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A subscriber reports that Public Works Department intends to remove all on street parking on Micheltorena street. (11/24/15) 2623 89
Does anyone know if it's legal to have residential construction work on Thanksgiving morning? (11/27/15) 2637 62
A property owned by infamous landlord Dario Pini has been red tagged as unsafe by a city building inspector. (11/28/15) 3800 53
Santa Barbara City College has hired a local public relations company to improve their image and communication with the community. (11/28/15) 1586 50
Roger has the scanner reports. There is good and bad in every community of people on Earth. (11/24/15) 1386 47
UPDATE: An edhat subscriber is looking for answers after a mystery creature feasted on their orange tree. [vid] (11/29/15) 2925 43
A subscriber has a question about law enforcement protocol after an incident in Goleta. (11/29/15) 1694 42
A pedestrian was struck and killed by an MTD shuttle on Monday near the intersection of Anacapa and Sola Streets. (11/25/15) 4295 37
Do edhatters have experience or tips retiring abroad? (11/25/15) 1754 37
A subscriber reports the grand opening of Ice in Paradise has begun with hockey games. [pics] (11/23/15) 2375 34
The Independent: The Montecito Planning Commission banned all short-term vacation rentals in residential neighborhoods. (11/26/15) 1625 32
President of Cars Are Basic wrote a letter to the Santa Barbara City Council and Planning Commission regarding the Bicycle Master Plan. (11/29/15) 1341 32
[Updated]: Residents surrounding the 1700 block of Castillo Street have not received water for two days now after a broken water pipe. [pic] (11/23/15) 3444 30
Roger reports Santa Barbara Sheriff's Deputies are on a foot pursuit with a subject who is hopping roofs near Carpinteria Ave. in Carpinteria. (11/26/15) 1856 29
An edhat subscriber reports a runaway horse down Alamar Street. Did anyone else see it? (11/23/15) 2626 28
An edhatter is asking the community for suggestions in resolving a landlord dispute. (11/28/15) 1868 27
A subscriber reports there will be a community meeting on Saturday regarding the proposed SBCC dorm development on Cliff Drive. (11/25/15) 1048 26
Do edhatters have suggestions of a restaurant that could cater a wedding instead of a catering company? (11/24/15) 1886 23
A subscriber is looking for a good place to celebrate a 21st birthday. (11/26/15) 1812 23
Is it legal for neighbors to use their home as a business for rental motorbikes? (11/29/15) 1178 23
A dead mountain lion was spotted along Highway 101. Does anyone have any information on this? (11/25/15) 2557 22
Does anyone know why police are on Coast Village Road at Olive Mill? Looks like there might be a dead body. (11/24/15) 4963 21
Does anyone know the status of the Fresh and Easy market? (11/24/15) 2107 21
Elephant snot was the latest weapon brought to bear on the paint vandalism at beautiful Lizard's Mouth on Sunday! [pics] (11/23/15) 3730 20
[Update]:Santa Barbara City Fire Department responded to a structure fire, a fully engulfed garage, in the 700 block of Calle Palo Colorado St near Foothill Road. (11/27/15) 2256 19
An edhat subscriber reports the newspaper arrived with sales flyers weighing in at 1 pound and 11 ounces! [pic] (11/27/15) 1424 18
Caltrans will perform concrete repairs as part of the Castillo Street Pavers Project this Wednesday. [pic] (11/25/15) 1287 18
The acting Parks and Recreation Director announced the proposed Douglas Family Preserve trail renovation project is on hold. [pic] (11/26/15) 1278 16
Roger has the scanner reports.  Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and PIG Out! (11/26/15) 891 16
Roger reports a Santa Barbara Sheriff's Deputy conducted a traffic stop near La Cumbre and State Street where the suspects ran into the 5 Points Shopping Center and hid. (11/28/15) 1375 13
Locals have started a donation campaign to help a mother and daughter with medical bills who were struck by a vehicle in October. (11/29/15) 831 13
Tropicana Gardens in Isla Vista will continue to house Santa Barbara City College students after the apartment complex was purchased by UCSB. (11/28/15) 750 13
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department urges people to be careful if using turkey fryers. (11/24/15) 721 13
Update: Multiple vehicles were involved in three separate collisions on Highway 101 southbound, north of the Gaviota Rest Area. (11/26/15) 2515 12
At approximately 10:27pm Tuesday the SBFD discovered a house fire and alerted the sleeping residents. [pics] (11/26/15) 1842 12
