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Children's Literature to Love and Share
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Go See the Dodgers and Do it Right! - Marc Liberts been going to Dodger games since the late 1970's. Here's his primer on how to get the game-going experience just right. 16247 8
Ten Days in Thailand - Marc took a 10-day trip to Thailand in the city of Chiang Mai, which is about 300 miles north of Bangkok, near the Laos and Myanmar (Burma) borders. 9661 5
Alaska Cruise Review - If you are considering going to Alaska, a cruise is a great way to see the 49th state in comfort and style. 6824 9
The Road Taken: Tbilisi, Georgia - With a name like Tbilisi, pronounced tibb-LEE-see, how can a place be resisted? It’s the capital of the other Georgia, the foreign one that’s a republic. 5890 4
Oso Flaco Lake Outing - Seedlady spent Thanksgiving afternoon at Oso Flaco Lake preserve area just north of Guadalupe. It was gorgeous, quiet and scenic. [pics] 5645 16
A Trans-Atlantic Cruise - A trans-Atlantic cruise, a Royal Wedding, and 3 days in London .. all wrapped up in a travel review by Marc Liberts. 5552 5
The Road Taken (By Me and the Gypsies) - Gypsies, Romanis, Blamed Nuisances – those vagabonds from Romania, more or less – seem to keep cropping up here and there around the globe. 5466 9
Köln (Cologne -- Whatever), Germany - They say the perfume biz started in Cologne. Can that be right? Anyway, McSeas says that Köln is a fine place to visit. 5307 3
Germany: After the Wall - Funny, pathetic and irritating, but when our work in China was done, we headed for the former East Germany by way of (then) Czechoslovakia. 5207 4
In New Mexico, Watch for Oryxes - And now for something new and different: Consider the Oryx. That's not a typo; an Oryx is a big animal that resembles a deer with funny antlers. 5081 add
Florida's Famous Beaches - Unlike SoCal’s chaotic and built-upon continental edge, the Florida coast is miles of long, long beaches, gently curving. 5063 5
Taking My Medicine in Europe - McSeas wasn’t thinking (a shocking surprise!) when he counted his meds for our two-month trip around Western Europe. Finding drugs proved an adventure. 4965 8
Santa Fe - If you want to be enchanted by the Land of Enchantment, McSeas reckons Santa Fe is the place to go. 4734 5
The Road Home - McSeas hadn't driven home from Tahoe in years, and it was fun, in an odd way - a rather weary way. 4647 8
San Funcisco - McSeas takes a foreign visitor to San Funcisco and finds good eats and that there’s something really pleasurable about showing new places to people. 4586 6
Driving a Dusty Road - Borrego Springs, down yonder southwest of Palm Springs, is easily McSeas' favorite desert – hospitable and comfortable much of the year, lovely. 4562 8
Juneau Treasures - Jackie Langley shares some of the treasures she found while visiting Alaska on her summer vacation. There is rich diversity of this very different world. [pics] 4416 9
Michigan's Upper Peninsula – Over the Top - McSeas shares his journey across and down Michigan's Upper Peninusla. Though enjoyable, the tour didn't work out exactly as planned. 4298 16
New Mexico - "New Mexico, Land of Enchantment." That's what their license plates say, and it's not too far off. 4268 2
Yosemite in Summer - Dawnna just returned from a great trip to Yosemite where she saw a big bear and an amazing snowplant. The creeks are full and falls flowing. [pics] 4244 7
Recalling the Sunshine of Youth - Placerville is a funny old place. A place where you go to eat. A corn dogs and chilidogs kinda town, the signs suggest. 4168 5
Off to Oakland - McSeas found that there are inexpensive and interesting journeys to be had here in good ole’ USA, like this latest trip to Oakland. 4154 11
Carmel - Eric Roland was recently lucky enough to head up to Carmel. It is also a beautiful place with a huge white sand beach. [pics] 4102 4
