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KEYT: John Palminteri looks into daily law breaking habits throughout the city. (02/23/17) 3702 82
Is it legal in Santa Barbara to allow your dog to drink directly out of drinking fountains? (02/23/17) 2424 56
White supremacy posters were found throughout Santa Barbara City College's campus on Thursday morning. (02/25/17) 2578 51
Several hundred residents and local politicians gathered in downtown Santa Barbara on Saturday for a march aimed to unite marginalized people. (02/23/17) 2218 51
Over 300 people gathered in the Sunken Gardens of the Santa Barbara Courthouse to support Planned Parenthood during a planned rally on Tuesday. (02/24/17) 1938 49
What will replace the Greyhound bus station that is now demolished? (02/23/17) 3160 33
KEYT reporter John Palminteri tested out a new police restraint called "the WRAP." [vid] (02/25/17) 2182 30
KEYT: The boom in local craft breweries continues. Is there still a demand or are we tapped out? (02/28/17) 1499 29
Roger reports a 4-year-old toddler on the side of the freeway alone on Highway 101 at Storke. (02/26/17) 5539 28
It appears the new housing project on Chapala and Sola is going to be partial hotel rooms, is this going to keep happening around town? (02/28/17) 1676 27
Who do I call for a pick-up of trash left in front of my house? (02/22/17) 2237 22
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of the water level at Late Cachuma and Santa Ynez River (02/25/17) 3569 21
[Update]: Roger reports a tree fell into power lines in the 4500 block of Hollister near Arboleda. (02/26/17) 2830 21
Edhat subscribers reported feeling several small earthquakes on Wednesday evening. (02/24/17) 3808 20
District Attorney filed murder and DUI charges against Cameron Wesley Oliver in connection with the February 6 traffic collision that killed two Santa Maria women. (02/24/17) 1945 20
Roger reports an injury traffic accident at Anapamu and Chapala involving a bicyclist and a vehicle. (02/28/17) 995 19
An edhatter reports a traffic accident across from San Marcos High School where students raced to help a woman who's car had flipped over. (02/22/17) 2960 18
A Judge has denied Plains All American Pipeline's motion to set aside the criminal indictment on criminal charges resulting from the Refugio Oil Spill that took place May 2015. (02/23/17) 1279 18
[Update:] Roger reports a police officer is injured due to an automobile accident at Figueroa and De La Vina. (02/28/17) 2411 17
Is there a venue that is screening the Academy Awards tomorrow? (02/26/17) 1225 17
[Update]: The Wednesday evening Amtrak train was stopped for several hours after striking and killing one person near the Santa Barbara train station. (02/25/17) 4357 16
Can you identify this little creature? (02/25/17) 2136 15
Roger has the scanner reports.  Where I come from, you take care if your ‘hood, watch out for it, and I have.  (02/25/17) 1410 15
Was there a protest at the courthouse Tuesday afternoon? (02/23/17) 973 15
A Sheriff's K9 team located two wanted suspects hiding underneath a house on Padaro Lane. [mug] (02/24/17) 3267 14
Roger reports Sheriff Deputies are in pursuit of a suspect from Santa Barbara to Summerland. (02/23/17) 1789 14
A reader is curious if edhatters can properly identify this green, leafy plant. (02/24/17) 1775 14
Does anyone have details on the permit system to be implemented for front country trailheads? (02/27/17) 581 14
Can anyone identify this plant/pod on found on the San Ysidro Trail? (02/22/17) 2294 13
Roger reports a domestic disturbance in front of Albertsons at 5801 Calle Real (02/23/17) 1995 13
Charles captures [pics] of a bee swarm in Goleta. (02/25/17) 1959 13
There was a small decline in transient occupancy tax for the month of January for the City of Santa Barbara. (02/24/17) 719 13
[Update:]John Wiley reports on flood and storm damage in Santa Barbara County. [pics] (02/22/17) 5612 12
An edhat subscriber shares this [pic] of a long buried steel hull on the beach across from the Fess Parker. (02/24/17) 3984 12
The February Humanist Society talk was by Jim Stubchaer on the history of water in Santa Barbara County. A hot topic with our current alternating water shortages and floods. (02/23/17) 1878 12
Edhat subscribers share [pics] of stunning sights outdoors. (02/27/17) 1845 12
