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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 27, 2014 reads comments
Roger the Scanner Guy reports a rollover traffic accident in front of 2981 Cliff Drive across from the Allen Road entrance to Hendry's Beach. (08/27/14) 914 5
A subscriber sent in some photos of a surfing traffic jam at Shoreline Point. (08/27/14) 861 add
Water Guardian, Rebecca Claasen, was awarded the $10,000 Cox Conserves Hero Award. (08/27/14) 285 1
The Law Offices of James P. Segall-Gutierrez filed a complaint for damages for several individuals negligently identified as gang members by City of SB. (08/27/14) 1176 18
In July 2014 officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department made 47 arrests for driving under the influence violations. (08/27/14) 860 2
Last night while out on his front porch Jason Chapman got an action shot of a spider making a fresh web. [pic] (08/27/14) 653 8
To better reflect its founder, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute has changed its name to the William Sansum Diabetes Center. (08/27/14) 332 5
Injury traffic accident vehicle vs pedestrian 1501 State street Fire and Medics responding. (08/27/14) 786 7
Personnel from the SBCSAR team were deployed over the weekend to assist in the search for a missing backpacker in Big Sur. [pic] (08/27/14) 942 6
Traffic Accident Fairview and 101 Southbound 3 vehicles unknown if injury Fire, Medics, CHP Responding.. (08/27/14) 471 2
Injury Traffic Accident: 2530 Modoc Road, Fire and Medics responding. (08/27/14) 527 1
Due to extremely dry vegetation and an increasing fire danger, Los Padres National Forest officials announced that Level IV fire restrictions will go into effect. (08/27/14) 624 2
Is it legal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk? (08/27/14) 1603 47
Ernest Salomon shares information on Measure S and explains why he thinks you should vote no. (08/27/14) 934 41
As the country readies for Labor Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol is reminding motorists to employ lifesaving measures on the roadway. (08/27/14) 220 2
EDBIT: Happy National Dog Day! How are you celebrating? Send in pics of your pooch. (08/27/14) 1183 17
Can anyone explain what is happening to my lime tree? [pic] (08/27/14) 1325 20
Ermanno Pecorari (October 1, 1925 - August 22, 2014) (08/27/14) 271 3
A High Surf Advisory is in effect from 10 AM today through 6 PM Friday. (08/27/14) 839 10
At approximately 8:15 pm Monday, I saw a circular bright white light/object slowly moving across the sky from NNE to NE. Did anyone else see this? (08/27/14) 1408 17
Vehicle Accident: Highway 101 North near Cat Canyon, single vehicle rollover. (08/27/14) 384 1
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/27/14) 144 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 08/26/14 (08/27/14) 232 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 26, 2014 reads comments
John Palminteri reports that after years of debate, design and construction, new lanes on Highway 101 from Carpinteria to Ventura are about to open. (08/26/14) 1743 18
This past Sunday our Sierra Club group hiked from the Romero Canyon trail to the Buena Vista trail to the "hidden benches". [pics] (08/26/14) 1473 6
Even with a crowded campus, students at SBCC are optimistic about getting classes, jobs, and a path to a four-year university, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (08/26/14) 937 36
Updated with CHP press release: Edhat subscribers are reporting a fatal car accident on Highway 154 at Painted Cave with helicopters circling the area. (08/26/14) 7564 34
Are sheriffs deputies allowed to intervene as collection agencies? (08/26/14) 1591 25
The Independent: Tenants in the popular Funk Zone location at 22 Anacapa Street were given eviction notices last week. (08/26/14) 3181 17
A jack-knifed truck is blocking all lanes in the 200 block of West Montecito. (08/26/14) 981 10
The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a community open house on September 3rd to share the initial plans for renovation of the Cabrillo Pavilion and Bathhouse at East Beach. (08/26/14) 616 3
Santa Barbara Sheriff's have released the autopsy report of the body of a man found in Guadalupe last week. (08/26/14) 1387 4
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department offers tips to make sure your child travels to school safely. (08/26/14) 413 1
UC Santa Barbara jumped seven spots in this year's National Universities Rankings by Washington Monthly magazine. (08/26/14) 1396 4
Minor Injury accident one patient neck pain 1/4 mile West on Loma Alta on Shoreline. (08/26/14) 448 1
The Fess Parker Doubletree was investigated and found in violation of regulations related to its poisoning of up to roughly 21 protected bird species. (08/26/14) 5032 117
A subscriber noticed that their orange tree may have a disease that is killing the tree. Any ideas on the cause or remedies would be appreciated. [pics] (08/26/14) 1648 17
