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[Updated]: Subscribers report that Ralphs supermarket on De La Vina will be closing November 4th. (09/26/16) 6165 88
[Updated]: An elderly man has passed away after suffering major injuries as a result of being struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in Goleta. (09/27/16) 5463 82
[UPDATE]: The Canyon Fire has burned 12,518 acres and is now 100% contained on the Vandenberg Air Force Base. (09/25/16) 12452 81
Are you watching the big debate or Monday Night Football tonight, and from where? (09/27/16) 1574 48
Updated: Okay edhatters, today was a hot one. Just how high did temps reach in your neighborhood? (09/26/16) 3703 43
Public Health reminds residents to get their flu vaccination as flu season approaches. [pic] (09/23/16) 1162 38
[Update]: Santa Barbara Sheriff's Search and Rescue respond to two over-the-side vehicles at Gibraltar Road within 24 hours. (09/25/16) 3745 36
Governor Brown has signed a bill authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, to include teaching of healthy relationship skills in schools. (09/27/16) 1191 36
[Update]: A Nipomo motorcyclist was killed on Highway 101 northbound at Santa Monica in Carpinteria on Wednesday morning. (09/29/16) 5408 34
A subscriber captures [pics] of a bobcat attacking a gopher on their front lawn in the Hope neighborhood. (09/28/16) 4157 32
Cartoons: Genivieve shares cartoons about the changes in the Santa Barbara's Funk Zone. (09/25/16) 1912 32
A subscriber shares [pics] of Santa Barbara from the view of the Coral Princess cruise ship. (09/28/16) 2701 31
Where did all the money go for Hope Elementary School District? (09/24/16) 2480 31
Are most people still using water softeners in this drought or going without? (09/28/16) 1932 30
What large event is being planned at The Four Seasons Biltmore on Channel Drive this weekend? (09/29/16) 2667 28
Dolly Parton stopped by the Santa Barbara Bowl this weekend and Patti caught her performance. [pics] (09/27/16) 3129 27
A subscriber argues that newspapers should not endorse political candidates. (09/29/16) 852 26
Arcing power lines caused a vegetation fire in the 2700 block of Bella Vista Drive in Montecito Friday evening. (09/24/16) 2229 25
Roger the Scanner Guy reports two dogs have killed some goats at the 1500 Block of Meadowvale Road. (09/23/16) 1440 23
The cruise ships have arrived, says Charles. [pic] (09/24/16) 2096 22
Do edhatters know why the air smells like exhaust early in the morning but not later in the day? (09/28/16) 1381 22
[Update]: Four children and one adult were injured in a single vehicle accident on Highway 101 near El Capitan Saturday afternoon. (09/25/16) 3766 21
Roger reports a possible assault at San Marcos High School where a student may have been held underwater. (09/24/16) 3284 21
Roger reports that the Santa Barbara Police Department is struggling with a suspect on the Clark Estate. (09/26/16) 2001 20
Roger reports a man chasing another man with an axe on Highway 101 Southbound at Castillo. (09/23/16) 1793 19
Jacob Finerty, a former police officer with the Santa Barbara Police Department, pled to four counts of Felony Workers' Compensation Fraud. (09/24/16) 2937 18
Did anyone else hear a man screaming on Mission at around 4 am Sunday morning? (09/26/16) 2443 18
A complete mammoth skull fossil found at Santa Rosa Island has scientists puzzling over their new find. (09/25/16) 2202 18
Roger reports a mountain lion hiding in the area of the golf course in the Village. (09/25/16) 2182 18
[Update]: Roger reports an injury traffic accident near 633 East Cabrillo with two vehicles, one on the grass. (09/25/16) 1755 18
Santa Barbara City College has released the results of the recent community survey discussing strengths and weaknesses of the college. (09/25/16) 841 18
Roger reports a gas odor was detected in the men's locker room of the Santa Barbara Police Department on East Figueroa. (09/27/16) 920 16
A third brush fire broke out at Vandenberg Air Force Base Friday afternoon. (09/24/16) 2104 15
KEYT: Firefighters responded to another brush fire on the north end of Vandenberg Air Force base on Monday afternoon. (09/27/16) 1198 15
A subscriber reports what looks like smoke at the top of the pass. Does anyone else see it? [pic] (09/24/16) 2319 14
Roger reports a stolen Volvo was recovered with a dog inside. (09/28/16) 1868 14
