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Refugio Oil Spill Claims
Refugio Oil Spill Claims
Cancer Center Walk/Run on 10/11
Cancer Center Walk/Run on 10/11
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PODER has written an open letter to the Milpas Community Association and its executive director, Sharon Byrne. (10/03/15) 2586 100
The District Attorney's Office announced that six misdemeanor charges have been filed against local news anchor Paula Lopez Ochoa. (10/02/15) 6157 79
A suspected arsonist is believed to have targeted a Planned Parenthood facility in Thousand Oaks on Wednesday evening. (10/02/15) 1592 70
A subscriber warns cyclists of razors and blades being found on bike lanes. [pics] (09/29/15) 3598 68
A subscriber heard that this is Shirin Rajaee's last week at KEYT. Is there any truth to this story? (10/01/15) 4244 55
A subscriber is looking for suggestions to prevent cats from pooping in their backyard. (09/28/15) 2546 55
There's now a security team at Hendry's Beach breaking up bonfires. Why the sudden enforcement? [pic] (10/03/15) 3179 44
Robert reports on Bill Zuersher's talk to the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara entitled "Seeing Through Christianity." (09/30/15) 1800 40
The Independent: A Santa Barbara woman sentenced to prison for engaging in a long-term sexual relationship with her son's 13-year-old friend is now suing her ex-husband for alimony. (09/29/15) 4823 39
[Update]: Two Riverside residents were arrested following the discovery of a panga boat and marijuana on San Onofre Beach. [mugs] (09/29/15) 3712 36
Lauren: Another restaurant is shutting down as Arch Rock Fish on Anacapa Street says goodbye. (09/30/15) 4475 34
A subscriber reports that an alleged DUI driver crashed into several parked cars overnight in Old Town Goleta. [pics] (10/02/15) 3273 34
UC Santa Barbara scientists say record heat and drought are taking a deadly toll on California's native trees. (10/02/15) 1404 33
An edhat subscriber has received calls from someone claiming to be from the IRS and wants to alert the community. (09/30/15) 1357 32
Roger reports a naked male carrying a radio is walking westbound from the 600 block of East Haley. (09/30/15) 1486 31
Amidst rumors, the owner of Sojourner Cafe confirms the eatery is closing for good. (09/27/15) 2184 29
Mark shares an aerial [pic] of the Gaviota Tunnel and wonders who still honks when driving through? (10/03/15) 1318 29
A subscriber found a GoPro while snorkeling south of East Beach in Santa Barbara and is looking for the owner. [pics] (09/27/15) 2410 28
Roger reports a vehicle vs pedestrian and a dog, both were injured and the dog ran off the 192 at San Ysidro. (09/27/15) 1316 28
A fall victim was rescued after being spotted 30 feet down from a wall off Alameda Padre Serra, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (10/02/15) 2512 27
[Update]: Roger reports a large water main break on State and Sola Streets. (09/28/15) 1914 27
I'm looking for older cemeteries and historical areas in Santa Barbara and Ventura for a photography project. Any ideas? (09/30/15) 1402 27
WoMen At Work could be the sign on John Wiley's [pics] from the Miramar and Punta, to Fairview and Los Carneros. (10/03/15) 1385 27
EDBIT: Several Central Coast cities were listed in the 2016 poll of the Top 100 Best Places to Live with Santa Barbara coming in at #4. (09/27/15) 2905 26
A subscriber is wondering why there have been low flying airplanes and helicopters doing grid patterns over Montecito, East Beach, and the Waterfront. (10/01/15) 1910 26
A Delta Airbus A319 flew in yesterday and is still at SBA. Anyone know what for? (09/30/15) 3102 25
KEYT: A great white shark took a bite of a Carpinteria fisherman's kayak near a reef at Summerland Beach. (09/27/15) 2983 25
A subscriber reports some type of law enforcement raid at Alamar Motel on Friday afternoon. [pics] (10/03/15) 2606 25
Roger reports an alleged assault involving urine at the .99 Cent Store at 424 State Street. (10/01/15) 1858 25
Calling all edhat arachnologists, can you name this spider? [pic] (09/28/15) 2251 24
Has anyone experienced homeowner's insurance premiums increasing for no apparent reason? (09/29/15) 1724 24
The Independent: Kaplan International, the English language school, will not longer rent space from Santa Barbara City College. (09/30/15) 1255 24
Due to popular demand, the enrollment period for the TSA pre-check program at the Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) has been extended through the week of October 26th through October 30th. (10/01/15) 1509 23
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of a white male in his 40s-50s driving a brown/gray rusted vehicle approaching children. (10/03/15) 1301 23
KEYT: Thousands of dead bees were found Friday morning off Via Real Road in Carpinteria. (09/27/15) 2321 22
Lauren: Lauren fulfills her Mexican food craving at a new State Street restaurant, The MEX Authentic. (09/27/15) 2498 21
A subscriber is wondering how a private residence becomes a certified wildlife habitat. (09/27/15) 1619 21
There's a slight sprinkle of rain over the Mesa right now. Is anyone else getting rain? (10/02/15) 1009 21
Lobster season is coming and the fishermen are stacking the pots at the boat ramp to get a jump on the season. [pics] (10/01/15) 1777 20
Rooftop helicopter surgery at Cottage Hospital in this [pic] from John Wiley.
