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Lemon Festival Sept. 26-27
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The Winehound
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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested more than 240 individuals who pose a threat to public safety in the Southern California areas. (09/02/15) 2338 67
Haggen is suing Albertsons for more than $1 billion in damages. (09/02/15) 4990 59
A former employee has filed a lawsuit against Haggen Food and Pharmacy alleging they systematically overcharged customers. (09/03/15) 4922 58
An edhatter observed pretty, but dangerous, tiny hot air balloons being launched near Butterfly Beach. [pic] (08/31/15) 3616 58
Who do I contact if there is a neighbor running a business out of a residential property? (09/01/15) 4186 56
Did other edhatters receive a letter in the mail regarding the future development of SBCC? (09/02/15) 1754 53
There are hundreds of bills on the 101 southbound, just north of the Carrillo exit, and people are stopping to pick up what they can. (09/02/15) 8093 47
The grand house on the hill from different times is getting a ring of neighbors in these John Wiley [pics]. (08/31/15) 2493 46
A subscriber discusses how a Carpinteria apartment complex is trying to push out long-term tenants. (08/30/15) 2501 42
The Independent: A local family fights to free Len Homeniuk, a Mesa resident, who was locked up abroad during a family vacation in southeast Europe. (08/29/15) 3005 40
Santa Barbara County is asking for feedback on Short Term Rentals within unincorporated areas. The survey is open until 5pm on Thursday. (09/03/15) 1480 34
[Update with Mug]: A vehicle pursuit began on Highway 101 in the Gaviota area on Thursday afternoon resulting in an arrest and an injured officer. (08/29/15) 4309 33
Can anyone explain why just last weekend there were tons of rocks washed up on the sand at Goleta Beach but now there are only a few? (08/29/15) 1876 33
A subscriber noticed most of Gelson's parking lot is sealed off with police tape. (09/01/15) 4284 32
Roger reports an assault with a deadly weapon at the Trader Joe's on De La Vina. An alleged road rage incident involved a vehicle striking a pedestrian. (08/29/15) 3654 32
[Update]: The District Attorney is asking for the public's help in locating a Santa Barbara woman, accused of violating a custody agreement, and her son who have left the area. [pics] (08/29/15) 4693 31
Lompoc Police report two additional victims have come forward in the child molestation investigation of Salvador Moreno Mojarras Jr., the husband of a local Day Care provider. [mug] (08/29/15) 4188 31
Nora snapped a [pic] of an amazing fountain on the Riviera. (08/30/15) 3000 31
Santa Barbara City Fire Department was involved in a non-injury vehicle rollover accident Saturday morning. [pics] (08/30/15) 2430 31
A subscriber wonders if the water districts are planning to do anything special to "catch" the vast amounts of rain that are predicted for October. (08/31/15) 1643 31
Patti Gutshall went to the SB Bowl on Sunday to see Diana Krall but cameras were not allowed! [pic] (09/01/15) 1941 29
A subscriber discusses the proposed changes at the Douglas Family Preserve and offers alternative options. (09/02/15) 1871 29
A subscriber paid for a moving service and they left the house with a large scratch on the floor. What action can she take? [pic] (09/04/15) 1644 29
Six DUI arrests were made during a CHP checkpoint this weekend. (09/01/15) 2185 28
A Carpinteria mother has been found and arrested in Siskiyou County after allegedly abducting her three-year-old son and violating a custody agreement. [pic] (09/03/15) 2160 28
In spite of hot summer weather, water thrifty Goleta Water District customers collectively achieved 34% savings in July 2015 compared to July 2014. (09/02/15) 852 28
An edhat subscriber feels a contractor is deliberately taking a long time on a job and is looking for advice. (09/02/15) 2737 27
The developer for Hollister Village is nearing completion of this phase of construction in the Storke/Hollister area. (09/03/15) 1789 27
KEYT: The Santa Barbara Police Department has been hit with nearly $8,000 in CAL/OSHA fines. (09/02/15) 1306 24
A subscriber is wondering if anyone knows of a good barber in town for ethnic hair. (09/03/15) 1189 23
[Update]: A suspicious package found on the UCSB campus has been dismantled and the evacuation orders were lifted. (09/04/15) 2842 22
A subscriber witnessed a convoy of pre-fab housing units moving through Carpinteria. [pic] (09/03/15) 1932 22