Environmental Defense Center celebrates the permanent preservation of one of the region's most treasured community open spaces, the Ellwood Mesa. [pic] (02/27/17) 1566 12
Has anyone else had the exact same bill from Goleta Water District even with the changes? (02/26/17) 1080 12
An edhatter is looking for a paint color specialist to match their home furniture. (02/22/17) 845 12
District Attorney Joyce Dudley announced a $14 million settlement with British Petroleum for underground storage tank violations. (02/28/17) 641 12
A UCSB study found that restoring predator and prey species simultaneously speeds the recovery efforts of both. (02/28/17) 783 11
Has anyone heard about the new electronics store on Carrillo and State? (02/25/17) 2581 10
Roger reports a robbery on the 3900 block of State Street (02/23/17) 2371 10
William shares a [pic] of a seagull and her new jurassic toy. (02/28/17) 1186 10
Susan saw this beautiful wooden horse galloping along the beach in Carpinteria. [pic] (02/26/17) 2955 9
This beautiful aerial tour from Jameson down the Santa Ynez River to Cachuma from John Wiley shows how much things have improved so far this year. [pics] (02/26/17) 2694 9
Dave captures [pics] of intense foam building up on Campus Point. (02/24/17) 1739 9
Roger reports a rescue units are searching for lost hikers off Tunnel Trail. (02/27/17) 1539 9
TRAVEL: Bonnie has the inside scoop on what Chef Wolfgang Puck will feed the Hollywood stars at the 89th Academy Awards. (02/22/17) 1091 9
A woman was airlifted to Cottage Hospital after single vehicle rollover on Hwy 166 near Rock Front Ranch. (02/27/17) 799 9
A Santa Barbara City College student and Isla Vista resident was hospitalized after being diagnosed with meningitis. (02/23/17) 2060 8
An edhat subscriber reports a run-in with another IRS scam on the phone. (02/25/17) 1178 8
Can someone recommend a female therapist or psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma? (02/28/17) 1126 8
[Update]: A gas explosion in an apartment complex caused moderate damage to two residences in the 1200 block of Stone Creek Road. (02/27/17) 2640 7
A subscriber shares stunning [pics] from Tangerine Falls. (02/28/17) 1955 7
Cate student, Zachary Towbes of Santa Barbara, has been named a finalist in the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program. [pic] (02/27/17) 1493 7
Roger has the scanner reports.  "It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." - Sir Edmund Hillary (02/23/17) 1007 7
An edhat subscriber is asking for referrals for a disability attorney to help reinstate long term disability benefits for her spouse. (02/23/17) 844 7
Roger reports a possible jumper off Cold Springs Bridge. (02/27/17) 2551 6
Edhatters share [pics] of numerous trees that have fallen recently due to the storm. (02/22/17) 2547 5
Edhatters share [pics] of the storm damage, including tree loss and oil seepage. (02/24/17) 1917 5
HISTORY: Tom shares the cyclical history of Goleta's water shortage. (02/26/17) 1596 5
Does anyone know of a carpet installer that does RV's? (02/26/17) 509 5
Roger reports a traffic accident with an injury near the La Cumbre Shopping Center. (02/26/17) 1620 4
POWDRELL: David is convinced the Rincon Classic surf contest is among the top runways in the world for surf wear. (02/26/17) 1560 4
[Update]: An edhat subscriber reports a power outage in the downtown area. (02/22/17) 1538 4
The U.S. Coast Guard established a “Safety Zone” at the harbor entrance, conferring legal authority to Harbor Patrol to manage, allow or disallow all vessel traffic out of or into the harbor.  (02/25/17) 1528 4
UCSB researchers and colleagues recalibrate shark population density using data they gathered during eight years of study on Palmyra atoll. (02/22/17) 1153 4
Edhat subscribers report power outages throughout downtown Santa Barbara. (02/26/17) 1137 4
Roger reports a brush fire in Lompoc Canyon off Highway 1. (02/26/17) 681 4
A handful of Rotary Club of Goleta members are in Morelia, Mexico working alongside doctors and nurses to assist with cataract surgeries. (02/23/17) 608 4
The City of Goleta invites the public to provide input on its experience with the Planning and Environmental Review Department. (02/24/17) 530 4
The Santa Barbara County Public Works Transportation Division will hold its road maintenance annual plan workshops Tuesday and Wednesday. (02/22/17) 507 4
