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Edhat subscribers share [pics] of a new cruise ship in town and traveling planes. (10/22/16) 2641 50
Could edhatters recommend some tenant/landlord attorneys? (10/26/16) 1919 41
Roger reports a clown seen chasing a young boy near the railroad tracks in Carpinteria. (10/27/16) 3107 34
Edhat subscribers share rain reports as a big storm moves through the tri-county area. (10/28/16) 2668 34
A subscriber reports school will not be in session for students in the Santa Barbara Unified School District on Halloween day. (10/28/16) 2500 34
An edhat subscriber received a notice about a coyote stalking in a local orchard. [pic] (10/27/16) 2415 34
An edhat subscriber shares their support of Measure K that's on the ballot this election year. (10/26/16) 1315 34
What's this mysterious bathtub doing in San Marcos Preserve? (10/26/16) 2716 32
The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for Thursday evening through Friday morning. [pics] (10/27/16) 3006 30
A new EDD report announces a local company will be closing permanently in December, laying off nearly 200 employees. (10/27/16) 4957 29
Santa Barbara DUI Attorney Darryl Genis, pleads guilty to willfully failing to file tax returns, costing the IRS over $675,000. (10/26/16) 3580 29
The great horned owl discovered at Garden Street Academy last month has found a mate. [pic] (10/26/16) 2864 29
A subscriber shares [pics] of graffiti in Goleta near Goleta Valley Junior High. (10/22/16) 2019 28
[UPDATED:] The body of a 29-year-old Santa Barbara woman has been identified after being discovered on Saturday morning near E. Camino Cielo. (10/25/16) 11646 26
[Update]: A 62-year-old Santa Barbara man died Thursday night in a solo traffic accident off Highway 101. (10/23/16) 6397 26
An abandoned panga boat suspected of narcotics trafficking was discovered about one mile south of Mariposa Reina. [pic] (10/25/16) 2464 26
A major cyberattack caused outages at Twitter, Spotify, and other popular sites. (10/22/16) 1525 26
The Arts Fund is pleased to announce a new mural for the Funk Zone titled 'Shift No. 1,' executed by Los Angeles based artist, Tofer Chin. [pics] (10/28/16) 1260 26
Roger reports a suspicious boat resembling a panga boat entered the Harbor. (10/28/16) 2105 25
The Santa Barbara Airport passenger counts are growing again. (10/27/16) 1277 25
An edhatter reports a towing incident that occurred in Goleta last night. [pics] (10/24/16) 3764 23
My Cox phone has been out since yesterday. Is anyone else without a dial tone on their Cox phone line? (10/25/16) 1070 23
Roger has the scanner reports.  Will thank goodness someone finally put out some public bathrooms! (10/27/16) 1594 22
Do any Chicago Cubs fans have plans to watch the World Series games anywhere in particular? (10/24/16) 1438 22
Where are edhat readers finding the best Halloween displays this year? (10/25/16) 1316 22
An edhat subscriber discovered a pair of dismembered arms during her morning hike. [pics] (10/23/16) 5644 21
An edhat subscriber found a very large spider in their backyard. Can anyone help identify it? (10/25/16) 3296 21
The National Park Service has issued a temporary closure of Santa Rosa Island due to safety concerns associated with a drug smuggling incident. (10/28/16) 1732 21
Roger reports a gang fight in the 1700 block of Sunset. A man is down with substantial facial injuries. (10/24/16) 2296 20
Roger reports bushes and trees are on fire at Sears on State Street. (10/22/16) 2175 19
[UPDATED:] An uncooperative man trespassing in a storage yard was arrested by police Wednesday after a 12-inch knife fell out of his sleeve. [pics] (10/28/16) 3163 18
Does anyone know whether there was an oil spill off of Ellwood Mesa? (10/22/16) 1264 18
EDBIT: For the 10th year in a row, Edhat has won Best Website by the Santa Barbara community! (10/23/16) 673 18
The City of Goleta provides a list of updates happening in the Old Town area. (10/28/16) 1183 17
Community members, gathered in De La Guerra plaza Tuesday evening for a LGBT solidarity rally after a gay man was assaulted on State Street. (10/22/16) 1075 17
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of an Ellwood relic! (10/26/16) 2468 15
[UPDATE:] Here's this week's recap on what went down at the Goleta Beach Bridge Project. [pics] (10/22/16) 2162 14
Dave hopes this is the lowest level Cachuma lake will be at, with the rainy season possibly starting, as shown in these [pics]. (10/28/16) 1643 14
Roger has the scanner reports.  My comfort food is pancakes piled up, smothered with butter and syrup, with a side of French fries and tartar sauce.