updated 12:30 pm
1051 20
Roger reports a combative subject at the Dolphin Fountain, 200 Stearns Wharf. SBPD states the subject is swinging a broom. (09/28/15) 1087 19
California Governor signed legislation to educate high school students about affirmative consent and healthy dating, first in the nation curriculum. (10/02/15) 768 19
Roger has the scanner reports.  Fight between 3 Subjects at Chubbie’s in the 2900 Block of DLV.
1260 18
Roger reports the CHP is attempting to detain a subject after running across the freeway near Los Patos Way. (09/30/15) 912 18
A Santa Barbara woman passed away after a single vehicle traffic accident on Foothill Road and her 1-year-old dog is still missing.  (10/03/15) 4074 17
A subscriber took advantage of the low tide and saw a bright purple and orange nudibranch. [pics] (10/01/15) 2332 16
Roger reports a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in front of the Bank of America on Coast Village Road. (10/03/15) 1432 16
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a beautiful cactus flower that blossomed. (10/02/15) 1128 16
A Belgian tourist will soon be reunited with her lost GoPro after a local woman found it off the shore of East Beach.
updated 2:00 pm
1033 16
Mark captured a [pic] of a woman and her dog stand-up paddle boarding in Santa Barbara. (09/28/15) 2516 15
[Updated]: Santa Barbara photographer Fritz Olenberger captured some thrilling aerial stunts at the Point Mugu Air Show on Sunday. [pics] (09/29/15) 1771 15
[Update]: Roger reports the SBPD was on a foot pursuit and captured the suspect in the 1100 block of San Pascual Street. [pic] (10/03/15) 1482 15
A Santa Maria man was arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine at a smoke shop. [mug] (10/01/15) 2252 14
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Kitty Gato and Kitty Boy, a royal feline family. (09/27/15) 1388 14
A subscriber shares a [pic] of their Moorea Lovely Treasure Exotic Hibiscus blooming on the first of the month. (10/02/15) 1074 14
Do companies usually repair phone lines on Sunday? Saw one at Overpass and Patterson. (09/28/15) 1047 14
It's World Smile Day! Check out what makes edhatters smile and send in pics of your own. (10/03/15) 816 14
[Update]: Roger reports a two burglars were caught in the act in the 400 block of Toro Canyon in Carpinteria. (10/01/15) 1793 13
Aquaholic captured a [pic] of a very tall ship, the Spirit of Dana Point, in the Santa Barbara Harbor. (10/01/15) 1662 13
A subscriber is looking to transfer to a local bank with a safe deposit box. (09/29/15) 1283 13
Roger has the scanner reports. Silver Passat was stolen from Vista Del La Cumbre Street. (10/01/15) 1241 13
Near and far views of horses and of a marsh mystery white square from John Wiley's flight. [pics] (10/01/15) 1125 13
A subscriber reports that there is more tar than usual on Isla Vista beaches. [pics] (09/27/15) 1110 13
Roger reports power outages on the East Side. Is anyone else affected? (09/30/15) 1045 13
A subscriber is looking for referrals for laminate floor installers. (10/03/15) 827 13
The Santa Barbara City Firefighters will be wearing Pink uniform T shirts this month to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. [pic] (10/02/15) 662 13
Astronomy: This Sunday, assuming the weather cooperates, you'll get to see something that hasn't happened for 32 years, a perigean Super Moon being totally hidden by the shadow of the Earth. (09/27/15) 4521 12
[Update]: The vehicle accident that went over the side of Rincon Road in Carpinteria is now being reported as a fatality. (09/30/15) 3751 12
A subscriber reports an accident on Foothill Road near Alamar. [pic] (10/03/15) 2079 12
After being granted an emergency permit from Goleta, Venoco finished trucking out approximately 5,500 barrels of crude oil. (09/29/15) 800 12
EDBIT: We're a pretty dog friendly place in Santa Barbara, and one article places us as one of the friendliest in the world.