The Santa Ynez Valley may not be green yet, but the vineyards are doing their part to provide some color. [pic] (11/25/15) 1034 12
A compliance check focused on gang offending parole/probation warrants resulted in twelve arrests. (11/25/15) 1530 11
The Independent: Two disease-carrying species of invasive and especially aggressive mosquitoes are circling Santa Barbara County. (11/27/15) 1462 11
Roger reports a person fell from a balcony in the 900 block of Miramonte Drive. (11/26/15) 2105 10
Businesses in the lower Funk Zone and waterfront area of Santa Barbara say too many projects are underway at one time, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (11/26/15) 1404 10
Where a family can volunteer on Thanksgiving morning? (11/24/15) 1260 10
Roger reports a brush fire called in around the Modoc and Las Positas area but fire officials were unable to find any type of fire. (11/27/15) 864 10
Roger reports a possibly downed parasail in a tree near Rattlesnake Trail. (11/29/15) 776 10
Does anyone know why there is a police helicopter circling over Isla Vista right now? (11/24/15) 1846 9
Roger reports a vehicle rolled over and is on its roof on the northbound Highway 101 at San Ysidro. (11/25/15) 1588 9
Does anyone know the status of Baron Ranch Trail? The gate has been closed the past three Saturdays. (11/24/15) 1521 9
[Update]: Roger reports a broken gas pipe outside 120 N. La Cumbre resulting in evacuations of nearby apartments. (11/24/15) 1373 9
The City of Santa Barbara continues the process to update the Zoning Ordinance. (11/25/15) 927 9
An edhat subscriber is looking for a residential elevator installation company. (11/25/15) 916 9
UC Santa Barbara researchers are making strides in their quest to develop an underwater adhesive. (11/25/15) 741 9
Betsy Cramer was curious about the king tide predicted for this morning and made a trip to East Beach to check on it. [pic] (11/26/15) 2477 8
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a picture of the King Tide flooding parts of Orange County. (11/28/15) 2051 8
A subscriber is wondering where information can be found on an historical house. (11/25/15) 1348 8
The City is notifying residents of increase work near Entrada de Santa Barbara that will close State and Mason Streets, and will include night construction on Helena Ave. [pic] (11/24/15) 1162 8
Roger has the scanner reports. Suspicious Vespa in the bushes 209 State Street. (11/28/15) 938 8
Charles captures a [pic] of a hawk visitor in Santa Barbara. (11/26/15) 1358 7
A research biologist from UCSB is asking the edhat community to help with a local kelp tracking project. [pic] (11/29/15) 643 7
POWDRELL: David shares what he's thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday. (11/29/15) 591 7
Edhat subscribers reported a car chase and several crashes on the Eastside of Santa Barbara in the early hours of Tuesday morning. (11/25/15) 2200 6
The clouds aligned to give a spectacular show at Carpinteria State Beach. [pics] (11/25/15) 1436 6
Freezing temperatures are expected across portions of Southwest California late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. (11/25/15) 1330 6
Does anyone know if Our Lady of Guadalupe will sell holiday tamales this year? (11/28/15) 1253 6
EDBIT: There's a lot you probably didn't know about Thanksgiving, but edhat is breaking down the facts and statistics. (11/27/15) 1074 6
Los Padres National Forest officials announced seasonal winter road closures on the Mt. Pinos Ranger District due to inclement weather. (11/24/15) 1053 6
Looking around Santa Barbara John Wiley was struck by how much we have to be thankful for. [pics] (11/28/15) 929 6
The Santa Barbara Airport is gearing up for the holiday season and welcomes airline passengers from all over the region. (11/25/15) 664 6
A subscriber saw a bright light rise over the mountains Tuesday night and wonders if there was a planned missile test. Does anyone know what it was? (11/26/15) 1131 5
John Pierpont shares a time-lapse [vid] of the Santa Barbara breakwater at sunset. (11/28/15) 938 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Marisa, a young mom who loves a good lap to curl up on. (11/29/15) 769 5
HISTORY: An edhat reader is looking for a 1950s playscript and would like suggestions on where to search for it. (11/24/15) 739 5
Roger reports an injury traffic accident on Highway 101 southbound at Los Patos involving four vehicles. (11/29/15) 690 5
Does anyone know what happened at Oak Park around 8:00 PM? A subscriber reports that there were multiple firefighters on the scene geared up. (11/26/15) 1255 4
