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Yacht Luna

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 COMMENT 445462 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-27 08:43 PM

The second or fifth photo could be photo of the day.


 COMMENT 445463 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-27 08:46 PM

Aquatic kleptocrats? What's next?


 COMMENT 445477P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-27 10:02 PM

His current long-term girlfriend Dasha Zukova graduated with honors from UCSB in Slavic studies. Maybe one of his many children is now enrolled and they were here just moving him/her into his dorm room?

Appears he may have also bought one of his many yachts from a John McCaw -- any relation? Wiki get you the facts as they know it.


 COMMENT 445481P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-27 10:49 PM

UCSB move in isn't for another month, maybe they're just here for S&Gs.


 COMMENT 445499 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 06:56 AM

Luxury yacht, seems kinda redundant unless someone can point me to a non-luxury yacht.


 COMMENT 445501P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 07:04 AM

Maybe they saw the hot new mermaid logo and just had to stop.


 COMMENT 445505 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 07:17 AM

That is such an ugly boat.Wow! Truly hideous...


 COMMENT 445507 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 07:19 AM

Is it just me, or does the shape of that boat look more like a navy mine sweeper than a yacht?


 COMMENT 445512 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 07:28 AM

507 - I am sure that this is a dual-purpose watercraft. A (good)fella can't be too cautious these days.


 COMMENT 445514 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 07:37 AM

It is capable of outrunning many boats and is equipped with anti pirating and paparazzi defenses a small submarine, anti-aircraft detection and weaponry. etc. In as much as it was only anchored a short time off shore it was most likely to send some of the crew ashore to pick up a Starbucks Mocha, or perhaps a taco and burrito lunch. Hard to find any good Mexican food in Russia.


 COMMENT 445525 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 08:13 AM

Years ago I had a boat just like this. I found it to hard to steer. So I traded it for an eighteen foot Boston Wailer and a salmon rig!


 COMMENT 445551 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 08:55 AM

I was resting on my patio yesterday - suddenly looked out to the sea, and along came the Luna heading up the coast. Wasn't quite sure what it was (obviously a yacht) - but rather strange looking. Interesting to read about it today...thanks Edhat!


 COMMENT 445558 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 09:17 AM

Just what we need: more Richie Riches in SB. Ugh. I just barfed in my mouth a little.


 COMMENT 445566 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 09:36 AM

Keep in mind, Luna is his "baby" yacht. This is the same guy that just took ownership of the "Eclipse" in 2010. At 536ft long, Eclipse is the world's largest privately owned yacht.

Must be nice to live in Richistan and waste the world resources showing off your wealth.


 COMMENT 445593 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 10:52 AM

Beautiful! Glad he's visiting. Hope he returns.


 RHS helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 01:21 PM

Here is an opportunity for self-reflection. These mega yachts are free to come into our waters and stay for who knows how long. They use public faclities to board and unboard, etc. No one is complaining that the occupants are a scourge on the sea or land. But when an RV shows up next to a park or beach and obviously indigent and needy people decamp there is an outcry of anger at the temerity of these folks for taking advantage of SB. Hypocrisy or just class war?


 HAPPYME helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 01:22 PM

Thank you for all the humorous comments!


 COMMENT 445698 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 03:05 PM

it was interesting to read that over 100 people were murdered during the "aluminium wars" in russia and that the murders stopped as soon as he had taken command of the smelting industry.


 COMMENT 445705 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 03:28 PM

Guess he heard about La Super Rica.


 COMMENT 445717 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 03:58 PM

They use public facilities to board? Meaning their skiff comes to the launch ramp? Right. So what if the guy has bazillions? Just bc you have to ride in a beater, doesn't mean everyone does. I'm not rich, but I do know that ones bank account has nothing to do with ones character. The guy wants a yacht, has the coin for a yacht, where's the beef, Stew? How this relates to the homeless is beyond me.

Go sit at the ball field by the rainbow arch and look out at the yacht. While you're there look at the bums sleeping in the park. Ask yourself, who has made more effort? Who has made some contribution? Who is costing the taxpayers money? Complaining is easy, working is harder, saving is even harder, investing is risky at best. Nyet! to the whiners of the world!


 AUNTIE S. helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 05:10 PM

Boy, there's a lot of have-not reverse-snobbiish comments here. C'mon guys - nothing wrong with being rich and enjoying it.


 COMMENT 445764 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-28 06:46 PM

Just another form of cruise ship stopping by to leave $$$ in town


 COMMENT 445832 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-29 08:35 AM

No, not prejudice...take your Russian yacht to another country please.


 RHS helpful negative off topic

2013-08-29 10:23 AM

Nothing wrong with being rich? I think most people would disagree with that in the case of say, Somoza, Capone, JP Morgan, Louis XIV, the Tsars, narco barons in Central America.......and on and on. The point about the different treatment between poor RV users and the rich yacht set seems obvious. Buy your way to "respectability."


 COMMENT 445698 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-29 01:29 PM

he's not spending any money in town, he only eats meals hand picked and prepared by his personal chef for "security reasons"


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