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Ed Quixote - Ed Quixote: In 2005, Edhat wrote about the Don Quixote statue at the corner of State and Micheltorena. Back then, we called Ed an idealist, hoping to build community and build a business. 9995 3
What's Up Mo-Doc? - What's Up Mo-Doc?: The sign at the Modoc Inn is made of two sheets of metal, painted with a single-feathered Indian in front of a rustic Native American scene. 6604 3
This Old House - This Old House: The dedicated staff of edhat.com was at Franceschi Park to see just where Ed took that picture for the Wednesday Where Is It contest. It turns out that the picture was taken on the patio behind the Franceschi House, that sits in the corner of the park. The house is a multimillion dollar Santa Barbara fixer. Originally built by the famous horticulturist, Dr. Francesco Franceschi, the house was last remodeled in the 1920s. The real estate ad would say, Quaint cottage, beautiful views, large lot, needs TLC, imagine the potential. 9278 1
Past Gas ... Station - Past Gas ... Station: back in the olden days of nineteen-eighty-something, there was a Mobil Station right at the foot of the Pass, on the corner of Foothill Road and Highway 154. For a brief period in 1997, the gas station was converted into a hippie grocery store whose only marketing effort appeared to be giant flags with coffee mugs on them. Ed actually made his way through the weeds to try a cup of coffee there once. He remembers it with a grimace. 7305 1
Ed and the Giant Fig Tree - Ed and the Giant Fig Tree: There once was a time when one of the biggest tourist attractions in Santa Barbara was a tree. A big fig tree you could see from the freeway. The tree is still there, presumably even bigger than it was before. And many people still know about it. Its common name around town is The Fig Tree. 28587 add
“This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell” - “This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell”: This particular tile mosaic is found on State Street in front of the entrance to the old Hotel Californian. The Hotel, built in Spanish Colonial Revival style, had the misfortune of being completed only four days before the big Santa Barbara Earthquake of 1925. 10688 add
Ed Finds The Park - Ed Finds The Park: It really is a great park! And, it’s an even better park because most of the time there’s no one there. In fact, it’s so obscure, that it was featured for two days on the Edhat Where Is It, and only a handful of people were able to identify it! Last Tuesday was a beautiful day. But when we were there taking pictures, we had the entire park to ourselves. 9578 add
Flying Ed Studios - Flying Ed Studios: The corner of Mission and State is right in the middle of Santa Barbara. There are two gas stations – the Arco with low prices, short pump hoses, and no credit cards, and the Mobil with high prices on every day but Wednesday when they sell gas “at cost”. The two other corners are filled with a nondescript office building, and Garrett’s Restaurant. And, yes that was a picture of Garrett’s in yesterday’s Wednesday Where Is It (WWII) contest. 9548 add
Ed Takes the Stairs - Ed Takes the Stairs: Yesterday, the dedicated staff of edhat.com decided to find out more about the historic Granada Building. We checked the archives and with our friends at the Historical Society. 7979 add
Ed Takes a Walk - Ed Takes a Walk: The bridge in our picture is located in Stevens Park in San Roque. It is a kid-friendly park hidden away at the end of Canon Drive. The bridge crosses San Roque Creek, connecting a large grassy field to an oak shaded picnic area. 7951 add
Pooled Resources - Pooled Resources: Once upon a time there was an old swimming pool in Santa Barbara that no longer served its purpose. The people of the town wanted to rebuild it, but there was not enough money to do so. However, the community rallied around the cause, the money was secured and the plans for construction were drafted. Ah, those were the days! 7729 add
Ed, White, and Blue - Ed, White, and Blue: The blue cups shown here are on a fence on the ocean side of the road where Shoreline Drive turns the corner and changes its name to Meigs Road. Anyone who runs the Nite Moves course should know the place well. On the other side of the fence are the old Santa Barbara Lighthouse and a U. S. Coast Guard housing compound. The blue cups combine with red and white cups to create an American flag. 7674 add
Goleta Beach - Goleta Beach: On a sunny, almost summer-like day this week, the dedicated staff of edhat.com went to Goleta Beach to take pictures and view the awesome effects the recent storms have had on the beach. There is a wire fence running along the edge of the grassy area, and the sandy beach is mostly gone. 7652 add
Carlos and the p-ED-estal - Carlos and the p-ED-estal: For a couple of years, the pedestal and fountain that supported the statue remained as a testament to the political correctness movement of the early 1990’s. There had been plans to put up another statue on the existing pedestal, but in the end, the whole thing was taken down and a sandstone compass was put on the ground where the pedestal had been. 7555 add