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber is enjoying a trip to Washington, D.C. and shares [pics] of the farmers market. (11/23/15) 1188 4
Subscribers were out Tuesday night for the nearly simultaneous sunset and moonrise. [pic] (11/26/15) 1044 4
Freedom Warming Centers will be open this Thursday and Friday in Santa Barbara County. (11/25/15) 581 4
Edhat subscribers share Thanksgiving weekend sunset [pics]. (11/29/15) 365 4
An edhatter shares a stunning [pic] of the sunset seen from the Santa Barbara Harbor. (11/25/15) 1222 3
John Pierpont shares a time-lapse [vid] of a Santa Barbara sunrise. (11/25/15) 960 3
[Update]: Edhat subscribers share scenes from a vibrant Wednesday sunrise viewed from the Noleta foothills and the Waterfront. [pics] (11/26/15) 948 3
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Pee Wee, an adorable puppy who is ready for a loving home. (11/29/15) 946 3
Are other subscribers experiencing intermittent power outages in Goleta this weekend? (11/23/15) 829 3
A bicyclist was injured after being struck by a vehicle near Gutierrez and Milpas Streets. (11/29/15) 681 3
TRAVEL: While the surf hasn't been much to talk about lately, we are thankful for where we live and the ability to enjoy the mountains and the sea. (11/29/15) 474 3
Freezes and hard freezes are possible again across the interior valleys of southwest California. (11/29/15) 449 3
The Buellton Area CHP Office wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend and reminds us that it is a Maximum Enforcement Period. (11/25/15) 416 3
The National Weather Service has issued a beach hazard and minor coastal flooding warning from the Santa Barbara to Los Angeles coast. [pic] (11/24/15) 1784 2
UC Santa Barbara professor, a founder of pharmaceutical economics, is honored for 50 years of contributions to the field. (11/24/15) 1146 2
Traffic is expected to increase along the Central Coast during this holiday weekend. (11/25/15) 554 2
Santa Barbara County has received a $60,000 grant for response equipment and training to strengthen oil spill preparedness. (11/27/15) 471 2
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (11/26/15) 391 2
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is reporting the death of an inmate at the Main Jail Facility. (11/27/15) 1492 1
Lisa breaks down the top holiday celebrations in Santa Barbara that will get you into the festive spirit.
832 1
Santa Barbara MTD is enhancing the weekday morning service on Lines 1 and 2. (11/25/15) 512 1
Santa Maria Police Department is looking for a suspect in a stabbing that occurred at approximately 4:30 PM in the 200 block of E. Cook Street. (11/26/15) 454 1
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Cornerstone House and the Happy Adventure Summer Camp are dedicated to enhancing the social and recreational skills of individuals with developmental disabilities. (11/29/15) 433 1
[Update]: A vehicle went over the roadway at SR-154 and Paradise Road, temporarily shutting down both lanes of the roadway. (11/29/15) 1277 add
The National Weather Service has issued a hard freeze watch in effect from late Friday through Saturday morning. [pic] (11/28/15) 1206 add
Saturday was a perfect day for our Sierra Club hike to Gibraltar Rock via Rattlesnake Trail. (11/25/15) 981 add
A Coastal Flood Advisory has been issued and is in effect through Thursday morning. (11/25/15) 919 add
The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for Santa Barbara County. (11/25/15) 740 add
The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory and freeze conditions through Friday morning. (11/27/15) 731 add
A subscriber reports a power outage in Montecito for the past three hours. (11/24/15) 687 add
Los Padres National Forest officials announced a campground closure on the Ojai Ranger District. (11/26/15) 669 add
Santa Maria Police Department investigating a shooting into an inhabited dwelling in the 1100 block of W. Williams. (11/23/15) 631 add
Barbara Ruth Hagen (July 23, 1921 - 2015) (11/24/15) 629 add
Benjamin Paul Blasingame (d. November 13, 2015) (11/27/15) 618 add
The holiday season usually means an increase in unhealthy foods, but Collin shares 4 ways you can prevent holiday weight gain. (11/29/15) 552 add
The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning in effect from 2am to 8am Saturday. (11/28/15) 539 add
A Highway 101 resurfacing project near Cathedral Oaks Road continues next with with a ramp closure at SR-217. (11/26/15) 532 add
The Santa Barbara City Fire Department deployed training exercises this week throughout town. (11/27/15) 452 add

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