I have a fence shared with neighbors that needs to be repaired. We thought we should have a survey done. Can anyone recommend a surveyor for us? (08/26/14) 1207 33
A subscriber needs to see a dentist and wants to consult one who works with fearful adults. Any recommendations? (08/26/14) 1622 45
Roger has the scanner reports. 3 Bicyclists down in the area of Green Well and Ortega Hill. (08/26/14) 1557 11
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/26/14) 187 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 25, 2014 reads comments
My doctor recommends a Septoplasty for a deviated nasal septum. I'm wondering if anyone from Edhat has had this done and what your experience is. (08/25/14) 1461 17
Occasionally I find one of these in our garage or sometimes the house. It looks like an insect casing to me. Does anyone know what it is? [pic] (08/25/14) 2367 8
Road Rage on the Freeway 101 South at Padaro I don't know the whole story but someone was at Gunpoint. (08/25/14) 2671 7
Lois Eileen Rye (November 3, 1944 - August 7, 2014) (08/25/14) 585 1
Has anyone had experience with residential seismic retrofitting in Santa Barbara? Referrals who is good who is not? (08/25/14) 884 20
The largest crowd John Wiley has ever seen at Lake Los Carneros has him wondering what it was about. [pics] (08/25/14) 2979 16
Significant high surf event with possible structure damage and beach erosion to south facing beaches of southwest California Tuesday afternoon through Friday. (08/25/14) 1877 9
A subscriber sent in a photo from the highest point in the continental US. (08/25/14) 1676 11
How do I get rid of caterpillars that have infested my broom plant? (08/25/14) 905 21
I've lived in Santa Barbara long enough to hear and read about all the accidents on Route 154- including the one today that was the last straw. (08/25/14) 4027 78

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 24, 2014 reads comments
Roger reports an accident on the 154 at Cold Springs Bridge. There is one vehicle on its side. It is unknown if there are any injuries. (08/24/14) 2109 35
A subscriber caught this pesky Mediterranean Olive fruit fly on one of their few olives. [pics] (08/24/14) 1103 2
I have two great horned owls in my oak trees and have been finding some rather big feathers on the ground. Does anyone know if they might be moulting? (08/24/14) 1374 22
HISTORY: A writer researching the San Marcos Building reached out to edhat columnists about John S. Hawley. (08/24/14) 763 6
Do you know when you're dreaming? When lucid, is rest exchanged for meaning? (08/24/14) 610 4
Is there a benefit to reporting businesses that are using water for irrigation that is running down the street? (08/24/14) 1297 26
A bill by State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, introduced in the wake of the Isla Vista rampage, unanimously passed out of the Senate and is headed to the Governor. (08/24/14) 1261 21
HISTORY: An edhat subscriber shares photos from 1951 of "Hobo Village" at the Child's estate, which is now the location of the Santa Barbara Zoo. (08/24/14) 2570 29
Roger repots a transformer fire near Foothill and Linden. The fire has been put out. (08/24/14) 310 2
Lauren: Judge For Yourself Cafe is a court themed diner that Lauren was happy to judge.  (08/24/14) 2108 21
An edhat subscriber shares a slow-motion [vid] of Apache helicopters flying over Santa Barbara on Friday. (08/24/14) 1192 14
TRAVEL: Last week a crew of Santa Barbara locals headed out into the backcountry around Mammoth Lakes to climb Mt. Ritter, the tallest mountain in the Ritter Range. (08/24/14) 1601 19
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide. (08/24/14) 447 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Blink, a cat so fast if you blink you'll miss him. (08/24/14) 743 9
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Skippy, a beloved scooter-loving K-9. (08/24/14) 950 15
Bicyclist down near Greenwell and Ortega Ridge, it's the 3rd one today. Fire and medics are responding. (08/24/14) 1423 52

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 23, 2014 reads comments
Santa Barbara photographer Fritz Olenberger dropped by the dog show at the Earl Warren Showground this afternoon. [pics] (08/23/14) 1995 14
Traffic Accident - semi vs motorcycle accident on Highway 246 in Buellton. There is full County Fire Response. (08/23/14) 1872 23
The 101 Northbound is shutdown due to an overturned travel trailer west of Goleta near El Capitan Beach. (08/23/14) 2343 13
I am hoping to get leads on cheaply renting/borrowing an ice cream cart for a non- profit community event for next month. Does anyone have any referrals? (08/23/14) 824 6
Two police cars, the fire department, and an ambulance were at a house on Auhay and Valdivia this morning. Does anyone know what was going on? (08/23/14) 2050 34
An edhat subscriber shares a lovely picture of his view from Mountain Drive. (08/23/14) 1319 6
Did anyone hear and see what seemed to be military helicopters fly over the city around 2:15 this afternoon? (08/23/14) 1212 21
