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The Independent: Santa Barbara tenants are facing extreme competition and record rates for apartment rentals. (09/19/14) 3609 87
Edhatters share photos and [vid] of the long lines on State Street waiting for the iPhone 6. (09/20/14) 2645 83
The Independent: A local musician is suing the City of Santa Barbara for injuries he sustained while falling off his bike due to uneven pavement. (09/18/14) 3500 49
The Independent: A complaint into City Hall about Cajun Kitchen Café's "Gator Boy" mural sparked an official review. (09/20/14) 3114 47
A subscriber noticed a Christmas display at Costco, when it's 93 degrees outside. [pic] (09/18/14) 2341 47
Roger reports a traffic accident involving a vehicle and a bear on Highway 154 at San Antonio Creek Road. (09/17/14) 2610 45
Blue Shield does not have any providers in SB that perform colonoscopies. A subscriber would like recommendations for providers out of town. (09/17/14) 1607 41
Updated With SBPD Press Release and Pics: Bank Robbery at the Bank of the West in the 3700 block of State Street. SBPD is responding. (09/17/14) 5338 39
My fiancé and I are looking for wedding favor ideas. (09/18/14) 1642 38
Roger reports a train struck and killed a pedestrian just south of Milpas Street near Ninos Drive. (09/17/14) 3177 34
Infamous landlord, Dario Pini, is suing the City of Carpinteria for "excessive" administrative fees, reports The Independent. (09/20/14) 1687 33
A subscriber spotted this water waste happening on State Street. [vid] (09/21/14) 2654 31
A local [pic] a subscriber took at Hendry's Beach has been selected by National Geographic Magazine's Daily Dozen. (09/19/14) 3792 30
I'm looking for a restaurant for a birthday lunch downtown that has air conditioning. (09/17/14) 1890 29
Roger reports SBSO Police Activity in the 5600 block of Hollister with 2 subjects, seeking an adult Black female possibly with a replica handgun. (09/19/14) 1008 28
An edhat reader has some questions regarding the City of Santa Barbara's water reclamation system. (09/19/14) 2495 26
Red Flag Warning: Dangerously hot weather and sundowner winds are expected through this evening. (09/17/14) 1521 25
Has anyone else received a robocall with an invitation to attend a paid 'focus group' at a hotel in SB on Saturday? (09/19/14) 1253 25
A subscriber reports an excessive use of agricultural water near Ward Drive. [pic] (09/21/14) 1367 24
The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for the Santa Barbara south coast. (09/18/14) 1043 24
A subscriber reports a tree down on the Jesusita Trail that is blocking the path. [pic] (09/18/14) 2083 22
Traffic Accident: Rollover victim trapped at 900 West Valerio. Full city Fire Response, Medics, SBPD. (09/16/14) 1237 22
Report of vegetation fire at Santa Lucia Canyon Road and Highway 1 at Vandenberg Air Force Base. (09/21/14) 829 22
Do any of you edhatters know whether Knapp's Castle is currently accessible? I remember reading a while back that it was closed for some sort of construction. (09/18/14) 2166 21
Anyone have a whole house fan installed in your home? Do you have suggestions on types, particular thoughts or tips on them? (09/16/14) 1626 21
An edhatter reports the County Fire Department issued the following Code 20: Medical Emergency with Helicopter Rescue, Pendola Area. [pic] (09/20/14) 1711 19
A subscriber shares this [pic] of a melted candle and asks edhatters to finish this sentence: "It was SO HOT..." (09/18/14) 1684 19
At Sierra Club's Lizard's Mouth Cleanup an exceptionally diligent group of ten volunteers plunged into challenging areas to retrieve trash. (09/17/14) 1082 19
It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Share your pirate or "P" themed photos with the edhat community. (09/20/14) 1055 19
I always thought those "Heat Clouds" hanging over the mountains was right over the river. [pics] (09/16/14) 2179 18
A subscriber saw this handsome bird at the end of the breakwater last week. (09/19/14) 2094 18
Does anyone know where to rent a portable crib and other baby gear? (09/17/14) 880 18
The UC Regents approved pay increases for chancellors, some up to 20%, reports the LA Times. (09/22/14) 681 18
Santa Barbara County approved a replacement project for the entrance bridge of Goleta Park Beach, reports KEYT. (09/21/14) 614 18
A subscriber snapped a [pic] of a solar car making a pit stop at the Santa Barbara Harbor. (09/16/14) 2649 17
Roger reports that numerous motorists ran into a dead cow on the Highway 101 at Highway 1 with no people injured. (09/19/14) 1420 17
A subscriber has noticed a lull in the presence of hawks and hopes edhat birders have insight. (09/17/14) 1194 17
