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[Update]: A bird flying into a power line caused the Bar Fire off Refugio Road on Wednesday. It was fully contained at 17.9 acres. (08/26/16) 9227 60
[Update]: A woman was arrested Sunday for DUI after she caused a multi-vehicle, injury traffic collision by driving the wrong way on the 101. (08/23/16) 7966 53
[Update]: The Rey Fire holds at 33,006 acres and is 61% contained in the Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara County. Road closures have changed.
updated 8:25 am
25840 46
Has anyone else had a strange experience with reports of their vitals at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital? (08/26/16) 3292 44
Hugh captured a stunning [pic] of an Osprey catching dinner at Goleta Beach. (08/27/16) 2568 40
A subscriber reports a large coyote in the area of Fairview and Cathedral Oaks Rd. (08/27/16) 2054 37
Mark shares an aerial view of Hollister Ranch. [pic] (08/23/16) 3087 34
Roger reports a dog is stuck on the cliffside of the Douglas Family Preserve. [pic] (08/25/16) 2433 34
A subscriber shares a unique parking sign [pic] from a busy lot on De La Vina. (08/23/16) 4305 33
What's up with all the police cars on Cathedral Oaks at Highway 154? (08/24/16) 3620 33
KEYT: A scheduled annual water release from Cachuma Lake to down stream users in the Santa Ynez Valley will end earlier than last year. (08/27/16) 1115 33
Can an edhatter help identify these spiders? (08/27/16) 2140 32
Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputies are on the lookout for a child annoyance suspect wanted for numerous crimes, and are seeking public assistance. (08/29/16) 3904 31
The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department confirms that a Santa Barbara County resident has tested positive for Zika virus infection. (08/26/16) 3402 28
Does anyone know what these chalk dots are for on the pavement? [pics] (08/24/16) 3815 27
I was wondering if anyone knows why all of the Coastal Oak Trees along Cabrillo Blvd below the cemetery are all dead? (08/24/16) 3106 27
A subscriber noticed a lot of baby lizards are running around. [pic] (08/27/16) 2095 27
Does anyone know what is currently happening with Huguette Clark's estate Bellosguardo? (08/28/16) 2535 26
Santa Barbara Police traffic officers are focusing on school zone and school bus related traffic enforcement to protect local school children. (08/24/16) 757 25
Sansum Clinic will be relocating its Urgent Care services from 51 Hitchcock Way to 215 Pesetas Lane on Sunday, August 28, 2016. (08/23/16) 2339 24
Roger reports law enforcement is pursuing a black Camry that's driving eastbound on SR-154. (08/26/16) 1722 24
Can edhatters identify this tree and the type of fruit it grows? (08/27/16) 1920 23
A subscriber shared a [pic] from an accident on Upper State Saturday evening. (08/29/16) 2455 22
The Los Padres National Forest issued a closure order of the Rey Fire area to the public. (08/27/16) 1158 22
Mesa Vons will hold its grand opening on August 31st after a complete remodel and brand change from Albertsons. (08/23/16) 2178 21
Five people were injured after a Santa Barbara Sheriff's vehicle rear-ended an AMR ambulance on Saturday evening.