The Santa Barbara County Community Services Department will be removing a large Canary Island Date Palm from the Courthouse Sunken Garden. (08/23/14) 1327 16
An edhat subscriber shares some interesting shots of what the surf washed up this morning. (08/23/14) 2549 8
Are there any natural products for keeping algae out of fountains? (08/23/14) 1300 23
Roger reports a 23152 into several parked cars. The vehicle, a black Saturn, is still moving with the airbags deployed on Chapala and Haley. (08/23/14) 1232 9
A subscriber watched dozens of kite surfers from Shoreline Park on Thursday afternoon. [pics] (08/23/14) 1002 1
The Legislature has passed the "bee bill" by Assemblymember Das Williams, which would provides a reevaluation of neonicotinoid compound pesticides. (08/23/14) 685 31
The Independent: The State Parks Department is working to repair and re-open the damaged Gaviota Pier, but it could cost as much as $20 million. (08/23/14) 680 18
Roger reports a Code 211: strong arm robbery. The suspects followed the reporting party home from a jewelry store and took her purse. (08/23/14) 1669 23
Edhat subscribers sent in "H" themed photos for Flash Friday. Can you guess what they all are? (08/23/14) 906 23
The Santa Barbara Triathlon will use portions of the highway system within Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Carpinteria on Saturday between 7 am and 12:30 pm. (08/23/14) 737 2
Astronomy: Chuck reminds edhatters to get up early on Saturday morning to see Venus, Jupiter, and a crescent Moon. (08/23/14) 645 6
A subscriber documents a daily visit from the California State butterfly, the Dogface. [pics] (08/23/14) 1200 13
A project to construct a median barrier and rumble strips along Highway 101 from north of the Cathedral Oaks to the Dos Pueblos Creek undercrossing has been completed.    (08/23/14) 387 2
A 24-year-old male has a highly contagious case of drug-resistant tuberculosis and has disappeared within Santa Barbara County. Please contact authorities if he's seen. [pic] (08/23/14) 71311 32
Several nut butter brands are being recalled due to potential contamination of salmonella. (08/23/14) 2559 12
Roger has the scanner reports. Suspicious subject at San Carlos and Mission Ridge male dressed in black, skipping. (08/23/14) 1490 14
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/23/14) 188 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 22, 2014 reads comments
Roger reports the SBPD was involved in a foot pursuit, they captured the suspect near The Wildcat on Ortega Street. (08/22/14) 1055 2
CHP will conduct sobriety/driver license checkpoint Thursday evening, from 9:15 p.m. to 3:15 a.m. on Chapala Street between Gutierrez Street and Haley Street. (08/22/14) 962 6
Ants are invading houses and apartments in search of water, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (08/22/14) 2528 50
Avoid the 12 DUI Task Force reminds everyone to drive sober or get pulled over (08/22/14) 686 4
The Taco Bell Project Draft Negative Declaration and an update on the Hollister Avenue Crosswalk Improvements was released today. (08/22/14) 1296 8
Over the last two weeks one half of the bridge was demolished. Pile driving operations will start on Wednesday, August 27 and continue through Friday, August 29. The work hours are 6am – 8pm. (08/22/14) 1147 7
Updated with CHP press release: Traffic Accident on Hwy 101 southbound, 3 miles south of Buellton. (08/22/14) 1910 20
Roger reports that the SBPD is in pursuit of a skateboarder in the State and Mason St area. Other units are also responding. (08/22/14) 1458 21
Water Wise Garden Contest winner announced: Jim and Tanya Taylor (08/22/14) 1186 9
Roger reports a traffic accident with injury on Carrillo and State Street. (08/22/14) 990 add
The Independent: La Casa de la Raza is at risk of foreclosure due to property tax issues. (08/22/14) 1207 24
Court records were released that trace the alleged abuse of the two Holzer sons who were murdered in Goleta by their father last week, reports the Independent. (08/22/14) 3887 27
Roger reports a traffic accident with injury on the 101 Southbound at Mission. all lanes blocked 2 patients, engines 1 and 5 on scene. (08/22/14) 1973 8
The Restaurant Guy says that Silvergreens is launching a new restaurant named "Kyle's Kitchen" in Goleta this fall. (08/22/14) 1539 9
The Buellton Area of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will conduct a sobriety/driver license checkpoint on Saturday, August 23, 2014 (08/22/14) 734 add
An edhat subscriber shares some beautiful shots of the waves breaking at Butterfly Beach. (08/22/14) 1192 3
Devereux hosted their annual Family Day for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. [pics] (08/22/14) 671 3
Structure Fire 400 Block of North Milpas Full Fire Response.. (08/22/14) 799 3
The California Highway Patrol will conduct a sobriety checkpoint on Thursday, August 21, 2014, in the Santa Barbara City limits. (08/22/14) 845 6

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