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Several wealthy Montecito residents have reportedly been trucking in water during the drought. (08/30/14) 3475 97
Is it legal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk? (08/27/14) 2653 65
Ernest Salomon shares information on Measure S and explains why he thinks you should vote no. (08/27/14) 1511 65
Has anybody else run into a person pressing the "service dog" issue to get onto public transportation or into stores and restaurants? (09/02/14) 1953 47
The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of the Santa Barbara Region urges its members to vote No on Measure P. (08/28/14) 1138 47
Roger reports a dog in distress has been rescued from a hot vehicle after a reporting party called in. (08/30/14) 2245 45
An edhatter is fed up with the current harbor parking - or lack thereof - and is wondering if the community shares his feelings. (08/28/14) 1740 44
Who sells the best tuna salad sandwich in Santa Barbara or Goleta? (08/29/14) 2407 38
Does anyone know who was on the United plane from Denver yesterday? Passengers disembarked to find SUVs with FBI type agents waiting. (08/29/14) 5520 35
The Law Offices of James P. Segall-Gutierrez filed a complaint for damages for several individuals negligently identified as gang members by City of SB. (08/27/14) 2037 34
Are there any recovery meetings in Santa Barbara that are not 12 step programs? It would be for drug and alcohol addiction. (08/29/14) 1188 31
A subscriber reports some water wasting at the Santa Barbara Airport. [pics] (08/31/14) 1779 30
A subscriber shares his Santa Barbara themed hand drawn art which is scanned in to a computer where color is added digitally. [pics] (08/29/14) 1359 30
According to one subscriber, a recent report from the Bureau of Land Management confirms oil risks in Santa Barbara County. (08/31/14) 1152 30
Assembly Bill 1014 has passed the final hurdle in the Senate, on a 23-8 vote, and now goes to the Assembly to be heard in the Committee on Public Safety. [pic] (08/28/14) 1491 28
Updated with photos: Roger reports an out of control vehicle at Lazy Acres grocery store. It is unknown if there are any injuries. (08/31/14) 4086 26
Sheriff Deputies have arrested an armed and suicidal subject in Isla Vista on Wednesday afternoon. (08/29/14) 3143 26
I had no idea how expensive calculators are! Is there a place in town to rent one for the school year or a company who loans them out to students? (08/29/14) 1694 26
A subscriber saw a group of parrots this morning making a racket in the trees near their home on San Roque and Foothill. (08/29/14) 1636 26
The Restaurant Guy says that R+D Kitchen, an offshoot of the Houston restaurant chain, plans to open a location on Coast Village Road. (08/29/14) 1515 25
Updated with CHP press release: A fatal accident occurred north of Bates Road at 10:40 pm Wednesday resulting in the death of a 16-year-old Santa Barbara student. (08/29/14) 6847 22
What are my rights as an employee when my employer does not pay me on pay day? (08/28/14) 2530 22
Can anyone explain what is happening to my lime tree? [pic] (08/27/14) 2187 22
Today on Jesusita trail there was a king snake eating a western fence lizard. [pic] (08/29/14) 2408 21
Updated With Pic and SBCFD Press Release: Vegetation Fire on Harris Grade, Full County Brush Response. It is on the Lompoc side. (08/28/14) 1440 21
Updated with More Pics: An edhatter was down at East Beach documenting today's crazy swell. [pic] (08/28/14) 5360 20
BOOK CLUB: A local writer has published a book about Beatlemania in the 1960's and meeting the infamous boy band. (08/31/14) 833 20
A subscriber shares drone [vid] of surfers at the Harbor and Jon Shafer shares pictures of swelltastic surf. (08/30/14) 2754 19
A subscriber was in Manhattan Beach and noticed this sign about bicycles. [pic] (08/28/14) 2250 18
EDBIT: Happy National Dog Day! How are you celebrating? Send in pics of your pooch. (08/27/14) 1762 18
At approximately 8:15 pm Monday, I saw a circular bright white light/object slowly moving across the sky from NNE to NE. Did anyone else see this? (08/27/14) 1956 17
What free fun events and activities are happening in the greater Santa Barbara area this Labor Day weekend? (08/29/14) 2085 16
Roger reports a hazardous investigation into people lighting floating lanterns at the end of Linden Carp State Beach. (08/31/14) 1922 15
Roger has the scanner reports. Report of a subject on North La Cumbre Lane, riding a bicycle, carrying a big sword or stick, and looking in windows. (08/30/14) 1445 15
The Independent: A Santa Barbara team discovers that wind and ice are behind the mysterious "sailing stones" in Death Valley. (08/29/14) 982 15