updated 8:20 am
1037 21
A subscriber shares [pics] from White Rock, which is where the Rey Fire was believed to start. (08/24/16) 3999 20
New Police Chief Lori Lunhow agrees to consistent implicit bias training for the Santa Barbara Police Department. [pic] (08/26/16) 1872 20
A subscriber noticed a cave on the east side of Goleta pier and explored. [pics] (08/26/16) 3493 19
A pedestrian safety enforcement operation is planned for Thursday in Goleta. [pic] (08/25/16) 1047 19
Roger reports a combative transient in the tunnel under Coast Village Road at Butterfly Beach near Channel Drive. (08/26/16) 1417 18
[Updated]: An air quality watch remains in effect for Santa Barbara County due to the Rey Fire. (08/23/16) 3129 17
A subscriber reminds residents to look out for falling trees as the drought weakens them. [pics] (08/25/16) 1805 17
Is there a place in town where someone can play with puppies or dogs? (08/27/16) 1818 15
Friday is National Dog Day and it's time to send in those adorable photos of your pup. (08/27/16) 1185 15
Free spay or neuter surgeries to Santa Barbara County cats at select agencies during the month of September. (08/26/16) 655 15
Roger reports an attempted kidnapping of a child on San Lorenzo Drive in Goleta. (08/28/16) 10369 14
A subscriber wonders if edhatters can identify this tropical Hawaiian fish. (08/24/16) 2158 14
Roger reports a full Hazmat Response in the 4400 Block of Calle Real. (08/25/16) 2121 14
Roger reports a rape reported overnight in the area of SBCC. (08/29/16) 2032 14
Following an incident involving a laser strike of a Coast Guard member, the Coast Guard reminds the public of the significant hazards caused by laser strikes. (08/23/16) 2701 13
Roger has the scanner reports. A woman with blue hair shoving bicycles into a ravine off East Valley Road. (08/27/16) 1600 13
I noticed a large section of the wood sound wall between the Turnpike and Patterson overpasses on the 101 northbound is missing. Does anyone know why? (08/27/16) 1758 12
A Santa Maria man on probation was arrested for being in possession of weapons after a compliance search. [mug] (08/25/16) 1414 12
A subscriber warns of a possible scam related to outstanding payments to Walmart or Sam's Club. [pic] (08/29/16) 968 12
Sen. Jackson's bill to increase the public's confidence in autopsies passed off the Senate floor and heads to the Governor. (08/26/16) 779 12
[Updated]: Edhat subscribers share [pics] and video of the Rey Fire in the Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara County. (08/23/16) 9508 11
Two alleged automobile burglary thieves have been arrested. Detectives need the public's help in identifying a third suspect. [pics] (08/27/16) 2476 11
Roger has the scanner reports.  Camel Day and we’re still smoking(08/25/16) 1204 11
Roger reports police are setting up a perimeter in the 1400 block of Almond Ave. after several reports of a fight. (08/29/16) 1015 11
Roger has the scanner reports.  Camper in small tent with umbrella set up, Santa Barbara Cemetery. 
updated 7:00 am
904 11
It's that time again. DUI / Driver's License Checkpoints will be conducted this Saturday in Santa Barbara. (08/27/16) 818 11
A subscriber has noticed that Summerland Beach is mostly rocks and oil. Does anyone know if the formerly nice beach will ever be restored?
updated 11:21 am
484 11
This stuff grows up on the bluffs in Carpinteria. Does anyone know what it is? (08/27/16) 1726 10
Roger has the scanner reports.  Thank Dog for all the Firefighters out there fighting all these wildfires.  (08/23/16) 1182 10
Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting a DUI enforcement throughout Labor Day weekend. (08/24/16) 916 10
Can anyone identify this wall-loving cricket-ish bug? (08/26/16) 1450 9
Last week at the Goleta Beach Bridge Project: continued slough protection and pile installation. [pics] (08/23/16) 1254 9
A subscriber reports a DUI checkpoint is located on State Street and Islay Saturday night. (08/28/16) 1149 9
Does anyone know what construction work is going on at Miramonte Drive? (08/26/16) 923 9
Can someone recommend a knowledgeable mortgage broker who can advise me on lender requirements?
