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Oil Spill Update: The Coast Guard continues to oversee clean up efforts of the coastal oil spill near Refugio Beach in Santa Barbara County. (05/21/15) 18308 159
Latest Oil Spill Update: The Unified Command has released more updates on the clean-up effort of the oil spill at Refugio Beach in Santa Barbara County. (05/26/15) 10044 85
UPDATE: The Santa Barbara County Water Guardians held a protest regarding the Refugio oil spill on Thursday at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. [pics] (05/22/15) 3946 73
How do you get the oil/tar off your feet? What is the safest way, the environmentally safest way? (05/25/15) 1965 55
UPDATE: Edhat subscribers share pictures and [vid] of the Refugio oil spill and its effect on marine life. (05/21/15) 10394 43
Roger reports protesters at the Santa Barbara Mission, apparently posting signs on the Mission. [pic] (05/26/15) 2537 43
Oil Spill: Roger reports a protest against oil drilling on West Beach. SBPD is on scene monitoring march with approx 50-70 protesters. [pic] (05/25/15) 1787 43
I need a lawyer for what I think is a simple matter of obtaining a restraining order against my neighbor. (05/23/15) 2539 35
Fielding Graduate University President, Katrina Rogers, has written an opinion letter regarding the recent oil spill at Refugio. (05/22/15) 1631 35
UPDATE: A subscriber wonders if Michael Mingee, the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Chief, is being let go. (05/20/15) 6363 34
What are edhatters planning on doing this Memorial Day weekend? (05/20/15) 1949 34
Oil Spill: Plains All American Pipeline releases a summary of talking points prepared for a news conference held yesterday. (05/26/15) 1632 32
Roger reports a pedestrian struck and killed by a train at the Milpas Crossing on 300 South Milpas. (05/21/15) 6253 31
As the community prepares to mark the one-year anniversary of the Isla Vista rampage, a bill by Sen. Jackson on gun violence is making its way through the Legislature. (05/20/15) 1940 29
Local politicians and community activist groups have releases statements after the estimated 21,000 gallon oil spill near Refugio State Beach. (05/21/15) 1898 29
Oil Spill: A fact sheet has been released regarding the coastal oil spill at Refugio Beach in Santa Barbara County and California Governor Jerry Brown issued an emergency proclamation. (05/22/15) 4777 28
The Restaurant Guy says that the legendary Santa Barbara Esau's at 721 Chapala Street closes their doors on Monday, May 25th. (05/25/15) 2948 28
This afternoon a very fine bird arrived in a subscribers backyard and shared a meal with a squirrel under a birdfeeder. Can anyone ID it? [pics] (05/22/15) 2013 28
Oil Spill: The cleanup continues for the Refugio Oil Spill as the number of affected sea life increases.  (05/25/15) 1409 28
An edhat subscriber inspected Haskells beach on Friday afternoon after the Refugio oil spill. [pics] (05/24/15) 2708 26
Roger reports a code 415 between a male and a female over a dog who fell from the cliffs at Hendry's Beach. Animal Control on scene and SBSO is responding. (05/20/15) 2756 25
A subscriber reports a Tesla pop-up shop on the corner of Chapala and Carrillo in Santa Barbara. [pics] (05/23/15) 2760 24
Has anyone else noticed a sulfur smell when you turn on your bathroom or kitchen faucets? (05/20/15) 2501 24
UPDATE: A subscriber reports an RV fire in the La Cumbre Shopping Center on Thursday evening. [pics] (05/23/15) 2983 22
A subscriber saw a parked car that had what appear to be solar panels on top. [pics] (05/21/15) 2033 21
UPDATED:The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is releasing information about a brutal homicide that occurred in Santa Barbara County in September of 2012. [pic] (05/20/15) 7072 20
A subscriber received an automated call from the Goleta Water District prohibiting water usage. (05/24/15) 3963 19
After being arrested on May 14th, Randy Quaid has been released from a Canadian detention facility. (05/21/15) 2585 19
Roger has the scanner reports. Didn't do much for my birthday; ate, watched dvds, listened to the scanner, treated Joey Canoli to good grub, too. (05/26/15) 1792 19
A subscriber notices a lot of water being released on a Goleta street. [pic] (05/22/15) 1687 19
Oil Spill: A subscriber reports a possible scam at Goleta Beach where two men were recruiting people to join the oil spill cleanup crew. (05/23/15) 2552 18
Scientology was the topic of the May Humanist Society talk. Back in the 1960s the writer Paulette Cooper had researched and written about Scientology. And suffered greatly for doing so. (05/23/15) 2064 18
Oil Spill: Assemblymember Das Williams surveyed the Refugio oil spill site and met with response officials. [pics] (05/25/15) 1080 16
Oil Spill: The general public can volunteer at the Refugio Incident by registering for training over the next several days. (05/25/15) 1818 15