Have you pondered the water footprint of the foods you eat? Would you alter your habits if it meant the drought could be beat? (08/31/14) 673 15
A subscriber sent in some photos of a surfing traffic jam at Shoreline Point. [pics] (08/27/14) 3403 14
Did anyone else see the helicopter headed north flying over Santa Barbara at about 7:15 this morning with a spray rig attached to it? (09/02/14) 1108 14
Roger the Scanner Guy reports a rollover traffic accident in front of 2981 Cliff Drive across from the Allen Road entrance to Hendry's Beach. (08/27/14) 2260 13
Astronomy: This Friday was the anniversary of one of the most important discoveries in the history of astronomy, which took place 150 years ago. (08/31/14) 1561 13
Possible 5150 (psychiatric hold) in Isla Vista, the subject is making threats and walking around with a hammer and scissors. (09/02/14) 1029 13
Last night while out on his front porch Jason Chapman got an action shot of a spider making a fresh web. [pic] (08/27/14) 1253 12
Roger has the scanner reports. Maybe they should call it something other than High School. (09/02/14) 1067 12
UCPD will be conducting a Sobriety and Driver License checkpoint on Friday, August 29th. (08/28/14) 859 12
In the first month of the new fiscal year, the City of Santa Barbara collected more than $2.1 million in Transient Occupancy Taxes. (08/29/14) 557 12
The high tide reached the volleyball nets at Goleta Beach overnight. [pic] (08/28/14) 3075 11
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department will unveil vehicle and equipment purchased for the Arson Task Force, including Riley the Arson Dog. [pic] (08/30/14) 1338 11
SBSO are looking for a missing at-risk subject at the southern edge of Goleta and More Mesa. (08/31/14) 2259 10
Can any of your readers tell me what the name of this plant is? The flowers look like a plumeria but the stalk is full of very sharp spikes. [pic] (09/01/14) 1982 10
POWDRELL: David Powdrell shares images of waves generated by Hurricane Marie from a slightly different perspective. (08/31/14) 1598 10
A High Surf Advisory is in effect from 10 AM today through 6 PM Friday. (08/27/14) 1172 10
Updated [pics]:The SBPD released this summary of response times and recent crime data for the City of Santa Barbara collected by the Police Department. (08/28/14) 1155 10
Roger reports a vehicle vs. bicyclist on De La Guerra at Milpas. It is unknown if injury and fire, medics, and SBPD are responding. (09/01/14) 663 10
Roger reports a Code 245: Assault, with a candle holder at the Salvation Army on 400 Chapala Street. (08/28/14) 603 10
The City of Goleta received $3.654 million in grants for bicycle and pedestrian improvements. (08/29/14) 566 10
John Palminteri reports the damage Hurricane Marie caused at Goleta Beach County Park. [pics] (08/29/14) 2582 9
In July 2014 officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department made 47 arrests for driving under the influence violations. (08/27/14) 1499 9
Personnel from the SBCSAR team were deployed over the weekend to assist in the search for a missing backpacker in Big Sur. [pic] (08/27/14) 1440 9
A subscriber shares a [vid] of a surfer catching a wave from Hurricane Marie's swell. (09/01/14) 1411 9
Injury traffic accident vehicle vs pedestrian 1501 State street Fire and Medics responding. (08/27/14) 1017 9
Researchers at UCSB and Griffith University in Australia identify origin and purpose of the facial expression for anger. (08/29/14) 943 9
Vehicle Fire: 101 Northbound just short of the Arrellega offramp. Engines 4 and Seven responding.. (08/28/14) 890 9
Solo vehicle rollover with 3 injuries on Jalama Road, one mile from the beach entrance. (09/02/14) 870 9
Edhat subscribers share photos of how they plan to celebrate the extended Labor Day weekend. Send in your photos! (08/30/14) 764 9
A subscriber sent us a couple of photos from his day at Breakwater, Brophy Bros, and Sandspit. (08/28/14) 2212 8
A subscriber noticed food trucks gathering in Ventura and is hopeful they'll be coming up to SB. Anyone know? (08/30/14) 1384 8
Red Rock is usually a popular summer outing, but the forecast of heat and lack of water seems to have reduced the number of visitors. (09/02/14) 1046 8
To better reflect its founder, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute has changed its name to the William Sansum Diabetes Center. (08/27/14) 907 8
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Baker, a cat who has always been interested in the finer art of cooking. (08/31/14) 711 8
Imagine a Corvette with wings, and that's what John Wiley saw parked at SBA today. [pics] (08/28/14) 2835 7
John Palminteri shares some treasures that the waves brought to the surface. [pics] (08/29/14) 2575 7