Patti made a quick stop at Cachuma Lake on Saturday and took a few [pics]. (09/01/15) 1735 21
The SBPD will be conducting DUI Checkpoints in the City of Santa Barbara on September 5, 2015, between the hours of 6:00 pm and 2:00 am. (09/04/15) 577 21
HISTORY: Tom delves into the history of Santa Cruz Market, a store near and dear to his heart. (08/30/15) 3099 20
Roger has the scanner reports. Somebody got their arm stuck under a car seat at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club. (09/01/15) 1307 20
A subscribers is looking for detailed advice from community members who have dealt with troublesome neighbors. (09/04/15) 1139 20
GARDEN OF ED: Billy shares his recipe for a Redneck AC to keep you cool during the heat wave. (08/30/15) 3617 19
A subscriber warns the community about stingrays on East Beach. [pic] (09/02/15) 3290 19
Two hikers were rescued on Wednesday evening after becoming lost while hiking down from Cathedral Peak. [pic] (08/29/15) 1596 19
Can anyone identify this rather large green beetle? [pics] (09/02/15) 1613 18
Steve McGovern visited the ever shrinking Goleta slough to check out how the wild life is doing. [pics] (09/04/15) 1159 18
Roger has the scanner reports. A reckless tour bus was swerving on Highway 101 near Milpas. (09/03/15) 1738 16
A Chipotle restaurant in Ventura County recently caused almost 100 food-related illnesses in the area. (09/04/15) 1465 16
Can edhatters help identify this shiny copper colored bug? (09/02/15) 1388 16
Mark snapped this [pic] of the Naples train depot along the Gaviota coast. (09/02/15) 2034 15
Is there a way to watch all NFL football games with Cox Cable and not just the California games? (08/29/15) 1353 15
A subscriber wonders if the drought affects termites and when it's optimal to tent a home. (09/02/15) 1295 15
Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to deny the Las Varas Ranch Project. (09/03/15) 1503 14
Max shares an aerial [pic] above Cachuma Lake on Friday evening. (08/30/15) 1469 14
Does anyone know why there are so many cars parked along both sides of Kellogg Avenue at Calle Real near the Elks Lodge? (09/04/15) 1151 14
Can anyone help ID this purple shrub-like plant? [pic] (08/31/15) 1668 13
The California Highway Patrol will conduct a sobriety/driver license checkpoint this evening on Chapala Street. (08/29/15) 1074 13
A subscriber wonders if the funding exists to completely cap the old oil wells in Summerland. (09/03/15) 781 13
Can edhatters identify this pretty moth? [pic] (08/31/15) 1375 12
Does anyone know what the couple who owned and operated Bitterman's Deli are up to these days? (08/29/15) 2087 11
HISTORY: Alan spotted California's first branch library in Carpinteria. [pic] (09/02/15) 1481 11
Is any one else having trouble with Cox Cable in the Magnolia Shopping Center area? (09/03/15) 799 11
A local woman who was sentenced to three years in state prison for pandering and her involvement with a pimp who remains at large. [mug] (09/02/15) 3656 10
Santa Barbara doctor, Julio Diaz, was found guilty of 79 Federal charges of widespread distribution of drugs to 'patients,' some of whom died from overdoses. (08/29/15) 3609 10
Edhat subscribers report a power outage in Goleta around 7 PM. (08/30/15) 1664 10
A UCSB astrophysics research group experimentally confirms its theories about the manipulation of asteroids and photon propulsion. (09/01/15) 731 10
A project to enhance vista points and install interpretive displays along the central coast will begin Tuesday, Sept. 8. (09/04/15) 619 10
[Update]:Roger reports a subject stabbed himself at Cannon Green and Hillsboro Street in Goleta after being pursued by CHP. (09/04/15) 2688 9
John Palminteri reports that a stolen vehicle suspect was caught today. [pics] (08/30/15) 2350 9
Councilmember Jim Farr would like to share the following statement about his recent health status. (09/03/15) 1720 9
Updated: What Sunday wouldn't be complete without a few great sunrise [pics]? (08/31/15) 1264 9
A subscriber found this spider in our yard in East Ventura. Does anybody know what it is? [pics] (09/04/15) 1251 9
A Wind Advisory is in effect from 5 pm this afternoon to 4 am Monday. (08/31/15) 934 9
Updated: Edhat subscribers share [pics] of Saturday's beautiful sunset and moon. (09/01/15) 1830 8
Roger reports a smoke investigation near Hendry's Beach. Several people are reporting smoke seen in the area. (08/30/15) 1653 8
The work on Mission Creek is alongside other new construction as you can see in these pics from John Wiley. [pics] (09/02/15) 1295 8