Florida Finale - McSeas concludes his Florida trip report today. He just needed to swim in the Gulf to verify its famous warmth. 4088 3
Travel Photos - We just returned from a two week visit to Sicily and Rome, and wanted to share some pictures. [pics] 4060 6
The Road Taken : Cold - Where do we think we are, Russia? Hey, this is St. Babs-by-the-Sea and it's too darned cold! 3973 3
On To the Upper Peninsula - Driving north from Midland, Michigan, to visit the tourist area by Mackinac Island, Michigan, we scanned some of the gazillion acres of farm product. 3927 9
Florida - Part Two - McSeas continues his trip to Florida. His word for Epcot and other Florida Disneyana is over-rated. St. Augustine was a hoot. 3903 2
Wisconsin - This week McSeas navigates us through Wisconsin. "On Wisconsin, on Wisconsin, Plunge right through that line..." 3875 1
Dallas-Fort Worth Part II - McSeas visits Dallas-Fort Worth for some sunshine, cowboys, and barbecue. 3765 add
Onward to Michigan - As McSeas continues to make his way into the heart of Middle America, he narrates his journey across notable landmarks in Michigan. 3758 5
A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words - Looking down at the forest fire raging across Arizona, I was stunned by the vastness of the fire and the accompanying attack of nerves that fires can inspire. 3743 5
Vacationing on the Other Coast - "Florida …" The name has a nice ring to it. Land of oranges, tennis, Seinfeld's parents' Del Boca Vista retirement community, swamps, 'gators. 3722 1
The Camaraderie of the Trail - "So, what brings you to the North Pole?" Nina, age, 55 to 60, from Helsinki, smiled across the breakfast table in a Tallin, Estonia, hotel. 3717 3
Taos - Taos is worth the drive north from Santa Fe, but probably not worth a night's stay unless you want to visit Georgia O'Keeffe's home or D.H. Lawrence's ranch. 3707 6
Adventures in New Mexico - Albuquerque is known for its funny name, its most excellent Museum of Art and History, and its status as the "Hot Air Ballooning Capital of the World." 3670 add
Krakow, Poland - Team McSeas travelers were delighted by their eastern-most destination -- Krakow, Poland. 3556 2
Islands in the Gulf - A whole ‘nother species of creature awaited McSeas on his Florida journey: Retiree americanus, mostly white humans from the northeastern United States. 3548 5
On a slow train from Poland to Austria - McSeas traveled from Krakov to Vienna on an empty train that was crawling slowly, how slowly, along. 3463 2
Off to Lake Michigan - Everyone has their share of public transport stories. McSeas is no exception. Read about his flight from Phoenix to Chicago. 3416 5
Bakersfield's Good Side - If you’ve ever had kids playing organized sports, you will inevitably be called to a tournament in Bakersfield. Here's it's good side. [pics] 3294 5
Nebraska - Trail's End on the Cornhusker Highway - It was a lovely, bright, farmy morning as McSeas zipped back to Omaha, en route to Lincoln, NE, his last sightseeing stop. 3208 5
St. Malo And Mont St. Michel's - The old city of St. Malo is made of huge pieces of dark gray stone, while Carp's is made of small pieces of cheap wood. 3197 4
Sound of Music - Salzburg, Austria - You can gaze out from the wall of one of Salzburg's high castles and see way over yonder, where the hills used to be alive with the sound of music. 3051 2
Rügen Island - Rügen, pronounced ROO-gin, was not a place we'd ever thought of, but it turned out to be one of our all-time favorites. [pic] 3012 6
Casa en Baja - A Santa Barbaran shares her experience of living in Baja Mexico. 3007 16
North Dakota - Sioux Country - McSeas reports that Bismarck, ND is a pleasant city with good restaurants and a fine museum that he visited when he followed the Lewis and Clark trail. 2956 add
BRUGES, Belgium - McSeas hadn't spent much time thinking about Bruges. His curiosity however, had been piqued by the popular film, "In Bruges". 2949 3