Edhat subscribers are reporting a power outage in the Noleta area from Fairview to Hwy 154. (09/01/14) 1875 7
SB Yarn Blaster Babes channel Spiderman to create a wishing web. (08/30/14) 1508 7
Does anyone know if the new bike path along the Rincon is open? (09/01/14) 1223 7
Five police cars, AMR, and fire were on Ladera St this morning. Anyone know why? (09/02/14) 1216 7
Water Guardian, Rebecca Claasen, was awarded the $10,000 Cox Conserves Hero Award. [pics] (08/27/14) 1113 7
Edhat subscribers reported several fishing boats gathered off Shoreline Park on Friday afternoon. (08/31/14) 1094 7
Roger has the scanner reports. Here is a little Good Snooze. (08/28/14) 989 7
Summer/Labor Day Avoid DUI Campaign is continuing DUI enforcement. DUI arrests are down and DUI fatalities are down. (08/30/14) 900 7
Does anyone know any local massage therapists who accept insurance? (08/28/14) 892 7
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Kasey, a bright and adventurous dog looking for a family to share her life. (08/31/14) 844 7
Santa Barbara photographer Fritz Olenberger was at the breakwater today capturing folks getting soaked by the crashing waves caused by Hurricane Marie. [pics] (08/28/14) 3519 6
Edhat subscribers share photos and [vid] of the waves and surf brought in by Hurricane Marie. (08/29/14) 2503 6
Roger reports kayakers in distress off El Capitan State Beach. (08/31/14) 1734 6
David Diamant shares more surfing [pics] from Thursday. (08/31/14) 1340 6
Charles Brewster shares scenes from a Sunday sunrise in Santa Barbara. [pics] (09/01/14) 855 6
Did anyone else see the Mars, Saturn and Moon conjunction last night just after nightfall? [pics] (09/02/14) 727 6
Roger reports a stove fire inside a residence in the 3200 block of Laurel Canyon Road. (08/31/14) 514 6
John Wilson pled no contest to four felony counts of grand theft of aqua-cultural product, District Attorney Joyce Dudley announced. [pic] (08/28/14) 1629 5
Reflections on rainbow mist, waves and riders from John Wiley's big wave coastal cruise. [pics] (08/30/14) 1418 5
Single vehicle rollover on Highway 154 at Highway 101, or exit 146. Airbags deployed and Fire, Medics, CHP are responding. (09/01/14) 1048 5
Santa Barbara photographer Fritz Olenberger was at the Earl Warren Showgrounds this weekend for the 70th Annual Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Show. [pics] (08/31/14) 930 5
A subscriber shares [pics] of succulents in bloom. (08/31/14) 800 5
Traffic Accident on Highway 101, a motorcyclist is down in the southbound lanes near the Dos Pueblos ramp in Goleta. (08/31/14) 718 5
COUNT: Did you guess the correct number of surfers at Leadbetter on Wednesday? Find out here! (08/31/14) 714 5
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a cartoon for all wine lovers in edhat land. (08/31/14) 1154 4
A subscriber reports a traffic accident on Highway 154 with a vehicle possibly over the road. (09/02/14) 1052 4
The National Weather Service has predicted high temperatures, low humidity's and local sundowner winds through Sunday morning across the Santa Barbara South Coast, including Montecito. (08/31/14) 703 4
Injury Traffic Accident: a pedestrian was hit in the crosswalk near 1111 East Cabrillo. (08/28/14) 633 4
A reader snapped this sequence of [pics] last Wednesday of a surfer pulling into a nice barrel ride. (09/01/14) 1632 3
John Palminteri reports that a boat washed ashore, but no other major impacts here from Hurricane Marie. [pics] (08/28/14) 1511 3
Around 10pm there was an extremely large flash of light in the east toward Vandenberg. What was it? (09/01/14) 1434 3
Patti Gutshall recently paid a visit to the 5th Annual Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival. [pics] (09/01/14) 1112 3
An edhat reader was at the Farmers Market yesterday and shares [pics] of fresh local color. (09/01/14) 1100 3
Due to extremely dry vegetation and an increasing fire danger, Los Padres National Forest officials announced that Level IV fire restrictions will go into effect. (08/27/14) 927 3
There are still blooms in the hills! [pics] (09/01/14) 876 3
The California Highway Patrol will conduct a sobriety/driver license checkpoint on Friday in the Santa Barbara City limits. (08/28/14) 561 3
Ermanno Pecorari (October 1, 1925 - August 22, 2014) (08/27/14) 529 3
SB photographer Fritz Olenberger captured some exciting action at the final round of the Bombardier Pacific Coast Open at the Santa Barbara Polo Club on Sunday. [pics] (09/02/14) 529 3
As the country readies for Labor Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol is reminding motorists to employ lifesaving measures on the roadway. (08/27/14) 423 3

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