An edhat subscriber reports a school bus stopped with a child lying on the ground near Cota and Anacapa Streets. (09/23/16) 2523 13
William shares a [pic] of a hummingbird striking a dramatic pose. (09/28/16) 1543 13
A memorial fund has been created for those wishing to donate to the family of fallen fire engineer Ryan Osler. [pic] (09/24/16) 1381 13
A subscriber reports on the Goleta Water District meeting about Slippery Rock Ranch and water rights. (09/24/16) 1057 13
The California Classic Coast bicycle ride will affect Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties this next week. (09/24/16) 923 13
UC Santa Barbara marks its second-best year ever for fundraising in fiscal year 2016. (09/28/16) 807 13
An edhat subscriber asks for recommendations on a comprehensive growing guide for Santa Barbara. (09/29/16) 672 13
Roger reports a vehicle accident where someone's legs may have been ran over on Hollister Ave. (09/28/16) 2308 12
Mark shares a beautiful aerial [pic] of Santa Barbara's breakwater. (09/26/16) 1329 12
An edhat subscriber reports another IRS phone scam that's going around. (09/23/16) 1259 12
A subscriber reports a serious traffic accident on Constance and State Streets. (09/28/16) 2752 11
Charles shares this incredibly breathtaking [pic] of a smoke free Santa Barbara. (09/23/16) 1575 11
The US Coast Guard rescued a mariner from a sailing vessel near San Miguel Island. (09/23/16) 1251 11
Injury traffic accident in the 1300 block of San Andres. (09/26/16) 776 11
Roger the Scanner Guy reports a large tree branch blocking the roadway at the 900 block of Alston Road. (09/23/16) 759 11
An edhat subscriber asks why so many fire and captain trucks just went onto the freeway. (09/23/16) 2616 10
Roger reports a strong arm robbery at CVS Pharmacy on State Street. (09/27/16) 2420 10
Two men sustained minor injuries after their vehicle crashed 150 feet over Gibraltar Road early Thursday morning. (09/23/16) 1799 10
[Update]: A small brush fire broke out off Storke Road in Goleta Thursday morning. (09/23/16) 3997 9
Dave shares [pics] from a recent visit to Arroyo Hondo, including a panorama of the trestle near the beach. (09/27/16) 1406 9
Can anyone recommend a good Jeep mechanic? (09/28/16) 961 9
Rep. Lois Capps visited the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. to meet three midshipmen hailing from the Central Coast. (09/27/16) 675 9
A storage room fire at Westmont College displaces 200 students on Monday evening. (09/27/16) 1753 8
Do you recognize these "squiggles" John Wiley saw in the lake, and the river pool just downstream? [pics] (09/24/16) 1604 8
Roger reports an electrical fire at the DoubleTree Resort on East Cabrillo. (09/27/16) 994 8
Where can you find fresh bamboo in Santa Barbara? (09/29/16) 706 8
An edhat subscriber reports that the Frontier internet is down in the Mesa but will take two days to fix. (09/23/16) 669 8
Columnist Robert Bernstein shares his experience with Fareed Zakaria during his lecture at The Granada Theatre Tuesday night. (09/29/16) 581 8
TRAVEL: Tom shares a few images from a recent camping trip to Santa Rosa Island. (09/23/16) 1500 7
Roger reports Police are seeking a wanted subject in the area of Canon Perdido and San Pascual. (09/29/16) 1034 7
The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for the Santa Barbara County Mountains and the south coast until Friday morning. (09/23/16) 949 7
This October, Santa Barbara County Animal Services wants you to "Fall in Love with a Shelter Dog." (09/29/16) 599 7
[UPDATE]: The second brush fire on Vandenberg Air Force Base is 50% contained. (09/25/16) 4235 6
Does anyone have any information on the reported fatal accident on Highway 101 Friday evening? (09/25/16) 2331 6
Can anyone identify this creature on our Sapote plant? (09/28/16) 1790 6
Robert reports on Saturday's cleanup at Lizard's Mouth. (09/26/16) 1498 6
Astronomy: The International Space Station will be back in Santa Barbara's evening skies with some nice visible passes to take us into October. (09/27/16) 1040 6
Roger reports a burglary occurred in the 500 block of Chiquita Road. The suspect is a heavy-set HMA and has a backpack. (09/28/16) 1030 6
Charles shares a [pic] of a Santa Barbara sunrise at the Harbor. (09/29/16) 752 6
