coast Guard Cutter was moving along the coast before sunset on Tuesday. [pics] (07/24/14) 1237 5
Were any edhatters awoken last night by mechanical/construction or similar noise? Anyone know what the source may be? (07/24/14) 1215 13
A reader wonders what benefits people have noticed due to the dry conditions. (07/24/14) 1212 32
District Attorney Dudley announced that UCSB Professor Mireille Miller-Young has pleaded no contest to all charges filed against her after she allegedly struck a pro-life protestor.
updated 1:04 pm
1199 43
Lauren: Louie's California Bistro serves up some tasty desserts and Lauren is still drooling. (07/20/14) 1191 10
Edhat subscribers snapped [pics] of recent cloud formations. (07/22/14) 1175 7
Renee Cavalier Fox (December 15, 1961 - July 15, 2014) (07/23/14) 1137 1
A subscriber reports a dead seal washed ashore on Butterfly Beach. [pic] (07/23/14) 1128 19
Has anyone else gotten sick from the recalled fruit from Trader Joe's and other stores?
updated 4:26 pm
1127 21
There was still plenty of room left to grab a spot at today's Concert in the Park. [pic]
updated 1:36 pm
1116 21
Conditions were perfect today for the ongoing Farr 40 West Coast Championship. [pics] (07/18/14) 1112 2
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Ernie, a playful pooch with a big heart who is in need of a family to join. (07/20/14) 1109 8
WHERE IS IT?: We knew it was a hard one, but some of you might be a little rusty. Did you guess the location in the Wednesday Where Is It photo?
updated 8:20 am
1083 10
I'm looking to pick up some take-out and have a picnic dinner with my family. Any suggestions on where we should go?
updated 12:00 pm
1081 26
A subscriber shares a [vid] from this year's Krazy Kardboard Kayak Race. (07/20/14) 1081 6
Edhat subscribers share cloud and sunset [pics]. (07/22/14) 1052 3
Roger reports several injury traffic accidents of vehicles vs bicyclists. (07/21/14) 1042 3
Max Rosenberg shares [pics] from the Farr 40 Championship today. (07/19/14) 1038 3
Is anyone else smelling a sewer stench this morning near State and Las Positas? (07/20/14) 1031 24
An edhat subscriber reports that there was police activity on Palos Verdes Drive in Goleta last night. (07/23/14) 1031 4
Sixty five drivers were cited in Goleta during the recent pedestrian crosswalk sting.
updated 2:59 pm
1029 16
Hydrangeas remind this edhat subscriber of old-fashioned simple summer pleasures. [pics] (07/19/14) 1027 12
SBPD shares some highlights from recent crime data collected. (07/18/14) 1021 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Shiloh, a tabby cat who loves literature and needs a forever home. (07/20/14) 1017 5
Report of a structure fire in the 2800 block of Vista Elevada. Santa Barbara County Fire Dept is responding. (07/21/14) 1011 7
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a photo from travels in North Texas. (07/21/14) 1007 14
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