A Sentimental Journey to Prague - We walked around the oldest part of Prague, marveled at the crowds, even out on the Charles Bridge over the Vltava (pronounced Vltava) River. 2883 3
Minnesota and the Mall of America - McSeas stopped in South Nowhere, Minn. to grab a coffee and inhale the farm atmosphere. He also visited the Mall of America. 2849 4
Still Thinking About Bruges - McSeas says the locals in Bruges were getting fries in 6 inch piles, topped with mayo and looking like little snow-capped mountains. 2810 3
North to Washington! - McSeas returns with a trip north to Washington. 2727 5
- Local reader Alissa Parks went to Fiji on her honeymoon and blogged about her experience. To read about her adventures, click here. 2715 3
Denmark - McSeas revisits a lovely time spent in Denmark in May of 1992. 2706 4
Back to Frankfurt, and Home - The two-month train ride around Europe finally came to an end, but there are many, many pleasant images to remember. 2689 1
Yosemite Nature - A subscriber spent a week in Yosemite Valley and wanted to post a few photos. At one point, the whole camp was awakened by an avalanche. [pics] 2652 10
Long Day's Journey Into Corn - McSeas didn't find many hills, towns, trees, people, houses or even rocks in the Dakotas. Mostly grassy plains and farmland. 2637 add
Long Day's Journey Into Night - After prowling around the Riviera and spending an idyllic several days in Provence, a crude Americaine would say, "Le merde toucha le ventilateur!" 2605 add
Leaving Norway - McSeas had tickets for seats 11 and 12 on the train out of Norway. But, those seat numbers just didn't exist. 2601 add
Northern Iowa - McSeas was buzzin' northwest on Iowa's country roads, reflecting that he had the highway to himself. 2599 2
Canyon Road in Santa Fe - On a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a subscriber observed you can see tons of interesting art on Canyon Road without going into a single gallery. [pics] 2567 4
Dallas: In a Class by Itself - McSeas traveled to the great (big) State of Texas, and brought back some musings. 2563 2
Rambling Thoughts: The Heartland - Having recovered after two months in Europe, McSeas is recalling recent rambles around the U.S. -- and is preparing for more of them soon. 2558 3
Rambling Through Iowa - McSeas contemplated the title Field of Dreams often as he cruised through Iowa and his own little field of travel dreams. 2518 5
May Musings While in Norway - McSeas was in Norway wondering if he would see one of the fjamous fjords, or whether he would be be looking at more Bergen rain. 2514 3
STORM! En route to Fargo, N.D. - McSeas was about halfway between St. Cloud and Fargo when he noticed an odd darkening of the sky over yonder to the northeast. 2503 5
Toledo, Segovia, Granada ... Storied Names - McSeas travels by train in Spain, to cities with storied names, Toledo, Segovia, and Granada. 2472 add
Eastern Sierra 2013 - Denise Dewire shares her photos from the Eastern Sierras. 2468 23
Lisbon, Portugal - The McSeas team train stops this time in Lisbon, Portugal. 2440 2
Yosemite Fire - A reader shares a few [pics] from the Yosemite fire yesterday, taken at 17,000 feet. 2416 7
Milk Way - Aquaholic headed up to the Mammoth Lake area to try her hand at night shooting. [pics] 2407 23
Fun and Games in Berlin - McSeas reports that the Citystay Hostel in Berlin was a hoot. It was one of his best stops, and they threw in some local color. 2383 3
Fargo, ND - McSeas found Fargo, ND to be exactly what he had expected: a fairly old, somewhat worn-down but pleasant farm town. 2362 3
Night Train Out of Lisbon - McSeas took the night train to Lisbon. He woke up to find that his bag had been stolen. He didn't take it lightly, but things worked out in the end. 2299 6
Gettysburg 150th Anniversary - A subscriber traveled to Gettysburg for its 150th anniversary. [pics] 2274 10
Good Roadside Stops? - I'll be driving the 101 North up to San Francisco this Saturday from Santa Barbara and am looking for fun roadside stops. 2270 49
