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Sunday Edhat reads comments
EDBIT: Take edhat's community survey on how the City of Santa Barbara should prioritize facility improvements. 
updated 12:37 pm
1573 38

Breaking News reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: It's day 3 of March Edness! Can you guess where this photo was taken?
updated 12:01 am
260 NA
Roger has the scanner reports. Ahh, the sweet sound of a Woodchipper singing next to me as the tree trimmers work. I love it.
updated 7:00 am
122 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive?
updated 6:30 am
78 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 04, 2015 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: We chose a photo of the top of a building, but one that's gained a lot of attention lately. Did you guess where it's located? (03/04/15) 583 add
MARCH EDNESS: It's day 2 of March Edness! Can you guess where this photo was taken? (03/04/15) 913 NA
Full county Fire response for a possible Structure Fire on UCSB Campus, Ucen Road... (03/04/15) 92 6
A subscriber shares [pics] of her view of the moon from dinner this evening. (03/04/15) 370 2
Looks like they're tapping black gold on the Montecito hills, in these aerial views from John Wiley. [pics] (03/04/15) 928 6
Can edhatters suggest a restaurant for a rehearsal dinner that holds 70-80 people? (03/04/15) 705 13
A new show, "City Desk," a local news program featuring top journalists, premiered on TVSB this past Friday. (03/04/15) 301 add
Vehicle vs Pedestrian: La Cumbre Plaza between Lenscrafters and Sears, Fire and Medics responding. (03/04/15) 518 1
In an effort to reduce smoke production and improve air quality in the Santa Ynez Valley, the SBC Fire Dept. will be offering a neighborhood chipping pilot program. (03/04/15) 303 5
A subscriber snapped this [pic] while at the SB Marina. (03/04/15) 656 1
Los Padres National Forest officials today announced plans to open Mil Potrero Campground area on the Mt. Pinos Ranger District to the public for wood cutting. (03/04/15) 316 add
I need suggestions for drought tolerant ground covers and mulch that have been dog tested. (03/04/15) 617 11
The SB County Sheriff's Office is seeking grant funding to provide increased patrolling and enforcement of areas where illegal off-road vehicles are being used. (03/04/15) 438 15
Results from the 2014 vessel speed reduction trial incentive program in the Santa Barbara Channel have been announced. (03/04/15) 410 add
EDBIT: It's National Pancake Day and you can get free pancakes at IHOP! (03/04/15) 523 5
Roger reports a possible code 459 Burglary that just occurred in the 3300 block of Calle Noguera. HMA came to door claiming to be a plumber. (03/04/15) 1084 26
An edhatter shares [pics] from a second accident that took place on NB 101 at Gaviota last night. (03/04/15) 1068 12
Surveillance video has been released of the PODER protest at El Bajio, sparking a debate between City Council members. (03/04/15) 1456 19
The Los Angeles Times takes an in-depth look at the realities of reactivating Santa Barbara's desalination plant. (03/04/15) 1132 16
The engineer of the Metrolink train involved in a collision last week, has passed away due to injuries from the crash. (03/04/15) 1640 13
A subscriber wants to have a discussion about the use of the word "elitist." (03/04/15) 741 9
Injury traffic accident on Highway 101 southbound near the State Street onramp, involving a motorcyclist. (03/04/15) 588 4
Who's behind the voice on NPR? SBMS Teen Press visits with Morning Edition's David Greene. [vid] (03/04/15) 371 2
TRAVEL: Max shares a few aerial [pics] of ships waiting to dock in Long Beach and Catalina Island. (03/04/15) 1053 9
A subscriber captures [pics] of dark clouds at Hendry's Beach on Monday morning. (03/04/15) 738 6
Roger reports an injury traffic accident near Whittier and Storke Road. Fire and medics are responding to a victim complaining of chest pain. (03/04/15) 351 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (03/04/15) 190 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 03/03/15 (03/04/15) 268 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 03, 2015 reads comments
MARCH EDNESS: Did you guess where the wall of pennies is hiding in Santa Barbara? If you had any luck, you're getting a point! (03/03/15) 1423 2
MARCH EDNESS: It's the first day of March Edness! Can you guess where this photo was taken? (03/03/15) 1038 NA
A subscriber shares [pics] of the storm approaching around noon today. What fabulous clouds and colors! (03/03/15) 1177 3