updated 7:00 am
580 14
Does anyone have more information on the salons that were broken into in downtown Santa Barbara on Sunday night? (10/26/16) 3146 13
HISTORY: Tom shares the history of Rancho Del Cielo: the little ranch that became world famous. (10/23/16) 2181 13
A subscriber reminds the community of a public meeting on Thursday regarding the Average Unit-Size Density Incentive Program. (10/27/16) 763 13
An edhat subscriber shared this awesome [pic] of the preparation for the construction in Carpinteria at Casitas Pass and Linden Avenue. (10/27/16) 1273 12
What changes will the big project next to Ortega Park in John Wiley's [pics] bring to that neighborhood, and what about these other projects around town? (10/24/16) 1532 11
Local agencies will be holding a public workshop about groundwater sustainability agency formation. (10/25/16) 740 11
Roger reports a domestic disturbance that took place on SR-154 at Paradise Road. (10/26/16) 1789 10
Santa Barbara County Fire crews rescued a 65-year-old hiker who became injured on Tunnel Trail. (10/23/16) 1573 10
Roger reports a traffic accident involving bicyclist on Arrellaga and De La Vina. (10/22/16) 874 10
Does anyone know of a local magician who specializes in magic for kids?
updated 9:20 am
481 10
Goleta resident George Levinthal will be competing in the World Food Championships. (10/24/16) 1672 9
The Santa Barbara Audubon Society hosted an Eyes in the Sky open house at the Natural History Museum. [pics] (10/22/16) 831 9
UCSB anthropologist Danielle Kurin examines the effects of the demise of the Wari Empire in her new book. (10/24/16) 571 9
Santa Maria Police and FBI arrested two identity theft suspects with over $24,000 in cash and a skimming device. [mugs] (10/28/16) 2193 8
Roger has the scanner reports. When she got back, 4-Runner was gone, so were her shoes and keys. (10/25/16) 1860 8
EDBIT: It's time for the 8th annual Halloween Story Writing Contest! Submit your spooky story for a chance to win a prize. (10/25/16) 1346 8
Robert Bernstein spoke to Donna Lewis, the Humanist Society speaker for October. (10/23/16) 749 8
[UPDATE]: One man is dead after a vehicle accident on Highway 166 Tuesday morning. (10/26/16) 2311 7
Roger reports a structure fire at Vista Del Monte at 3775 Modoc Road, residents have evacuated. (10/22/16) 1178 7
An edhat is curious why certain traffic lights differ throughout town. (10/22/16) 907 7
Edhat has been voted Best Website by the Santa Barbara community. What other things do you think are just the best? Send photos! (10/22/16) 657 7
Roger reports an intoxicated man threatening to jump off the roof of the PATH building. (10/25/16) 1430 6
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber traveled to Wisconsin to check out their mid-western style pumpkin patches. (10/26/16) 1191 6
Can someone recommend a shop that can paint brake calipers? (10/22/16) 838 6
Roger reports trespassers in a vacant home in the 1500 Block of Anacapa. (10/27/16) 1221 5
The City of Santa Barbara received approximately $1.8 million in Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) for the month of September 2016. (10/28/16) 448 5
County residents are now eligible for free bulky item collections twice per year. (10/25/16) 1130 4
The new bridge girders that horizontally support the bridge deck have been placed on the Cabrillo Blvd. bridge. [pic] (10/27/16) 981 4
Roger reports a structure fire at 35 Parker Way with a full city fire response. (10/22/16) 880 4
Roger has the scanner reports. Vehicles parked in the red zone, 500 block of APS. (10/22/16) 835 4
A UCSB Library exhibit explores the past, present and future of Isla Vista. (10/26/16) 745 4
Roger reports a vehicle fire at Calle Real and Winchester Canyon Road. (10/22/16) 700 4
Rock pools with water, bird platforms, Devereux, and were those sharks John Wiley saw? [pics] (10/23/16) 1556 3
Roger the Scanner Guy reports suspicious boxes with unknown content at Hitchcock Road. (10/25/16) 1084 3
John Wiley shared these fun [pics] of musicians performing at the art museum for Dia De Los Muertos. (10/24/16) 1030 3