While at the Tequila Harvest Festival Jo Duffy won this bottle of tequila from a raffle benefiting Elings Park. [pic] (09/03/15) 1017 8
Does anyone know what this two inch cocoon will morph into? [pic] (09/04/15) 837 8
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Samarkand is a faith-based, not-for-profit continuing care retirement community. (08/30/15) 808 8
Has anyone recently had issues with Goleta Water District saying they've not received payments that have been sent? (09/03/15) 771 8
EDBIT: Did you guess the correct photos in our "What is It?" Photo Game? Find out who won 2 tickets to the Tequila Harvest Festival today!  (08/30/15) 2536 7
TRAVEL: A subscriber sailed into Hadley Harbor in Cape Cod and snapped a [pic] just as it began to rain. (08/31/15) 1216 7
The Independent: Director of the SB Unified School District's Board of Education Ed Heron will retire after this term. (09/03/15) 622 7
Dana Schorr (1952-2015) (08/31/15) 1838 6
Sunday was beach day as John Wiley flew along our shores from Hendry's to Carp. [pics] (09/01/15) 1303 6
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Bubba Gump, a big dog with a bigger heart. (08/30/15) 1299 6
ART: Molly connects with contemporary artists and discusses their art with ties to Santa Barbara. (08/30/15) 1298 6
A subscriber found a dragonfly with wet wings at a beach in Goleta and rescued it from the tide. [pic] (09/03/15) 1171 6
A subscriber is curious if the BBQ ban at specific parks is still in effect. (08/30/15) 1011 6
A subscriber is looking for recommendations on a good campsite number at Lake Cachuma. (09/01/15) 956 6
A UCSB earth scientist's spatially corrected sea-level records for the Pacific coast indicate that uplift rates are overestimated. (09/03/15) 922 6
This bright red and green pond greeted John Wiley over Oceano Dunes, and cloud lashes met his return. [pics] (09/04/15) 869 6
Roger reports a small outdoor fire at Ortega Park on 600 East Ortega Street. Debris or a trash can was set on fire next to the supply room. (09/01/15) 692 6
Roger reports possible robberies on the East Side. The police have arrested the suspect. (08/30/15) 1573 5
Mark shares a [pic] taken bright and early this morning in Gaviota. (08/29/15) 1077 5
A subscriber won tickets to the 6th Annual Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival through edhat! (09/01/15) 876 5
An edhat subscriber is looking for an artist/craftsmen who can make a horsehair bracelet. (08/29/15) 719 5
A new study inspired by a working group at UCSB's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis estimates that almost all seabirds have eaten plastic. (09/01/15) 505 5
Two Santa Barbara Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Members helped a missing hiker in the Sierra Nevada National Forest. [pics] (09/01/15) 1647 4
Claudia Bratton is retiring as Solstice Executive Director after working for Solstice for decades and Friday night was her farewell party. (08/30/15) 1006 4
A UCSB researcher received $549,000 from the National Science Foundation to develop a game that trains players to detect deception. (09/04/15) 516 4
An edhat subscriber shares a [pic] of tonight's outrageous sunset. (08/30/15) 2116 3
Max shares a view from Gibraltar Road today. [pic] (08/31/15) 1370 3
Edhat subscriber Laurie shares lovely [pics] of Sunday's sunset. (09/01/15) 669 3
The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department wants public input to understand the current health needs of residents in Santa Barbara County. (09/04/15) 398 3
The man who died in Wednesday's crash on Highway 101 at Los Carneros was Ismael Gil, of Goleta. (08/29/15) 2284 2
An edhat subscriber reports there were two accidents on Highway 154 last night. (09/01/15) 1341 2
Roger has the scanner reports. Missing elderly female 1500 Block of Bath. (08/29/15) 1309 2
Roger reports that officers are searching for suspects on Clinton Terrace believed to be associated with vehicle thefts. (08/29/15) 1096 2
Roger reports a vehicle rollover on Highway 101 northbound near the Refugio exit. (08/30/15) 907 2
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Bella Baker, a beautiful gentle cat ready for a home. (08/30/15) 864 2
UCSB researchers discover a gene variant that provides a delaying mechanism for Alzheimer's disease. (09/02/15) 842 2
Report of a vegetation fire in the 4000 Block of Jalama Road, Lompoc. Full response. (08/31/15) 696 2
Roseann Boettner (August 28, 2015 - November 19, 1928) (09/03/15) 677 2

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