updated 1:00 pm
780 12
A subscriber is looking for advice in dealing with rights regarding mold in a rental apartment.
updated 11:35 am
701 12
Where can I buy a beer stein locally? It's Oktoberfest and you get in free with your own stein!
updated 12:43 pm
481 12
An edhat subscriber shares a moment of backyard solitude. [pic] (09/29/15) 1657 11
A subscriber reports there were police officers at the bottom of Highway 154 with their guns drawn. Does anyone have more info?
updated 1:31 pm
1361 11
Does anyone know the normal depth of natural gas lines? (09/29/15) 1349 11
HISTORY: A subscriber is curious about the history of this building. [pic] (09/29/15) 2259 10
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Ananda, a fun-loving pooch who enjoys hiding in gardens. (09/27/15) 1212 10
Roger has the scanner reports.  Check the Welfare of a female bitten by her own dog at Hendry’s Beach; a German Shepard. (09/29/15) 2544 9
Sientra, a locally based implant manufacturer, has been hit with several class action lawsuits for alleged violations of the federal securities laws. (09/30/15) 1497 9
A subscriber would like to know where the best place to play pool is in Santa Barbara. (10/01/15) 1336 9
This other worldly landscape is so familiar, yet looks so different from the air in John Wiley's [pics]. (10/02/15) 1295 9
The City of Goleta is preparing for anticipated winter storms.  (10/02/15) 1231 9
Roger reports a water rescue response for a possible drowning victim at Guadalupe Dunes near the 6900 block on West Main. (09/27/15) 821 9
TRAVEL: A subscriber spotted the Edhat Bagflag in the beautiful port city of Chania, Greece. [pic] (10/01/15) 745 9
Photographer Steve Bissell captured amazing images of the Blue Angels airshow last weekend at Point Mugu.
updated 3:00 pm
535 9
Parking restrictions in Goleta during Halloween weekend is back and the City of Goleta is handing out permits. (10/03/15) 480 9
The Compliance Response Team of the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office arrested two suspects after they attempted to flee from Law Enforcement. [mugs] (10/02/15) 2647 8
The Santa Maria Police Department is asking for assistance in locating a 13 year old missing juvenile. [pic] (09/28/15) 1986 8
Astronomy: It's time again for the International Space Station to put in some early evening appearances in Santa Barbara skies. (09/30/15) 1315 8
Alumnus José Hernández will be feted at a luncheon celebrating the campus's designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. (09/29/15) 541 8
Caltrans will perform emergency guardrail repair on US Highway 101 in Carpinteria tomorrow morning and next week. (10/03/15) 418 8
Betsy shares [pics] of Saturday's moonrise over East Beach. (09/28/15) 1497 7
John captured [pics] of Friday's sunset from the Bridge to Nowhere. (09/27/15) 1424 7
It was a spectacular evening with lots of folks out and about enjoying the spectacular sunset and beating the inland heat. [pics] (09/27/15) 1296 7
Sunset, ocean, four-legged friends, and food - what more do you need? [pics] (09/28/15) 1199 7
Roger reports a structure fire at 422 East Cota. Full City Fire response. (09/28/15) 1110 7
Santa Maria Police arrested a 26-year-old for driving a stolen vehicle and fleeing from police. [mug]
updated 4:00 pm
540 7
Edhat subscribers are reporting a lot of sirens going up Highway 154. Does anyone know why? (10/02/15) 2357 6
Mike attended the Montecito Car Show on Sunday and shares [pics]. (09/28/15) 1899 6
Mike Bishop was out during sunset to get some [pics] of the sun's pink projection. (09/27/15) 1121 6
The City of Carpinteria celebrated its 50th birthday Thursday evening with a jubilee party downtown on Linden Ave. [pics] (10/03/15) 1055 6
Does anyone have information on a vehicle accident Tuesday evening on State and Pedregosa? (10/01/15) 901 6
Santa Maria Police made an arrest of an attempted murder and kidnapping suspect in the 500 block of S. Lincoln. [mug]
updated 7:30 am
787 6
I heard there was another vehicle accident near Foothill and Ontare around 8 a.m. on Saturday. Does anyone have more info?
updated 12:53 pm
652 6
Santa Maria Police are investigating a shooting that took place in the 1000 block of West Cypress. (09/30/15) 561 6
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sassie, even with one eye she can see how much her humans love her.
updated 9:00 am
509 6
Robert shares photos from the Goleta Lemon Festival this past weekend. (10/01/15) 1339 5
Team Grooverderci won the Farr 40 World Championship this year! [pic] (09/28/15) 1056 5
UCSB Police will be conducting a DUI checkpoint this Friday on campus. (09/30/15) 852 5

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