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Billionaire developer Rick Caruso has issued a statement regarding the Miramar Hotel project in Montecito. (12/17/14) 4038 88
Are bicyclists allowed to ride in the middle of a full lane or must they stay to the right? (12/15/14) 3488 73
The Independent: The City Council gave Tesla Motors the green light to open a new car dealership on Hitchcock Way. (12/19/14) 1727 42
An unusual creature and piles of debris are among the leftovers from the latest storm to come through SB, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (12/17/14) 3846 39
Roger reported a Death after a Medical Emergency at the Adult Book Store in the 200 Block of Anacapa. (12/20/14) 3190 34
The Independent: Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider was denied her turn for SBCAG chair due to her public opposition to Highway 101 widening. (12/20/14) 1950 30
A subscriber wonders if it is time for a new flag at the San Roque post office. [pic] (12/16/14) 1111 30
Dr. Julio Diaz, aka the "Candyman" who was charged with over-prescribing pain pills that led to patient deaths, will head to trial in May and could receive 1,500 years in prison. (12/18/14) 1267 28
Roger reports an armed robbery with a knife occurred near Cottage Hospital. (12/16/14) 2785 27
I need suggestions to help me verify the legitimacy of a local non-profit organization. Where should I start? (12/17/14) 1711 25
A subscriber wonders if anyone can help identify which character this hand- carved figure is? (12/20/14) 1623 25
After the storm Refugio Beach is no longer sandy but has rocks of all sizes and mounds of kelp many feet deep. [pics] (12/17/14) 3267 22
After finding a beer board in the bushes a subscriber was wondering if any local bars or restaurants are missing a framed chalkboard. [pic] (12/16/14) 3061 21
As recent dog owners and keen trail runners we would appreciate the wisdom and experience of fellow Edhatters on ways to combat ticks. (12/20/14) 1140 21
Can you identify these types of lizards? (12/18/14) 1701 20
The Carpinteria City Council meeting drew a standing room only crowd to discuss the possible resurrection of a skate park. [pic] (12/17/14) 1686 20
Kevsteele took a [pic] of the storm swell ricocheting back into itself off the Santa Barbara breakwater Saturday evening just minutes before sunset. [pic] (12/15/14) 4042 19
Three young males are in custody in connection with a stabbing that occurred in Old Town Goleta on November 21, 2014. [mugs] (12/19/14) 2582 18
A subscriber reports an accidental shooting of a Sheriff's Deputy in the 7400 block of Hollister Ave during a training. (12/21/14) 1700 18
Our 5-year-old is ready to play t-ball should we sign him up for Goleta Valley South Little League or SB Pony League? (12/19/14) 1340 18
Wells Fargo Bank has opened on Milpas St. in what's called an "underserved" area for financial institutions, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (12/16/14) 1309 18
A subscriber got [pics] of the fireworks on Cabrillo Boulevard. (12/15/14) 2028 17
A subscriber shares [pics] of local artist Rich Untermann and friend working on their weekly tradition of painting a new location weekly in Santa Barbara. (12/19/14) 1529 14
Three serial vehicle burglars were arrested after stealing Christmas gifts throughout Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties . [mugs] (12/21/14) 1483 14
A 60-year-old Solvang man is accused of threatening PG and E crews at Nojoqui Falls County Park during the recent storm, reports KEYT. (12/18/14) 1754 13
A subscriber's lilacs have bloomed three months early. [pics] (12/15/14) 1225 13
Does anyone know if there are houses with Christmas lights synchronized to music? (12/18/14) 1215 13
Lauren: In restaurant news, Lauren reports Blue Tavern will be closing at the end of the year. (12/21/14) 1167 13
Is anyone else experiencing a Cox Communications internet outage? (12/18/14) 1113 13
What nursery in the Santa Barbara area can someone find a loquat tree? (12/20/14) 677 13
A new 700-gallon tank will mean more room to swim for some central coast sharks at Cabrillo high school. (12/19/14) 1113 12
Ron captured [pics] of a cockatoo taking a stroll at the Santa Barbara Zoo. (12/17/14) 1738 11
Local philanthropist Leni Fe Bland passed away on Sunday at the age of 99.  (12/16/14) 1677 11
A subscriber has a question about how to report a minor traffic accident. (12/18/14) 980 11
The Independent: A proposal to open a well near Haskell's Beach may be the deciding factor in closing down Venoco's Ellwood Onshore Facility. (12/20/14) 793 11
Two new free channels showed up Wednesday on John Wiley's TV broadcast TV setup. (12/18/14) 1574 10
With the striking storm clouds marching along the foothills of Santa Barbara, Marco captured another time lapse [vid]. (12/18/14) 1279 10