updated 8:50 am
547 9
A Santa Maria man was arrested after a search warrant found illegal guns and drugs inside a home. [mug] (08/23/16) 2219 8
TRAVEL: Steve shares photos and stories around Meadow Lake Reservoir and Lake Almanor.  (08/28/16) 765 8
The Santa Maria Police Department conducted a DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint on Saturday August 27, 2016 and shares the results. (08/29/16) 638 8
A subject who was stuck on the side of a cliff in Carpinteria was rescued by SBC Search and Rescue members on Monday evening. [pics] (08/24/16) 2458 7
Can edhatters identify these purple plants? They look out of this world! (08/26/16) 2049 7
Two people died and two were injured in a head-on collision on Santa Lucia Canyon Read near the Vandenberg Air Force Base. (08/29/16) 1574 7
Does anyone know why they removed the crosswalk between Storke and Whittier? (08/25/16) 1423 7
This week at the Goleta Beach Bridge Project a new irrigation system was installed and fish were removed from the work area. [pics] (08/27/16) 1114 7
Does anyone know why there is a large group of police in the Goleta area around Placer? (08/25/16) 2763 6
Due to ongoing wildfires, extremely dry vegetation and very high fire danger, Level IV fire restrictions will go into effect beginning today. (08/24/16) 1676 6
Astronomy: A subscriber shares a pic of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction from Saturday evening. We've got stars in our eyes. I mean, planets. (08/29/16) 723 6
Roger reports two vehicles are involved in an injury traffic accident on Victoria and Laguna Street. (08/23/16) 1087 5
John Robert (J.R., Bob) Haller (1930 - August 17, 2016) (08/25/16) 824 5
Conservation ecologist Douglas McCauley and UCSB colleagues lay out a set of guidelines for how de-extinction can be made more ecologically responsible. (08/25/16) 750 5
Can edhatters ID a plant? When healthy, it produces tiny red flower clusters. (08/23/16) 1775 4
An edhat subscriber reports there was police activity this afternoon in the 600 block of Chelham Way in Montecito. (08/29/16) 1485 4
On a recent flight, John Wiley had High Hope between fires and managed to snap some clear [pics]. (08/28/16) 1325 4
Did anyone hear a loud gunshot near Fairview and Shirrell at 3:45 Sunday morning? (08/29/16) 1313 4
Astronomy: Chuck shares tips on how to view our two brightest planets Saturday evening as they appear to meet in our sky. (08/28/16) 1174 4
MUSIC: Jenny's back with a review of Culture Club's August 17 performance at The Arlington Theater. (08/28/16) 1015 4
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Maria, who knows a good sunbathing spot when she sees one. (08/28/16) 836 4
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of the UCSB solar energy project. (08/27/16) 798 4
[Update]: A half acre brush fire broke out on Hollister Ave at Santa Felicia Drive Sunday afternoon. (08/29/16) 2749 3
SBPD officers are pulling over a stolen vehicle that was cruising around town. (08/27/16) 1707 3
Despite being under the weather, Jackson Browne pulled off a great show Saturday night at the SB Bowl. [pics] (08/29/16) 1137 3
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about being nocturnal. (08/28/16) 1131 3
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Sashay, a former ball dog turned dancer. (08/28/16) 860 3
Roger reports sirens on the east side, responding to food on the stove inside a home. (08/26/16) 679 3
Roger reports an injury traffic accident at Valerio and San Andres. A bicyclist is down. Fire department and medics are responding. (08/29/16) 656 3
Caltrans plans to close Highway 101 on-ramps and off-ramps at Mussel Shoals and La Conchita for two nights during the next two weeks. (08/25/16) 518 3
Roger reports a half acre vegetation fire on Highway 101 northbound in Mariposa Reina County.
updated 9:59 am
489 3
Roger reports a broken gas pipe at Indio Muerto and Cañada Street. (08/26/16) 527 2
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/25/16) 325 2
Roger reports a structure fire investigation at 6750 El Colegio Road in Isla Vista. (08/25/16) 871 1
A Class Action Motion for Certification was filed against Plains All American Pipeline for people hurt by the 2015 Refugio Oil Spill. (08/26/16) 687 1
Roger reports a gas pipe broke on the first block of Tierra Cielo Lane. (08/27/16) 396 1
Rep. Capps honors the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service on Thursday. (08/26/16) 373 1
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Arts for Humanity! delivers direct programming in the visual arts; music, theatre, photography, videography and dance free of charge to those who may otherwise lack the opportunity. (08/28/16) 368 1
Progressive rock pioneers Yes performed at the Arlington on Sunday and Patti shares [pics].
updated 10:05 am
365 1
Roger reports a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident on Castillo at Islay.
updated 10:54 am
268 1
Doris Beverly Roberts (May 6, 1924 - August 20, 2016) (08/27/16) 754 add
William Francis (Bill) Shinn (February 1, 1934 - August 17, 2016) (08/25/16) 679 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/24/16) 350 add
A Red Flag Warning has been issued for the Santa Barbara County Mountains and south coast.
updated 10:45 am
315 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/23/16) 311 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/27/16) 282 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/26/16) 276 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 08/28/16 (08/29/16) 271 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 08/29/16
updated 6:00 am
120 add

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