Does anyone know of a knitting group that might want to finish some blankets? (05/20/15) 1124 15
Oil Spill: Plains All American Pipeline issued a press release regarding the tools they used to maintain their pipeline systems. (05/25/15) 883 15
Updated: Edhatters share [pics] from I Madonnari, Santa Barbara's Italian street painting festival. (05/26/15) 3546 14
UPDATE: A subscriber reports a vehicle and brush fire on Highway 101 just after the 154 exit. [pics] (05/23/15) 3157 14
Mark captures a drone [pic] above Shell Beach. (05/20/15) 2261 14
Does anyone have any definitive information about the need for volunteers to help clean up the oil spill? (05/21/15) 2257 14
Roger reports a rollover traffic accident on Highway 101 North, just short of the Hope Ave exit. (05/21/15) 2027 14
Roger reports a possible protest in progress at Haskells Beach, SBSO is sending a few deputies to the scene. (05/24/15) 1743 14
A subscriber remembers a roller blading rink in Goleta and wonders what happened to it. (05/22/15) 891 14
The Independent: Updated with MSNBC video - Plains All American Pipeline, the company responsible for the recent oil spill at Refugio Beach, is operating outside the regulatory oversight of planners. (05/23/15) 2068 13
Mark shares an aerial drone [pic] of Hendry's Beach to kick off the long weekend. (05/24/15) 1575 13
Roger reports a transformer fire at Garden at Sola Streets. Engine 3 is responding. (05/20/15) 1567 13
Charles shares [pics] from lunch in Pismo Beach. (05/24/15) 982 13
Jesse shares breathtaking pictures of the Milky Way over Santa Barbara. [pic] (05/25/15) 1771 12
Roger reports a Code 415 where a group of females are attempting to fight each other on State and Ortega. (05/25/15) 1597 12
Does anyone know of a roofing company that may have been in business in Santa Barbara in the 80's that installed Cal Shake products? (05/25/15) 1080 12
UPDATE: Roger reports a possible drowning victim in a swimming pool in the 100 Block of North Hope. (05/25/15) 2890 11
No plea bargain was offered for Duanying Chen, who pled guilty, as charged, to four felony counts and one misdemeanor count. (05/20/15) 2170 11
The Goleta Police Department will step up pedestrian safety enforcement operations on Thursday, May 21st, with focused enforcement on collision causing factors involving motorists and pedestrians. [pic] (05/22/15) 1360 11
A subscriber would an identification on a bug they found at their house. [pic] (05/22/15) 1434 10
Traffic Accident: Bicyclist down at Cabrillo and Calle Cesar Chavez. Fire and Medics responding. (05/20/15) 1388 10
Oil Spill: An edhat subscriber took a [pic] of an oiled pelican on Sands Beach after the oil spill at Refugio, and SeaWorld cleans off a sea lion pup. (05/23/15) 1377 10
A subscriber seeks new ways to use collected soft water. (05/22/15) 803 10
The SBPD has expanded its Citizens Online Police Reporting System to now include a specific link for retail businesses to make non-custodial shoplift theft reports.  (05/21/15) 638 10
Roger reports a strong-arm robbery in the 1400 block of Chapala. The suspect is a thin white male, 17-18 years old, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. (05/24/15) 3766 9
Subscriber Chuck Cagara caught a male Hooded Oriole at one of his feeders enjoying a lunch of fresh and juicy meal worms. [pics] (05/25/15) 1371 9
EDBIT: Steve The Guinea Pig, a Santa Barbara local, garnered a lot of fame recently as he took a road trip across the U.S. (05/24/15) 1138 9
A team of astronomers including scientists from UCSB observed a supernova smash into companion star. (05/21/15) 960 9
UC Santa Barbara has once again placed among the top 10 in Leiden University's annual rankings of the 750 best major universities in the world. (05/22/15) 746 9
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Indie, an amazing therapy dog. (05/24/15) 3453 8
I need help identifying this bird who has been frequenting our hummer feeder regularly for the past couple weeks. [pics] (05/26/15) 1424 8
The Santa Barbara Unified School District has announced two new principals at Cleveland and Roosevelt Elementary Schools. [pics] (05/23/15) 1301 8
Roger reports that SBPD are responding Code 3 to an unknown type of disturbance on State and Haley Streets. (05/25/15) 1244 8
Steve shares [pics] of crafty birds flying without tails. (05/22/15) 1080 8
A subscriber saw what seemed to be a lunar eclipse driving up the coast from Ventura to Santa Barbara Saturday Night. Did anyone else see it? (05/25/15) 945 8
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department will hold a graduation ceremony for 18 newly appointed Firefighters on Friday. [pic] (05/22/15) 919 8
The oil spill at Refugio is reminding local Santa Barbara County residents of the devestating spill in 1969. (05/24/15) 4064 7
Does anyone know when/if there will be some old plane flyovers today? (05/26/15) 1602 7