As the drought deepens, the Bird Refuge is seeming less like a refuge as seen in this pic from John Wiley. [pic] (09/20/14) 2045 16
Roger has the scanner reports. I used to find an outlet on a building I was guarding and cook full-on dinners. (09/18/14) 1115 16
A subscriber shares [pics] of the fungus among us. (09/16/14) 1847 15
Smoke Investigation Reporting Party is in the 2000 Block of Las Canoas Road reporting possible smoke.. (09/17/14) 1251 15
Roger has the scanner reports. If you don't want to have a heat stroke, drink plenty of water! (09/16/14) 974 15
Roger reports a Medical Emergency at 100 West Cabrillo, subject stung by a Stingray and feeling ill and dizzy. (09/21/14) 1427 14
A subscriber reports a traffic accident on Hwy 101 southbound between Las Positas and Carrillo. (09/17/14) 1426 14
A subscriber shares [pics] of a butterfly and grasshopper sharing a sunflower. (09/16/14) 1214 14
Roger reports a small vegetation fire near Highway 1, south of Firefighter Road. The fire is now out. (09/22/14) 498 14
John Palminteri reports about the danger zone on State St. as the lights went black. [pics] (09/16/14) 2248 13
TRAVEL: Tom shares photos from his recent Central Coast road trip between Morro Bay and Big Sur. (09/21/14) 1052 13
A subscriber reports sirens and a reckless driver on West Mission. (09/21/14) 827 13
The California Highway Patrol will conduct a sobriety/driver license checkpoint on Thursday, September 18, 2014, in the Santa Barbara City limits. (09/18/14) 714 13
459 Burglary, at USA Gas 231 North Milpas suspect got 3/ 6 packs of beer..HMA 5'10 black hair mustache.. (09/22/14) 456 13
A subscriber shares a funny cropped [pic] from the Arlington Theatre marquee. (09/20/14) 2141 12
SBPD released recent crime data for the City of Santa Barbara collected by the Police Department and provided to the Mayor and City Council. [pics] (09/19/14) 1567 12
Late last night it smelled like fire in Samarkand. Any news on if it was anything? (09/17/14) 1117 12
2 Injury accidents vehicle vs pedestrian 900 Block of State and accident involving a vespa Cliff at (09/18/14) 1092 11
Roger reports a code 415: Domestic fight at the corner of Robbins and Valerio in a driveway in the 1000 West block. (09/17/14) 945 11
TRAVEL: Aquaholic travels north to Big Sur to capture a photo of the Milky Way over Bixby Bridge. (09/22/14) 847 11
Have any of your cats had ringworm and if so, how did you treat it and how long did it take to get rid of it? (09/17/14) 830 11
The Coast Guard intercepted 3 suspected smugglers and over a ton of marijuana near San Nicholas Island on Saturday. (09/16/14) 2238 10
What kind of mushroom is this and what causes it to grow? [pics] (09/21/14) 1493 10
A subscriber shares [pics] of unique clouds over La Cumbre Plaza. (09/20/14) 1316 10
A subscriber reports the showers at Bates Beach (Rincon Park) have been turned back on after temporarily being shut off. (09/16/14) 583 10
Roger reports a combative patient on Hwy 101 near the Cabrillo Underpass at Hot Springs Road. (09/19/14) 979 9
On September 27th the Santa Barbara Police Department will be partnering with the US Drug Enforcement Administration to hold another National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. (09/16/14) 912 9
Santa Barbara County's live fuel moisture levels average 60%, which is critical. (09/16/14) 908 9
Cartoons: Mike shares a cartoon about slow computers, we can relate.  (09/21/14) 895 9
Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley alerts our community about an aggressive phone scam targeting taxpayers in SB County. (09/19/14) 2160 8
Vegetation Fire highway 166 at Tepusquet Road Santa Maria full fire response.. (09/18/14) 898 8
How long do you sleep each night approximately? Does your work get in the way, directly or indirectly? (09/21/14) 803 8
Broken gas pipe outside a home near E. Montecito St. and Mellifont Ave. Fire Dept is responding and the Gas Company is on scene. (09/16/14) 660 8
I'm looking for a mechanic with experience and knowledge of a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid. (09/16/14) 523 8
Caltrans and the CDFW remind motorists to remain alert for wildlife near roadways during Watch Out for Wildlife Week, which runs September 15-21. (09/16/14) 426 8
The view of the harbor and mountains from Brophy Bros made Max Rosenberg glad he lives in Santa Barbara. [pic] (09/19/14) 2141 7
The Santa Barbara Organic Soup Kitchen offered free samples today at a "pop up" site in the Public Market, reports John Palminteri. [pics] Updated (09/18/14) 1166 7