A subscriber reports that a car is on fire in Sycamore Canyon creek near the 1200 or 1300 block. Smoke is filling the canyon. [vid] (12/20/14) 1263 10
Most City administrative offices will be closed for the holidays from Wednesday, December 24, 2014 through Friday, January 2, 2015. (12/17/14) 795 10
Injury Traffic Accident- two elderly female pedestrians were hit by a vehicle at Turnpike and Hollister. (12/16/14) 1506 9
A subscriber released 2 new butterfly hatchlings and they agreed to pose for me on the Christmas maple before flying off into the sunshine. [pic] (12/17/14) 1458 9
Frank captured a time lapse [vid] from the past week in Santa Barbara. (12/17/14) 1411 9
A subscriber shares a little story about a garden caterpillar they dubbed Rudy. [pic] (12/15/14) 1249 9
A subscriber shares a [pic] of Sunday evening at Shoreline Park. (12/17/14) 1193 9
A subscriber reports that So Cal Edison has a planned maintenance outage for part of the Mesa. (12/21/14) 495 9
The Restaurant Guy says that Cafe del Sol might reopen in January. (12/16/14) 1990 8
Los Padres National Forest officials announced the Supervisor's Office was severely damaged in the storm that hit Goleta last Friday. (12/17/14) 1678 8
Astronomy: Subscriber Chuck Cagara was outside last night capturing the Geminid Meteor Shower. (12/15/14) 1594 8
A rollover that happened early Thursday morning closed down the eastbound lane of Highway 217 near UC Santa Barbara, reports KEYT. (12/19/14) 1275 8
Roger reports a Code 417: brandishing knives during an assault. A female was kicked in the face in the 1300 block of Cacique, SBPD is responding. (12/16/14) 1186 8
An tractor-trailor struck a 40-year-old man in an agricultural field in Lompoc on Monday afternoon. (12/16/14) 906 8
Roger reports a fight brewing between 8-10 subjects in the 1400 block of San Andres Street. (12/21/14) 721 8
Once home to Raytheon the industrial building at 5756 Thornwood Dr in Goleta has been purchased by a local investor. [pic] (12/16/14) 2178 7
Blake shares [pics] of the Santa Barbara surf over the weekend. (12/16/14) 2016 7
TRAVEL: Steve shares photos of real winter from Lake Almanor in the Sierra Nevada mountains. (12/18/14) 1375 7
The Independent: A jury awarded a UCSB Alum $120,000 for damages after a Santa Barbara Sheriff's deputy was determined to use excessive force in 2009 (12/20/14) 1313 7
Traffic accident on Hwy 101 southbound at or in the Gaviota Tunnel, injuries are unknown. (12/17/14) 1141 7
Roger has the scanner reports. Subject refusing to leave 400 Block of West Victoria. (12/16/14) 1100 7
Roger reports a bicycle theft in progress Solvang Park reporting party and thief involved in a physical fight 3 vehicles involved in the thefts..5PM (12/19/14) 1034 7
POWDRELL: Tucked within old wooden homes and within industrial configurations near the train tracks are an array of woodworkers, artists, musicians, and a killer craft brewery. [pics] (12/21/14) 940 7
Roger has the scanner reports. Bicycle thieves in Solvang Park (12/20/14) 939 7
J.T. Stone has been selected as the head football coach for Santa Barbara High School. (12/18/14) 1302 6
Customers of the American Laser Skincare Clinic are alleging they've been ripped off when the company closed their doors, reports KEYT. (12/21/14) 1053 6
As he nears retirement, UCSB Vice Chancellor Michael Young reflects on his career. (12/17/14) 1010 6
Does anyone know of a store on State Street that would let a non-profit gift wrap outside their store? (12/18/14) 969 6
A pair of local investors have purchased 764 and 784 Maple St, located on the corner of Maple and 8th Streets in downtown Carpinteria. (12/20/14) 935 6
The northbound on-ramp of U.S. Highway 101 at Fairview Avenue is expected to re-open on Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 10 pm, weather permitting. (12/16/14) 787 6
Roger reports auto burglaries in the 6700 Block of Sabo Tarde in IV. Committed in the past few moments suspects per witness report.. (12/19/14) 607 6
A boat buried east of Stearns Wharf since last week, is up to the steering wheel in sand as the next storm moves in, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (12/16/14) 2371 5
After a violent storm a week ago, three boats were dead in the water until a Marborg Industries crew remove them, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (12/18/14) 1658 5
Roger has the scanner reports. Leaf blower 400 Block of Allen Road. (12/18/14) 1476 5
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a local business decorating for the holiday season. Update with more photos. (12/16/14) 1371 5
A subscriber shares [pics] of the Holiday Village dating from the 1930s displayed at Casa Dorinda. (12/20/14) 1312 5
