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Hiker Rescue

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 COMMENT 444267P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 04:25 PM

So which is it? Cathedral Peak or 7 Falls? Or are these two separate incidents?


 COMMENT 444285 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 05:26 PM

A helicopter? For dehydration? When there clearly was already emergency personnel on the ground? Why couldn't they just give him water? And if he still needed "rescue", why couldn't they just carry him down the trail, the way people have been rescued since time began? (until the FD and County got so many fancy helicopters and needed justification for them all).

This has gotten simply ridiculous. And to the "but Search and Rescue are all volunteers" crowd:. Yes, but nobody volunteers to fly, maintain or fuel that helicopter. If S&R volunteers want to earn their hero stripes, they should start carrying people out of the hills and leave our helicopters and paid personnel to take care of more pressing emergencies.


 COMMENT 444289 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 05:44 PM

That doesn't look anywhere near Cathedral Peak. Below at 7 Falls yes. Hope it turned out OK. Helicopter? Why?


 COMMENT 444291 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 05:57 PM

285, this was a friend of mine. It wasn't dehydration. There was a broken limb in a fall.

I'm not sure where or why dehydration was reported, but perhaps it's a general code that is used in the beginning of a rescue when they don't know the details, yet.

There was absolutely no way for my friend to climb down the trail or be carried with a bone sticking out of one leg.

I'll be sure to tell my friend how disappointed you were about the entire situation.


 COMMENT 444292 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 05:58 PM

Just so I'm clear, why couldn't they walk the hiker 700' down the creek and then the addional 500' on sidewalk-sized trail to where rescue vehicles can park on the Edison road---like they've done so many (many) times before?


 COMMENT 444298 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 06:16 PM

292: Because then our Sheriff wouldn't be able to go crying to the Board of Supervisors about how he needs more money for his fleet of helicopters!!! Can you say "boondoggle"?


 COMMENT 444313 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 07:37 PM

How many times does this have to happen? The relative humidity in the mountains on hot afternoons can fall to under 10% - prompting dehydration. Hikers, please use your common sense and hydrate before starting the hike and take enough water to last *at least* the duration of your planned hike!

I recently overheard a (university age) lad who was setting off on a hike up Romero Canyon trail respond to a question from a fellow hiker.... "What about water?? what kind of sissy do you think I am?"

I kid not.


 COMMENT 444314 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 07:42 PM

Time for hiking licenses to be required! Have to pass a knowledge and fitness test first.


 COMMENT 444319 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 08:08 PM

I hope you are joking 314.


 COMMENT 444326 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 08:23 PM

Boy, that vid was . . . underwhelming. Seriously---water, folks. Look into it.


 COMMENT 444335P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 09:01 PM

444291 - hope your friend is OK. Some people like to spout off in righteous indignation before finding out what actually happened.


 COMMENT 444355P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-23 11:06 PM

Am conflicted about this - are there more distress calls because of the helicopters available? Were there about as many Search and Rescues before this info was posted on the web? What message is given to hikers to know help is fairly readily available?


 COMMENT 444367P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 01:09 AM

Sure would be nice if people READ THE COMMENTS before continuing the knee jerk reactions. Granted, for all the cynics and skeptics, and I am one, we have no proof of 291's update. I am still positive enough to believe it -- I'm not that bitter.
If you critics care so much, contact County Fire and ask! Or wait a few hours or days to see if there's a clarifying news report. Such predictable, repeated responses (definition of insanity?). Nowadays, I sometimes scan them in hopes of finding some real information rather than complaints, and tonight I did.
291, thank you very much. And best wishes to the victim in his/her recovery.

Also, yes, first responders really DO need practice. Are you one? I enjoyed the copter rescue video.


 COMMENT 444367P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 01:17 AM

291, sorry to state that I had doubt about the info you posted, that was unkind and unfair.
Also, it was a County Fire copter, not a sheriff, according to this Edhat post:
I'm sure someone with knowledge can confirm which dept. it was.


 ROGER DODGER helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 07:52 AM

I report what I hear @291, I heard dehydration so I reported it..As far as I'm concerned that is more serious than a broken bone unless it's your head,neck, or back..There should be alot more education on heat strokes out there.


 UPONTHEHILL helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 08:09 AM

Hope your friend heals quickly. Scary to have an accident up on the mt.
Roger, thank you for your reporting!---The dispatchers don't always have the right info.


 COMMENT 444399 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 08:19 AM

How did he break his leg?