Law firms representing the parents of three slain students in last year's Isla Vista mass murder are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Santa Barbara County. (03/03/15) 1820 34
A subscriber took a [pic] of light snow coating the San Rafael mountains on Monday. (03/03/15) 1271 3
Santa Barbara Sheriff's have released the identity of the paraglider who was killed on Sunday as 60-year-old Ronald Faoro. [pic] (03/03/15) 4550 22
A subscriber shares a panoramic [pic] of Saturday's sunset from Sycamore Canyon. (03/03/15) 879 4
Has anyone been up to Figueroa Mountain recently that can report on the status of the wildflowers? (03/03/15) 1326 15
UPDATE: CalTrans announces northbound Hwy 101 lane closure at Gaviota Tunnel due to multi-vehicle accident. (03/03/15) 1707 3
Walter Henry McCartney (February 18, 1937 - February 20, 2015) (03/03/15) 292 add
The Santa Barbara City Fire Department has responded to two roll-over traffic accidents today in Santa Barbara. [pics] (03/03/15) 1463 add
A subscriber captured a [pic] of Maynard the Zebra who resides off West Camino Cielo. (03/03/15) 2237 17
Roger reports a Code 245: assault with a deadly weapon using a vehicle on Embarcadero del Norte at Segovia. CHP is on the scene. (03/03/15) 730 2
Local businesses and environmental groups removed over 1,300 poudns of trash from the Channel Islands to raise awareness about marine debris. [pic] (03/03/15) 1215 6
Santa Barbara Police have arrested a suspect in the Quarantina Street homicide that took place last week. [mug] (03/03/15) 2738 12
An edhatter snapped this shower sunrise [pic] this morning. (03/03/15) 1073 6
Rollover traffic accident on Highway 101 southbound lanes near the Milpas exit. (03/03/15) 760 7
Roger reports a possible structure fire in the 1000 block of Via Los Padres in Goleta. Smoke was seen coming from a roof. (03/03/15) 524 4
Charles shares a few images of a cloudy Santa Barbara day. [pics] (03/03/15) 678 4
Here are a few [pics] of yesterday's sky over the Harbor and ocean. (03/03/15) 697 2
Gerry Crawford (January 24, 1930 - February 20, 2015) (03/03/15) 446 add
Roger heard a report of heavy flooding in the area of Oak Ridge Park on West Clark in Santa Maria. (03/03/15) 573 5
Roger reports a non-injury accident, Vehicle vs Garage, in the 1500 Block of Dutton. Fire department and SBPD Responding. (03/03/15) 327 add
The Federal Bureau of Reclamation has announced it will not release reservoir water for most Central Valley farmers for the second straight year. (03/03/15) 547 11
A subscriber shares a [pic] of colorful succulents. (03/03/15) 1027 9
While we have more than our fair share of surf lately, February 9 was a rare day in Goleta. [pics] (03/03/15) 1449 3
An edhatter snapped these [pics] of a Bat Ray while at Goleta Pier yesterday evening. (03/03/15) 1851 3
Island Brewing held its 1st Annual "SLOW Bike Race" this last Saturday in Carpinteria. [pics] (03/03/15) 944 7
Last night there were six black and whites with officers standing outside on W. Valerio across from Harding School. Anyone know what was going on? (03/03/15) 1341 13
Roger reports Public Works is responding to a Sewage Dump into the storm drain from a white RV at Cacique and Quarantina. (03/03/15) 927 15
A subscriber reports that a late night car accident on Olive Street has resulted in an all day power outage. (03/03/15) 624 5
While walking in Carpinteria this morning, an edhat subscriber saw a beautiful rainbow. [pic] (03/03/15) 998 13
Rollover traffic accident at Garden and Gutierrez, vehicle reportedly went into the building. Fire and Medics are responding. (03/03/15) 893 4
Roger has the scanner reports. I did not hear why they were supposed to check his welfare, just that they should. (03/03/15) 871 8
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (03/03/15) 212 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 02, 2015 reads comments
Please help us identify this object found in the Refugio Beach tidepools. (03/02/15) 2926 16
Cindy shares [pics] of the beautiful moon and clouds over the Figueroas. (03/02/15) 936 2
Karen Christman shares a [pic] of an amazing sheet of vine peeling off the side of a building in Downtown Santa Barbara. (03/02/15) 1870 3
Work crews are nearing the final stage of The Oak Cottage which will serve seniors with memory impairment. (03/02/15) 802 3
A subscriber heard a big explosion-like boom around 2:00am near the 1200 block of San Andres. Any subscribers know what's up? (03/02/15) 1143 7
Here are some safety tips from the National Weather Service regarding lightning. (03/02/15) 561 11