Urn Go Braugh - Urn Go Braugh: decorative urns can be found all over Santa Barbara. They seem to be very in – you see them on a lot of the really new buildings. They’re on the new Gelson’s on State Street, a new office building by Garden Street and 101, lots of new houses, among others. But they’re also on a lot of the really old buildings including La Cumbre Junior High, where our WWII picture was taken, and Santa Barbara Jr. High. 7555 add
Steel-Ed Trout - Steel-Ed Trout: A long time ago, when the rivers ran cool and clear, rainbow trout jumped and played in the creeks and streams of Santa Barbara County. Every year, they migrated down the rivers and tributaries to the ocean in order to mature. After a couple of years, they would make their way back up their original home to spawn. But as the population of people grew, the need to collect water behind dams caused the water flow to become more sporadic, roads and culverts were constructed, and pretty soon the fish’s passage was impeded. Over time, trout populations grew sparse and they found themselves where no self-respecting animal wants to be found – in Edhat’s Endangered Species of the Month article 7551 add
Ed Warms the Bench - Ed Warms the Bench: After the rain-rain went away, the dedicated staff of edhat.com spent some time photographing the benches and the other tile that adorns the bank building. A fountain in the ATM Plaza has a tile backdrop for the lion head that spits water from the top. Almost all of the stair risers are adorned with tile. Each step has a different tile pattern. just like the famous staircase at Paseo Nuevo. 7536 add
The Chicken Or the Ed? - The Chicken Or the Ed?: The dedicated staff of edhat.com has often wondered exactly what Killer Chicken really is. We were curious why it was the Killer Chicken, and not just Killer Chicken. Is there only one chicken? Does he live there? Is he a dangerous chicken with big pointy teeth? 7394 add
On-A-Bridge-Ed - On-A-Bridge-Ed: Harding School was built in 1927. The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in San Francisco in 1937. In 1993, the School District built a bridge over Robbins Street, connecting one side of Harding School to the other. 7031 add
Ed Has A Bowl - Ed Has A Bowl: The dedicated staff of edhat.com spent some time with Santa Barbara’s retired population. On a spectacular spring morning, we were at the Mackenzie Park Lawn Bowling Club, where the view of the mountains is as spectacular as any place in town. We were watching the bowling action and chatting with some folks who were enjoying a very happy retirement. 6811 add
Ed Shows Us The Door - Ed Shows Us The Door: It turns out that these double doors were once the main entrance to the Santa Barbara Main Public Library. Today, the main entrance is through glass doors and a lobby that contains a seldom-used drinking fountain. 6545 add
Run By Numbers - Run By Numbers: The ten in the road is not the only mile marker along the race route. All the numbers from one to eleven are represented. Thats correct, there is a fourk in the road as well. For number mile twelve there is no number, just a line on the curb. There is no thirteen, but that is an unlucky number anyway. Besides, if you are a runner and you make thirteen, the finish line is in sight. 6506 add
Where is Club Ed? - Where is Club Ed?: Cellar 205, at 205 Anacapa Street, not only blends in with the Funk Zone, but with the Santa Barbara wine community as well. Its a multivineyard, multivarietal, cooperative of local winemakers who sell from their small batches of Pinot Noir, Syrah, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and eclectic Rhone varietals. They sell everything but Merlo. In case you dont remember, Miles from Sideways didnt like Merlot. 6428 add
A Poem For Ed - A Poem For Ed: There is a poem on a plaque, on a boulder, by the side of a private Mission Oaks Lane, off of Foothill, next to the Mission Canyon fire station. The dedicated staff of edhat.com set out to discover who wrote this poem, why it was posted on a boulder, and if anyone in town knew about it. 6326 add
Ed Sees More - Ed Sees More: On the Mesa, things were spectacular. Being in the middle of such a large amount of open space is not an experience we get to have very often in these parts, especially land that is so flat. But more impressive than the openness, are the views of the mountains and the ocean. 6121 add
The Fish In The Wall - The Fish In The Wall: The playground is shaped like a boat with whales and other sea animals around it. One of the sea animals is a beautiful fish swimming out of the side of a wall. And this is the fish that we pictured in yesterday's Wednesday Where Is It (WWII) contest. 6116 add
Lights. Camera. Ed. - Lights. Camera. Ed.: So, where was the picture taken for yesterday's WWII? It was taken at the Earl Warren Showground, of course - the location of the fair. It was taken inside the arena where they have horse shows and where they set up the stage for this weekend's concerts. Saturday's Blues Bash '05 will be held there. There are still tickets remaining to hear Elvin Bishop sing "Calling All Cows!" for Fair bovine and blues fans alike. 5874 add
Ed is Old School - Ed is Old School: The picture was of a stone carving of a young native American woman. The dedicated staff of edhat.com assumes that she is Chumash. In front of her is a large bowl. Next to the woman, but out of sight of the picture, is a young man holding a pipe. Both the boy and the girl are scantily clad. Below the boy and the girl is an entrance to the Riviera Theater. 5871 add