Nicolas Holzer entered a not guilty plea after allegedly murdering his parents and two sons, reports The Independent. (09/20/14) 1158 7
The CHP is reporting a minor injury traffic collision on the 154. (09/18/14) 1080 7
Injury traffic accident on Hwy 101 southbound near Olive Mill Road onramp. (09/22/14) 836 7
A judge ordered Massachusetts-based retailer The TJX Companies, Inc. to pay $2.8 million as part of a settlement of a civil environmental prosecution. (09/17/14) 833 7
IN THE KITCHEN: On a whim, I bought scallops and tried my hand at a scrumptious-sounding recipe for seared scallops with pan sauce and paired it with rice pilaf. (09/21/14) 806 7
Cottage Hospital and SBCC have joined efforts in a new program to keep SBCC student athletes safer on the playing field and court during sports season. (09/19/14) 777 7
Injury traffic accident on Las Positas at Cliff Dr. Fire, Medics, and SBPD are responding. (09/21/14) 769 7
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of a bright yellow butterfly shedding its cocoon. (09/22/14) 710 7
The Independent: The Architectural Board of Review approved the proposal of a temporary art village in the Funk Zone made out of storage containers. (09/21/14) 613 7
Robert E. Lee Bates (June 28, 1931 - May 23, 2014) (09/19/14) 1203 6
Larry shares a [pic] of the fog creeping up on Refugio. (09/20/14) 1062 6
Roger has the scanner reports. Cliff and Oceano vehicle vs Vespa. (09/20/14) 976 6
Charles Brewster used four photos to make this Sunday sunrise panorama. [pic] (09/16/14) 966 6
POWDRELL: Once relegated to being just a sidekick in a salad, now there's avocado ale, avocado ice cream, avocado smoothies and avocado brownies. (09/21/14) 539 6
T.C. Boyle read the beginning of his new story on the impending water crisis in Santa Barbara at Sunday's Speaking of Stories event. (09/16/14) 793 5
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Tory, a hiking and camping extraordinaire. (09/21/14) 712 5
Tree Fire to the rear of 258 Coleman Ave, cross of Oliver engines one and six responding.. (09/17/14) 645 5
The Goleta Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint Friday night, September 19, at an undisclosed location within the city limits between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. (09/19/14) 842 4
245 with a knife involving a 415 Domestic in the 200 block of West Islay, SBPD on scene. (09/17/14) 649 4
A subscriber shares a [pic] of the sunset over Santa Barbara's harbor. (09/22/14) 617 4
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Moxie, a smart and beautiful cat who thinks her humans are pretty cool. (09/21/14) 554 4
Overnight work is scheduled Monday, September 22 at 7 p.m. through Tuesday, September 23 at 5 a.m. These construction activities will be done to prepare for the traffic signal installation at South Glen Annie Road. (09/19/14) 407 4
In addition to the work during the week, the contractor is scheduled to work on the Los Carneros Bridge Project the next few Saturdays to keep the project on track. (09/20/14) 406 4
Does anyone know whether someone in Santa Barbara does transcranial magnetic stimulation? (09/22/14) 394 4
It was too beautiful to sleep in on Saturday. Here are some [pics] of the amazing clouds. (09/16/14) 1193 3
A reader sent in more [pics] of yesterday's sunrise. (09/16/14) 968 3
Roger reports a possible battery by a 60-year-old male wearing a grey striped shirt who told a female he was an officer after grabbing her. (09/19/14) 905 3
The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for the Santa Barbara County Mountains valid through 9 pm Tuesday. [pic] (09/16/14) 864 3
Full Fire Response for a smoke investigation inside a home in the 2200 Block of Parkway Drive. (09/16/14) 455 3
Working groups at UCSB's NCEAS will examine data detailing the impact of the devastating environmental disaster of the Exxon Valdez spill. (09/17/14) 427 3
The CHP will conduct a sobriety/driver license checkpoint this evening, September 18, 2014, from 9:15 p.m. to 3:15 a.m. on Chapala Street between Gutierrez Street and Haley Street. (09/19/14) 320 3
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (09/17/14) 303 3
Monday was busy morning for Santa Barbara City Firefighters. Just before 8 AM, there was a report of a single vehicle rollover on the 900 block of West Valerio Street. [pics] (09/16/14) 1627 2
Gilbert Torres (June 22, 1942 - September 7, 2014) (09/17/14) 1233 2
A subscriber was walking his dog on the Mesa and had to wait for a cut before he could proceed past the filming of a Dodge RAM commercial. [pic] (09/22/14) 1117 2
Leslie J. Schantz (October 9, 1958 - June 14, 2014) (09/18/14) 1081 2

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