What does it mean to see a "wild lamb" at the San Marcos Foothills, John Wiley wants to know. [pic] (03/02/15) 1579 2
It's amazing how quickly a little rain will turn brown hills green. [pic] (03/02/15) 888 6
Here's a [pic] of trash being removed from the surf line at Hendry's Beach. (03/02/15) 1703 14
Gary Lee Woods (July 20, 1953 - February 18, 2015) (03/02/15) 1327 3
Roger reports a downed para glider off Gibraltar Rd, unknown if there's an injury. Engines 7 and 15 are responding. (03/02/15) 4643 61
An edhatter shares [pics] of various birds seen on a great March morning on the Mesa. (03/02/15) 957 8
Does anyone know why Ty Warner's name has been removed from the title of the Sea Center? (03/02/15) 3534 29
A teenage boy is in critical condition at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital with second-degree burns after playing with fire, reports KEYT. (03/02/15) 2516 17
Edward Scott Ogden (April 25, 1932 - February 20, 2015) (03/02/15) 459 1
Around midnight, a subscriber hear what sounded like a gunshot in the Winchester Canyon area. Anyone else hear it or know what it was? (03/02/15) 1408 17

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 01, 2015 reads comments
Around 6pm there were a half dozen police in the 1200 block of San Andres. (03/01/15) 1035 13
An edhat subscriber found some bones on Elwood Beach today. [pic] Does anyone know how to go about identifying them? (03/01/15) 2355 23
Edhatters snapped [pics] of the night sky. (03/01/15) 947 4
Cindy shares [pics] of cloud formations over the Figueroas. (03/01/15) 990 3
A subscriber reports that there is a flipped car on the pass and traffic is slightly backed up. (03/01/15) 1491 8
HISTORY: Does anyone know the history of the Fairview Ranch? (03/01/15) 1181 4
Report of punks with BB Guns shooting cats on Abrego in Isla Vista. SBSO Responding. (03/01/15) 1230 25
With businesses popping up to facilitate new income streams, do you think the little man can now wage a stronger fight or that the man has merely found new ways to flex his greedy might? (03/01/15) 395 1
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a photo of demon guardians from a recent trip to Bangkok. (03/01/15) 794 1
HISTORY: Funny looking birds with a serious job and named after a fish, the Guppies were once a common sight in the skies above Goleta. (03/01/15) 1905 17
A subscriber is looking for local new mom groups and classes. (03/01/15) 849 14
A winter weather advisory is in effect from 4 PM Saturday until 10 PM Sunday. (03/01/15) 1128 3
EDBIT: UCSB was recently ranked #10 in the Top Public Schools. Go Gauchos! (03/01/15) 1429 10
Where is the best place to buy local avocados? (03/01/15) 1997 37
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Youth Interactive Santa Barbara is an after-school program for students of all ages focused on teaching Technology, Entrepreneurship and The Arts. (03/01/15) 594 add
Roger reports a Code 417: Brandishing a knife in the 400 Block of East Cota. (03/01/15) 741 8
Glen Edward Daley (April18, 1935 - February 19, 2015) (03/01/15) 520 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Tahoe and Scully, who look young enough to be brothers. (03/01/15) 1051 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Ramona and Beasley, a brother-sister pair ready for their forever home. (03/01/15) 991 6
Student leaders at SBCC brainstorm alternative activities to deter partying during Deltopia. (03/01/15) 1059 21
La Colina Junior High student Emily Vesper will compete at the California State Spelling Bee. [pic] (03/01/15) 866 6
MARCH EDNESS: March Edness starts on Monday, March 2nd! Make sure to take mental notes of your surroundings for possible "where is it" photos. (03/01/15) 1115 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 28, 2015 reads comments
UPDATE by SBPD: Roger reports a homicide near Marborg Industries at Quarantina and Yanonali Streets. (02/28/15) 6694 31
Google announced plans to invest $300 million into a Solar City fund to help install solar panels on thousands of homes, reports KEYT. (02/28/15) 1239 10
The Anthony Ibarra murder trial resumed Thursday morning with more defense cross-examination of one of the two lead Santa Maria Police Detectives. (02/28/15) 665 2
Raul Yescas was sentenced to 30 years to life in state prison after having been convicted of two counts of forcible rape. (02/28/15) 1723 11
Roger reports a structure fire at 160 Sylvan Drive, Goleta. Fire in the attic. (02/28/15) 671 add

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