Ed Looks Up - Ed Looks Up: Just inside the front door of the Balboa Building, hangs a curious flying object that looks like a sled, a boat, or a kite. To the uninformed, it could be an antique weapon or a scale model of some early flying machine. To the informed, it is the object that was photographed for yesterdays Wednesday Where Is It. 5788 add
Drink And Be Ed - Drink And Be Ed: Well the fountain was dry. Not a single subscriber knew the location of Ed’s drinking hole. We got guesses of Rocky Nook, Rose Garden, MacKenzie Park, East Beach, Alameda, Alice Keck Park Park, Ellings Park, Stow Grove, Kids World, etc. We got so many good incorrect answers that we decided to go around and take pictures of drinking fountains in town. 5770 add
Fooled By The Rain - Fooled By The Rain: Artist Marge Dunlap once pointed out that Rain falls on everybody. And to underline the point, she created a beautiful fountain in the middle of the courtyard of Las Aves, a small business center across Los Patos Way from the bird refuge and across Cabrillo Blvd from the lion head trough. 5727 add
Shadow Of Ed - Shadow Of Ed: At Five Points, the birds facing La Cumbre are not the only building tattoos. Inside the shopping center, there are more birds, a rocking horse, and some painted windows. It was one of those painted windows that Edhat displayed as yesterdays Wednesday Where Is It picture. The particular window we featured is just outside the front entrance to Blockbuster. There is also another window on the side of PETCO. That window has a person looking out of it. And, its not just any person. Its one of the artists. 5663 add
Viva La Puente - Viva La Puente: One striking example of overlooked natural beauty in Santa Barbara is the natural bridge that lies between Goleta Beach and UCSB, just out of sight of the road and the bike path, as you descend the small hill from the parking lot to the campus entrance. 5593 add
Viva La Ken! - Viva La Ken!: The word of the day is Ken. That was the word in the picture in yesterdays Wednesday Where Is It. Well, you asked yourself, are there any famous Kens in Santa Barbara? 5481 add
Ed is Vane - Ed is Vane: The picture in yesterdays Wednesday Where Is It was taken from the top floor of the city parking lot at the corner of Figueroa and Anacapa. The weather vane is on top of a building on Figueroa. The little guy at the end of the weather vane is a blacksmith. 5475 add
Ed Takes the Fourth - Ed Takes the Fourth: The engraving on the Junipero side at the same intersection says Fourth Street. So why would the intersection of De La Vina and Junipero be identified in concrete as Fourth and Hollister? Ed wanted to know, so he took a picture of it, posted it on the website, and told the dedicated staff of edhat.com to find out. 5419 add
'Eding North - 'Eding North: Back in 1775, Juan Bautista de Anza didnt have any options. He was commissioned by the King of Spain to lead a small party in order to create a settlement in San Francisco. So without a plane or a car, he started out from Arizona and proceeded to set the west coast on the map. 5192 add
Ed for Ed's Sake - Ed for Ed's Sake: On the Mission side of Mission Canyon Road, just south of Foothill Road, there sits an artistic creation for whom there was no commission, gallery opening, or website launch. It was the labor of one of the young residents of the eclectic, artsy house behind it. 5168 add
The Record Ed Word - The Record Ed Word: There was something surreal, or maybe syrah real, about Tim Owens, executive director of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic lying shoeless on his conference table, with members of the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association behind him holding their bottles of wine. The members were all smiling, with their heads leaning to the right at roughly 45 degree angles, not quite Sideways, but close enough. 4802 add
Ed Corners the Market - Ed Corners the Market: The Victoria Market was the first stop on our city tour of local neighborhood markets, artifacts in our urban landscape that represent a simpler time. Through the years, they might have added an ATM or Lotto, opened up a deli, and begun stocking more beer than food products, but for the most part, these stores have remained the same. 4129 add
Ojai or Bust - Ojai or Bust: When the dedicated staff of edhat.com went out looking for Ojai, it was the same story, different town. Just like before, we dedicated staffers already knew where Ojai was. In fact, one of dedicated staffers had just been there over the weekend. 3835 add
A Walk in the Park - A Walk in the Park: The Santa Barbara Memorial Terrace is special because it is situated at the end of stunningly beautiful walking trail that traverses the side of hill, and it is a memorial to the men and women who gave their lives for this country. 3806 add
Ed's Daily Column - Ed's Daily Column: Now no one should confuse ARCO with the Acropolis, but the side of the ARCO AM PM Mini-Mart on the corner of Mission and State has columns as well. We think they are Doric. 3408 add
Ed Has A Dream - Ed Has A Dream: It has been a dream of ours for a long time, to find a Wednesday Where Is It picture that one, and only one, person would be able to correctly identify. And yesterday, our dream became a reality. 2872 add

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