Santa Barbara County proclaimed a local emergency due to the severe winter storms that impacted the County February 16-18. [pics] (02/23/17) 3074 3
Roger reports an incident involving a vehicle and a motorcyclist on Highway 101 southbound at Padaro. (02/25/17) 1086 3
To provide more opportunities for girls to explore STEM fields, Girls Inc. and Gevirtz Graduate School are collaborating on a partnership called the 'Curie-osity Project.'[pics] (02/27/17) 1012 3
Circle V Ranch Camp received a $1,300 donation from Old Mission Santa Inés Ministry of Hospitality and Community Care. [pic] (02/27/17) 459 3
Dondra (March 12, 1942 - February 4, 2017) (02/24/17) 2337 2
A man was airlifted to Santa Barbara Cottage after a vehicle rollover accident on Highway 1 in Lompoc Saturday afternoon. (02/26/17) 1394 2
Robert explores UCSB's Lagoon, Labyrinth, and Art Museum (02/27/17) 1039 2
Roger has the scanner reports. Well it seems like we have a real serial shoplifter on South Milpas. (02/28/17) 929 2
The Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting checkpoints in the City of Santa Barbara on Friday, February 24, 2017. (02/23/17) 923 2
Roger reports that a motorcyclist is down at Canon Perdido and Quarantina with fire department and medics responding. (02/23/17) 706 2
License, Vaccinate and Microchip Your Dog at Project PetSafe Licensing Clinic at Goleta Valley Community Center on February 25, 2017. (02/22/17) 522 2
Does anyone have any details on the possible oil spill one mile south of Santa Barbara Airport? (02/27/17) 490 2
UCSB geologist Matthew Jackson investigated the geologic history of Pacific seamounts to shed light on the evolution of Samoan hotspot volcanoes. (02/28/17) 280 2
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office conducted Minor Decoy operations last weekend resulting in the citation of four adults. (02/22/17) 1918 1
Lompoc Police is requesting assistance to identify two suspects who took city and personal property from a victim's vehicle outside of Vons on N. H Street. [pics] (02/23/17) 1740 1
The 1928 Ford Tri-Motor, the Tin Goose, is available for tours to experience what air travel was like 90 years ago. (02/26/17) 1448 1
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Loki, a super affectionate and outgoing fellow with an amazing personality to match! (02/26/17) 757 1
Roger reports a structure fire on the 300 Block of East Sola. (02/25/17) 662 1
Glenn William "Bill" Elliott (June 3, 1928 - February 10, 2017) (02/27/17) 581 1
MARCH EDNESS: We're just a few weeks away from the start of March Edness! Renew your subscription and keep your eyes peeled. (02/26/17) 425 1
Over 190 people gathered for Domestic Violence Solutions' 40th Anniversary Luncheon, Stories of Courage and Triumph, raising awareness and funds to support victims of domestic violence.  (02/25/17) 393 1
Karl Anthony Guntermann (July 19,1919 - February 11, 2017) (02/28/17) 377 1
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: In recognition of February as National Heart Month, American Heart Association flags will fly up and down State Street in downtown Santa Barbara to raise awareness for heart disease. (02/26/17) 319 1
Teen Star celebrated its sponsors and donors with a tribute dinner at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club. [pics] (02/27/17) 1350 add
Roger reports a traffic accident on Highway 101 southbound at Milpas. (02/22/17) 1047 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Petunia, the sweetest, most gentle girl around! (02/26/17) 913 add
The Stanley Cup made a visit, the UCSB Hockey team was granted full club status and the Santa Barbara Royals Varsity Hockey team had a very successful season at Ice in Paradise. [pics] (02/27/17) 897 add
Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf announced openings on a couple County Boards and Commissions. (02/26/17) 694 add
Lanes have been re-striped and safety barriers have been moved to prepare for Stage 2 construction on Linden Avenue, Casitas Pass Road, and Highway 101. (02/25/17) 520 add
A convenience store on the 1900 block of S. Broadway in Santa Maria was robbed early this morning by an unidentified subject.  (02/27/17) 383 add
The Santa Maria Police Department will be conducting checkpoints in the City of Santa Maria on Friday, February 24, 2017. (02/24/17) 320 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 02/27/17 (02/28/17) 240 add

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