 COMMENT 444412 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 08:58 AM

What exactly is happening in the video? I see one person being hoisted, and it doesn't seem to be the victim since they proceed to capably climb into the chopper using all of their limbs... hardly likely if they had a bone sticking out or were severely dehydrated? Is it just showing the rescuer coming up after the victim? Confused.


 COMMENT 444427 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 09:49 AM

As a kid growing up here, I remember hiking all day in our front & middle country...never took water or any kind of "gear"...never got lost or injured.


 COMMENT 444432 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 10:10 AM

Having a helicopter airborne in Mission Canyon is a serious action and a potential endangerment to all of the residence and the pilot. I think more thought needs to be paid to these rescues or will it take a helicopter crash to end this nonsense? If the person rescued was not prepared with adequate water, have him/her pay for the rescue. Rescue personnel and taxpayers should not be endangering their lives or paying for stupidity. If the person had injuries, then of course a rescue was needed. It would be nice to have an accurate update as to the outcome of the rescue.


 COMMENT 444439 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 10:33 AM

Agreed. It's no fun to have a rope and lynch mob all set to go and not have someone to string up, isn't it?


 COMMENT 444441 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 10:34 AM

It seems to me that there would also be a danger to the person being rescued by the helicopter. In the "old days" before we had helicopter rescues in SB the rescuers carried them out on a stretcher, which seems much safer.

I am sure there are instances when a person's life is at stake and there is a need for immediate evacuation, but most cases you hear about lately don't seem to fall into that category.


 COMMENT 444451 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 10:54 AM

Compound fractures can definitely be life threatening and 308 is County Fire.


 COMMENT 444538P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 03:28 PM

All county helicopters including the former SB County Fire Helicopter 308 are part of the newly formed Santa Barbara County Aviation Support Unit (ASU), under the Sheriff's Department with Sheriff's pilots at the controls. This call does not seem to warrant air transport, subject was flown to Santa Barbara Airport to rendezvous with AMR for ground transport to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital. This should have been a walk-out and not a hoist, ample personnel were on scene. Scanner traffic indicated ground personnel were within 20 min hiking time to the subject for carryout.


 COMMENT 444540P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 03:32 PM

Hiking poles folks. Hiking poles and water if you are going to go out into the "wilderness" because if you expect 24/7 rescue in the "wilderness" you might as well stay home and walk around your back yard. Save you a $30,000 rescue.


 COMMENT 444540P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 03:35 PM

Do people now go up into the mountains and do drugs which why we have this rash of really foolish self-inflicted hiking incidents lately?


 COMMENT 444367P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-24 08:42 PM

368 here. Zero report that the hiker broke a bone. I do tend to trust Ray Ford's hiking/back country/fire reporting more than I trust posts. My first instinct was to doubt 291's post. sad.



 COMMENT 444540P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-25 12:08 PM

#291's typical scolding post was an immediate red flag ... the old bogus friend of a friend.

You see the same pattern show up here on other topics ... (1) scold (2) shame & (3) feigned sorrow. And it always ends up (4) demanding we spend other people's money when someone refuses to exercise their own personal responsibility.

You can take this pattern to the bank.


 COMMENT 444800P helpful negative off topic

2013-08-25 01:26 PM

The S&R used to do all these rescues that the Fire Dept deemed non-emergency and let them carry out the victims. The Sherriff's and Fire Depts realized they were missing out on funds for each rescue and got lots of $$ for new toys like the helis. Now they have to justify the costs for these new toys by getting the numbers of rescues (quotas) up. Most often the volunteers deploy, show up, hike up, only to just miss reaching the victim being plucked up by the heli. I recall a woman a few years ago who decided to ride her bike up Romero Cny in 100 degree heat and died. The emergency responders were criticized for not arriving fast enough. They just can't seem to win.
What if one of the dehydration victims had serious complications (stroke) while being walked down the hill? There would be plenty of finger pointing going on then I'll bet.


 COMMENT 444285 helpful negative off topic

2013-08-26 10:41 AM

Don't forget, this is the same fleet of helicopters under the same Sheriff's jurisdiction that have been used for important missions like searching for Paula Lopez, searching someone who stole a cell phone in Isla Vista, and lifting a man from his boat 100 yards offshore (while there were also rescue swimmers on personal watercraft deployed) and delivering him to the nearby parking lot, even though his condition did not warrant helicopter transport to the hospital (apparently AMR is less generous about using helicopters than the Sheriff, and they charge people for the service).

This is our money going to pay for all of these "searches" and "rescues" that until very recently were handled just fine without the aid of helicopters. Meanwhile, our Sheriff is constantly asking for more money for maintaining his growing fleet. Follow the money and it's obvious what's going on here and exactly what the motivation is for all of these "rescues".


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