The kid's fair is still up, and Lake Casitas hasn't gone down much in John Wiley's latest [pics]. (10/27/16) 907 3
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department and Santa Barbara Police Department offer Halloween Safety Tips for residents. (10/28/16) 370 3
Roughly three hundred people descended on Marymount of Santa Barbara's campus last Sunday to attend the annual Maker Fair. [pic] (10/23/16) 1413 2
Art shared these aerial view [pics] of the latest progress of the Goleta Beach Bridge project. (10/23/16) 1201 2
Meet Ziggy, a wiggly little pup who loves meeting new people. (10/23/16) 1088 2
Astronomy: The lunar occultation of Aldebaran was visible from southern California and much of the US on Tuesday night. (10/23/16) 842 2
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Purrelle, who is looking for a castle to rule. (10/23/16) 818 2
A collaboration led by a UC Santa Barbara scholar makes a breakthrough in quantifying belief system dynamics. (10/25/16) 796 2
Rose Louie (February 14, 1940-October 11, 2016) (10/24/16) 611 2
The Santa Maria Police Department wants to remind the community about the Safely Surrendered Baby Law. (10/23/16) 604 2
Roger reports a possible structure fire in the 3900 Block of Roblar in Santa Ynez. (10/22/16) 592 2
Armando Quiros (1925-July 31, 2016) (10/22/16) 520 2
Route 154/Highway 101 resurfacing projects continue next week with day time/overnight lane closures. (10/22/16) 442 2
Does anyone know a property owner or architect who proposed a state bonus density plan for a AUD project?
updated 9:25 am
366 2
An edhat subscriber reports a possible mail scam going on in Goleta at a senior complex. (10/23/16) 1355 1
Food & Culture: This month, Stacey brings us a "Day Trip" edition of Santa Barbara Food and Culture. (10/23/16) 1221 1
Caltrans requests participation in California State's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan questionnaire. (10/27/16) 577 1
The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning in the Rey Burn area early Friday morning. [pic]
updated 9:21 am
516 1
The local Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) Chapter won several major national awards. [pics] (10/26/16) 484 1
Noah Holle is the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Athlete of the Week. (10/24/16) 480 1
Over the next few weeks, crews will continue clearing vegetation and preparations for widening the freeway near Linden and Casitas Pass. (10/22/16) 478 1
Los Padres had announced closures on the Santa Lucia Ranger District in preparation for inclement weather. (10/28/16) 401 1
Margaret Ann (Marge) Lawrence (January 19, 1922 - October 11, 2016) (10/28/16) 350 1
CASA of Santa Barbara County has appointed Julie Henley to its board of directors. [pic] (10/24/16) 1165 add
Betty Lavonne (Starlin) Stephens (October 10, 1949 - August 27, 2016) (10/25/16) 1113 add
Celebrating community partnerships, four volunteers were honored at San Marcos High School's Third Annual Royal Gala. [pics] (10/23/16) 748 add
Evacuation warnings are in place for residents in the Sherpa Fire burn area, primarily the Refugio, El Capitan and Las Flores canyons. [vid] (10/28/16) 700 add
Walter Anderson III (June 30, 1943-October 11, 2016) (10/27/16) 640 add
Hugh Philip Davis (1938 - October 8, 2016) (10/26/16) 584 add
Joyce Frances Karl (October 21, 1938-October 13, 2016) (10/22/16) 446 add
Helen Grace Atamian (July 28, 1920 - October 17, 2016) (10/24/16) 427 add
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit organization devoted to generating and channeling financial support for the hospital. (10/23/16) 375 add
The Santa Barbara Police Department wants to remind Halloween partiers against drinking and driving. (10/28/16) 298 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (10/27/16) 262 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (10/26/16) 255 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (10/25/16) 253 add

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