Can edhatters identify this type of fancy fungus? (09/23/16) 1301 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Cupcake and Picasso, a mellow pair who can't live without each other. (09/25/16) 1104 5
This year's Native Choice Award for leadership in the use of California native plants goes to Martin and Elizabeth Stevenson for their residence on Norma Way. [pics] (09/25/16) 998 5
Many people noticed that this week at the Goleta Beach Bridge Project most of the very large equipment went away. (09/24/16) 806 5
There is a vehicle fire in the 3000 block of Samarkand. (09/24/16) 757 5
Roger reports a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident on Los Olivos and State Street. (09/24/16) 707 5
Chris shares this [pic] of falling ash he caught in his backyard in downtown Lompoc. (09/23/16) 1468 4
Flying from dry Okotoks (Calgary, AB) to rainy Glacier Park, MT was a beautiful start toward home for John Wiley. [pics] (09/26/16) 1285 4
Roger has the scanner reports. "Wanted suspect taken into custody on San Pascual." (09/27/16) 1249 4
Roger has the scanner reports. "A troll living under the bridge in the 300 block of De La Vina dumping trash into the creekbed." (09/24/16) 1069 4
The first day of fall has fallen! Check out edhatters' fall photos and send in your own. (09/24/16) 910 4
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Jersey, a playful toy-lover. (09/25/16) 756 4
The National Weather Service predicts gusty sundowner winds beginning Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. (09/24/16) 739 4
Gov. Brown signed Achadjian's bill to require all passenger for hire vehicles to follow the same Blood Alcohol Content guidelines as commercial drivers. (09/29/16) 479 4
Benjamin Samuel Rubio (July 1, 1988 - August 9, 2016) (09/24/16) 1874 3
Roger reports a football player was injured at Bishop Diego High School. (09/25/16) 1861 3
The air between here and the Bay Area was very smoky, as seen in John Wiley's [pics] of the Soberanes and Canyon Fire areas. (09/23/16) 977 3
Scott Harrah share a few [pics] of Sunday morning's sunrise. (09/26/16) 902 3
Roger reports a vehicle vs pedestrian traffic accident with injury, at Bath and Cabrillo St. (09/27/16) 825 3
Santa Barbara City College took part in a demonstration on Tuesday to de-stimagatize college student suicide. (09/25/16) 687 3
Roger reports a police response in the 1900 block of San Pascual. (09/25/16) 665 3
Santa Barbara Police will conduct bicycle safety enforcement operations on Monday with focused enforcement on collision-causing factors involving motorists and bicycle riders. (09/25/16) 554 3
UCSB physicist Harry Nelson announces that construction of the world's most sensitive dark matter detector is moving ahead to prepare for new experiments in 2020. (09/27/16) 551 3
Rep. Lois Capps has introduced a new bill to ensure safer drinking water. (09/23/16) 516 3
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Montecito Trails Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of public trails in Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria. (09/25/16) 426 3
Gov. Brown has signed a new Jackson bill to increase public confidence in autopsies. (09/29/16) 302 3
Roger has the scanner reports. "There's a fight over a big dog biting a little dog behind the old Vons on Cliff Drive." (09/29/16) 1133 2
Does anyone know if UCSB or the Lakers are selling tickets for their training camp being held on campus this week? (09/27/16) 1019 2
Roger reports a stabbing in the 7200 block of Highway 246 near Domingos Road. (09/25/16) 738 2
I'm looking for recommendations for a good local diesel mechanic who can work on my Dodge truck. (09/28/16) 683 2
A new bill authored by State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson has been signed, streamlining the environmental review process. (09/24/16) 541 2
U.S. Department of Energy-funded research will allow UCSB engineers to explore and expand the thermoelectric power of polymers. (09/25/16) 415 2
TRAVEL: Max shares photos of an impressive firefighting helicopter seen in San Diego. (09/23/16) 1231 1
Roger reports an injury traffic accident on Highway 1 at Brown involving three vehicles. Two vehicles fled the scene. (09/26/16) 835 1
Astronomy: If you've enjoyed following the Rosetta mission to the Rubber Ducky Comet (67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko), it's time to say goodbye. (09/25/16) 702 1

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