Would You Eat Here? - A subscriber shares a [pic] and wonders if something got lost in translation. 2262 12
Orleans to Augustine - Flying from New Orleans to St. Augustine, John Wiley saw contrasts and changes. 2253 5
Why Leave? - After fun times in Venice Beach and Cabo, John Wiley is still left with a big question. [pics] 2220 6
Madrid and the Golden Ham - McSeas's journey takes him to Madrid, Spain, in his successful search for the Golden Ham. 2216 2
Roadside Windmills - A reader shares a [pic] snapped from the road that showcases the ingenuity of man to harvest electricity. 2165 7
San Joaquin Valley - McSeas had occasion to visit Delano, California, recently. That's not exciting news, but it somehow seems worthy of comment. 2155 9
Foggy View - A reader visited Crater Lake yesterday and shares a [pic] of what she saw. 2149 12
Cement Boat - If you've ever been on the Santa Cruz "cement boat" John Wiley would like to know more. 2142 9
Barcelona - John McCafferty and Sharon continue riding the rails through Europe, stopping this time in Barcelona. 2135 6
Panga Arches - Panga boats aren't just left on our beaches, one also took John Wiley out to the famous Cabo Arches. 2052 3
Aloha From the Island State - A reader was lucky enough to spend the holidays in Hawaii. Since she brought a little bit of Edhat with her, she brought some aloha back to Ed. 1997 9
Eastern Sierra Fall Color - Aquaholic has a couple more images from her trip to the Eastern Sierra. [pics] 1983 32
Over LA & Madonna's House - Max shares aerial [pics] over Los Angeles and Malibu, including Madonna's house. 1968 16
Big Bend - Big Bend in Texas is a place John Wiley has long wanted to fly, and on his recent trip its beauty exceeded his imagination. 1906 8
Catalina Airport - Max Rosenberg soared over Catalina Island's airport on Saturday. [pic] 1899 7
Yosemite Smoke - Max Rosenberg shares [pics] of smoke from the fire in Yosemite. 1889 5
Mono Lake Sunset - Aquaholic shares photos of a Mono Lake sunset on a trip to the Eastern Sierras. 1850 10
Over Los Angeles - Max Rosenberg shares a photo flying above Los Angeles and the fire at Banning Pass. 1850 6
Yosemite's Horsetail - An edhat subscriber shares a [pic] from Yosemite's elusive Horsetail Fall "Firefall." 1825 12
Yosemite - A subscriber shares photos from Yosemite after the park re-opened. 1778 7
Little Colorado Gorge - Little Colorado Gorge combines textured red rock formations and turquoise water, as John Wiley discovered from the air. 1765 4
Gulf Coast - Flying the Gulf Coast from Galveston to Port Aurthur gave John Wiley a glimpse of a very different life. 1737 3
Paris Wedding Guest - Charles Croninger shares a [pic] of a Paris wedding guest. 1736 5
Recent Trip North - Denise Dewire spent several days in the San Francisco area with photographer friends. 1727 23
Grand Canyon - Two aerial views of the Grand Canyon from John Wiley came out well despite the smoke from wildfires. 1726 4
Paris Fashion Week - Charles Croninger shares a [pic] of how you know it is fashion week in Paris. 1719 7
Bay Holiday - A holiday SF Bay Area flight brought John Wiley new glimpses of the Bridge, Cup, rainbow hills, and the lights of home. 1716 6
Flying to Vegas - Flying into Las Vegas Max Rosenberg saw a forest fire about 20 miles west of the airport. 1698 2
Golden Gate - Max Rosenberg flies high above San Francisco. 1688 7
Big Sur Valentine's Day Sunset - Driving into Big Sur on Friday evening, I was witness to a spectacular sunset. [pic] 1651 5
Tucson Touch - Tucked into today's news about earthquakes and fires, John Wiley shares views of hills and bighorn sheep in Tucson. 1643 3
U of O - Steve McGovern traveled to the University of Oregon. 1625 12
Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach - Charles Brewster enjoyed Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach. 1596 2
Street Art From Paris - A reader shares [pics] of street art found abroad. 1587 19
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