A subscriber marveled at the green transformation as she drove down Country road in the Santa Ynez Valley. [pic] (12/19/14) 1139 5
The Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting DUI Checkpoints in the City of Santa Barbara on Thursday and Friday evenings. (12/18/14) 1136 5
Firefighter from station 5 witnessed non injury 20002 Hit and Run involving 3 vehicles 2500 Block of Modoc suspect... (12/16/14) 1041 5
A Santa Barbara High School student was honored with the 2015 Award for Aspirations in Computing. [pic] (12/19/14) 915 5
The County Public Works Department is offering landfill and transfer station tours. [pic] (12/16/14) 854 5
A subscriber got a [pic] of an interesting cloud behind the hills above Toro Canyon during tonight's sunset. (12/21/14) 833 5
The Santa Barbara Police Department receives grant for special traffic enforcement and crash prevention. (12/19/14) 542 5
David Tallman, a jeweler who created a standoff with Sheriff's in his Montecito home this July, appeared in court this week for several felony charges, (12/20/14) 1456 4
A subscriber wants to alert the community of a group of people going door-to-door claiming they are not selling anything but that they are from IGS energy. (12/19/14) 1260 4
A subscriber reports a traffic accident on Highway 101 near the Carrillo exit. [pics] (12/21/14) 1242 4
Central colors are shining again from our storm, in [pics] from John Wiley (12/15/14) 1101 4
This past Saturday the Sierra Club hosted two events! A Gibraltar Rock hike and a holiday Sierra Club potluck dinner party. (12/16/14) 804 4
The Santa Barbara Unified School District announces a renovated auditorium at La Cumbre and a student mentioned in a Johns Hopkins Article. (12/18/14) 748 4
The City of Goleta has hired Genie Wilson as their new Director of Finance. (12/18/14) 591 4
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Iroh and Katara, two beautiful, sweet, affectionate cats. (12/21/14) 543 4
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (12/19/14) 408 4
Lowell Steward, a former member of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II, passed away this week in Ventura at the age of 95. (12/21/14) 313 4
What's up at the Motel 6 on upper State St? A subscriber reports at least 8 cop cars, weapons drawn, and an AMS vehicle on standby. (12/20/14) 1951 3
A subscriber reports flooding in the Funk Zone. It appears to be another pipe burst on Gray Ave closest to the train tracks. [pics] (12/16/14) 1374 3
Three police cars and a fire truck were at San Pascual and De La Guerra St. at about 11:30 PM Saturday. Does anyone know what happened? (12/15/14) 1212 3
Fritz Olenberger shared his [pics] of the Santa Barbara Festival Ballet's 40th annual Nutcracker at the Arlington Theater last weekend. (12/18/14) 914 3
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Duffy, a rescued Ewok disguised as an adventurous dog. (12/21/14) 734 3
Injury traffic accident near 318 North Milpas, Fire Dept and medics are responding. (12/16/14) 686 3
SB County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced the appointment of Gordon Auchincloss as Chief Assistant District Attorney. (12/20/14) 643 3
Roger reports a traffic accident resulting in an injury on the 101 Southbound between Milpas and Salinas. Fire and medics are responding. (12/20/14) 636 3
Roger reports an attempted Code 245: assault with a deadly weapon, using a vehicle in the 300 Block of Toyon Drive. (12/21/14) 589 3
CHP asks for a DUI and fatality free holiday season. (12/20/14) 425 3
Cartoons: Mike shares a cartoon funny about a wannabe batman. (12/21/14) 403 3
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Opera Santa Barbara contributes to the cultural enrichment of our audiences by presenting exciting, high-quality productions and community programs that celebrate the breadth and beauty of opera. (12/21/14) 260 3
An old fashioned popcorn grinder was a hit at the farmers market, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (12/18/14) 1771 2
Edhat subscribers share [pics] of holiday lights in the harbor on Sunday evening. (12/16/14) 1195 2
A weak storm system over the Channel Islands Tuesday morning will continue to generate scattered showers mainly across Los Angeles County through the afternoon. [pics] (12/17/14) 1093 2
TRAVEL: Aquaholic shares a picture taken from the beach of Poverty Bay, Puget Sound. (12/19/14) 1055 2
Cal OES is encouraging all Californians to act on the following tips in preparation for the coming storms. (12/16/14) 1024 2
A subscriber saw a patch of blue through the clouds during an overcast hike on Tunnel trail. [pic] (12/18/14) 1001 2
A subscriber shares a [pic] of the green in Los Alamos. (12/19/14) 957 2
A subscriber shares a [pic] of the misty Gaviota sunrise. (12/19/14) 874 2

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