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Plan to Sue Over Endagered Steelheads

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 COMMENT 525144 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 02:19 PM

So the government agency that designed and built the dam and outlet works can't figure out how to keep a couple of pumps operating. Boy have the mighty fallen.

When they do come up with a solution, how much do you want to bet it will cost a bunch?

Too bad it takes an expensive lawsuit to get them to do their job correctly.


 COMMENT 525157 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 02:48 PM

My economics teacher used to say the world isn't about conditions. It's about choices. That is, when we say that things are a certain way, what we really mean is that we made choices along the way that led to things being a certain way.

I'm sure that the Feds want to keep the pumps operating, but Congress has failed to appropriate the $$ to do so, and the pumps have to be kept running with bubble gum and duct tape. That, again, is due to choices: people voted a certain way because they chose low taxes over environmental devastation.

In other words, the blame is not on the Feds IMO. It's on the idiots who vote for the parties that promise them low taxes today and hang tomorrow.


 COMMENT 525163 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 03:05 PM

Thank you, EDC.


 COMMENT 525170 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 03:23 PM

Thank you, get the Hot Springs flow restored as well...great work!


 COMMENT 525144 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 04:26 PM

157, if the USBR felt that their primary mission was to keep the pumps operating they have enough slack in the budget to accomplish this. As I remember, the original story said that the USBR had some rule against working at night and the pumps kept failing at night.

Only a bureaucrat says that in order to accomplish something, Congress needs to appropriate more $. If the USBR was short of money, they could have asked EDC and Trout to chip in. Then at least they could show that they made some efforts to solve the problem.


 COMMENT 525191 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 04:31 PM

With this drought, would Hilton creek even have water in it if there were no dam?


 COMMENT 525194 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 04:37 PM

Sue and Settle.... Sue and Settle....

Kinda has a catchy jingle. Maybe we should make a little youtube video about the way that NGO's use Sue and Settle to line their coffers....

Sue and Settle.... Sue and Settle....
Sue and Settle.... Sue and Settle....
Sue and Settle.... Sue and Settle........


 COMMENT 525209 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 05:22 PM

The story says: "the groups' hope that the notice letter will prompt the Bureau to comply with its mandatory requirements under the ESA and ensure protections for the Southern California steelhead."

A notice letter is not a lawsuit. This appears to be an attempt to threaten to sue only if the Bureau does not fix the pumps, as required.

Seems very reasonable and appropriate.


 COMMENT 525211 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 05:23 PM

how much would it cost to have an over night guard trained to restart the pumps


 COMMENT 525217P helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 05:39 PM

This is simply unreal.

It's the result of a severe drought, for gosh sakes.

Were they supposed to bail water by the bucket full, over the top of the dam, after the pumps failed due to the lake level being too low?



 COMMENT 525243 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 08:44 PM

Thank you, EDC!!! It's just unacceptable that the pumps failed AGAIN!


 COMMENT 525250P helpful negative off topic

2014-06-04 09:13 PM

I'm just not convinced yet that these steelhead are endangered. Aren't they genetically the same as trout?


 COMMENT 525263 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-05 06:09 AM

Yes, Rainbow and Steelhead trout are genetically identical - there is absolutely no detectable difference between the two except for the fact that Steelhead decide to swim in the ocean for a few years.


 COMMENT 525284 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-05 07:53 AM

50p sorry same fight about the plovers, there are huge numbers around the Great Salt Lake, but ours are "different"


 COMMENT 525290 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-05 08:25 AM

Funny how nobody has talked about the drought. If the dam was not there, the river would be dry as there was very little rain. No fish would be in the creek and any that were left in the pools would have died when the pools dried up. On another note, SB would not be as big as it is and probably no EDC suing we the people all the time!


 COMMENT 525303 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-05 09:22 AM

Bureau of Reclamation, another incompetent Federal agency. Staffed by people who cannot get a job anywhere else.


 COMMENT 525321 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-05 10:18 AM



 COMMENT 525144 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-05 10:20 AM

If the dam wasn't there, the fish would be doing fine with huge numbers. During dry years, they wouldn't spawn, but unless the drought lasted a long time at some point they could get back to their spawning grounds. Now that the dam is there, the dry years can wipe them out.

Okay, we built the dam for people, but if we want to coexist we have to look out for the other species. Or just keep going the way we are so that the only wildlife that is left are coyotes and rats.


 COMMENT 525263 helpful negative off topic

2014-06-05 05:47 PM

Actually, Bradbury damn never would've been built in the first place if a government biologist hadn't declared the Steelhead in the SY river extinct.

This is not my opinion, it is fact - the former News Press publisher T.M. Storke mentions it in his book, California Editor - even back in the 50s migratory fish were protected by federal law, so a (apparently) myopic biologist did a survey of the river, and gosh darn it, he just couldn't find a single Steelhead.

What's really interesting (to me anyway) is that biologists now know that local populations of Steelhead in southern California have been wiped out by extended droughts long before any dam was ever built by man and they always came back.

The truth is that Steelhead/rainbow trout is an extremely robust fish and really doesn't belong on the endangered species list any more than the western snowy plover.


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