A Guadalupe elementary school was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday afternoon. (05/24/15) 1100 7
Oil Spill: Santa Barbara County remains actively involved in the response to the Refugio Oil Spill. (05/25/15) 1042 7
Oil Spill: The City of Goleta states that at this point, there is no public health reason to close Haskell's and Ellwood Beaches due to the Refugio Oil Spill. (05/25/15) 819 7
Send in photos that showcase the beauty and nature that surrounds Santa Barbara! (05/23/15) 789 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Felicity, a shy girl who enjoys treats and is available for adoption. (05/24/15) 3354 6
Can any Edhat readers help me identify this beauty in my kitchen sink? [pics] (05/25/15) 2153 6
Oil Spill Images: Mark Sanchez and John Wiley share photos and [vid] of the oil slick moving from Refugio toward El Capitan. (05/22/15) 1917 6
There's something truly noble to John Wiley about these local heroes who took on the oil spill with orange buckets. [pics] (05/26/15) 1754 6
Westside Boys and Girls club hosted a free concert with Jeff Bridges and Pink. A subscriber shares a [pic] from her experience. (05/22/15) 1705 6
A subscriber reports a traffic accident in the 900 block of Flora Vista. (05/23/15) 1082 6
The Avoid the 12 DUI Task Force is deploying officers this holiday weekend at DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols countywide to stop and arrest drunk or drugged drivers. (05/23/15) 691 6
A subscriber reports an internet outage with Verizon that will reportedly be repaired by 11:30 am. (05/23/15) 639 6
The City received $1,505,556 in Transient Occupancy Tax for the month of April 2015, a 3% increase over April 2014. (05/22/15) 365 6
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Coastal Housing Partnership is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the community by assisting local employees with their home buying needs. (05/24/15) 3236 5
A subscriber is curious about the scaffolding supported remains of the old Californian Hotel on lower State Street. (05/24/15) 1479 5
Santa Barbara County Fire Department wants to remind people that using equipment the wrong way can start a wildland fire. (05/20/15) 1196 5
The Arlington Theatre celebrates its 84th birthday and Mark captures a beautiful aerial [pic]. (05/23/15) 1041 5
Cindy Stevens shares a recent sunset at the beautiful Shell Beach. [pics] (05/21/15) 890 5
The SBPD will be conducting DUI Checkpoints in the City of Santa Barbara on May 22nd and 23rd , between the hours of 6:00 pm and 2:00 am. (05/21/15) 553 5
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of volunteer efforts at Refugio Beach right after the oil spill. (05/26/15) 1820 4
Two water rescues were reported on Friday afternoon, one at Goleta Beach and the other off Santa Cruz island. [pic] (05/23/15) 1683 4
Cris shares aerial [pics] of the oil spill at the coast of UCSB. (05/25/15) 1351 4
Roger has the scanner reports. Campers 1800 Block of State Street. (05/23/15) 1228 4
Cindy Stevens had a special memorial honor at Hendry's. [pics] (05/22/15) 1037 4
Roger reports a bicyclist down 150 feet of the entrance of SBCC Engine 6 responding with medics. (05/22/15) 792 4
UCSB researchers join forces, combine expertise to help assess potential impacts of Refugio oil spill (05/23/15) 694 4
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a coral ginger blooming in Santa Barbara. (05/26/15) 658 4
Edhatters share photos from their Memorial Day celebration. (05/26/15) 513 4
In honor of EMS week, the Santa Barbara County Emergency Medical Services Agency would like to recognize our first responders. (05/22/15) 388 4
Oil Spill: Volunteers from the general public will be used to assist with beach clean-up and various tasks over the next several days. (05/26/15) 1680 3
Injury Traffic Accident: 1800 Block of East Cabrillo at the Los Patos Railroad crossing involving two vehicles. (05/26/15) 1319 3
John Palminteri reports a sea lion on Coal Oil Point beach shows signs of swimming in the oil slick from Refugio. [pics] (05/23/15) 1315 3
The Independent: Carpinteria special education teacher, Brandon Sportel, was named Santa Barbara County Teacher of the Year. (05/20/15) 1190 3
A subscriber heard multiple sirens heading toward Isla Vista down Stroke Rd. Does anyone know what's up? (05/25/15) 891 3
The inaugural SoCal 300 Race started today at noon off the Santa Barbara Yacht Club. [pics] (05/23/15) 889 3
Roger reports a vehicle momentarly stuck on the railroad tracks at Garden Street as the Amtrak approached. The train stopped in time, vehicle was not hit. (05/22/15) 773 3
Roger reports a rollover traffic accident with a possible fatality on Highway 166 MM 32 in Santa Maria. (05/25/15) 735 3
Roger reports an injury traffic accident in front of the ARCO station at 1935 State Street involving two vehicles and blocking traffic. (05/24/15) 678 3

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